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10 of Half-wolf Pokemon Adventure

Since Zorky hasn't had the most spotlight, I decided to make this his chapter. All in his POV! Also this chapter should've been longer, but distractions. Have a happy read!

Medic's work

(Zoroarks POV)

Was I resting? No. Tired? Nope. Shamed? Absolutely yes. After losing to Viola's Vivillon, I stayed inside my pokeball. The embarrassment of losing against that damned butterfly was too much. The whole team knew I lost against a puny bug, by this point, but I didn't care if anybody made fun of me- never have, never will. But that wasn't the reason why I didn't want to exit the Pokeball. It was because I couldn't face Junior after that loss.

Humans believed that if a Pokemon was fainted in battle, it's unconscious and can't react or respond to their surroundings. That wasn't always the case.

When I was knocked out, I was able to still hear and move around (it was extremely painful yes, but still possible). My body was hurting and my heart was beating rapidly. When Junior returned me to my ball, I was able to hear a faint sigh from the young silver pup. A sigh full of disappointment.


6 hours have passed since I lost that battle. The dark cramped pokeball wasn't very fun, but sleeping helped pass the time. Over the course of the day, my body slowly restored itself. But, that didn't mean I was coming outside. I actually wasn't planning on leaving anytime soon... that is until somebody grabbed my Pokeball.

The beam of red was being shot out from the opened ball. I felt myself beginning to quickly reform from the beam. Once the process was complete, I slowly opened my eyes to see the blue aura-jackal holding the red and white ball. An expression of fear and guilt was on his face.

"Thank Arceus! Zoroark, we need you!" Lucario exclaimed. I rolled my blue eyes in a 'whatever' fashion. I didn't have time to waste on battling or training if I was going to lose anyways.

I forcefully snatched the pokeball from my friend's paw. He was shocked by my sudden action. "If it's about battling, training, or tactics and strategies, then leave me be. I'd rather spend my time ALONE in THIS damned ball. OK?" I aggressive growled at Lucario, who flinched. "B-B-But you gotta help Jun-"

"I don't care! I'm too tired and I'm busy." I lied. I knew it was rude of me to yell at Lucario, especially since he's similar to Junior personality wise. Frail, shy, innocent, but capable in a situation.

I sighed which disposed a small amount of my anger. Enough so that I wasn't screaming at my friend. I glanced at the tennis ball-shaped object in my paw before I continued.

"Lucario, I just don't wanna train ok? Just leave me-"

"Junior's hurt!" The aura user blurted out. My black furred ears perked up. I was suddenly wondering what he meant by Junior's hurt. If he needed me then..... oh Arceus!

I dropped my pokeball and grabbed the jackal by his shoulders. "What happened?" I inquired worriedly. "We were attacked by a mysterious figure. H-He grabbed Junior and threw him against the wall. N-Next thing me and Typhlosion knew was that J-Junior was curled up on the floor, a p-pool of blood was oozing from his head." Lucario explained fearful.

"Where is he?!" I half asked half yelled. "In Axel's room! It's next to this one!" I immediately released Lucario from my grip as I bolted out the wooden door. I quickly turned to my left and ran into the blue framed room.

I ran in the room, but was sent falling backwards. Thankfully, my large black and red mane softened my fall. An extremely soft thud was heard as I landed on it which the figure heard. Before I could react, he slowly grabbed me by my shoulders and lifted me up. His claws weren't piercing my skin (which I was VERY thankful for) as he looked at me. I was speechless as I was held by the tall fire type. Then, he slowly set me back on my two feet.

"Nice to know that everybody around here loves to fall flat on their asses, but that's the least of our problems." Blaziken stated dully. He glanced behind himself at Typhlosion who was leaning over a wooden table. The dual type sighed before turning back to me.

"Tell me Zoroark," He began sadly. "Out of everyone in this team, aren't you the best with medicine and medical supplies?"

"Um...yes, why?" I asked. Instead of replying, Blaziken grabbed my arm and dragged me toward Typhlosion. I yelped since I wasn't used to another Pokemon actually touching me. Especially since Blaziken's grip was extremely tight. "H-Hey! What's going on?" I exclaimed before we came to a sudden stop. Typhlosion turned around to face me. His expression was grim.

"Please Zoroark, help him." He begged sorrowful. I slowly pushed the pure fire type away as I saw who he who talking about. Laying on the wooden table, was our trainer.

The table was splattered in crimson blood. The source of it was obviously the back of Junior's head. The soft silver fur he had was now a damp red mess. I gasped at the terrible sight. Memories of the previous day appeared in my head. Images of him laying on a bloody bed reappeared. The fear and misery came back also. "J-Junior. What happened to him?" I asked even though Lucario already told me.

"Some bastard threw him against a wall and it damaged his head badly." Blaziken stated. All I needed to know was that he was attacked. I rose my head to look at Typhlosion. He gazed back at me once he noticed I was looking at him. "Bring me Junior's backpack, the medic kit is in there. It has some things I need to fix him." I commanded with urgency. The badger nodded and quickly ran out the room. Not a second later, he came back with the boy's silver bag. He tossed it to me with a distraught expression. I didn't question his amazing speed as I immediately began to rummage through the wolf's Med kit.

_Ok... I need this, this, that, probably that one too... wait, where's the- oh, there it is. _While taking said items, I took notice of the current shortage of them. Meaning, this was my only chance of patching up our mast-... er, trainer's injuries.

I took a deep breath before glancing at Junior. "Here we go." I muttered to myself.

First things first, I needed to disinfect the wound. But, I didn't want Junior to experience the pain, so that's why I asked Blaziken to give him the Painkillers. I'd be dangerous if he awoke from the pain.

The humanoid chicken slowly slid the pills into his slightly ajar muzzle. Luckily, his reflexes worked as the lupine unknowingly swallowed the drugs. Now that the easy part is over, time to actually patch him up.

I set Junior laying on his side so, I could see the wound. That bastard must've had some kind of superhuman strength since the wound was a deep, wide and jagged cut. How's that even possible? How's that even possible?! The bastard just THREW him! I put on gloves so I don't accidentally tear open the wound with my claws. I grabbed one of the clean rags, poured water on it and began to clean said cut. The wet cloth easily damped Junior's wound. I was trying to be gentle with cleansing his injury. Pressing too hard would hurt him even more whereas too soft won't even clean it.

After it was cleaned, I picked up a small white bottle and poured disinfectant on a separate rag. The sounds of liquid hitting the cloth was heard throughout the rather quiet room.

Sighing, I began to slowly press it against the deep cut. A sizzling sound was heard as the disinfectant did its job. The gloves and fur surrounding my paws were slowly turning a dark red the more I made direct contact with the wound. Typhlosion and the others flinched during each step of the procedure. I would've too if I weren't the one operating on the wolf. Everybody's ears had fallen in fear. "Are you sure you know what you're doing Zoroark?" Typhlosion asked unsure. Not taking my focus off helping Junior, I spoke bluntly. "Typhlosion, just shut it OK? If I didn't know what I was doing, then why would I be doing this huh?!" I wasn't mad, but rather, stressed. Being the only one who can save him was a lot of pressure.

Typhlosion couldn't even get mad at me due to our situation. Plus, if he hurt me it might result in Junior's injury worsening without medical attention. I ignored them for the time being as I continued to disinfect the rather large cut. The wolf's injury began to slowly grow hideous, indicating, that the process was working.

Both rags I used were drenched in Junior's blood. Tears slowly fell from my eyes as I felt the sorrow and worry of our friend's near-death experience the first time this happened. "I saved him once, I can- no, I WILL save him again!" I whispered to myself. I was trying to encourage myself, but to no avail.

I slowly rose the rag away from the cut, revealing the spine tingling damaged flesh. Now, to stitch the injury closed.

Gently, I picked up the needle with the single thin thread. I edged the needle closer to Junior once I paired it too the thread. My whole paw was shaking, but I couldn't mess up here. I swallowed my fear as I began to connect the two sides of the wound. You're doing a good job buddy! Just a little more, you're almost done! I can tell. Lucario mentally reassured me. I nodded in agreement. Him cheering me on made me feel better. That jackal was always helping me through these dark times. Mostly when we first met Junior.

The only sounds that could be heard were of flesh being pierced against each other. The sheer sight made the others flinch. Each and every time I linked his wound together made my anxiety lessen. I got closer to finishing the procedure as more than two-thirds of it was repaired.

After another minute, I anxiously sewed the final inch of exposed flesh. I wiped the sweat off my forehead with an accomplish sigh.

I couldn't even turn around as I felt the three Pokemon crowding around me.

The flaming badger lightly punched my shoulder. I wasn't sure if it was because i yelled at him, but it didn't stop it from hurting a bit.

"You're the best with that medical stuff! Great job Zor!" Blaziken gave me a firm pat on the back in celebration. I stumbled as he did, which kinda embarrassed me. Lucario wasn't very surprised, but still had a genuine smile.

He outstretched his spiked paw and I accepted the friendly gesture. I stared into the jackal's eyes as he spoke. "I knew you could do it. I never gave up hope on you dude." His face beamed with joy and happiness.

It took me only a second to realize before I remembered something. I hadn't applied a cloth to Junior's head. It was necessary just in case blood seeped through the stitches.

I searched through Junior's bag and grabbed a headband-like bandage. This step was very easy so I could wash the blood off my now red fur.

I passed it to Typhlosion, who just stared at it not knowing what to do. It was a good thing I was on this team otherwise, nobody would've learned about medics.

"Wrap that around Junior's head. Make sure it covers his wound, got that?" I commanded. The badger nodded as I left the room to rid myself of all the canine's blood.

{13 minutes later}

Refreshing. That's the only word that can describe how washing my fur correctly felt. When Junior turned into a hybrid a long while back, all of us were supposed to clean ourselves. It never went well. Pokemon weren't used to using human supplies meaning that all of us never had proper showers. Usually, Human Junior would help by washing the four of us himself. It was always embarrassing to me, but he never seemed to be fazed by it. Instead, the boy actually enjoyed doing it.

When he washed my fur, I would always watch carefully to learn how to do it myself. I'm thankful I did.

I glanced down at the water as it went down the drain. I noticed it was mixed with blood and lots of dirt. "Yuck." I said completely grossed out. I didn't know how badly I needed to clean my fur until that very moment.

If I was that dirty than Blaziken and the others will need to tell Junior to bathe them (he might).

Ignoring the revolting water, I left the shower and headed out the door to see Axel walking by. He stopped dead in his tracks as he noticed me walk out the door. The green eyed blonde looked at me in question. His head tilted slightly to the left.

"Zoroark? How did you- know what, not even going to ask." He rose his hands slightly before asking a question. "Where's Junior?" My ears fell onto my black furred head. The boy must've realized why my ears fell since he gazed around. "What happened to him?" Axel asked somewhat worried. Since he couldn't understand me, I just walked passed him. I glanced behind me and motioned my head toward his room. His footsteps were heard following me.

Axel was quite surprised to see a hooded Junior on a bloody table. His exact reaction was surprise to fear then finally to anxiety. The young boy couldn't even glance at the hooded wolf any longer without nearly vomiting.

To be honest, I actually expected that there'd be more blood. I didn't think Typhlosion would've been able to do the task.

Full of curiosity, I sneakily checked underneath Junior's hood to check if the bandage was there. I rose it just enough so only I can see. Luckily, Typhlosion was successful in equipping the headband-like bandage to Junior's head. If I ever needed a medical assistant, that badger could easily fit the role. Maybe he could even learn to be a paramedic.

"Well, good thing about this is that he'll live." I stated trying to lessen the anxiety filled room. Typhlosion glanced at me in question and worry.

"Zoroark, when will he regain consciousness? I'm worried." The cream furred badger inquired. His ears drooped slightly and his expression was an extremely saddened one. Typhlosion's sadness surpassed all of our's. I didn't know how he seemed the most anxious about Junior, but I just guessed it was because he was his starter Pokemon.

I placed my paw on my chin as I thought about The pure fire type's question. Yes, this happened before and sadly it took Junior months to recover from his old unconscious state. Maybe this time will be different? Maybe his recovery will be quicker?

"Welllll, I don't know," I began. "But it shouldn't be that long. Yes, his injuries ARE bad, but the ones he had at Vaniville town," I stopped to look at Blaziken, who just tapped his foot trying to ignore my aggressive glance. "Were a lot worse. Typhlosion, if you want, you can watch over Junior, but we need to-" I was interrupted by Axel. He tapped on my shoulder so, I turned to face the young boy. I tilted my head in confusion and annoyance.

"Um. I'm not sure if you will understand me, but I need to tell you guys something I learned. I WAS going to tell Junior, but he's unconscious. I'll tell you four so, you can tell him later." The four of us nodded in agreement as the green eyed boy sat on the floor. We followed his example by creating a U shaped pattern in front of him.

Axel cleared his throat before he began speaking in a formal tone. "Well, I talked to Alisa and she informed me that the two trainers Junior and I were supposed to give the pokeballs to," To make an example, he took out the pokeball that he was given. The red and white ball shone underneath the dim lighting. "Were last seen traveling toward Geosenge town. We should start to head out early tomorrow if we are ever going to catch up to them." I didn't know why these two trainers were a big deal. Neither do I understand about those Pokeballs. These look too ordinary to have any significance.

Either way, all of us nodded in understanding and lifted ourselves up. The young trainer awkwardly scratched his head. "Well, I'll go sleep in Junior's room since it looks like you guys need this one. I... um, hope he wakes up tomorrow." The boy said pointing at Junior's body. Axel waved goodbye as he headed into the hall and into the other room.

The four of us just stared as the child left before returning our attention back at the wounded Half Wolf.

"So what now? What do we do in the meantime?" Blaziken asked to nobody in particular. I looked over at Typhlosion, who was currently watching over the knocked out canine. I wanted him to join us, so I quietly walked over to the badger and tapped his head. He glanced over his shoulder to look at me. I could tell that the pure fire type was trying his best to not look worried. Instead, he was attempting an intimidating glare, but it wasn't working.

"D-Don't do that if you value your life." He snarled. His glare didn't frighten me, but that threat did. Typhlosion was one of those Pokemon who doesn't like being touched. Any physical contact can set him off. To my knowledge, ONLY Junior can touch that badger without him setting things ablaze due to their long-lasting friendship.

I took a step back from fear before talking back at him. "H-Hey, how can you say that when I JUST saved Junior's life?! Just because Junior is unconscious doesn't mean you can be a fucking asshole." I stated angrily. I immediately regretted saying that.

Before I could even react, Typhlosion lunged at me and grabbed me by my fur. A loud crash was heard as a table and lamp fell over from his sudden attack. The lamp shattered and the small wooden table lost one of its four legs. Poor objects, wrong place, wrong time.

I groaned from pain as Typhlosion pinned me against the wall. His paws were slowly burning, signaling the usage of Fire Punch. His fangs were visible as he snarled at me threateningly. I heard Lucario and Blaziken gasp in surprise, but they didn't dare help the helpless fox. I tried to escape the badger's tight grip, but to no avail.

"You may have saved Junior's life, but that doesn't mean you can curse at me! I can still hurt you! You are fucking lucky if I don't tear you into shreds, dog!" He growled. The fire type clumped my black fur causing me to yelp in pain. The burning sensation grew as his fists slowly become ablaze. A few tufts of my fur were immediately burned off.

I continued to squirm against his flaming grip. "Typhlosion, you proved your point. Now stop hurting our medic!" Lucario exclaimed. I glanced to the side to see Lucario slowly walking toward us. Meanwhile, Blaziken just watched with his arms crossed.

Suddenly, I felt the fire type's grip disappear as he threw me to the side. A loud thud was heard upon impact as well as a ear shrieking sizzling sound. As Lucario and Blaziken ran to me, Typhlosion returned to his spot besides the wolf.

Lucario crouched next to me while Blaziken stayed standing up. The jackal assisted me up with slight caution. "B-Bastard." I muttered. The aura user gazed at me and sighed. "He's probably worried about Junior's safety. Fear and anxiety can make Pokemon and humans act differently." Lucario stated trying to calm the situation. That jackal, always trying to stop fights with reason.

Blaziken scoffed. He didn't care about Lucario's reasons. Being the aggressive dual type Blaziken is, he disapprovingly shook his head as he glared at Typhlosion. I could sense his hidden desire for a fight. "To hell with your damned reasons Lucario! What Typhlosion needs is for Junior to stuff him in his Pokeball. That damned bear badger thing needs to be taught a lesson." For once, I agreed with his aggressive option. Junior says that we shouldn't fight, or else, the pokeball. We all have been in our pokeballs, but more compared to Typhlosion. He was spared the humiliation and cramped space just because he was the lupine's starter (which isn't fair.) He NEEDED to be punished.

I made a mental note to convince Junior to put him in his Pokeball. If not.... well I couldn't do anything to our trainer. Typhlosion would hurt me even more than he just did.

Lucario sighed as he looked at Blaziken. "Here," The jackal softly shoved me toward Blaziken, making the fire fighting type help balance me. "I'll go talk to Typhlosion. Hopefully, HE will listen to reason... unlike you two." That last part he said very quietly, but enough so I could hear. I growled internally, but he ignored me.

The blue furred canine walked away to sit beside the pure fire type. Blaziken and I watched in anticipation, both of us wondering if sitting near the angered badger would result in his death. Luckily, nothing happened which was a good sign. Soon, Lucario started to talk to Typhlosion, beginning a conversation with him. I couldn't understand what they were saying even when the room was as quiet as a Rattata. It was quiet for a few minutes before Lucario randomly laughed.

"Haha, I guess they are!" I could see Typhlosion chuckling happily, indicating his quick change of attitude. Lucario was successful in calming the angered Volcano Pokemon.

Blaziken growled at the two Pokemon. He must've REALLY hated Typhlosion if even his happiness annoyed him. The Blaze Pokemon threw me onto a chair. "Stay there, I'm going to go to sleep." He commanded. He left me alone as he walked past Typhlosion and Lucario to sit on a brown couch. Blaziken crossed his arms and lowered his head as he quickly drifted to sleep. I began to feel completely unneeded. Why the hell are those two fire types suddenly so aggressive? I thought annoyed. My thoughts were immediately interrupted as I felt a paw tap my shoulder.

I jumped from surprise until I heard the voice of the only Pokemon that WASN'T mad at me.

"Oh, sorry about that Zoroark. Turns out I was right," Lucario apologized. "Typhlosion was anxious. He said he didn't mean to attack you, but that it just happened." Lucario shrugged in a what-you-gonna-do fashion. I glanced around the jackal to see the badger still cautiously watching the lupine.

I sighed before talking to Lucario. "So, he apologized?" I inquired with a tilt of my head.

The canine shook his head in response.

"Not really, but he's in a better mood! You can try talking to him to see if he will." He replied. I immediately decided against it since he might still be angry and I didn't want any broken bones or burned fur.

I stretched out my paw toward Lucario and he helped me off the chair. I looked at the jackal, sighing.

"I'm tired." I stated tiresome. Junior's procedure and Typhlosion hurting and slightly burning me really made me exhausted. Usually, it was either I helped as a medic, or got hurt in battles and stuff. I never had to experience them both at the same time.

The aura user chuckled in a friendly manner. He assisted me toward the room's rather large bed which was near a ceiling fan. It was blowing refreshing cool air. The bed's covers were blue while its pillows were a tinted red with the edges being a light grey.

The blue canine slowly set me down on the comfy bed. I sat by the edge with my feet dangling. I sighed from relief.

"Better? I think you should rest up for tomorrow. Since Junior most likely won't wake up, we'll have to train by ourselves." Lucario yawned indicating his drowsiness. I obeyed the jackal while I layed down on the soft material.

I stared up at the white ceiling attempting to sleep. It didn't work. For some reason, I was mentally and physically burned out, but couldn't rest. It was possible I had insomnia, but I highly doubted that. I began to squirm in the bed trying to find the best resting angle. When that didn't work, I tried thinking of peaceful warm thoughts. Even that didn't work.

For a couple minutes of flailing around, I decided to give up and help watch Junior. I had to swallow my fear as I slowly sat in between Lucario and Typhlosion.

Driven by boredom, Lucario began searching through Junior's bag to find something to pass the time with. Sadly, the wolf boy didn't have anything of the sorts. Lucario sighed.

"Remind me to tell Junior to buy some cards or something. We can't just sit here with nothing to do while we wait for him to wake up." He stated.

I nodded my head in agreement. Being bored isn't ever fun. Sitting there, with nothing to do rarely ever happened.

During our Johto journey, we never had a boring moment. Usually, we'd adventure in forests, battle trainers and Pokemon, or just normally talk. That all went away when the incident happened a year hence. No matter how much we tried to cheer Junior up back in Johto, he just couldn't get over the traumatic experience. Damn that Pokemon!

We all sat there as time slowly and painfully passed. It took a good bit of time before I yawned from drowsiness. Lucario heard it and looked at me.

"You should sleep. Today was kinda rough for you with patching up Junior and..." The jackal glance around me toward Typhlosion. He wasn't paying attention, but was instead, laying his head above his arm. His eyes were closing slowly like mine, but I knew he had more endurance.

"Him suddenly attacking you. So why don't you just rest? Can't sleep?" I involuntarily yawned again before I responded.

"No. Tried, but couldn't. Maybe I can try to sleep again to see if I will this time," I was interrupted by another yawn. I really needed sleep. "But, I highly doubt it though." I finished tiresome. My eyes began to get get blurry nearly closed. The jackal randomly decided to tapped my muzzle which immediately sharpened my vision. He chuckled before Typhlosion decided to speak up.

"Go to sleep Zoroark. When Junior does wake up, he won't be happy seeing you losing sleep because of him. In a few, I'll sleep too. I don't want to sound like a hypocrite." His tone wasn't much anger, more like commanding. But still, his sudden statement frightened me. I always tried to not anger Typhlosion or Blaziken and I was an idiot a couple minutes ago since I did just that. I don't even enjoy battling beside them. I'd grown a slight fear of them and I knew Lucario did too. When that badger told me to sleep, I didn't argue.

I got up, went back toward the multicolored bed, and sat on it. I then fell backwards so I was laying down. I was immediately surrounded by the warming fabric which was quite comfortable and soothing. Being deprived of much needed sleep made me easily close my eyes. A warming memory of human Junior popped into my head. He was reaching his hand down toward me. A genuine smile was on the past boy's face. The memory itself was enough to help me sleep. It took only a second of reliving the memory before I was engulfed into the peaceful darkness.