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This was my half of an art trade with someone over on DA. Story was written by me Characters belong to

"Ritsuka!" Ferris hollered. "Where the hell have you hidden now."

Ferris's brother sure knew the best hiding spots when they played hide and seek. It would take him hours to locate his brother, or he'd admit defeat and his brother would run up with a big grin on his face. Ferris never got mad that he rarely found his brother. He knew how much it meant to Ritsuka to be able to beat his older brother at something.

"Okay you win, I give" Ferris hollered.

"Ha-Ha I win" Ritsuka ran at his brother giving him a hug.

Ferris laughed, ruffling up his brother's burgundy hair.

"Hey don't do that!" Ritsuka pushed away from his brother lightly punching at him.

Ferris laughed again throwing an arm over his younger brother's shoulder. The two walked back to the swings that stood in the park they were currently at. Ferris spotted a newspaper on the bench. Picking it up he scanned the headlines quickly.

"Hey Ritsu, what do you think about going to a carnival?" Ferris asked from over the newspaper.

"You mean it? That would be awesome!"

The two brothers left the park checking their pockets for money. They had enough between them to ride at least a couple of rides and play at least one game. The carnival was set up just a little ways across the city. Ferris and Ritsuka hitched on the end of a trolley that was headed that way. They talked about what rides they would go on when they got there. About what foods they would try. Ritsuka secretly wished there would be a petting zoo as he'd always wanted to pet the many different animals.

They reached the gates of the carnival and were told there was no entry fee. Eager grins on their faces they raced through the gates. There were huge rides everywhere. A roller coaster and a tilt-a-whirl. Clowns were milling about shaking hands and giving out balloons. Ritsuka clapped happily as he spotted the petting zoo sign.

"Where do you want to go first?" Ferris asked his brother.

"Let's go to the petting zoo!" Ritsuka couldn't hide the excitement from his voice. He was practically jumping up and down as they neared the pen that held the animals.

Ferris remained outside the pen, watching as Ritsuka chased animals around and petting them. Ferris thought back to all the tough things they have had to endure growing up. He wished his brother could always look as happy as he did now.

"Ferris I'm starved, lets go get some food!" Ritsuka said rushing off toward the carnival's many food vendors.

Ferris chased after him. His 3 tails catching the wind and making then flail out behind him. He laughed to himself as he ran enjoying the crowded carnival. Finally spying Ritsuka over at a corn dog vendor he walked over. Ritsuka had ordered two jumbo corn dogs and handed one to his brother. Ferris thanked the vendor and paid him.

The brothers ate as they walked. Ferris spied a shooting game on their left.

"Want to get some shooting practice Ritsu?" he asked.

"Sure! I wonder what the prize will be."

$5 for 5 minutes of shooting.

The sign read. Ferris slapped a ten on the counter. Ritsu joined him. The brothers grabbed the long rifles and began shooting at the wall of balloons. Pop!Pop!Pop! Ferris shot 3 balloons with ease. Ritsuka watched his older brother with admiration. He turned to his own rifle aiming for a green balloon. He pulled back the trigger and missed. He frowned at the intact balloon.

Ristuka raised the rifle once more, aimed at the balloon and closed one eye. He shot. The balloon popped. Ristuka whooped triumphantly. Ferris chuckled to himself as he continued to take out more balloons.

Before they knew the 5 minutes were up. Almost all of the balloons popped. Both brothers one a prize. Ferris received a giant stuffed fox and Ritsuka received a smaller stuffed dragon.

The boys walked away from the game. Big grins on each of their faces. They knew tomorrow would resume as always but for one day they got to enjoy life and experience the little things.

They felt normal. They felt happy.

Ferris and Ritsuka waited in line to ride the roller coaster. They could hear the excited screams and hollers coming from the people riding it. They'd never been on a roller coaster and were pretty nervous. The line was short as the carnival was getting close to closing. Finally it was their turn. Ferris and Ritsuka eagerly climbed into the seats that were the front of the roller coaster.

Pulling the safety bar down the roller coaster assistant made sure it was secure before starting the ride. The car slowly made its way up the long hill. The boys grew more anxious as they inched closer to the top. Ritsuka craned his neck to look at the long drop that awaited them.

The roller coaster clicked, releasing the cart. They shot forward at a fast rate gaining more momentum as they sped downhill. The brother's raised their hands high laughing and hollering as the raced downward. Sharp turns to the left and right. A few hills and a huge loop.

The cart made its way back to the starting point. The boys clambered off of the cart arms resting on each others shoulders and laughing. They made their way out of the gate of the carnival. The workers waving to them as they passed by. They turned back to look at the carnival one last time.

"Can we come back next year?" Ritsuka asked his older brother.

"Of course we can." Ferris said. He smiled and put his arm around his brother as they made their way home.