Zikita: chapter 2

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2 of short story: Zikita

I had come to the city and I was waiting for something to happened. I don't now what, but something. The ship was slowly going down. And now was the first time I could se how big it actually was. The ship was not not moth bigger that an aircraft whit out it wings. The hight felt like I could be to floors of it. The only place it was a big different in since of ur aircraft or this was its whit. It look like the spacecraft was wait like the space beaten the walk ways.

The ship had landed. A door open and a platform was slowly coming down. There was many people gathered so it was hard to se. I don't no how many was here to surrender or they was just here to watch. A sound of a polis siren come closer. This could be fun, to se what wood happened nest. A hall in the people gather come where to polis come. It was four polis cars and 8 polis men whit all wearing bulletproof west and caring guns. One of the polis men had a megaphone and he said. "Nobody go on the ship. Let us take care of it. The persons in the ship walk out whit you hands up."

A voice come from in side the ship and it said. "Any one that which to surrender take on this on of this collar and walk on board. You have five minutes on you to design." A cart full of collars did come out the ship. When the cart come of the ramp it flip over and collars spread over wear."

The same polis man said. "Nobody take on this collars." One person went to pick up the collar and the polis man said. Drop the collar and kick it a way and go back in the line. But when person did not do it he said whit a firm voice. "Drop the collar or we will shout." But he did't drop the collar. In stead did he put it on. So the polis man did shot. A metal panel open slide open on the ship and something that look like a canon come out. A shot fired from the canon and shot the polis man that had shot the person that had taken on the collar. The rest of the polis force stared to shout back. But it look like a force field stop it before it even hit the ship. The canon stared to shout one after the other in the police force. And just like that the police force as wipe out. The canon went back and the metal plat slide back. Many people had ran just when the shout was fired. But I had stand firm for I actually believe this wood happened. There was not many left in the ring a round the ship. I went to the collar pile and up one. The collar was maid by some kind of metal. Even if this was maid by metal you could bend it however you wanted. I put it on and nothing happen. I actually believe something wood happen. But nothing did happen. I stared walking to the ship. On the ship for the first time did I actually se the alien for me on eyes. The alien did say. "Girls right boys left.

It was some hours later and the ship did finely lift of. It did not lift of lake any spacecraft or airplane. In stead did the this ship slowly flaying upwards. An alien come in through the door. This aliens face was less pointed and more rounded. If this was human I wood say this was a girl. But this was not humans this was aliens so there was no way to knowing which gender both of theme was. This alien was wearing a whit doctor cloth. I wonder I they there doctors also where white or they just wore white for our sake. But before I think about it for to long the alien said. "I will be your doctor. I will do some tests on every one to se if you are healthy. If you are healthy you will get in to nest stage. But if not we will take you to a hospital to tray to find a course. Just like we promise we will not hurt you. So can every one take of your cloth and go in to this tub." This tub look like any healing pad in a sci-fi movie. I black out in and the testing did begin.

I don't now how many hours it have bin but when I woke up I was not longer in the ship. Where was I. It look like a cage. What a hell is this? It was not only me that was superset what day find theme self in. I saw many people trying to speak but nothing did come out. Some other was hitting the steal bars. I stared to look around and saw more cages. It was cages whit different races and ages on one side. On the other side of the room was there a the boys. Just like us there was in different cages whit different in every cage. On every cage there was a sign over it. The sign was not written in english so I could not read what it was written. The letters did most resemble Korean or some asian country. I did't now if this was a languish that was on earth or a hall new one. This maid me wonder how they was speaking english. I tray to remember something abut the aliens. I could remember al them had a similar collar on them or the same. So was this collar the reason that nobody could talk right now?

One of the aliens come through the a door. This alien had a the same armor then the first I was. But I could not se if was the same one as before. The alien said. "Hello. Like manny of you already have notice so can't you speak. This is so I can have a talk whit you wit out bing erupted of something. Your collar you putt on whit your one will is doing this. Just lake mine is translate all I saying to your languish. But your collar is special whit one fitted and its electrically capability. It is not a dangerous amount and I will not jus it if you will corporate. So can every body place sit down." Many people did sit down. But of course it was some persons that did't sit down like they war told. "I will say it one more time sit down." Nobody sat dawn that already was sitting. He just pointed. The one that was standing look like they was hurt. "I ask age sit dawn or els." Many did sat down now. But it was still just a fu that was still stand. He pointed again. It look like they was it hurt. One of the other that was still stand up did sat down. All the people did at down and he did speak again. "To every one that is here now I will give you some choices what you can do here. The first teen will be pretty specific ones that you need some knowledge for. So let stared."

It was maybe like an hour later and it was like maybe one or two hundred that had nothing jet. He said before rest the once will be in the nest one whit no exception. I waited to hear what it was. He open his mouth and the words that come from his moth was. "The rest of you will be pets." Did she hear right. The word pet not slave. Because the different between slaves and pet was pretty high. For one thing pets was gotten care of, but slaves did get care of outers. Slaves was normally treated bad whit out food and maybe even torture. But pets you did just get care of. But this was or pets on earth was had not that high IQ. So what do they think now. All us that was left did what for the explanation or was it just me. But he said. "You will be sold and you will be treated lake pets on your earth. For we don't think that ur race wood like you to speak. For that reason will we put all your voice collars to cats sound. Tomorrow we will start selling you to the normal public as pets. Like I promise we will not hurt you if we don't need to."

It was the late of the nest day. Many of the others had already been sold. When you did get sold the person that had buy you could decide if they wanted you to were cat ears and a cat tale. More then majority of the people did use this option. Right now was there four of the alien race in side the shop. The persons that was in right now had on them the same cloth. It look same with like an or school uniform. But it was no way to be sure this was school uniform here. One of theme went to the girl cage where there I was and some other girls. I did not think I wood be any use for me. Just look at the other girls there. They all had long blond hair. Many of them had no chest but other ways they was beautiful. The girl shouted for the shop cleric and said something in an other languish and pointed on me I think. The shop cleric come in to the room and put a walking collar on me and walk me to the girl. They went whit me to the counter. Did this mean this girl I think wood be me oner. He took up the cat ears and tale and ask if she anted me to where this. It look like she said yes for he put them on me. So now I that as on all four wearing cat ears and tale in just me underwear. He gave the collar to her and I was now hers.