The Morning After...

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Rage's POV

As I struggled in my sleep, my eyes blinked eyeless, and then I opened my eyes for real, seeing the ceiling of my room. I looked around with my eyes. I blinked again, putting my hand on my forehead...then I looked to the side, seeing a man with purple hair as poison. I jumped, only to be held down by a strong grip over my chest. As I turned my head to the sleeping person next to me, he opened his eyes slowly, looking back at me with a smile. My mouth gaped opened as sweat came down my face...I...remembered what happened on the morning after...I was in the bar with...him...

_"Marriage is just a "tradition," right? Seriously, who wants to be tied down...?" _The man asked me as he swirled his straw in his drink. He had a bored sort of look on his face, as my face had blush over my cheeks and nose. I grabbed my glass of wine and took a sip, enjoying the crimson taste of it.

_"As long as two people are together, it's okay, right? It's best to be free, don't you think?" _He asked as he looked at me with a smile. As I put down my glass, I looked at the cigarette I had between my fingers with my eyes...then I answered back with a small smile.

_"Kinda surprising." _I said as I looked at the man. He hummed happily in question, and I explained it to him in my way. _"You know how it is with most boys. As soon as they're adults all they can think about is tying the knot, right?" _As I finished my explanation, I took a breath on my cigarette, blowing out the smoke in a different direction. I put it out on the ash tray, that had many other cigarettes on there too.

_"But there are boys like you out there...Hmm, never knew." _I said as I put out the cigarette. The man smiled, leaning on his hand as he held his drink with his other.

"It's not that strange, is it? Men aren't the only ones who fear being chained down..." _He said as he put down his glass. Under the table, he crossed his legs. _"I'll remember that." I said as I got out my cigarette box from my pocket, putting a fresh one between my lips. I put the box back in my pocket, pulling out my lighter instead, and I lit a match on the end of the cigarette. I puffed out smoke, as I scratched my side...then I heard the man's voice next to me.

_"Thank goodness. We think alike." _I heard him say and then I looked to my side, seeing him next to me. I gasped in surprise, seeing the man look at me with a grin, and he held up his drink, putting the straw between his lips. Hearing his silent gulping, his eyes narrowed and sparkled. I just stared with wide eyes...and then I blushed red. He...looked very attractive...and hot. I heard the man sigh as he finished his glass, and he leaned on his hand again. Whoa...

The man's eyes looked back at me once, and then he turned his head, seeing my shocked face. He chuckled and looked at me with a smile. _"Hehe...What is it?" _He asked and I got out of my trance.

"Er, well..." I began, looking away as I held my cigarette. I heard the man shift closer to me, trying to see what's going on with me, but then he gasped as his elbow slipped on the glass holder, making him fall on my shoulder.

"Whoa...You...You all right?" _I asked as I looked down at him, and then he looked up at me with a smirk. _"Yeah, thank you...You're so kind." I was in a small trance again, but then I got out of it quickly, stuttering on my words.

"Uh, I was...uh, sorry..." I started, and then looked away, turning my face to the side. I heard the man gasp quietly, and then...I felt his hand on my hand, moving it away from my lap. I started to stutter again...what is he doing...?

_"Uh, well...I, uh, have to go to school I need to get home." _I said as I chuckled nervously and then...I felt the man's hand slip under my shirt, feeling his warmth on my chest. _"I had fun tonight..." _I spoke again, and then the man's hand gently kneaded on my pale chest, making me blush red.

_"A-Ahh...!~" _I quietly moan, closing my eyes tightly...then I opened my eyes halfway, feeling a little feverish...and then I felt the man's hot breath in my ear, making me shiver.

_"You must like what you feel..." _He whispered, licking my earlobe. I blushed red, looking away with my eyes. _"I-I'm not moaning!" _I said as I closed one eye tightly as I shivered...then I saw the man's smirk.

"Your a bad liar..." He said as he held my face gently, and he leaned in...pressing his lips against mine. My eyes widened as I felt his warm lips, and then...I closed them halfway, enjoying the kiss. Man...he kisses better than Frostbite...As I was still in the kissing trance, my cigarette was losing alot of ashes, falling off the stick...then the kiss broke slowly. The man looked down at me with a smile.

_"You taste like smoke. But I don't mind." _He said as he rubbed my cheek with the back of his hand. I smiled like an idiot and blushed red, as I said something stupid.

_"Ya don't say...!" _I said as I looked away smiling a bit...and then the man licked his lips...enjoying the taste of the kiss he gave me...and that's all I can remember...