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Typical behind the bleachers --- sort of....

Alex stood nervously behind the old tree by the bleachers. His palms were sweating. His nose was cold too, but he couldn't focus on that today. It was lightly snowing, and he'd gotten the secret signal from his friend Seth. He stood there rubbing his spotted paws together. The young dalmatian was on the basketball team and was quite tall for his breed. Seth had promised to keep his secret, but it was hard to find new places to get together.

Seth had assured him that this place was only visited rarely and during good weather. It was rare for anyone to meet behind the bleachers once the snows started to fall. His Letterman's jacket was barely enough to keep him warm. Soon he heard the soft hoof steps of his friend rounding the corner.

There he stood. The shaggy little pony, quite well muscled for a geek, but heavily furred. He wasn't shivering half as much as Alex. Seth smiled at the dalmatian. "Come for your treat eh lil pup?" The dalmatian nodded. Alex was shaking slightly. He knew he wanted this so badly. All of his friends had bragged about how much fun it was. How natural it felt. He couldn't wait.

He'd confided in Seth one night after they had finished studying, and had decided to try "it" out here at the first snow. Seth swaggered a little. "So, I help you with your homework, and you get what you want huh? That's the deal right?" Seth asked with a smirk to his brindled muzzle, a twinkle in his brown equine eyes.

Alex nodded shivering some more. Hands reached out and undid the belt, and then unbuttoned the jeans pulling them down over the hips. Alex swallowed in anticipation.

Seth closed his eyes as he felt the warm tongue slip over his thick horsehood. The tongue probed inside his sheath a little and he shivered with pleasure. Who would have guessed that the star quarterback was into sucking pony cock. Alex lapped his canine tongue over the horsehood. Alex moaned and whinnied in pleasure.

"Oh yeah, that's it Alex --- you jocks sure do know what you like don't you?" Seth held back a whinny of pleasure as Alex took almost half of his long pony cock into his maw. Soon he was bobbing up and down the length. His paws reaching out and fondling the leather like equine nuts squeezing them appreciatively wanting what was inside them. His nose flared, his canine senses taking in the funky equine smell the geeky little pony let off. Many of the cheerleaders had boasted about his ability in bed, but it was the sheer size the pony was packing that had lured Alex to ask his friend if he could suck him off, just once.

Seth shuddered, letting his right paw slip behind his friends canine ears guiding the canine mouth into the right rhythm. His breath came out in sharp puffs out of his flared nostrils. Soon he felt his heavy balls rise. The first shot hit the back of Alex's throat causing him to swallow and gag furiously. Shot after equine shot of thick pony cum dumped into his friends mouth and dribbled down the spotted chin and neck, pooling around his collar. He finally nickered his final enjoyment and pulled his slicked cock out of the canine maw.

"Nice, very nice Alex. Seems like you're a born cock sucker. I'll let my friends in the math club know about your abilities. Especially Frank, you know, the shire?" Seth chuckled tucking his horsehood back into his jeans. He nodded once to Alex.

"Wait!" Alex shouted. "Um...what about...." he gestured to his cum covered muzzle. Seth laughed. "Not my problem pup, not my problem.