Shades Of Red ((RE-WRITE))

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Yep so I decided to redo this. With different characters and stuff like that. I tried my best here, so I hope you like it ! ^.=.^

Chapter 1: Meeting Him

September 16th, 2011

It was a bright, and beautiful day. There was a soft, gentle breeze blowing onto the lovely vegetation outside my bedroom window. It looked so peaceful, serene, and absolutely perfect. I decide to look into the small mirror that I had hanging on my wall to examine the outfit I had chosen to wear today. I somewhat chuckled a bit when I checked my choice of clothing for this particular day. My outfit wasn't much of an interesting combination however, it was simply a blue long sleeve button up shirt, black slacks, black dress shoes, and a grey tie. In my personal opinion this is a little too "fancy" for me, but I think this style is needed for where I'm going...

I hear my roommate somewhat attempt to stifle a cough. "Having fun there Mike?" I say to him with an obvious comedic tone. He laughs a little bit before he replied to me "Loads!" Before I decide to leave the room Mike kind of yells "You have the recorder? Remember you can't go to an interview without one!" What a great reminder. I look around my bedroom, and I see the recorder sitting on my nightstand, somewhat staring at me. Just waiting to be picked up, and to be used.

Mike coughs again as I walk over to get the recorder. Once I have the small device in my hand I head to the living where my poor, not really, roommate is located. I look to him with a slight smile across my muzzle. I notice that he's trying to hold in a small chuckle "You ready for the interview?" He says to me with a slight grin on his lupine face. I make sure that I have everything set real quick before looking back to him again "Yep, I'm all set!"

"Take my car if you want" Mike says to me in a tone that sounds like 'I want you to take my car' I somewhat expected him to say that... He examines me one more time, and smirks. Well it appears that he thinks I look good in this. Whoop. "I'll be back" I say to Mike as I go over to the door, and grab his car keys. He nods to me as I open the front door of our apartment. Somewhat hesitantly I walk out of the door, and of course I shut it behind me. Immediately the cool breeze hits me in my face. What a nice sensation it was.

The wind tickles my face as I walk over to Mikes car. He drives a nice, blue Altima, while I have a simple Ford Focus. I look at myself again in the reflection that is on the cars window, and I chuckle again. Fancy much? I unlock the door to the car and I get in. It was a little...small in there for me, but I had to deal with it. I sit there for a couple of short seconds before I even start the car. The vehicle somewhat purrs softly as it is brought to life. The radio is on a simple rock station, if I'm correct the song playing is "Jesus Of Suburbia" by Green Day. That is quite a lovely song, starting out with a simple riff and going into a piano-heavy interlude, and going back to an epic outro.

I place my hand onto the gear shift and I set it to "Drive" before I get out of the parking space that I was in. With a small smile I drive out of the lot, and I head to the interview. From what Mike said, this is supposed to be at this major company called "Red Industries" Kind of a rather strange name for a company, but it is what it is. Mike also told me that I'm meeting with the owner of this company, someone named "Reyes Eder Diaz" Interesting. haven't been told any details about this man. Hopefully he's a good guy, but I'll have to wait, and see.

As I drive down the road, I practice what I'm going to say during this little meeting. I don't want to mess up, and ruin this for Mike. He would never let me hear the end of it. After a while that is going to get quite annoying. I do have a paper that has all of the questions though, so that's convenient for me. I just have to practice how I'm going to greet this major company owner. Hopefully Mr. Diaz isn't too...Harsh. I continue to drive down the road for about half an hour before I reach the city of Chicago. The streets aren't too packed with traffic, it's moderate. There are also some people walking on the sidewalks, strolling so happily, and having a great time. Chicago is a beautiful city.

I look around as I drive through this large city, searching for the building where the interview will take place. In a way, I got a bit frustrated when I couldn't find the company after the course of 10 minutes. Even though this city is quite...Stunning, I would like to find this "Red Industries"

Finally after a couple of short minutes I see the building. It was a rather tall structure, supported by a metal frame. The metal was a grey color, since it was the most common color used for metal frames/structures. I pull into a free parking space that was near the entrance of the company.

I sit in the car, preparing myself to actually go through with this interview. It's been a while since I've done one, so this might be a bit...Awkward. Hesitantly, I grab the keys and I turn off the car. It's somewhat silent, despite the commotion going on outside. Some people go in, and come out of the building in front of me. They all look so professional, and sharp. Quite the lovely look. I take a deep breath, grab my materials needed, and I get out of the car to head inside of the building. I notice some people glance at me, some slightly smiled, some gave me a not-so-good look.

I step up to the doors of the building, and look up. I'm somewhat awestruck by this large building. Some people bump into me, which gives me the signal to move on. I look forward again, and I go into the company.

As soon as I enter a male red fox greets me "Mr. Tijerina?" I look down at my papers and I try to smile a bit, honestly I felt extremely nervous, even though I haven't started the interview!

"Um...Y-Yes..." The fox smirks at me a bit, noticing my current emotion "No need to be nervous sir...Go up to the 22nd floor, that's where Mr. Diaz's Office is located. Have a nice day." He smirks a bit more as I repeat the instructions in head.

After a short moment I nod to him as I look around the large foyer for where the elevators are located. I notice them that they're in the back. Wonderful...More Interactions...

The somewhat polite fox gives a gesture to let me know to "Go Ahead"

I was rather hesitant to walk over there, but I knew that I had to get this interview over with, so I somewhat speed walked to the back of this area. Luckily I didn't bump into anyone. That's quite a relief in my opinion.

The elevator doors are a light silver, I could see my reflection in it. The door was split down the middle, a typical door style. I push the button to "call" an elevator. Waiting patiently, I practice what I'm going to say to Mr. Diaz. A small feeling developed in me. It was the emotion where I thought that I would fuck it up.

The sound of a high pitched beep interrupted my thoughts, and startling me a bit. About five people step out of the elevators corridor, before I step inside. It was nice when inside. The walls were a beautiful combination of oak wood, and the silver colored metal. The buttons where metallic as well, with a small light emitting from the center of each individual button. Numbers were next to each one of them. I look around the panel a bit, and I see the 22 marked button. After I press it I wait there in silence. Watching the numbers ascend until it reaches the specific floor that was chosen.

"Here we go"

The doors open at a quick pace, showing me another foyer. The walls were white, with black accents, similar to the colors of the Yin and Yang. I also notice some paintings that somewhat "Popped" out to me.

"Starry Night" was the one that popped out the most since it somewhat matched the tone of the room in a way. I don't know how to explain it, but it look beautiful with the room.

I placed my attention back to the rest of this room. Some of the workers were walking around, all talking on Bluetooth headsets. I walked to what appeared to be a receptionist desk. A female robin smiled at me before ending a call she was in.

"Hello sir, Welcome to Red Industries! How may I help you?" She said to me in such a cheerful tone. I relaxed myself a bit so I don't say anything wrong to her. She types on her computer as she waited for my answer. I took a quiet, yet deep breath as I reply to her.

"I'm here for an interview"

The robin smiles again "Oh! Mr. Tijerina?" I tried to smile back to her so that I don't seem like an emotionless person "Yes, Um well...You see" I attempt to explain why my roommate didn't actually come himself, but before I could continue on, she interrupted me.

"Mr. Diaz is ready to see you" She says to me before she goes back to typing on her computer again. I stand there awkwardly, wondering where I'm supposed to go. Just as I was about to go off and look around for the office, a male eastern dragon wearing a tuxedo--looking sharp--walked over to me and said in a somewhat mellow, yet serious tone

"Follow me"

I try to smile again, and I nod to the nicely dressed dragon. He turns himself around and heads to the office where the interviewer is located. The scalie was rather fast, he was at least 5 feet ahead of me. I try to catch up, but I don't want to trip. After a somewhat short walk we reach a set of black wooden double doors. There were gold colored door handles. So much luster on them.

Looking beautiful.

The male dragon turns to me and he gestures to the door...With a smirk across his face "Go on in, Mr. Diaz is waiting..."

He turns himself and he goes back to the main lobby of this floor. I look over to the doors, and I place my hand on the handle. After one quick deep breath I push the door open. I let out a small gasp as I fell to the ground of the office. All of my materials are scattered all over the floor. I sigh softly to myself before looking up to see him.

The hyena was faced away from me, looking out a window...Onto the city, before I fell in. When he heard my gasp he quickly turned around and walked over to me. When he was close to me he offered his hand to me so that I could get up.

"Mr. Tijerina? Are you OK?"

I have no words. I feel nervous. I feel...Different. Something about this animal makes me nervous, yet entranced.

I gather my things from the floor, I grab his soft, and gentle hand. He assists me from the ground and we both go near his desk. The atmosphere between us is strange. I don't know how to explain it. Mr. Diaz sits me down in a chair, and he backs away to sit on his desk. Trying to look somewhat "laid back"

"My roommate has the flu...I'm just here to cover for him" I blurt out to the hyena in front of me. I developed a higher amount of nervousness from that sudden statement.

Reyes chuckles a bit at me "Well...If you're not Mr.Tijerina...Who are you?" He says to me with a grin across his face.

I look down at my lap for a short moment, before placing my attention back to him.

"I'm Avi Montreal Evans"