Chapter IV: The Nox and the Hydrosphere, Part Two

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4 of Waters of the Earth So, this was a struggle point for me, this keep me stuck for so long in the begining of the summer and it took me a while to write this and the next one. This isn't my best, but try to enjoy it with an open mind. In other news since I rarely do manage to upload on Fridays, in two weeks when the first episode of the twelve episode outsiders re-reboot drops onto the site, I believe from them I'm going to go for Saturday uploads. Enjoy...

Chapter Four: The Nox and the Hydrosphere, Part Two

Pervious on Waters of The Earth...

What do you mean we're going back to the Hydrosphere?" The Captain said whining to his robotic crocodile as the AI system turned the truckboat back towards his home. The sky above them was night and the stars shined brightly above them.

"Information received, look up." QZ said as he managed driving the ship. He was focused on the ship and seemed to be putting everything into it but he did not look up as if he knew what was above them.

"Why what can there be above us?" The Captain said as he looked upwards, expecting a clear sky but instead there was a massive burst of fire above them. At least it looked massive; it seemed to be hundreds of miles up.

"Information: Above is the first ship to re-enter this planet's atmosphere, in a thousand years." QZ said as the ship's flares disappeared, and any sign it was their disappeared. "The ship was testing the atmosphere, in three days it will re-enter the atmosphere and arrive at the Hydrosphere."

"Is that bad?" The Captain asked as he wondered what could be the problems with ship returning. Perhaps they were returning to check up on them or take them out to space. "Run simulation, what is the possible outcome of the situation."

"Information: Simulation features too many variables to determinately calculate outcome of situation." QZ said as his robotic eye started to twitch, as his workload was stressed.


A red beam shot out illuminating the whale's mouth, shot up and through the mouth, reflecting until it exited perhaps ironically through the blowhole. Jeff was confused as to what happened and the gem disappeared from his hand. He looked around wondering what was happening.

"Ok, I have a beacon and a phase shifter, what to do? Perhaps run out enter passing form and see where that gets me." Jeff said to himself as he paced around on the whale's tongue, however possibly in retaliation for his previous actions the whale decided to open its mouth.

"Shit." Jeff placed the pen back in his pocket and realized that he had only one item that could help him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the phase shifter. He reached down and clicked it. His body shifted, he luckily kept momentum as the water flowed into the whale's mouth and through Jeff.

The whale closed it mouth and Jeff popped back into existence, looking around as he made sure he was safe. He took a breath in and realized that the tank didn't follow him into and was currently being dragged back into the whale's stomach.

He turned around and made a mad dash for the tank, managing to get halfway there before the one breath of oxygen he took knocked him out and he tripped down onto the floor. He splashed around as he attempted to get to his tank.

He realized that he needed to get out of the whale and quickly, he reached into his pocket as his lungs burned for nitrogen. He pulled out the beacons and splashed them around the whale's tongue. He figured at least one would stay in the whale.

He reached into his pocket hoping there would be one final helpful device. Jeff would have took a breath of relief but instead pulled the cap off the teleport button and clicked it. He passed out holding the button holding that someone would be save him from that hell he was living.


"Fine then, I just have to ask you one thing, take me to my leader!" The Captain yelled putting out his arms and forming duel crossbows in his hand. He pointed them at the Nox leader and smiled.

"Oh, you think I'm going to play to your ploy." The Nox Leader said as he stood up and his assistant handed him a gun. "Sorry we're taking over Earth and congrates you'll be in the history books as the first man killed."

"No, don't do this, pleas-please don't kill me!" The Captain said as he back away before getting caught by the security guards.

"Sorry that didn't work out." The Nox leader said as he pointed the gun and fired.


"Where is The Captain?" Jeff asked as he looked around the entrance of the hydrosphere. Behind him was the largest collection of security officers, he was ready to deal with the invading forces and while he had no idea who they were or what they looked like.

"Long range scanners indicate that The Nox are using a signal blocker, so there's that." QZ said as his eyes scanned above him and attempted to locate the already dead Captain.

"The Nox, who are the Nox. How long have you had a connection to the ship, your activation must have alerted them to our presence!" Jeff said as he put together puzzle pieces and figured out that QZ was a traitor, albeit unknowingly. The robot's eyes glowed as it realized what it was happening.

"Noxian forces are hacking into my brain, to get into the hydrosphere." QZ said as with an almost pain, slowly going over each other word, trying to relay a message to the security forces of the hydrosphere. His eye glow changed into a deep red as the ship above them landed on the hydrosphere.

Jeff looked in fear as stairs clicked down from the top of the hydrosphere unlocking it to the Noxian forces. He looked in fear as they descended down the stairs with large and multiple footsteps. Suddenly the Noxian leader arrived at the bottom and Jeff felt like he was looking in a mirror.

"Who the fuck are you and what do you want with our planet!" Jeff said to the similar looking individual. Both looked forward and took a look at each other. They stood their for a few seconds, both examining the other. Jeff was trying to figure out why the Noxian leader looked so similar, and the Noxian leader trying to figure out how one of his own landed on the planet.

"Who are you?" Both Noxians said to each other as they backed away and returned to their separate groups. Both groups stared each other for a few seconds trying to figure out each other's grooves.

"QZ, who are these posers?" Jeff asked finally speaking up and talking to his robotic stranger.

"These are the Noxian, the first race discovered by humanity and also the first to war with humanity in the 32nd century. They have triple structure DNA, and are impossible to clone by modern standards. There first contact with humanity was me, sending my positronic brain to Earth accidentally, from which all cyborgs and robots descended from. Their second was an attack on the Spacestation Hope, the information gathered their allowed humanity to develop warp drives and the first warp ship, the NX - 001 or the USS Atlantis." QZ said making a long monologue to both sides.

"How correct you are cyborg, but can your security forces stand up to us when we have killed your strongest warrior!" The Noxian Leader yelled as he threw down The Captain's dead body and shocking the residents of the hydrosphere forever.

"No that is impossible, you cannot have killed The Captain." Jeff said as he realized that the information was true. He fell to the floor realizing that the Noxian forces overwhelmed even their greatest warrior, the only one able to stand up against the Noxian. He decided to give up and hope that his death would be quick.

"Information, we are not doomed. You shall live!" QZ yelled as he grabbed Jeff and quickly pulled him back deeper into the hydrosphere and out of the lobby. The Noxian forces brought up there guns and aimed the as the Hydrosphere's forces arrived in a hallway. QZ put his hand up against a wall and a large steel plate fell into place at all four of the lobby's exits.

"Well then we still have a problem, they're an invading force and we don't have enough time to hack the walls continuously. They have processors strong enough that even if you continuously hack, within three minutes we are fucked!" Jeff realized as he was causing an outburst. The guards looked at him and shook their heads in disappointment.

"You know what, I have the power to do this. I going to do this, and if I don't come back good luck." Jeff said as he decided to stand up to the Noxian. He put his arms together and he focused his energy as his body turned incorporeal and clear. He walked forward, and his body passed through the metal wall.

"I, I am, I am not going to let you intimidate me. Everything I have and will do is for this planet Earth. I don't know why you look like me but you are going to die painfully. You breath nitrogen out of the air so, lets get the nitrogen out of the air." Jeff said as he talked to the Noxians, his body appearing visible like an outline.

"What are you going to do ghost, frighten us?" The Noxian General said laughing at Jeff, in his mind the Noxian barely able to manage a way that the ghost would possibly be able to combat them.

"Well I am able to make portions of my body corporeal, so were in a glass dome and I can just stick my hand outside of the hydrosphere and pull." Jeff said as he walked over to the wall, the Noxians looking at him as they realized what he was doing. He stuck his hand outside and into the water.

"Now then I suggest you fly away and never come back." Jeff said as he made his hand into real matter and pulled quickly. His solid hand pulled against the glass and unlike a punch on the inside; the water pressure and his hand easily breaking the glass.

Water flooded into the hydrosphere, the Noxians screaming as water flooded around their body. Jeff made his body soild again and floated in the water; switching his mask into a stored nitrogen mode. He then had a massive realization, shock switching onto his face as he realized that the Noxians could have more advanced technology than him.

He suddenly was grabbed by someone and he was dragged towards the stairs. He was knocked out as a Noxian grabbed him and pulled off his nitrogen mask. He was pulled away from the hydrosphere and into the Noxian spaceship with the other Noxians. His eyes closed as he saw a Noxian general looking over his body.


"Well he's a dead man." A security officer said to his group getting a laugh as the water flooded into the hydrosphere lobby a single lobby of steel protecting them from getting flooded away.Qz waited for a few seconds, scanning the situation and figuring out his next move.

"Objectively, he now has access the Noxian ship and we can possibly send him a virus that may be able to self destruct the ship at a safe difference." QZ said to the crowd before him knowing that he would have to manage the crowd and kept them all in control if he was going to defeat the Noxians without losing any lives.

He had no master and that made him dangerous; he didn't have to obey orders or follow any instructions all he had to do was follow a generated instruction list; get the humans to follow instructions on the list and hopefully it would work out alright in the end, hopefully.

He walked through the crowd, parting it like the Red Sea and arriving in the back of the hallway. Everyone looked at him, which was a good sign, as they would be expecting instructions from him. He calculated for a few seconds and knew what he would have to do.

"Everyone should evacuate to the bottom floor, so that we can shut as many gates as possible and prevent the water and the Noxians from entering the hydrosphere any further." QZ said thoroughly to the crowd,, using simple and kind words hoping to best convey the message to him. It seemed to work, as they quickly parted past him and towards the first level's exits.

He waited a few seconds as a few people left behind cleared out and he grabbed the Captain's body. He was at least going to give his former master, a respected funeral at sea. He grabbed the body and slung it over his shoulder, waiting a few more seconds as he exited the level he lowered all metal gates shutting them off from the second level down.

The crowd continued downwards until they reached the middle level, where the hydrosphere's hydroball hydrocourt was located and once they reached the bottom, QZ lowered all metal gates with no care in the world. He knew that the Noxians would be able to blast through the metal gates but he didn't know how long their nitrogen supply would last so his current mission was to get everyone to a point where they would be beyond the Noxian's reach.

Most of the crowd had gathered within the hydrocourt, waiting for death or salvation to arrive. QZ took a look at the hydrocourt, his humanity showing as he expressed amazement over what humanity had accomplished under the sea. He knew what was possible on land, but even in his time only space had just been explored with the first warp engine.

Then he remembered, as he placed The Captain down on a nice block, an important and saved memory returned to him. The Noxian War, the first intergalactic war fought with the first intergalactic warp ships; against the Noxians. Humanity would make many alliances during the war and multiple alien species worked together for the first time.

There were many deaths and many destructions of civilizations as the Earth fought back against the tyranny of the Noxians. They had their own independence, their space independence. He saw the Noxian's ship flying over Earth and destroying landmarks and an offer to come back to where he was once lost from. He realized that the Noxians lost many things, including their own selves sometimes.

He realized that something similar would be needed to defeat the Noxians. He looked around him and saw that he had his own army to fight the Noxian's with. He had his own army, QZ's army to avenge The Captain and fight back against the Noxians. He wouldn't blow up their ship, he would invade it and kill every last single Noxian he could find, and raid their technology so that they could upgrade themselves.

He realized that he was the first combatant in the first and final fight of a short but spectacular war. He was going to lead the Earthians to the ship and show that even though they might not have had warp travel, human nature and robot technology working together was just as strong.


"So then where did you come from, I have never seen a Noxian like you before. Perhaps you come from the Soong Clan, he was quite trouble maker. I've never seen a Noxian like you, calm and quiet. Only provided by danger to the friends." The Noxian leader said laughing as he sat down on a chair looking down at Jeff bound with handcuffs.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, but you sir don't you ever think that Earth is your planet. Go back to your own planet, leave me here and don't ever think of coming back here!" Jeff said as he turned his body incorporeal and his handcuffs fell off his body.

"Ah yes, how do you do that. Perhaps exposure to oxygen does do the Noxian body good, only Earthbound Noxians develop powers. We are beyond it, what you have in powers; we make up in pure spaceship force. If you think one ship is bad then trust me wait until we get the whole fleet on you." The Noxian leader said as his soldiers pointed their guns towards Jeff.

"Don't worry, you sir don't even stand a chance against the hydrosphere forces." Jeff said as he walked through the Noxian general and towards the control panel of the ship. He expected the Noxian forces to fire on him but they seemed to caught onto his powers.

He waited a few seconds looking at the Noxian general, knowing that he controlled the fate of the ship and all he had to do was make his finger solid. He turned back against the panel and make his finger solid. He pressed the panel and as if they expected him to do so.

As he clicked on of the button he expected to spam and click all the buttons; however he found himself knocked back. Nothing else in the room reacted but instead it was like a push that only affected Jeff. His entire body was made unsolid and he flew through all the walls of the ship and out into the ocean.

"They're on to me, shit." Jeff said as he looked around the deck. He saw the massive sheer size of the ship, weighing down the hydrosphere so much that the deck seemed so tiny. All the boats were almost flooded and he felt bad for all the death and destruction he caused.

He looked in the hydrosphere and he floated away through the water and to the hydrosphere. He looked around in the flooded hydrosphere. He saw the Captain's dead body and knew he had to do something. He made himself solid and grabbed the Captain's body looking around for something, anything that could help him.


QZ looked at the men and women he had to work with. It wasn't much but a civilian army was the best he had to work with. He knew it would be tough to remove the Nox, but with Earth civilians nothing was a stretch. The robotic crocodile walked to the center of the hydrosphere court and looked around. Everyone was expecting him to make a speech, rouse up the crowd and have a winning strategy; honestly he had none he would take the best ideas he could get and make it up as he went alone.

"Look at all of you, bundled up in the safety of your hydrocourt, you must feel pathetic. Above you a Noxian, that you all know and love is fighting for the freedom of your planet!" QZ yelled out, quickly getting the attention of the hydrosphere's citizens.

"Today is your darkest night, bleakest hour and look at yourselves, running away from battle and never looking back. Is that the Earth's way, do we the people of the planet run away when we are threatened?" QZ knew his plan was working when the crowd shouted "NO!" back at him. He had the crowd and he had to finish it up in a good way.

"Today during our darkest night, bleakest hour, we keep our back straightened and our heads straight, because these are the battles that show who we are!" QZ yelled finally rallying the crowd and causing the quickest turn around of a situation he had ever seen. The crowd rumbled and roared as they stood up and made their way out of the hydrocourt and towards the top of the hydrosphere.

As QZ and his entourage left the safety of the hydrocourt, he quickly rearranged the structure of the steel walls, draining the water to the bottom of the hydrosphere. He would have everything they needed open, open. They medbay, the security offices and riot gear would spread throughout the crowd.

They walked forward, not flinching and going for the Noxians ship. They looked around, passing through the drying lobby. The Noxian forces were only above them, QZ gulped as destiny awaited him. He took the first step, arming his rocket punches as he continued up the spiral staircase. One hour ago, the Noxians were the attackers but now they had the upper hand. He climbed up the stairs, his body was ready.

He crossed into the Noxian stairway, surprisingly similar in that it was the same stairway, the circular wall just colored a dark purple, black. As he passed further up the stairway alarms blared and alerted the Noxian soldiers to his presence. He looked confident leading an army of the hydrosphere up to the Noxian forces. It was probably going to be a massacre but with some luck he might win.

He looked around and suddenly the Noxian forces approached from the other side of the ship. He aimed his rocket fist forward and fired a blast towards the Noxian forces. The Noxian forces started to fire their energy weapons at the group. Using shields and their own guns the hydrosphere's citizens defended against the blasts.

He looked around at all the hydrosphere's citizens, not caring about their lives and valiantly running into battle. They wanted to preserve the hydrosphere way of life and death was not going to stop them. He continued firing his rocket fists at the Noxian forces, hoping to overwhelm them.

He took the bulk of the lasers, hitting his body and bouncing off his metal pieces. He didn't have to feel pain when the lasers hit his organic skin, because he knew the Noxian medbay would have everything he needed to heal himself. The Noxians looked in wonder at him, trying to figure out what kind of psychopath they were dealing with.

QZ took a look behind him and saw that his forces were still standing, only a few lives lost. They were pushing the Noxians back into their ship. No one questioned how or why, but they knew they were slowly winning. All he had to do was to kill the Noxians and all his trouble would be gone.

QZ passed through another doorway and his army was forced through like an interstate blockage. Behind him his army came to a stop and the Noxians took well advantage of the situation. Instead of all charging foward, the Noxian's leader, the one who threw down the challenge by throwing down the Captain's body on the floor of the hydrosphere.

QZ charged foward, preparing to rocket punch the alien for his actions. He however was stoped when he ran straight into a forcefield. He circled around the forcefield learning that the Noxian leader had englufed himself like a pink forcefield. He grunted and pushed his fist against the pink wall.

He fired his rocket and his fist flew out into the rocket, using his control of the hand he increased the force of the rocket, he concentrated and found the forcefield bending around his fist. He screamed and the forcefield popped like a bubble. It hit the Noxian leader and knocked him to the ground.

"Information received: You have condemned yourself and the Noxians to hell, enjoy the ride!" QZ yelled out at the Noxian leader, telling him that it was the end of the battle. He looked him in the eyes and suddenly behind him two Noxians grabbed him and held him and his fists back.

"Learn your own place, you are nothing but stupid neanderthals. Today shall be your last on this planet and I will see you in the afterworld!" The Noxian Leader yelled as he pulled out a gun and pointed it at QZ. QZ realized that he couldn't win and he accepted his fate, turning off his sensors and preparing for the end.

Suddenly, a barrage of arrows firing all around him knocking the two Noxians of his body and knocking them to the ground. QZ reacted and jumped out of the way as the Noxian leader fired a bullet. He landed ag the ground and saw Jeff and The Captain standing valiantly. He looked as he tried to figure out how The Captain was standing before him.

"How, how did you, information: confusion circuits overloading." QZ said as he looked upwards at the Noxian and the Shorka. He stood up wiping dust off his body. "Well then, information received: with all the distractions and talking we have been doing, that when we leave enough of the pure oxygen will have entered this area and the air will be combustible." QZ said as he walked and turned around, ignoring the Noxians and pushing his army out of the ship.

The Noxians looked shitfaced as their foes left. "Also nice choice on choosing non-combusting material and equipment, that will surely help us neanderthals." QZ said delivering one final line to the Noxians and leaving in style. As his army flooded down the stairs he kept his hand aimed at the Noxian forces and made sure they were in place.

He started down the stairs getting one final look as he closed the area between him and the Noxians, pushing his fist into the closing door and firing it into the ship, making sure he closed the door before it combusted. He braced the door and a massive explosion taking place behind him.

"Information, one Noxian life force remaining, and it is Jeff. All hostile Noxians are dead; question: how did you become alive again?" QZ said changing the subject again. He looked at them and wondered what the answer would be.

"Cloning, death is a bit cheep. Expect for both of you, because with your triple-helix DNA, Jeff can't be cloned and you don't exactly have a clonable brain, QZ. So yeah my death is cheep." The Captain said as he started his walk down the stairs, ready to start the next part of his life.