No good Deed Chapter 2: A hot meal a hot bath

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2 of No Good Deed Ronan wakes up in his new body and gets a much needed breakfast and bath.


Soft pillow Soft bed. Soft teddy bear. Soft blankets. Soft fur. Soft padding around my rump. Soft neck, arms, legs, tail so very relaxed. A tightness under her belly was keeping her from falling deeper into a nice, pleasant doze and fully enjoying it.. She pushed myself up to all fours, or tried to. Like they had a mind of their own, her tail hiked itself up a little while her rear legs refused to extend, dropping rump rump down and leaving her squatting. She tried to figure out what I was doing but a rather pleasant warmth started to seep between her legs and around my tush, like only part of her was getting a nice warm bath. She sighed contentedly at the feeling of the padding's warmth pressing against her folds as tension she hadn't realized was seeped out of me like ... like...

"You all done there sweety?"

I jumped up three feet in the air with my back arched, frantically looking left and right for a person that I didn't see, hear, or smell because.. they weren't there. Escape was barred by the crib, but encircling bars and the blanket I dashed under provided enough illusion of safety for me to calm down after a few deep breaths. If I hadn't been "done" before she asked, I certainly was NOW. I poked my nose out from the end of the roll and glared a little at the baby monitor sitting next to the crib.

The woman that walked in was a lot lighter than the usual milky tea color of most humans, but a full head of hair and eyebrows meant she wasn't a Spacer like miss Rabuka . A quick sniff showed that she'd been in the room for a while, with a particularly strong scent on the wooden chair next to the crib.

"Oh I'm so sorry, I left you alone for a few seconds to go to the loo. I see I'm not the only one" she pulled the chair up to the side of the crib and sat down so look at me more or less on eye level. Ears burning, I huffed and pulled the blankets up further and scooted away.

"Oh come on, don't be silly. Almost everyone wears them for a day or two until they can walk again, especially if they get regressed down as far as you." That brought up an interesting question. I poked my head out and tried to keep my ears relaxed. How old was I?It certainly wasn't 19 anymore.

"howmany?" I remembered enough from last night.. more than I wanted to really. I could control my voice for a few seconds, but any more and it devolved into yips.

"Thats kind of a complicated question hon. How about we talk about it over lunch?" She didn't wait for an answer, but instead pulled the chair closer and took out a jar. The top came off and got screwed on to the bottom of the jar and started to warm up, sending the most delicious aroma of stewed meat through the room. Sitting up as fast as I did dislodged the blanket, but I managed to cover myself up without showing off too much of my... underwear.

I didn't care that the food came out of a self heating jar, or that it was served through the bars of a crib on a plastic fork with a cartoon giraffe for a handle. It was solid food , rich, nutty and my little teeth sank into it all the way up to the gums in a satisfying chomp. I was on the third bite before I stopped with it in my mouth as a horrifying thought went through me.

"Is synth rrr?"

"hmm? Oh yes of course! It's ba... health food silly." She put the next bite through the bars closer to her, so I had to lean over to take it off the fork. The next one went even further down, so I had to slide down right next to her if I wanted to eat... which I of course did. The wet padding under my rump reminded me of its presence, making me realize i'd forgotten it. How do you forget that you're wearing a diaper that you woke up in squatting like a mmm beef.

"Ok, lets see, someone has a busy day today. You need breakfast.... I think we're working on that." she smiled at me and held out another piece, which I gladly took. "We need to finish your physical, you really need a bath, then Dr Bernard needs to introduce you to well.. the new you. And show you how to be a girl" she giggled. "Which is just funny. I'm pretty sure he's never been one." that shouldn't have been funny. It wasn't funny.. it really was happening to me but.. the thought of the precocious dr in a dress combined with the nice lady's infectious, bubbly attitude had my tail wagging. "awww! There's the adorable bundle of fluff we want to see. Now, assuming you don't nod off in the Doctors slideshow, you'll have lunch, then a nap. Then manual dexterity training" I opened my mouth to protest, only to close it for another bite . The next forkful was held tantalizingly just out of reach unless I tried to put my head through the bars.

"Does any of that sound bad?" I followed the treat side to side. "And you're going to be a good kit for me today?" She was using a sing song tone suitable for a small child that should have annoyed me, but I felt a soothing warmth in the pit of my stomach as well as a pleasant sleepiness starting to spread over me. I didn't even realize I was nodding along to the meat going up and down until that last , delectable little morsel was in my mouth and I'd given my muzzle a few licks for the drippings.

"Ok, the next part is a little favor and I'd feel bad bribing you with food. Dr. Bernard was supposed to give you your bath this morning, but he wanted some more time to work on his little slide show. He just happened to have two tickets to the Alzhair disc opera that he wasn't using aaand it so happens that you can request a female staff member if you're going to be naked." Her puppy dog eyes were impressive, even by my expert standards. I put out my paws for the data pad that she put out in front of me and was only half surprised to see the request written out in advance. It took a surprising amount of concentration to get my thumb in the right position to sign it. My ears hadn't finished flattening at her high pitched squeal of joy before she had me scooped out of the crib sans blanket.

Step twirl step step twirl step I went spinning down the halls held to her chest with one hand supporting me by my soggy rump while she hummed her own dance music. If any of the staff we passed thought that the sight was unusual they didn't show any signs of it beyond a few awws, and one Rat fixing a sweeperbot didn't even bother to look up as she pranced over his tail.. The hand on my back went out to my arm to hold it out as she backed through one more set of doors in box step "and two and twirl and here"

After the cold sterile white of the hospital's halls the garish, haphazard cacophony of color and fanciful designs of the bathroom was more than a little jarring. As I was sat on a sea dragon themed changing table, I could see that the tiles were individually done as children's drawings, either by actual children, a very convincing computer program, or considering where I was ,prisoners and patients. One of the sea dragon's eyes flashed yellow, and it rotated to project a diagram onto one of the whiter section of walls.

"Oh thank you Pete!" my nurse slash dance partner slash warden said, eyeing the diagram over my shoulder. "we're just going to get you on your belly and get that padding off for your bath... unless you want a wet bottom all day?" I shook my head and tried to help, but mostly wound up trying to turn left when she wanted to turn me right . She got me on my belly anyway "Pete , warm water to start with if you would." I was too enthralled by the sight of water pouring out of the dragon's mouth and trickling along a crevasse in the wall and into a seashell shaped tub to care about my tail being lifted and the tapes undone, leaving me naked. It was still less embarrassing than wearing what she was tossing into a receptacle in the wall

Steam rose out of the water, making me question exactly what qualified as "Warm" around here". The nurse dangled me over the tub and slowly lowered me down into it, pausing to let me test the water with my foot. "Oh come on, now you're being silly...." She chided me as she sat on the side and lowered me in nice and slow. A few yips escaped my muzzle followed by a sigh as I adjusted to the lovely heat of the bath. She tapped my nose "there.. was that so bad?" I turned my nose up and crossed my arms, mostly because she was right.

Without thinking about it, I ran through my routine for porting in or out of a game. Turned palms up as far as I could, flicked a thumb against each of my fingers wriggled my wrists and slowly worked up to moving my arms around. The swirling water slowly turned pink with the leftover vat gunk coming out of my fur. I'd slept all night with THAT stuff on me?


"Ick is right sweety. You want some help getting rid of that?"

I looked up and nodded, just now noticing that I'd left behind an imprint of my side, chest, and more than a few pawprints on her uniform in dried vat gel. Figures, my first dance with a girl and my first time on second base and I didn't even notice till they were over. I blushed a little and pointed. "sorry."

"Oh don't worry about it, I think I'll have worse before we're done...paws up." She poured some purple, lilac scented gunk under my arms and worked it up and down my sides, with and against my fur, proving her suspicions accurate as my involuntary giggling, squirming and wriggling churned and splashed the water up. She paid the gunky water on her arms and uniform as little mind as the dopey grin working its way onto my face, filled a red pail up directly from the spout and poured it over my head, flattening my ears and fur against my skull. I snorted, sniffed at my fur and stuck my tongue out.

"Ooo right. That's gotta smell pretty strong to you. That's the stuff that dissolves the gel though. How about we give you two rounds of this, then a round of Fur and Tail?" She didn't even wait for me to pretend I was agreeing to three baths. The sneak was rubbing the stuff up against fur on my neck without even pretending I'd agreed to anything that... that felt so good. As her hands worked the shampoo deep under my fur, pushing my guard and undercoat up to the top of my head, my shoulders and biceps lost what little tension they had. She brought her hands up to the top of my head, splaying my ears divinely, making my brain feel like it had joined the rest of my body in the warm, relaxing bath. Angel finger wrapped gently around my cheeks and rubbed tingly foam shampoo right down to my jaws, then worked down and up the white fur of my belly, making my leg thumpthumpthumpthump against the tub and send waves of tingly pleasure down my spine and tail. I giggled a lot and splashed her without thinking, and immediately covered my muzzle.

"I'm starting to see why this was supposed to be a punishment..." she spit some of the water out. "This opera had better be as good as they say... Oh relax you're too cute to be in trouble. Although..." She grinned wickedly. "Start the draining Pete"

Jets in the back of the shell swirled the gunky water down and down the drain with enough force to spin me about. I couldn't help but laugh as i tried to steady myself with a little help. She snagged the "dragon's" tongue and tugged out a hose and started spraying me down, top to bottom.

I sighed as the spray pulsed and massaged my new muscles, limp as a rag doll. I felt the nurse hands guide me back against the side, spread my legs a little and run the hose in a sinuous line down my belly.

"This is going to feel a little strange honey, but we need to get the gel out, ok?" My tail flicked a little, everything she'd been doing so far seemed so wonderful and holding moving would take. It was sooo much easier to drift off and...

The pulse hit my belly and went lower over my smooth, bare front and lower lips. My tail flicked about a little despite my best efforts to hold still despite a strangely pleasant ache in my...I didn't want to think about that. I felt the water press inside me, flowing within me, filling me pressing a few inches inside me where i was used to there being a few inches outside of me. I put my paws on my muzzle and she stopped.

"All clean?"

I had no idea but nodded vigorously anyway.

"I'm Nurse Lily by the way.

"Rona..." the second n came out in a growl.

"Awww. Such a sweet name! Would you like to be alone for a minute to soak?"

I was blushing hard enough to be seen through the fur apparently, and didn't quibble over a name she could just as well read off my chart. I nodded and tried to slink down into the belly button high water while Nurse Lily went to a table to fill something out with the datapad.

"Pethe. Moh. Wa er"

"Oh, sorry little girl" the sea dragon's head turned to talk to me in a very calming voice, the eyes lighting up " You need a grown up to raise the water level. Would you like some bubble bath instead?"

"Iwma bwoy"

"Bubble bath it is

Pink slurry descended from the dragons animatronic mouth with a roar that made me jump a little. I peered at the dragon as if i could determine whether the AI was faulty or had just been programmed with a "personality". Either way I would have killed for a screwdriver to fix that.... The bubbles DID do a good job of hiding... what was below the water. Which I really did NOT want to think about right now. Or ever. Giving the bubbles a sniff showed that they were hardly scented, just a light detergenty bouquet. I sat back and sighed contentedly, letting the heat soak into me. Pete started making the sounds of the ocean and swaying back and forth, back and forth and i started swaying in time to his motions without realizing it.

"Good girl. Touch your nose.

I crossed my eyes, wondering how my paw got on my nose. I certainly didn't put it there. A jet of water under my tail made me giggle, as did a second one when i turned about to look for the source of the first.

"There we are. Now we just need to rinse you off. Niiiice and relaxed little girl. Let the nice nurse get you all clean, ok?

The water started filling up higher as I nodded. Miss Lilly smiled and cooed at me, moving my weak little limbs this way and that was turned, lifted, posed and scrubbed without resistance. The tub was drained, the process was repeated, and in no time I was wrapped up in the secure warmth of an enormous, fluffy towel that left only my head and tail poking out.

"What do we say to the nice dragon?

I told the dragon "Dank oo Pethe" and really meant it. I hadn't realized how much that gunk was bothering me until it was all off, leaving me fresh, clean, and warm. The nurse took out a brush " I figured you'd probably appreciate not hearing the hair drier...." and ran it over my headfur, ears and ears, giving the most amazing , satisfying scritch I'd ever felt before. My muscles slowly gained the consistency of jello, so that by the time she was working smooth strokes down and off my bushy tail she had to put me down on the table on my stomach.

"You're adorable like that, but it's not safe to keep Dr Bernard waiting, especially when he has power tools... you really should see yourself though" I found myself floating for a minute before being gently set on my feet in front of a mirror as the towel was pulled off.

The vixen staring back at me was beyond cute. Angelic. Banned by the Betulaceae accords grade adorable.Enormous, black tipped ears were perked straight ahead in curiosity atop a slightly oversized head with a soft, poofy, luscious mass of orange fur. She put a small, delicate paw up to those ears and stroked down, past big golden eyes with slitted pupils and over a slim , dainty little muzzle that ended in soft whiskers and a cute, black, button nose.A thick blanket of pristine ivory white fur ran down her belly to disappear between her legs. Below that a ridiculously bushy tail her tail was wagging fast enough to leave its black tip a blur. She put both paws up on her muzzle, but couldn't suppress the squee coming from her throat at the sight of the bundle of fluff standing before her.

That really was me. I'm a little girl. They really did it. They made me into a little girl. One so cute and bubbly that she actually squeed at her own reflection. I pointed stupidly at the image, and would have fallen over i shock if miss Lily hadn't taken hold of my paw to help me stand.

"mmmhmmms... that's you.

I should have been... something. Angry enough to scream, scared enough to run, frustrated enough to kick but there was... I couldn't tell if it was nothing or everything. Miss Lilly's giant hands picked me up around my middle and set me on top of something soft and crinkly on the table. I didn't resist as she took my wrists to make me put my paws on her shoulders then fussed with my tail , putting it through a hole and sliding something up to me. Pete must have been projecting something again, because she tsked "Well now you show me..."

My view was shifted to Lily's smiling face and the ceiling above as i was laid down on my back. The soft padding was brought up between my legs, stretched taut and pressed up against my front. It felt strangely comforting to be able to blame the garment for things feeling different down there as I put my knees together and let the padding push them apart, splayed out to the sides. Her warm hand went slowly up and down my belly a few times eliciting a few wags from my tail for a blissful little while and then I was sat up. "Paws up" she said. and a very soft, pink cotton shirt was lowered over my head, flattening my ears. She nosed them a little to help them spring up , adjusted the V shaped catch in the back to go over my tail, and scooped me up into her arms with my chin resting comfortably over her shoulder.

"Come on sweetie, let's go see the mad doctor "