Open Season Chapter 14: Hen Party Part 1

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14 of Open Season Chapter 14 another short attention span theatre

like a potato chip it is a tasty little snack. a good set up for what is to come. --Rick

Chapter 14

Hen Party, Part 1

Late Monday night

"So, when's the big day?" Kel asked the blushing bunny.

"I dunno, we haven't set a date yet, But...with what's passed between us these last few days has been so...sacred, that I feel deep down that Mike and I are all ready hitched. A ceremony would just be public frippery...I guess I'm taking this whole 'Second-chance-at-Life' thing pretty seriously." Cassy shrugged finishing off her third mug of tea.

"I know what you mean." Kel mused. "Ever since...that night, it seems I've been over here every day talking with Gwen..." The vixen looked over at Gwen who nodded with a smile. Kel put a paw on Gwen's. "It's life seems so shallow, and God love ya, Gwen has been helping me work through it."

"Looks like we need to plan a 'bachelorette' party!" Gwen crowed. "And KC will be up here on Wednesday, so..." Gwen grinned. "Hen Party!"

"Woo hoo! This is going to be a blast!" Kel exclaimed.

"Kacy's So cool." Cassy nodded. "Ya know, last time she was up here, she taught me this neat trick with my just drives Mike wild!"

"Cassy!" Kel's jaw dropped. "What have you done with my sweet innocent bar bunny?"

"Oh, she just got laid real good..." Cassy chortled. Her infectious laugh soon had everyone in stitches.

"So, you really want to have kids?" Kel asked. Cassy nodded.

"So when do you plan to start?" Gwen asked.

"Well..." Cassy mused, "I dunno, sooner or later I guess. But if we keep going like we have been, it'll be sooner than later. I can't get enough of this guy!"

"Well, tradition holds we have children in our own time and season, I can sympathize Cassy, I'm feeling it myself." her paw unconsciously slipping to her abdomen as she sighed momentarily lost in thought.

Kel looked between her friends. "Hey now, what's going on here? Are your biological clocks going off or something?" Both Gwen and Cassy just got dreamy smiles on their faces.

"Oog," Kel moaned, " I give up! " burying her head in her arms.