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This is a story im writing about the game morenatsu :3. Don't be afraid to telll me if I have grammar mistakes (I have a lot XD) and I hope you like it! Juuichi and Torahiko from morenatsu

The heavy sounds of the boxes being dragged over the floor could be heard by the neighbours. A strong brown bear moved to one of the flats of that building.

??: Well, I think it's all

Meanwhile, a striped yellow tiger went off of the bus, covering his eyes with his hand to protect them from the hot sun. The village was always hot, and more when it was summer.

???: Aaahh... Karakiro... My new life starts here!

The tiger walked to a building that seemed a bit old and about to fall into pieces. But he didn't care, so following a note the tiger went up to the ladder till he arrived to the flat "22". Then he opened the door.

???: Yay! My new house!

But suddenly he noticed that he wasn't alone. A big bear with brown hear was cleaning the sweat of his forehead. Then he turned around, looking at the tiger.

??: Who are you?

???: I'm Torahiko Ooshima, nice to meet you. And you?

??: I'm Juuichi Mikazuki

The big bear stared at him. The yellow tiger had muscled arms and strong legs. Torahiko was wearing a red tank top, showing his muscled sides and blue shorts with red sandals. Juuichi was wearing an indigo-colored jacket and a white undershirt, with an indigo pants and sandals. He was a bit fat but also with muscled arms.

Juuichi: And why are you here?

Torahiko: Well this is mi new house

Juuichi: What?! But it's mine!

The silence reigned in the flat. They stared at each other, waiting for something. Suddenly Torahiko's eyes started to shine and a big smile covered his face.

Torahiko: Dude! Do you know what does it mean?!

Juuichi: I don't think so

Torahiko: We're... FLATMATES!!!

Juuichi: Oh god...

Torahiko: We're gonna be good friends, we're gonna talk everyday and blablablablablabla!!!

The tiger started to talk, running and jumping around the bear. Juuichi got mad as his new partner moved around him talking and talking, holding his fist to not punch him.