Fur Chem Labs Series (Story 1)

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1 of Fur Chem Labs Series

Fur Chem Labs `

The Beginning (Birth of Flare)

(Story #1)

One day, young Dylan was working in his lab. He has been spending many days and nights with very little sleep. He has been working on a machine that will let you transform into any anthropomorphic being of your choice. You can also decide how long you want to stay in that form. Well at least that is what he is trying to do.

Every time he has tested his machine something went wrong, the machine shorted out. Dylan was also having problems controlling the transformations. The transformations wouldn't go as planned, they didn't last very long or it chose a transformation for you.

Dylan had to get his machine up and running if he wanted his business Fur Chem Labs to take off, Fur Chem Labs is a company where you can go if you want to transform into any anthro of your choice, for as long as you want. If Dylan didn't get his machine up and running then a major competitor known as Furry Anthrozation would put him out of business and come out on top.

Dylan wasn't about to let that happen. He has been working to long and hard to let that happen. He wasn't going to rest until his machine was up and running properly, he has been up for three nights straight working out all of the bugs in the transformation system, and has been getting very close to fixing his machine.

"There, I think I fixed it. It should work this time I haven't slept for a few days and I have fixed every bug in the system that I could find. I have run through everything a hundred times," Dylan said to himself in the empty lab. "Well better test it this time. I know it will work this time."

Dylan started up the transformer and it started right up. He let the system boot up and run for a few minutes to warm up since it has ran for three days. Dylan ran through the startup checklist and this time everything was working. Dylan couldn't help but smile. The machine made hummed and whined as it got up to a hundred percent.

Dylan, seeing that everything was working ran a test run on the machine. He tested every anthro form loaded into the main frame through a simulated test. Everything was finally working. Dylan was really excited that his machine worked.

Not only was Dylan going to transform people he was going to transform himself into his fursona that he created. His name was Flare; he is an anthropomorphic Native American fox. His paws are black, paw pads, are black, ears are black the tip of his tail is black. There is a white ring of fur that separates the black fur from the orange fur on his tail. The fur on his belly and chest is white.

He wears a black vest, black leather bracelets, wears a black arrowhead necklace. Flare carries a sword on his right side a sheath of arrows on his left side, and carries a bow over his left shoulder. He is a young fox, he is lovable, playful, fun loving, sly, mischievous, caring, and very brave. He likes to play pranks on people, he likes to steal things, and do sneaky things all the time.

It was time for Dylan to be the first Transformed by his own machine; it has been tested many times now. Everything seems to be working; he wasn't going to wait any longer. He has spent many days and tiring nights working on it and now it works. It was time he became Flare, so much time dreaming about him, and many times describing him down to every little detail, to finally come true.

With that thought Dylan put in the following settings, anthro: Flare Fox, Duration of Transformation (how long you want the transformation to last) Permanent. With that the program locked in the settings. Dylan smiled and began to strip for he won't need his clothes anymore because it has his anthro's clothes and accessories locked into the program.

Naked, Dylan walked over to the transformer, he opened the door gave himself one last look of his human self and took a picture for memories. He stepped into the machine shut the door and sat down. All he has to do is push the blue button and the transformation will begin.

Dylan looked at himself smiled and pushed the blue button starting the transformation.at first nothing happened and Dylan frowned thinking the machine quit working; as soon as he went to get up he began to feel a tingling sensation run through his body, he sat smiled knowing his machine is still working and that it won't be long until his dream comes true.

The next thing he noticed was his feet started tingling so he looked down; when he looked down he saw that black fur had started growing up his legs stopping at his ankles. Dylan got really excited. He watched happily as the fur turned orange and started growing up his legs. By now his legs have been covered in fur up to his knees. The fur stopped growing at his knees and flare frowned thinking something was wrong.

Just then his feet had started changing; Dylan felt bumps on the bottoms of his feet and knew that pads were forming and he smiled. The transformation was feeling wonderful and he was really enjoying it. Claws started forming on his newly formed fox toes finishing his paws. He began to feel really relaxed and just watched the transformation happen. Orange fur began to spread up the rest of his legs and he could feel the bones breaking and reforming to become more fox like; it did not hurt it just felt really weird.

Dylan was very fascinated and happy that he was becoming Flare. He never though in a million years that it would be possible; but a bad life and the image of flare along with strong determination drove him to create Fur Chem Labs and the Transformer. By now his entire legs have changed and he ran his fingers through the fur on his legs; it was his and it was real.

The fur began to grow up his waist and belly making him feel very good and excited. He poked the white fur on his belly and giggled. By now almost his whole body was changed; only things that are still human are his head and he doesn't have a tail yet. The rest of his body is now that of a fox.

Dylan looked himself over; he looked at his new fox paws, his new furry chest and everything else. He was amazed and he couldn't believe this was happening, ten years of hard work and lack of sleep, not leaving his lab except when he needed to. Now he can start to live his life. Dylan stopped; he felt a pulling sensation and looked at his nose. He was delighted to see that his muzzle was forming. Dylan watched as it extended fully and watched the fur grow on it completing his snout.

The transformation continued up his head; his eyes turned blue and became more fox like. Now his entire head was almost finished. Dylan felt his ears start to change. They grew longer and moved up his head and came to rest at the top of his head, black fur grew on his ears completing his head.

Dylan got up and looked himself over, he was delighted. He looked at his backside and frowned he didn't have a tail yet. Just then he began to feel a pulling feeling in his spine; almost like it was reading his mind his tail grew to full length rather quickly. Dylan smiled and was extremely happy. The transformer shutdown and the door unlocked signaling the end of the transformation.

Now he isn't Dylan anymore he is now young Flare Fox. Flare smiled and opened the door to the transformer and stepped out. He walked over to s mirror on the door of the lab. Dylan looked ad himself but stopped. He realized he didn't have any clothes. Then he smiled and walked back to the transformer. He stepped back in and lifted up the seat; there he found everything. His vest, arrowhead necklace, bracelets, sword, bow, and sheath of arrows.

Flare picked up the sword, bow and arrows; he put them away in a safe place. He wouldn't need them anytime soon. Flare put on his vest, necklace and the bracelets; he walked back up to the mirror. He gave a big smile and wagged his new tail.

His dream had finally come true; he was finally Flare. He was very excited and really happy because now Fur Chem Labs can finally take off. He can finally beat his competitor and be way ahead of Furry Anthrozation.