Character Ref: Hydrus

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Well, this was a proposed idea by one of my viewers, and something I've been meaning to do for a while now. So here is my first attempt at a character reference. And if there is something missing, just ask in the comments or PM me, I will answer your questions either way.

The man of the house so to speak. Loves all his family without favoritism. Hydrus was born into a royal family in the NetherRealm. His father being the current ruler of their kingdom Eizeldarm. His great grandfather, the Overlord of all the NetherRealm, chose him as the future Overlord from a very young age, and despite the complaints of many other members of the family his mind was set. He now lives with the hateful gazes of many Netherbeasts, sadly including his brothers, all on him, while he himself thinks he's unworthy of being such an important figure. Relations:- Mated to: Victor Raleigh (rat), Lexington "Lex" Raymonds (T-rex), Jim Shwartz (raccoon), Wataru Akagi (White wolf), Vincent & John Edmond (Foxes), Raymondo Garciia (Vampire bat), Thomas Matthews (Gray wolf), Lucien Sears (Fox) and Terrance "Terry" Andrews (Hyena) Biological Father of: Wizen Akagi Loneblood (White wolf),  Yasha Akagi Loneblood (White wolf) and Caleb Shwartz Loneblood (Raccoon) Adoptive father of: Malek Reyns (Golden retriever), Jesse Riggs (rat), Tyron Riggs (mouse), Gideon Smithson (dragon), Kiba Hanasaki (Demon Fox) and Kevin James (Collie). Netherbeastian family: Ashclaw Loneblood (Father), Medaiias Loneblood (Mother), Razen Loneblood (Grandfather) Valek Loneblood (Grandmother), Soarus Loneblood (Great Grandfather), Asura Loneblood (Oldest brother), Fortunus Lonblood (Second Older Brother), Mephisto Loneblood (Older Brother), Menirva (Mephisto's girlfriend) and Luminai Sabrelight (Brother in Law). Abilities:- Hydrus has complete control of all kinds of magic, but specializes in shadow manipulation, darkness and forbidden spells, having an affiliation for cursed or evil things must be the cause of it. Using his powers over darkness and shadows, he can create many solid objects and constructs such as weapons, mixing it with magic adds the ability to summon powerful familiarsLikes/Dislikes:-Hydrus likes many things, his family above all clearly.He likes drinking on occasion, but outside of the house, he also rarely smokes.Likes: flirting, all magic related things, all kinds of exotic flora and fauna, treasure hunting, clubbing, cuddling with his mates, playing with his kids, his friends, hunting, teasing others, occasional blackmail if able and putting those who think they are above others in their place.Dislikes: The Purifiers, religious fanatics who shove their beliefs down peoples throats, ass-kissers, those who pick on others and his brothers, liars, dishonesty and promise breakers.