King Louie's tickle assault (part 2)

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Hello everybody. This story is a RP between me and a friend, Scottandy. In this story, King Louie wants again to know the secret of man red fire, and he has a special technique to make Mowgli talk. I hope you like it! Note: In this story, Mowgli is a 18-year-old boy. Before each paragraph, you can see a letter: (G) means the paragraph is written by Gatto (me), (S) means the paragraph is written by Scottandy. Warning: in this story there are tickling, nudity, and fucking. I've warned you. If you don't like these topics, don't read it.

(G) "The man red fire? I have told you many times. I don't know anything about it. And now untie me!" shouted Mowgli.

(S) "Oh I know you know, and I'm going to get it out of you this time" Louie reached forward and began to stoke Mowgli's muscular side, slowly tickling his ribs.

(G) Mowgli bit his lip, trying to not laugh. He was very ticklish, and he hoped Louie didn't want to tickle him to make him to tell the secret of man red fire.

(S) "Oh man I thought you were ticklish, let's get to work on him boys!!" Suddenly the monkeys grabbed his feet and began to tickle them mercilessly. Louie kept tickling Mowgli's muscular sides and moved up to his tight underarms.

(G) "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH STOP IT!" Mowgli shouted for the tickling. He was tickled on his feet and on his ribs. He was helpless and he couldn't do anything to stop the monkeys. he had a shiver on his back when he saw Louie near to his underarms.

(S) The monkeys kept tickling Mowgli, licking and nibbling at his feet. Louie, moved to Mowgli's erected nipples playing with them and licking his muscular pectorals. He then looked up at Mowgli "So you going to tell me the secret?"

(G) "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH STOP IT PLEASE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" Mowgli's laughter went louder from the tickling on his nipples. "AHAHAHAHAHAH i DON'T KNOW THE SECRET AHAHAHAHAH" said Mowgli, still laughing. Mowgli could only laugh from the tickling, and he was no longer able to control his body. While monkeys continued tickling his feet, ribs, nipples and underarms, Mowgli saw a small bulge in his loincloth.