Occupational Hazard - Prologue

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1 of Occupational Hazard



Status Update...

Alpha-Niner En Route To Compound...


...John Clarke - Engineering and Weapon Systems Specialist...

...Glenn Noland - Explosive Specialist...

...Zach Daniels - Chief Security Officer...

Directive A: Locate Enemy Weapon System...

Directive B: Diagnose And Destroy Weapon...



Not much could be heard over the loud rumbling of a diesel engine, they could still use radio since they were still out of the radio silence area, but no one seemed to want to break the ice...

"Alpha-Niner this is Bulldog, ETA in 1 minute. Make sure you're ready, once you're off you will have 3 hours to complete. Once over 3 hours Bulldog will not be here for evac. Do you copy."

"Affirmative Bulldog, solid copy." Came from John's squad leader Zach.

"John you buying the first drink when we're done?" Glenn asked with a grin.

"You ask, you buy." John responded.

It was silent for a moment before Zach spoke again. "Alright boys radio silence once Bulldog drops us off, safeties off, check mags, goggles down." They both did as he said, and soon the sound of the diesel engine went down to a low hum as the truck came to a stop.

They took that as their cue to move out, one at a time starting with Zach they checked their surroundings. It was just as they suspected, like most urban areas in Saudi Arabia the 'houses' were thrown together haphazardly and most looked as though they would collapse if you leaned onto them.

"Pretty dead here huh?" Glenn asked sarcastically.

"All the civilians have been moved to refugee camps, the only ones left are the not-so-friendly-type." Zach added as he closed the doors and gave them the 'all clear' double tap. The truck's engine revved up as it drove away leaving them in an eerie silence.

"So where is this 'weapon of mass destruction' they sent us here to find." Glenn mocked as he waved his hand in the air for emphasis.

"Shut it and take point Noland" Zach commanded.

"Yes Sir!" Glenn responded all too happily with an overly exaggerated salute. Zach and John looked at each other and shook their heads.


The trip towards the compound was relatively uneventful, besides the few stray dogs that would bark at them. The town was completely uninhabited and they were around 1 mile away from the compound. The sun was just about to set, with a warm orange glow.

"Too bad we can't take in the pretty sunset, huh guys?" Glenn asked with a sigh.

John rolled his eyes. "So what is the plan Serg." Obviously they weren't going to walk up to the compound while it was still day time.

"We wait for the cover of night, deploy night vision and infiltrate through the fence. And remember don't fire on someone unless they are an immediate threat to the mission. They want us in-and-out without anyone noticing."

"That's until I blow the place to hell right!" Glenn asked.

"Yes Noland, just make sure you don't blow it while we are in there." Zach said, looking at Glenn seriously.

"Of course, sir." Glenn responded with a mischievous grin on his face.

John just rolled his eyes again, sometimes Glenn can be really...weird. How he got into the marines, who knows, he has yet to blow a teammate up...or himself. As long as he did his job and did not endanger the integrity of the mission John didn't mind.

Setting up camp in a abandon house, they now only needed to wait for night to proceed with their mission. They each took a section of the house to look out for possible hostiles. Luckily nothing decided to show, but it did inevitably become dark so they all met in the supposed living room of the house to debrief.

"Alright get your silencers and night vision goggles set up." Zach said as he pulled out a map of the compounds layout. "We enter through here." He pointed at the western side of the compound. "We then proceed to enter the facility, they have no information on where the weapon is stored so we will have to do some searching."

"And we have to do that while not being detected at all, what if someone sees us!" Glenn asked.

"We are clear to remove some hostiles if and only if it is an immediate danger to the mission." Zach was now staring at Glenn. "We are here to get in and out, not kill everyone, understand."

"Yes sir."

He looked to John whose response was a firm nod. "Alright, let's move. I'll take lead." Zach led them out and towards the compound. They were close enough now to be able to see lights in the distance. The lights being a bright glow in a sea of green.