Answer the call #1

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a fun lil story I started on a few years ago and have started doing once again~ hope you all enjoy~<3

Answer the call part 1

"Come on Nate get up, I know it's the weekend but you don't need to sleep in all day, besides Dad's out at the gym and I need your help around the house, so get up."

Nate uncovered his head and his blonde bush like hair went in every which way. He sat up and yawned, stretching in sync with the yawn. Nate looked out his window; it was a bright and sunny morning. Nate was a 9 year old boy, dark blue eyes, crazy curly blonde hair that he normally kept in a poke ball shaped bandanna; it was currently wrapped around his neck and he never went anywhere without it. Nate lived with his Mom, Lilly and his dad, Jeff; they owned a small farm which sold many different products to the poke marts around the area. Nate looked around his room still with droopy eyes; his room was all Pokémon themed everything was some kind of Pokémon. Nate hopped out of bed and unstrapped his bandana from his neck and adjusted it to his puffy head of hair and then swiftly put on his shirt and jean shorts. After walking out of his room, he then walked downstairs to the kitchen where his Mom was washing up to make breakfast.

"Morning momma." Nate said rubbing his eyes.

Lilly chuckled "Well good morning puffy head... you really need to let me cut your hair."

"No momma!" Nate cried out, holding his head "I like my hair it makes me look cool with my awesome pokeball bandana!"

"Ugh... can I at least wash that thing, it's filthy." Lilly tried to pull it off his head, but Nate quickly moved away.

"No way momma, it doesn't leave my side." said Nate still with his hands firmly against his bandana and head.

Nate looked around, "So, what's for breakfast momma?"

"Well I was thinking of making us some French toast, how does that sound sweetie?"

"Oh yes yes YES! That sounds awesome!!" Nate jumped for joy; French toast was his favorite breakfast.

"Momma while you Cook can I go check on Ruby and the rest of the Miltanks?" Nate asked.

"Sure thing, you can feed them to; I haven't gotten to that yet, thanks a bun..."

SLAM!! Before Lilly could finish thanking Nate he was already out the front door and running towards the barn. Nate loved the Miltanks, he had a passion for all Pokémon but Nate's favorite was Ruby; she was the alpha of the group of 16 Miltanks his family owned and she was huge.

Nate quickly opened the door to the big barn and walked inside, Nate ran pas a few stables until he got to the one labeled "Ruby"

"Ruby are you awake?" Nate asked as he started to unlatch the door.

"MIILLLLTANK!" A very loud cry came from the stable as Nate opened and walked inside, Ruby was sitting in the corner watching the door as Nate stepped in.

Nate giggled "Well good morning to you to you silly miltank"

Nate walked up to Ruby, Ruby quickly stood up and towered over Nate, Ruby was very large miltank, well over 8 ft. tall and Nate was a merely 5 ft. tall. Nate hugged against the miltank lower half as he did Ruby bent down and picked Nate up squeezed him in a huge hug.

"MIIIIIIL!!" she cried happily smooshing its face against Nate

"Ah Ruby your squishing me you silly thing!" Nate giggled and hugged back, then Ruby gave Nate a big lick over his face, miltank slobber trailed over Nate's hair and face.

"Aaahh you goofy miltank stop it!" Nate pushed away, and giggled as Ruby let him down. "Taaaaank!" Ruby called out softly as she grinned.

Ruby let out a puff of air threw her nose on Nate as she moved forward some.

"I bet your hungry huh girl? Momma's letting me come feed you and the others today." Nate very proud of himself, walked towards the table door and opened it. He walked out and Ruby followed behind. Nate walked around and let the other five miltanks out of their stables, they followed him to the back of the barn as he opened the big double wide doors to the open field for the miltanks to roam. Right out by the door was the feeding trough for the miltanks, Nate walked around to the trough, there was a long pulley there, Nate reached up but he wasn't quite tall fact he wasn't even close.

"Aweh man I can't reach it... I wonder what I could doooooooowaoh whoa whoa hey!" Nate taken by surprise as he was lifted up by Ruby's head getting higher and higher. Nate clung to one of Ruby's horns as she stood up for him.

"MIIILTANK!!" the miltank cried again, as Nate looked he noticed he was even with the pulley. He pulled it and a massive mound of hay rained down into the trough. As the miltanks gathered around it and started stuffing their faces, Ruby slowly lowered herself down with Nate still on her head. Slowly Nate slid off Ruby and once he was firmly on the ground she joined the others. Nate watched them for a few minutes giggling to himself, he looked around a little bit then started to walk along the wooden fence; it was a very large plot of land. Nate soon got to the end as he looked at a large group of trees; this was Tarnus Forest.

"I bet all sorts of Pokémon live in that forest..." Nate let out a soft sigh "I wish I could have my own Pokémon..." Nate sat down on the ground his legs under the wooden fence and his arms folded against one of the horizontal wooded planks which he rested his head on as he stared deep into the forest hoping to see some Pokémon playing; but there was nothing. Nate sat there for a good while before he felt something brush up against his back.

"Taaaaank." Ruby cried softly as she nuzzled against Nate's back, she sat down behind him, Nate scooted back and snuggled up against her udders and belly. Ruby used her hoof and ran it through Nate's puffy hair that was coming out of the side of his bandanna. Ruby treated Nate like a son of her own and Nate knew there was a special bond between him and Ruby that was very close to that of mother and son. Nate and Ruby sat there for a long time and watched into the quiet and still forest.

Nate let out a soft sigh "Oh well Ruby maybe next time I will see some other Pokémon." Nate hasn't really seen to amny other types of Pokémon besides the local wild life the miltanks and a few Pokémon his Dad had, one of those Pokémon his father trained Nate was very close to. With a final sigh Nate went to get up...

"Aaarrooooooooooooo!" A cry of panic came from within the forest which took both Nate and Ruby by surprise.

"Ruby did you hear that girl?" Nate asked running over to the fence, looking into the forest there was some movements deep within the forest.

"Mmmm?" Ruby looked as well; very confused.

"Pooooooooooooooooooooooochyeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" another cry was heard.

"Ruby, that's a cry for help some Pokémon is in trouble in there!" Nate went to go between the wooden fence, but Ruby bit down and tugged on his shirt, trying to stop him.

"Ruby I have to help some poor Pokémon could be in trouble!" Ruby didn't let go, her eyes clearly showing a worried look, she didn't want him to go in there alone or at all for that matter.

Nate wiggled and pulled free from Ruby's grip on his shirt and dashed into the mist of trees.

"MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK!!!!!!" Nate heard Ruby's cries but didn't stop, he kept running into the forest and didn't look back.

"I have to help that Pokémon!" he said to himself not thinking nothing but of that Pokémon in trouble.

"Poooch! Poochie! Grrrrr!!" Nate hear more cries from the same Pokémon, suddenly something went running in front of him and he looked; only seeing the backside of a gray oddly shade tail.

"BEEEEEEDRILL!!!" Nate looked towards where the grey tailed Pokémon was running from and saw a huge flying insect like Pokémon running right at him. Nate quickly dove out of the way as the large Pokémon dash through the bushes and trees chasing after the grey furred Pokémon.

Nate ran after the large insect Pokémon; swerving around trying to catch up to them as they entered into a small clearing.

"Poo...POOCHYENA!!" BAM! The Pokémon ran smack dab into Nate knocking them both to the ground in the clearing, Nate quickly shook his head and looked towards the Pokémon that had bumped into him which was slowly getting back onto its feet.

"Hey you're..." but before Nate could say what he wanted the giant insect Pokémon came out and glared at both, Nate and the other Pokémon angrily. The grey hyena looking Pokémon got up and moved in front of Nate, growling loudly at the large aggressive insect Pokémon. The grey tailed Pokémon bared its teeth and started to charge right for the large insect; suddenly long purple spikes shot from the stingers of the large insect Pokémon and showered down on the little grey Pokémon. It howled in pain as it stopped dead in tracks trying to shield itself from the spikes being shot at it but to no avail; the large insect then tackled the poor grey Pokémon and flung it against a tree. It hit the tree hard.

Nate looked and saw once the Grey Pokémon hit the ground it was unmoving and its breathing was slown. Time seemed to slow down for Nate as he saw that poor Pokémon on the ground, Nate looked up at the large insect Pokémon and the insect met his gaze before turning toward him to fire its stingers again. Nate quickly ducked behind the nearby tree, but a few got his leg. Nate cried out in pain and fright as he heard the insect coming for him.

"Oh please someone help me!" Nate sat there under the tree unable to move from both fear and the numbing feeling in his leg. Enraged, the large Pokémon went to attack Nate again, Nate not seeing that the Pokémon was looming right above him.

"POOOOOOCHYENA!!" The little grey Pokémon tackled the large Pokémon making it topple to its side, the wounded Pokémon limped quickly over to Nate's side to stand defensively over him, but the grey Pokémon tried and extremely wounded fainted directly onto Nate's lap. The large Pokémon got up, now clearly even more enraged from the last attack as it screamed and rushed straight for Nate and the fallen grey Pokémon.

Nate shielded his face and head with his arm "AAAAHHH!!" but then suddenly there was a very tall green and white Pokémon in front of Nate.

"Gardevoir!" There was a white flash in front of Nate which he took full blast of, the insect Pokémon stopped dead in its tracks crying out and shielding its eyes. There was a magical aura around the Pokémon as time really did stop, Nate Looked up at the Pokémon, as it turned its head and looked at Nate with one big red eye. Nate's head felt like it was burning up but it was only for a second as the tall Pokémon vanished and the insect Pokémon was left dazed in front of Nate.

"MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Swiftly the very large Ruby bust from a bush and collided with the large insect Pokémon with a powerful headbutt; sending the insect Pokémon crashing and rolling into the bushes and trees.

Ruby quickly grabbed Nate by his shirt trying to make him stand. "Oow ow ow Ruby I can't stand, my leg I can't feel it!" Nate showed Ruby the purple poison stingers stuck deep within his leg. Ruby picked Nate up under her arm, Nate held on tightly to the little grey Pokémon as he was picked up; it was heavy, close to the same size as he was but Nate had to get this Pokémon to safety.

Clinging tightly to the grey furred Pokémon in his arms Nate watched the woods sweep past in his daze, making note of the remains of the fence they passed back through where Ruby had broken down in her rush to save him. Ruby cried out loudly as she neared the front of the house; Nate and the grey Pokémon safely brought back in her arms.

"RUBY what are you going on about?" Lilly stepped outside on to the wooden porch "What's all the... OH NO NATE!!" Lilly dropped the plate she had in her hands and it fell and shattered on the ground as she ran up to Ruby. Lilly quickly pulled out her cell phone and called the Pokémon center which was also the hospital, but the poison was starting to affect Nate. "Momma.... I saved... this Pokémon.... it...saved... me..." Nate tried to talk but the poison was sapping his energy.

"Don't talk baby just stay awake please, please just stay awake!!" Lilly in tears with worry and fright for her son.

"MIL MIL!" Ruby almost doing the same hovered over both Lilly and Nate.

Nate grabbed at Ruby and looked over to his mom... "Ruby... she saved.... both of us momma...she..." Nate's head fell to the side as he fainted, his grasp falling from ruby....

Four hours later... at the Pokémon center/hospital

"Uummagh... where... where am I...? Ah ow ow my leg..." The pain in Nate's leg was horrid, he would almost rather have the numbing back. He looked around and noticed that he was in a small room, there were a bunch of flower around and different types of Pokémon looking toys and other objects.

"Momma? Are you here? Hello?"

"CHANSEY!" Nate was taken by surprise as a large pink egg-shaped Pokémon next to him cried out and hopped from the room. "Chansey chansey!"

Nate was confused but only for a moment as a doctor came into the room. "Ah your awake, that's good." He cleared his throat. "I am Dr. Goodmand, and you, my boy, have been through quite a lot haven't you?"

Nate nodded and then gasped as he remembered. "THAT LITTLE GREY POKEMON WERE IS IT? IS IT SAFE? IS IT OK?"

The Doctor chuckled. "It's still in the Pokémon center, we have been more concerned about you."

Nate didn't like the way the Doctor said that. "That Pokémon saved my life and protected me when I was in danger, doctor!" Nate sniffled as a tear ran down his eye. "I owe him, he protected me and in turn we saved each other."

The doctor looked very shocked and looked at a few of the monitors. "Chansey, come in here please."

The chansey came hopping into the room. "Chansey?"

"Please go check on the poochyena that arrived with this boy."

The chansey nodded and waddled off.

"Poochyena?" Nate asked cocking his head.

"Yes my boy that's the name of the type of Pokémon you saved, but it's kind of odd that it would have turned and protected you. That Pokémon is known for fleeing from danger... I wonder what was going on... hhmmm well now. Nate, I need to know what did this to your leg, what kind of Pokémon?" the Doctor asked very calmly.

"It was a large insect, it was yellow and black with large stingers for hands and it zipped around really fast in the air"

"Hhhmmm sounds like a Beedrill... Beedrill poison... did your leg go numb quickly when it attacked you?" the doctor asked again.

Nate just nodded.

The chansey came hopping back into the room with charts that had a photo of a poochyena on it, she handed it to the Doctor.

"Thank you Chansey...." the Doctor looked over the charts "Hhmmm well that poochyena is in a healthy state, alot better off then you at the moment but you should be fine in a little while. Nate, I will get your mom up here and let her know you are okay and awake, you should be able to go home in a few hours."

"Uummm Doc?" Nate said softly.


"Can I see the poochyena?"

"Well we will wait until your mom gets here it's a wild Pokémon after all." the doctor said.


"MOMMA?! I'm awake." Nate said as Lilly come rushing into the room.

"Oh my baby are you ok? Does it hurt? Is he gonna be ok Dr. Goodmand?" Lilly slightly panicked and rushed over to Nate hugging him tightly.

"Yes Lilly Nate is fine, he is well and will even be able to leave in a little under an hour."

Lilly sighed her relief.

"Momma? The Doctor said I could ask you if that poochyena could come in here; I'd really like to see it again."

"You mean the Pokémon you risked your life to save?! Oh baby I don't know..." Lilly said softly

"Momma, that Pokémon tried to save me as well, I'd at least like to thank it... please momma?"

"Well... alright, can we do that Doc?" Lilly asked the Doctor.

"I'll have it brought here right away, it does have some bandages on so be extra careful."

About 20 minutes pasted as two chansey carted in the wounded Pokémon on a small bed, Nate and Lilly both sat up as they wheeled the bed up to them.

"Oh my... this poor thing" Lilly said standing up and walking over to the chansey.

"Momma can I see it?" Nate asked.

"Sure Nate I'll get him for you... oh my... this poor little guy he is only a pup poochyena... I wonder what he was doing by himself..." Lilly bent over and went to lift the poochyena up.

It growled a little but it was too weak to do anything, Lilly cradled the little poochyena "My he is about as big as you are, but his charts say he is only around two months old." Lilly said as she walked over to Nate and slowly sat him down on top of Nate's chest lightly.

"So it's a boy like me momma?" Nate asks as he ran a hand threw the poochyenas head fur.

"Yes it is son and from what the Doctor told me he is brave just like you are."

Nate rubbed against the poochyena a few times, the poochyena looked around then to Nate, it slowly brought its muzzle to Nate's face and gently licked Nate's cheek, Nate giggled and rubbed against him some more, and soon Nate and the poochyena were playing, poochyena kept trying to lick at Nate and Nate would try to avoid the licks, Lilly watch and smiled as the two played in the hospital bed.

Lilly got up and stood next to the bed. "Well Nate I think you're old enough, how would you like to make this cute little poochyena your very own Pokémon to train and take care of?" Lilly smiled at Nate.

"REALLY?!" Nate was overjoyed "I'd better ask him, hey little poochyena, would you like to be my Pokémon freind?"

"POOCHY!" the poochyena barked its delight.

"Here you go Nate" Lilly handed Nate a poke ball with his name on. "We were saving this but now seems as good as time as any"

"Thanks momma, are you ready poochyena?" Nate lightly tapped the poochyena with the poke ball and a flash of red light came from the poke ball as it zapped the poochyena inside.

"Ding..... Ding.... Ping!" Nate caught the poochyena.

Nate taped the poke ball "So he is mine now?"

"Yes Nate that poochyena is all yours, let him back out and you can name him."

Nate tapped the button on the poke ball, and let poochyena back out, Poochyena greeted Nate with lots of licks.

"Hehe down boy!" Nate giggled "Hhmmm now you need a name... how about....Rex? Yeah Rex, my poochyena Rex!"

The poochyena, Rex barked his delight once more and showered Nate in licks. Lilly sat back and watched giggling, Nate was so happy he finally got his own Pokémon.

End part one.