Army Recruitment

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A tf story of one of my favorite Digimon of all time: Gargomon. This is also in for anybody that has an account.

Disclaimer: Don't own the Digimon franchise. Just the story here.

A few beings in the trees have been watching their target for a while now. Whatever reason they're after Dan is so far unknown but just the thought of it is enough to make the shadowy pursuers smile. "Alright, target acquired," says one of them, being the leader of the trio. "Be sure that no one sees you when you follow him, clear?" "Yes sir!" came a reply from the other two.

Dan is a 12-year old boy with black hair, brown eyes, and a slight tan on the skin. He wears a light orange T-shirt under a muave jacket, blue jeans, and plain brown sneakers. The few friends that he has are named Andy and Maurice. Andy is the muscle of the trio of friends while Maurice is the brains.

"Wonder where those two are," Dan asks to himself. "I haven't heard from them in two weeks." Apparently Andy and Maurice have up and vanished all of a sudden. The cause is unknown and also their families disappeared too. No one knows what happened to them or where they went, but it's gotten people confused. What Dan doesn't know is that as of right now, he is being watched and followed.

It was only when he crossed the street that Dan noticed something was off. For a split second he thought he saw a large figure at the corner of his eye, and when he looked at that direction it vanished. And for some reason large shadows just went over him and when he looked up there wasn't anything flying over him. Coming to the conclusion that something funny is going on, he picks up the pace. "Alright Dan," he says to himself, in a somewhat nervous tone. "It's probably just someone playing a sick joke on you, that's all. Just ignore them and they will go away." "Not gonna happen, little man," whispered somebody behind them.

Scared, the 12-year old turns around to find a rather surprising sight. Standing in front of him were two Gargomon with creepy smiles on their sneaky looking faces. One of them is shorter than the other. "Where did you two come from?" asked Dan. "Us to know, you to find out," replied the Gargomon that spoke. "Just a little business, nothing personal," said the shorter one. Frightened, Dan runs for his life straight to his house while the Gun Bunny duo chase after him. If he looked back for one more second, he would've seen the two shoot a single bullet from their gatlin-gun hands at his spinal cord. "Bullseye!" proclaimed the Gargomons simultaneously as the human boy fell to the ground. "Sir, we captured the target like you ordered," the larger Gargomon said to their leader who was on top of a tree 2 yards northeast of them. "Excellent comrades," replied the leader. "Another recruit for our army."

"Shall we begin the transformation sir," questioned the shorter of the trio. "Not yet, we need to move to a quiter location. Last thing we need is any witnesses. Only when we're sure nobody will see us can we do it," the leading Gargomon replies. "Sir." The Gargomon that shot the tranquilizer bullets into the human boy, revealed from the slight breathing being heard from said human boy, carry him over and the three Digimon and one unconscious boy move to a forest a mile outside of town.

Reaching their destination, the Gargomon trio's leader then reaches into the backpack he's been carrying with him during the capture mission and pulls out two spare gatlin-gun appendages. Approaching the still unconscious boy, the lead Gargomon then puts the spare appendages on his hands despite having gatlin-guns on his hands as well. How that's possible is beyond anyone. After doing what he's done, the leader of the trio along with his two subordinates step back a bit to witness the transformation that is about to unfold right now.

It starts with Dan's head morphing and changing into a bunny like head with the skin turning white and growing fur. The ears grow to a long length ending with three large points at each ear. The nose turns small, black, and wet like a dogs. Eyes changing from brown to onyx black if they were opened. Four red rectangula marks appear on his face with two on each cheek while a red diamond shows up on his forehead. A sharp point then bulges out of the top of his head and it along with the rest of the head turns green stopping at the tips of the ears and bordering the mouth.

The next is the torso growing bigger and bigger with fat and muscle completely destroying his jacket and shirt, showing the same white fur as the head. An ammunition belt suddenly appears and wraps around him from the bottom right side to his left shoulder in a diagonal fashion.

Of course the legs come next. For some reason his pants hasn't been ripping, only growing along with his bodies. His shoes and socks though, not so much. As they popped to ribbons his feet change drastically with two toes on each foot fusing leaving three of equal length. Sprouting black sharp claws that look like they could rip through anything. Not to mention Dan's new feet grow black pads under the toes and the sole.

Last thing to go is Dan's human mind. During the mind wipe he flutters his eyes and mutters incoherent things out of his mouth. By the time the mind of the human boy is replaced with that of a Gargomon, the transformation would've been a success. Dan is now a complete Digimon in mind and body, permanently.

"Well, comrade," says the lead Gargomon to his new comrade. "How do you feel?" Waking up and eyeing his fellow Gun Bunny Digimon, he tells him with a smile, "Great fellow comrade, I've never been more alive." "Good." Reaching into his backpack for a communicator that strongly resembles a D-3 Terminal, he types a message stating that the mission has been a success. A portal then opens up and they all jump through. 'The Terriermon scouts were right about bringing the boy to us,' the three Gargomon thought to one another about their new soldier. 'General BlackGargomon would be pleased.' The portal then closes afterwards and nobody hears from Dan ever again.