Velastraza's new toy!

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SO yeah... the hard disk cant be fixed so I have to come up with the ideas all over again... but thats not why you are here now is it? Here is a modified version of a role play I had, I know you will like it. Also I hope you learn the moral of the story when you finish reading it. More works to follow soon. Enjoy. Also may thanks to FurryNation2013 for helping me with the editing.

The autumn wind ripped through Shepherds dirty blonde hair as he walked through the quiet forest. The leaves crunched under his feet Sending that familiar crackling sound through the forest. The week had been very stressful for the human and he hoped that this quiet walk with bring him some peace.

Unknown to him Velastraza lay in wait next to the road, hiding her massive form rather well within the bushes. She had smelt the human from miles away and the smell told her that he was young, frustrated and that his balls were full of seed, somewhat desperate to get the released it wanted. She instantly decided to capture him and show him the ride of his life. Velastraza didn't always capture human males but she was in heat and a human dick was as good to her as any other was. On top of that he was rather handsome! She licked her black lips as she was about to pounce at the human.

Shepherd drew a deep breath in through his nostrils. Yes indeed this walk is what he needed. He felt the stresses of the week slowly melt away into nothingness. But as he walked he was slightly frustrated having that random boner that men get every now and then for no reason. It had been awhile since he had been with a woman and his body needed to be attended to.

The hormones that Shepherd emitted was just too much for the dragoness. She pounced on the human with great speed, landing on him and pinning him to the ground. She was determined to knock him out and carry him to a more private place for her to have her fun with him. She rose her hand and hit Shepherd on the template in an attempt to knock him out as she felt her vagina becoming wet with sex juices.

All of A sudden Shepard felt a great weight land on him and a sharp pain engulf his head. He let a gaunt of displeasure as the world around him went black and his body went limp before landing on the ground. But just before everything went dark, he thought he heard a feminine giggle before then being dragged somewhere as he drifted deep into unconsciousness.

After carrying the unconscious human next to her lair, the dragoness took a pair of long metal shackles and tied his hand behind a large tree, allowing the human some reach but denying him freedom to escape or to harm her. For the moment she considered tying his legs up, but his erect cock caught her attention and made her forget about that. She then proceed to use her talons to cut through his pants and let his erect cock free. Now she would just wait for him to come back to his senses and the fun would begin.

Slowly the world started to come back to Shepard. As he let out a groan of pain, "ah my head". He went to rub its head with one of his hands but he was met with resistance, denying him movement. Unable to move his hand any further he slowly opened his eyes despite the fact that the world was still blurry to hum. He shivered as a Cool breeze Hit his groin notifying him that his pants were gone. As his vision slowly returned he could see a figure in front of him It was feminine shape but his vision was still too blurry to see what she looked like.

"Come now little prey" Velastraza said as she licked her long lips, her onyx eyes fixated on the mans still erect penis rather than his face, "We can't have you sleep through the fun now can't we?" she said as she moved her hand towards his cock. "Maybe this will bring you back to your senses?" She said as she gripped all of his dick and balls in her hand, letting out her long draconic tongue and licking the tip of his erect cock. The taste drove her arousal even higher and caused her draconic pussy to become wet with sex juices.

Her feminine voice hit his ears as his vision started to focus. She was definitely reptilian in nature but he suddenly tensed up As you felt A hand go around his thick cock. Then the feeling of warm heavenly wet silk run across his tip which enticed a deep throaty moan out of him. "Mmmmm....ah...." His vision was back And now he saw her reptilian body was not just reptilian but one of the mighty dragons. She was obviously a female, as evident by her breasts which were obviously stiff from her apparent lust.

Releasing the grip on his cock the dragoness got up, a little annoyed at the fact that the human was enjoying this and ignoring her. With a smirk the dragoness planted her large, clawed foot on his penis and pressed it gently, not wanting to permanently hurt him with her weight. "Human listen to me!" she said as she grabbed his dick with her toes.

Pleasure was soon replaced by fear as he feel her claws prick his sensitive organ. The color drained from his face As he looked in her eyes. Fearing what she would do to him next. Despite all this, his penis twitched under her soft scaly foot.

"Hm a quiet one?" The black dragoness snorted as she knelt and played with his beard with her claw. "I was sort of hopping that you were a defiant, dominant type, but I will break you none the less" she said as she rose and pulled his cock down a bit before displaying her might to him. Her breasts, very large by human standards jiggled slightly and her wings unfolded. "Listen up, I have taken you here to fuck you raw and if you please me I shall let you go, should you chose to disobey me, I can kill you or worse..." She eyed him for his response, hoping he would try to defend himself.

The sight of her breasts made his cock twitch. But then her words hit him. As he came to his senses, his instincts made him replay to her outrageous claims. " Whoa whoa, hold up miss. You threaten me! When I did absolutely nothing when you're the one that attacked me." He tried to gesture with his hands but forgetting that they were restrained. He was having none of this, he didnt mind being tied up or even fucked by a dragoness but this whole domination and killing thing was just not his deal.

Velastraza felt her pussy leaking with sexual fluids as his words excited her. "Really?" She said with a snicker. "A dragon captures you and that's the best with what you can come up with? I can castrate you if I want, I can put you in a chastity belt which can never be open and release you to spend your life without sex." She said, pulling his cock more and more until she could feel her heel touch the ground. "Now let's put your ignorant mouth to good use, I hope you have a foot fetish." She said as she rose her other foot, adding more pressure to his captured cock before she planted her other clawed, three toed foot into his face. "Make sure you lick good if you want to save your cock." She said resisting the urge to touch herself.

While the thought of losing his balls scared him Shepherd still resisted, trying his best to deter her "Oh go to Hell! I dare you....." But he was cut off as her foot was placed in front of his face. For a few moments he contemplated what to do. "Well if she makes good on her threat say bye bye to your oldest friend Shepherd on the other hand I could go along with it and get laid... I mean it's been awhile Since my ex dumped me and I haven't had a nice pussy since then, even though she's not a vixen." He mused to himself silently before finally he leaned forward and gently kissed the heel of her foot and slowly traced kisses up to the top of her foot to her toe.

"Mhhhhmmm." The black dragoness moaned and grabbed her breasts as the human licked her giant foot. "I'm Velastraza, but you shall call me goddess and from this point on until I am satisfied you shall be my slave. I trust that I need not repeat myself on what will happen should you chose to disobey me. Tell me do you like my foot and how it tastes?" She said as she drooled from the amount of pent up lust inside her ",and don't lie because your dick will always tell me the truth."

He ran his tongue over her big toe before putting it in his mouth. He sucked gently on it, it tasted good causing his cock, which was already rock hard, to twitch underneath her massive foot. Wanting more he fervently sucked on her tow harder before releasing it with a popping noise. Then he looked her in the eyes. "Yes goddess, it tastes wonderful." He said as a little bit of drool dripping from his mouth.

"Ohhh..." The dragoness moaned as she felt her toe being sucked at ,"Very good slave, your cock confirms that you are telling the truth, so I'll be merciful." She said before releasing his dick which seemed to throb in disappointment before lying down on her back, her pussy resting besides his ball, his cock painfully dripping pre. She then placed her foot next to the one that was already being worshiped by her new found slave. "Make them all wet and clean slave!" she ordered as she continued playing with her breasts.

He eagerly turned his attention to her next foot. Oh how is talk yearned to be pleasured to feel warmth caressing around it. He ran his tongue from her heel up to her toes and then slowly back down to your heel loving the sensation of her scaly foot against his tongue. As he licked her foot he caught sight of her playing with her breasts which just caused his cock to throb and twitch As he wanted to taste than them himself and to slip his cock in between them and cum all over them.

"Awww!" Velastraza said as she was impressed just how much the human was enjoying her feet. "Lick them real good slave and I just might give you a footjob!" She teased him before she stopped playing with her breasts, reaching out to his warm swollen balls, grabbing them firmly and giving him more motivation to lick. it was amusing to her to watch just how hopeless his dick was in its attempt to reach an orgasm.

" Ah....ah" He moaned as she hand grabbed his balls sending a chill a pleasure through his body. He went to her littlest toe and licked it before popping it in his mouth And suckling it gently before popping it out of his mouth And moving to the next her next toe. Doing the same but slightly harder Until he came to her biggest toe. Which he swirled his tongue around And gave it a little teasing bite.

"Hnng" the dragoness snorted as was barely able to withhold her orgasm. She then pulled up and rather violently turned around and sat on the human's face, making sure not to kill him but it hurt none the less as his arms gave way to her rather big ass. She moaned loudly as her orgasm hit her. Her pussy which landed on the human's face erupted covering him with dragonesses cum. "Start using your tongue slave!" she commanded. "This is but the first of my many orgasms and if you want to earn one I suggest you get to it! Besides i'm sure you love my pussy just as much you do my feet!"

Hot juices spilled onto his face he slowly ran his tongue over Her slit. His eyes Rolled into the back of his head She was sweet and spicy at the same time It was it a ambrosia Of flavor. This time he stuck his tongue out and ran it over her at outer lips slowly and gently collecting her juices. His tongue slowly circled around Her pussy Before gently Very slowly he poked Just a little bit inside of her.

"Ahhhh!" she moaned as she shook uncontrollably from the pleasure this human was giving her. "Very good slave!" she praised him as she gently grabbed his dick with her wet feet, grinding the rock hard human cock between her. Toes, especially rubbing the part between the head and the hilt. " you better not cum slave or it's bye bye manhood!" She said, her voice both cheerful and menacing

"Oh god, oh...god!" He moaned In her pussy as he felt the pleasure shoot up from his dick as she rubbed it with her feet. The tip of his cock was coated with pre. His toes curled As he continued to pleasure her He dug his tongue Deeply inside of that pussy of hers. His tongue greedily searched every nook and cranny of her inner folds twisting and turning trying to find every last drop of that sacred nectar of hers.

"Auuuu" the dragoness let out a moan which bordered on a roar. She felt him getting close so she used one of her feet to grab and hold the hilt of his cock, while the other foot grabbed his ball, preventing him from cumming. "You know what happens to boys who spill slave!" she playfully told him as she made a draconic pur "Keep going, i'm close!" she ordered him as she felt her pussy contract around his tongue, trying to milk it like it was his cock.

He dug his tongue in as far as he possibly could to reach every inch that he could with it. Drool drips from his chin as he greedily feasted on her. His toes curled so hard and shaking trying to hold back his own orgasm.

Velastraza roared as the second orgasm hit her. She shook as sexual fluids washed over the human's face nearly drowning him. She needed a few seconds to recover before lying down on the human. Her breasts were near the poor human cock which looked like it could explode if she stared at it too hard. She placed her knees at the human's arms, her feet next to his head, giving it more freedom as she moved her ass from it. "well dont stop! My ass is clean, don't worry, you can lick it as well slave. Remember the better you do the higher the chance is ill reward you!" she told him

His eyes were glazed over his nostrils were full of her musk And his dick ache to be inside her. A combination of his saliva and her juices rolled off his chin. His tongue stretched out And ran circles, Slow circles Around her tail hole Every now and then He would teasingly Poke The tiniest bit At her tail hole

The dragoness giggle at the sensation. She loved perverted humans and she was lucky to find this one. As a reward she took his dick and placed it between her two breasts and she grabbed his balls with her hand just to make sure he doesn't cum. To top it of she let her tongue out to lazily lick the tip, which tasted wonderful to her and drove her crazy with lust despite the fact that she came twice already. She used her claws on her free hand to scratch his balls, further stimulating him to work harder.

His eyes closed and he gritted his teeth as he felt his dick between her soft Scaly breast followed by her silky heavenly tongue run over his tip. "please...please....please I need to fuck you " He begged. Before he went back to his work He slowly ran his tongue over her tail hole and then once again slowly teased by probing it He would do this for a few times slowly teasing it but not fully entering until suddenly He stuck without warning his whole tongue inside her tailhole Slurping at it

"ah!" she yelp as she felt his tongue penetrate her tail hole she reached down and placed the entire dick in her mouth as she felt yet another orgasm hit her. She let her tongue explore all over his dick and sweaty balls, taking anything it found tasty with it. Her anal orgasm caused her pussy to erupt as well and cover the human with her squirt yet again... She relaxed for a few seconds before releasing his dick out of her mouth and losing her grip on his balls as she got up. "beg me for it!" she commanded dominantly "beg me for your orgasm slave!!!" she barked.

"Please please Goddess I need your pussy please I need it" He begged His face showing need Badly. 'Please you can have my body for all of eternity just Let me have this release let me have your pus

"hmph" she snickered and closed her eyes "you already had my pussy! What makes you think you deserve an orgasm slave? What makes you better than the rest of my slaves?" she leaned in "i want you tell me that i'm perfect and to explain why, otherwise i'll just leave you like this until someone finds your or i can help you by turning your balls to mush with my feet"

"your breast are examples of pure perfection their round Soft features would make any woman envious to have. Those luscious breasts are a prize that no man Could ever measure up to being able to suckle. Your ass is tone and firm And that pussy of yours could milk a man for everything he's worth"

the dragoness giggled "You are that desperate aren't you slave?" she leaned down to look at his throbbing dick and she placed a finger up on it "why it's just a orgasm, that's not something you need slave, that's something you want!!!" she told him and moved her head to face him "Why should I grant you an orgasm TELL me slave, convince me!" she taunted "why should I sacrifice my perfect body to pleasure your small penis?"

" I..I...Grrr....I don't have a good reason. But I will make you a deal, You may have me whenever and wherever you want. Just please....let me have you now" He said as he tried to lunge forward at her But was stopped By his restraints

the dragoness frowned and slapped him on the face, leaving three shallow claw marks on his cheek "that's no way to speak or to treat a goddess!" she huffed in anger, but smiled in malice as she formed a plan in her head. "But I will agree to your deal, but in order to bind you to your deal I need you to speak these words out loud " I, say your name, bind myself willingly to Velastraza, to become her slave, so that she may have my body when and where ever she pleases" she said, her onyx eyes gleaming with lust.

He grimaces from the slap before beginning to speak" I Shepherd bind myself willingly to Velastraza to become her slave, so that she may have my body when and where ever she pleases"

With a smile Velastraza let a flash of light out of her hand and a small magical collar appeared on Shepard's neck, but after a few seconds it vanished "don't worry that is just there to make sure you keep your promise, it will become visible when you are around me however" she said, her eyes radiating happiness. "now I can't let you cum in me and make me pregnant, but I can let you fuck me!" she said and before he could respond she sat on his dick, inserting it fully into her pussy, but not before she wrapped the tip of her tail around his balls tightly to prevent him from cumming. She moaned deeply and to prevent him from protesting she planted her feet on his face. Teasingly she asked "you enjoying this slave? Because I know I am! Your small dick feels wonderful inside my pussy!"

As her pussy slid down on his thick rock hard cock He moaned and bit the bottom of his lip. "Ah....ah..oh..Jesus!'s so hot...and tight...It's the tightest pussy I've ever felt" His hands clawed at the ground ripping up Clumps of grass as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. His cock twitched in her depth As it was crushed by her inner folds A silky velvety heaven

"ummm" she moaned before pressing her foot to his mouth "that's because of my dragon anatomy and because of the fact that I love small dicks such as yours my slave" she teased before moaning again "oh ancestors, you have no idea how long has it been since I had a solid small cock inside me" she moaned before she played with her breasts , teasing him even furthers. She felt his cock throb inside her so she squeezed the knot between his balls and his dick even tighter with her strong tail.

His hands shut up to her hips where they firmly dug into her scaly hips. He pushed up hard against her Trying hard to fuck her. His fingers digging more and more into her hips With each push of his own Pelvis. " mmm...mmmm....oh! More! More!" He panted and grunted eyes starting to glaze over

"OHHH GODS!" the dragoness roared as orgasm hit her. Her vagina walls contracting, trying to milk the cock dry, she had to squeeze his balls as hard as she could with her tail to make sure he didnt cum. She squeezed so hard his balls became blue for there was no way he was busting a nut there and making her pregnant, she would rather cut his balls than to have that happen to her. She felt her pussy cramp around his dick, still holding it tight. She took a moment to relax despite feeling the human trying to hump her "now slave, do you want to fuck my ass?" she said before removing her foot from his face to let him speak.

He didn't hear her words one bit, he just continued to hump her from underneath. His eyes fully glazed over. Then suddenly with a mighty yell He pushed with all his might hard against his bonds and up against her. With only the strength that comes from an adrenaline rush and pure lust his bonds snapped as he pushed her off him And back onto the ground on her back. He got on top of her Positioned himself and looked her in Her eyes his eyes were filled with fire a fire of a beast That had been awoken. An animalistic Growl resonated from him As he grabbed her arms and slam them over her head pinning them hard to the ground. He didnt even notice his ankles were bloodied from the amount of strain it took him to break the shackles with his inhuman strength. All he knew was that he was going to fuck her and cum in her, even if it meant making her pregnant.

"BAD SLAVE!" she yelled as she released his balls and grab his throat with her tail, throwing him into a nearby tree. Still dazed and confused somewhat she got to her feet and before he could get back up she used her magic to pin him to the tree. She growled at him, but that growl turned into a loud laugh. "I was about to let you cum in my ass slave, but you have been very bad" she said as she winked, focusing hard she started using her magic to make his ragingly erect cock, which was on the verge of exploding, go limp. To his horror his cock became smaller and softer until it was limp as it normally was, despite the fact that he was still horny. She smiled at his predicament "Still I like a slave who fights back, its just so much fun to break them" she said and snapped her finger, causing a magical chastity belt to appear on his dick with a flash. It looked like it was made with some sort of transparent metal and it covered all of his cock, supported by a ring around his balls. She waved a key in her hands, obviously belonging to the chastity belt. "When you calm down, maybe I'll consider letting you orgasm in my ass, since that is the only part of me that you left unfilled." she took a pause "but until then I'll just watch you suffer like this slave. you are free to go, but dont you DARE forget about our arrangement, I know I wont" She said and flew off with a laugh. As she left her spell disappeared and he was free to move as he wanted once more.

"God Dammit!!!" He yelled in frustration as you turn around and punch the tree Before recoiling From the pain. Then examine the chastity belt "Damn it magic... Always preferred science myself. Damn flipping magic users..." he sighed " I wonder if John knows how to remove this Since he knows witchcraft... But God the story I got to tell him I don't want to tell him" he Groaned to himself as he gathered the remains of his ruined jeans.