Luna Chapter 19 - Return of the MILF

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19 of Luna Luna Chapter 19 - Return of the MILF. Well normally Luna's mother would never dare try to seduce Luna's boyfriend, no matter how cute and well-endowed he was, but the rules are different in the Fuck Room. She still doesn't want to steal him away from Luna, but as long as she has Luna's permission, she has absolutely no reservations about fucking Ethan's brains out. And like Luna, she's been wanting it since she saw him on their first day there. And as for Ethan, well... he's certainly not opposed to an older woman, especially not one as good looking and in shape as Anne is.

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"I want to move in with you."

She gasped and immediately wished she hadn't said it. Of course she wanted to live with him, there was nothing she wanted more right now, but she knew he couldn't leave his mother, and they were both too young anyway.

"Oh... oh foxy, I'm sorry. I - I didn't mean to say that out loud. Dammit."

"Luna..." Ethan said gently as he stroked the side of her muzzle. "I would live with you in a second. Are you kidding, you beautiful wolf girl? That's not even something I would have to think about. But..."

"I know," Luna said quietly. "It was a stupid thing to say. You have your mom to take care of, and we're both too young. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to suggest it. It just... slipped out."

"I was going to say we've only known each other for one day," he smiled gently at her. "And we're young, we have our whole lives. And Luna... I love you. I'm not going anywhere."

He gently kissed her, then kissed her again.

"I'll come and visit you every single chance I get," he spoke quietly into her ear. "I promise. Believe me, it's all I'm going to think about every day."

"You better," she said as she kissed him. "There's only so much masturbating I can do before I need the real thing."

Ethan's lips curled up in a small smile, and he brushed some hair out of her eyes. "You're funny and sexy, and I adore you. But I know how you really feel, because I feel the same way. I promise you with all my heart, I'll be there to hold you, to sleep with you, to love you, as often as I can."

Luna's smile faded, and she looked into his eyes. "I've never trusted myself to anyone before. Please... please don't leave me. I don't think I could stand it."

"I won't. Not ever," he whispered and kissed her gently, holding her close as he lay on top of her.

They lay there in a near-sleeping state, and Luna never wanted Ethan to get up off of her. She loved his weight on top of her, and she loved how secure she felt in his arms. It was like nothing could get to her when they were like this, and she didn't realize how badly she wanted that until now. She felt Ethan squeeze her a little tighter, and she let out a contented sigh. This room, this place, nothing mattered any more. It was just her and Ethan, and that's all she wanted.

"Oh my poor babies, you look exhausted," said a voice coming from right next to their bed.

Luna groaned from underneath Ethan. "Mom... not now. Please?"

"Oh sweeties, I'm just checking on you. I saw you from the hallway and I just wanted to make sure you were still okay. Ethan, how are you doing, sweetheart?"

"I- ulp," Ethan gulped as he turned his head away from Luna to look at Anne, and once again he found himself with his muzzle just inches away from Anne's vagina. "I- sorry, Mrs. Tenson," he said as he quickly moved his head backwards.

"Oh, don't be so formal, cutie," Anne said as she advanced towards him until she was standing right at the edge of the bed. She moved her hips forward slightly until her pussy was almost touching Ethan's muzzle. "Call me Anne."

Ethan could smell how wet she was, and he could see little beads of moisture forming inside her labia, down near her vaginal opening. It was still very awkward for him, but at least he knew that Luna was open to it. He couldn't help himself, and his dick started to harden inside Luna's pussy.

Luna saw how close her mother's pussy was to Ethan's face, and sighed. "Mom, if I let you fuck Ethan, will you leave us alone?"

Ethan turned to look at Luna in shock. "Luna, I-"

"I'm sorry, honey," Anne said as she looked down at Luna. "I don't mean to get in between you, I really don't. I just... I can't help myself. I mean look at him, he's gorgeous."

"I know, mom. And Ethan thinks you're hot too. I told him he could have both of us, but mom... this is the only time. I need Ethan. I love him."

Ethan's face had turned red, and he didn't know what to say. He was flattered, severely aroused, and embarrassed all at the same time. He looked over at Anne, then back down at Luna. He leaned forward to kiss her gently. "I love you, beautiful. Nothing will ever change that."

Luna pulled herself forward on the bed, causing Ethan's dick to slip out of her pussy. She sat up on the bed so she could hug him and kiss him and put her arms around him. "I know you do, foxy. I love you too. And if we don't let my mother do this, she will never stop bothering us."

"You know I can hear you, right sweetie?" Anne asked.

"I know mom. Ethan and I talked about this already, and as long as we make it a threesome, you can fuck him. I'm just not willing to be left out of it."

"Oh baby, thank you. You know I don't want to come between you two, I just... can't help myself."

"All right mom, all right." She took Ethan's face in her paws and kissed him softly on the mouth. She moved her muzzle up to his ear and whispered to him. "Give it to her good, foxy. Just remember to cum in her mouth, she loves that."

Ethan felt his dick suddenly become completely hard and erect. "I love you," was all he could say to her.