Raptor's Pledge

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16 of Just Feral Smuts A human huntress and her raptor companion share more than a fickle touch during a night filled with passion. Determined to secure their future, they make a risky pact with a team of trackers to bring down a fearsome gang of bandits.

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Alyeena is not an ordinary tracker. She has an intelligent raptor companion that does most of the work for her! During one particular night filled with rest and relaxation, the duo slowly become more interested in each other. Past is unveiled, advices are shared, and sensual touches bridge the gap between passion and curiosity. It was then when Alyeena decides to do the best she can for her raptor: earn his freedom, and then claim him as her soul mate.


Sun flexed his toes. The damp cloth traversed between his fingers like the waters of a river, washing away the clogged blood smearing the raptor's pale scales. He had just eaten the unlucky deer whose remains were burning into the small fire pit just behind him. With his belly filled, Alyeena, his dearest companion, decided to embark upon the delightful task of grooming him. A cloth was always better than a tongue, she bragged. It held more moisture, maneuvered between narrow spaces, and was quite soft to the touch. Sun wanted to put her words to the test.

And so the spindly girl dug out a brown rag from her pack, bathed it with the contents of a water skin, and slid it all over her companion's snout.

Sun didn't like the coldness. Not at first. It made his lips shrivel in revulsion and his feathers stay on end. Alyeena found a convenient way to heat up the soaked rag. She held it before Sun's open maw until it got warm, then used the pesky thing to wash off the blood.

Sun quickly relaxed under her considerate touch. Alyeena rounded his head, cleaned his neck, and even took care of his limbs.

"That feels good," Sun spread his toes when she climbed up a leg, a blissful hiss escaping with each breath. It didn't happen often that a human touched a raptor's feet. Sun never felt the need to groom himself there. Feathers took his full attention, and none sprouted from any of his scaly legs.

"Everything feels good to you," Alyeena said. She circled the base of his toes a few more times and vigorously rubbed between them before she slid towards Sun's belly. The cloth brushed along his strong muscles until it met his furred belly, where scales receded into sensitive hide. Alyeena softened her grip and pushed between the raptor's legs, tickling the short fluff rising along the raptor's smooth hide. It brushed just past his slit, latching onto the base of his pale feathered tail.

Sun lifted it, making Alyeena's job a bit easier. She rubbed the underside quite hard, ruffling feathers and fur alike with her relentless scrubbing.

"How kind of you, to pester me on the messiest parts and relax when I'm almost done," she brushed between his short feathers with the cloth and smoothened them with her other hand free hand after every swipe.

"Maybe I like your hands around my tail more than I like them on my snout," Sun said as he watched her work.

"No doubt about that," Alyeena moved around the arrow shaped tip with trained expertise, kneading on the flesh below. "You always burned with embarrassment whenever I got close to your privates."

"It's not embarrassment," Sun flicked his tail, still keeping his eyes closed. He was honest about the massage. Alyeena's gentle touch always became rougher when impatience got the best of her, and that made for a most pleasant scratching for a feathered creature such as Sun. Too bad it always ended so quickly.

Alyeena dropped on her back with a sigh and looked back towards Sun. "What is it then?"

"Excitement," he said lazily as he scratched his chin with a short talon. "Touch feels good, no matter who inflicts it."

She threw the cloth into his belly. "I knew it! Raptor, dragon, cat, even dogs. The species never matters where arousal is involved."

Sun coiled his tail around himself. "It's not that type of excitement. Don't get your feathers ruffled." He collected the rag with a feathered arm and sniffed into it. Blood filled his nostrils, along with his natural musk. It had a sharper tinge than usual, and Sun knew exactly why. The massage did get him a bit more excited. His heart beat faster, his blood felt hotter, and his claws sought purchase onto the ground below.

It only took a single touch around his slit, and his member would spring out of its fleshy shelter as if a female in heat cuddled next to him. Luckily, Alyeena never had the courage to touch there. They shared an unspoken consent in that regard. Sun never groomed her past the waist, and she never ventured too deep between Sun's legs.

"I'm beginning to agree with you," Alyeena squinted her azure eyes as she inspected his slit. "There's nothing that show you are even male. If I didn't know better, I'd say-"

Sun interrupted her with a short hiss. "You'd say I am radiant, and keep it at that."

"And forget the part where you look like a female?" Alyeena tickled the inside of a foot. She always liked teasing, this one.

Sun opened his amber eyes. He didn't grab her hand, nor snarled in her face like she deserved. He merely waited until she stopped her giggling fit, then spoke out his words.

"Grab that cloth and linger around my neck a bit."

"Or what?" Alyeena challenged with a smug expression.

He knew exactly how to reward her benevolence. Sun stuck his tongue out and flicked it in her direction before retreating with an audible slurp.

She giggled and grabbed the rag with one hand. "It's always licking with you, isn't it?"

"Because it never fails," Sun rolled on his back, wings splayed to the sides and belly fully exposed to the whims of his companion.

Alyeena stared for a moment. Sun believed he saw admiration inside her eyes, until a frown replaced her intense stare.

"This is the last time I'm cleaning you," Alyeena straddled his chest, one leg on either side of his neck.

"Make it count then."

Sun wasn't big enough to be a proper mount, but he could hold a lazy human onto his chest. After all the time spent on her knees, Alyeena's legs probably felt like the branches of a dried tree, brittle and weak. Sun didn't complain about her weight once her hands worked along his sinuous neck. He was too focused on her touch, and the cloth that rounded his neck. It felt so calm. So soothing.

She threw it aside once she was done and touched around the raptor's head. Her fingers pushed between clumps of wet fur, inspecting for missed stains. Sun loved her touch. The way her fingers moved along the tuft rising along his neck and sunk into his short feathery mane was a lot better than his clumsy talons. They tended to sting more than they scratched, a most annoying sensation for a raptor's delicate hide.

"Should be clean enough," Alyeena whispered. Her frown lessened and her demeanor relaxed. She scratched under his chin, forcing a short hiss from the raptor's throat.

"Keep doing that," Sun said, grabbing her petite body with his arms.

"Maybe I will. Just maybe."

They both stared at each other until Alyeena complied with a sweet smile. She kneaded along his neck slower and longer, until her motions became soft like a summer breeze. Sun trilled happily, swishing his tail from side to side while his short feathered wings trembled with glee. He breathed slowly, enjoying the cool air of the evening until something pressed between his nostrils.

He opened his eyes to Alyeena's azure stare. She sat there, with her chin propped between his nostrils.

"Everything is warm about you, Sun," she said softly, washing two fingers along a nostril. "Your breath..." she whispered and followed his snout along until the fluff along his head turned into feathers. "Your fluff, your feathers...Even this barren chest of yours radiates heat," she patted two times.

The raptor waited a bit, but no further words came out. "Is that all?" he asked, knowing that Alyeena had more to say.

"Does the lazy half bird desire more compliments?" Alyeena smiled, teasing him with a quick scratching around his forehead.

"Always, my dear fur wearing, featherless creature," Sun nuzzled into her chest. "After the buck I hunted for you, I deserve a few more of your words."

Alyeena hugged his head. She murmured something to herself, then bit her tongue when Sun poked his tongue out. He slid the tip along her jaw, catching the salt of her skin and flakes of dirt upon his tongue.

Alyeena allowed him two strokes before she pushed his snout back. "I'm clean enough. No reason to get that pesky tongue out."

"I cannot taste this cleanliness to speak of," Sun sneaked his tongue into her chest. Alyeena caught it with both hands and approached the raptor's head so close she almost kissed him.

"Too bad, because I'm not taking a bath right now." She held the slimy eel until Sun managed to retrieve his tongue with a sharp slurp.

The raptor licked his lips and hissed defiantly. "Your loss. If you wish to keep that salty mess on your skin, then you-"

"I'll use the water," Alyeena jumped off before he finished. She threw three more chopped twigs into the fire pit, then cleaned herself with a fresh rag. When she finished her quick bathing ritual, she made a quick sign for Sun to switch positions.

Sun shifted onto his side, allowing the young woman to crawl into his embrace. She pressed her back against his belly, grabbed one of Sun's meaty legs with her own, and pulled a feathered arm over her head without saying a word.

Sun didn't mind. He got used to Alyeena's courageous nature. She fought with words like no other and knew what bargains to make. That is why their mission had such a generous time span. A moon almost passed since they left the city, and they didn't even track the bandit caravan. If Alyeena was lousy at something, it had to be fighting. She never had the skill she bragged about. Arrows missed their mark, swords slid between her fingers every time steel clashed with steel, and axes exhausted her grip after a few short swings.

Yet she still chose to be a tracker, and discover the world alongside a companion. Not that Sun ever worth that much. He was bred for speed rather than fighting, and bags loaded with potions and trade crafts honed no skill other than running. He never faced danger; he ran from it, and that stopped working when Alyeena showed up. She made the payments, bought only the bare necessities for an extended journey, and left the city with nothing but a raptor and her will to explore.

Sun still wondered why he agreed to accompany a human when fingers slid between his arm feathers.

"I'm glad you aren't human," Alyeena poked around the side of his arm. "They lack the softness of your feathers... or the warmth of your belly."

"And make lousy beds, I take it?" Sun grabbed her arm between four clawed fingers.

She took one of his sandy claws and played it between her fingers. "They are needy and deceitful. Few speak straight, and fewer look you in the face when they talk."

"What distracts them from their purpose?" Sun asked.

"My gender," Alyeena turned her head around to look Sun in the eyes. "Humans are like beasts in that regard. They want to spill their seed inside the first female they encounter."

Sun flicked his tail. The mention of females stirred his blood. How long has it been since he smelled one? Two moons? Three? Five? Only the tingle around his slit became a certainty. Alyeena pressed her bottom right against the sensitive flesh, stirring the raptor's lust after every beat of his heart.

Sun pressed his jaws together, trapping the hiss that threatened to leave his throat. He could either kick her away, or keep her close. That choice was no choice at all.

"Maybe I desire the same," he slowly slid his lengthy, feathered tail along her chest and pushed her closer.

Alyeena frowned, then burst into laughter. "You want to mate me? You?"

"You are the first female I stumbled upon. Going by what you said-"

Alyeena slapped his snout. "I was talking about similar species, dear featherhead. I never- I mean it crossed my mind, but...Gahahaha," Alyeena said between fits. She patted around Sun's snout, laughing heartily.

"Ah, you stirred my curiosity with that quip of yours. I wonder how a raptor like you would breed a woman. She'd have to ram herself into your cock or...something of that sort. It. Is. Ridiculous!" she descended into another fit, using the tail to steady herself.

Sun waited until she recovered, thinking how odd it would be to mate a human. They were improper in every regard. Fake furs covered their sensitive skin, covering their natural smell. Their females had a strange sort of heat, but unlike a raptor they could choose whether to breed or not. Sun smelled the alluring fragrance of his species a few times, and his thoughts became as enraged as his cock. The urge smothered him until the female in question vanished. For males, that meant days of constant arousal, and more seed wasted than the water they drank.

He scrunched his eyes at the thought of seed and buried his nose inside the feathers of a forearm.

"Haah, you gave me quite an amusing thought, Sun," Alyeena took at deep breath and smiled. "Mating a raptor...I must be the first one to hear such an unearthly idea."

"Do you think it cannot be achieved?" Sun licked and nibbled his claws to distract himself from the raising arousal.

"I don't feel your maleness poking me, do I? If you were a man, your member would have bruised my ass with all that throbbing and poking."

If only she knew how close she was to the truth.

"I am quite smoother than your males, Alyeena," Sun scratched at the ground. "It makes little sense to have your most sensitive parts laying outside."

"Agreed, and agreed," the girl pulled Sun's arm over her neck. "Men are trouble. I am comfortable with a single male in my life, and you fill that position quite nicely."

Sun lowered his head on the ground and pushed the tip of his snout into Alyeena's chest. "I am pleased to hear that."

She kissed his snout, smiled brightly, and whispered a few sweet words that left Sun staring for several seconds. Humans were indeed quite a strange lot. Sun fell asleep rather hard, thinking of mundane tasks until his blood cooled.

When morning came, he scouted the surroundings, making sure no enemy trackers lay nearby. This morning was just like the others: peaceful and boring. The two of them traveled farther inland, staying away from the mountains rising in the distance. That's where the bandit caravan headed, and none of the two was eager to follow its tracks.

Sun and Alyeena enjoyed a few more care free days. Then the full moon ascended on the star speckled sky, reminding them both of the borrowed time they had. Within three days, they had to hunt down the bandits, recover the supply mules, and return to the city.

The prospect of fighting made Alyeena nervous. She had fidgeted since morning. Sun soothed her as best as he could. He made fun of the bandits and their weak training, yet none of that worked. They had a group, whereas Alyeena was a scout girl with her own feathered mule for company.

"Maybe if you distract them while I shoot the arrows..." Alyeena got up and paced around the campfire. The night creatures were already going about their routine, and even the hoot of an owl made her jumpy.

"We work better together," Sun said. He sat a short distance away, clawing patterns into the dirt.

"And we will die the same if we rush into their camp," Alyeena sighed. She came over to him, leaned against his chest and ran a hand across his forehead. "Why can't you agree with my plan for once?"

"Because we never tried that," Sun blinked and pushed into the caress. "What we did before worked, Alyeena."

"It worked because we killed robbers and peasants," Alyeena retrieved her hand and folded it below her breasts. "These are trained men, who pillaged and killed for their goods."

"We did the same."

"No. Not the same, Sun," Alyeena turned towards her fire. She crouched, grabbed her bow, and pulled on the string. "We're like arrows fired by a drunkard. We may have an aim and means to reach it, but we never fly straight."

Sun got up from his comfortable position. He disliked seeing Alyeena like that. Doubts turned her into a common wench, and he never appreciated those very much.

"We will find a way," Sun approached slowly. "It is not our hardest task, and you know it."

"I wish I would," Alyeena brushed the raven locks away from her forehead, then turned her azure eyes upon Sun. "Lets just go back to the city. I will deal with all the consequences on my own."

"You will remain homeless."

"But not alone. I will still have you," she lurched forward and hugged Sun's neck.

Hugs were uncommon for raptors, but Sun still gripped and pushed her closer with his wings. "That works wonderfully until the guards come for me. Defectors cannot have any possessions. You know that as well as I."

Alyeena drew her head back and scowled. "You are NOT an object I can carry around," she said, pressing her forehead to Sun's snout. "We are companions. Friends. Those bastards have no right to separate us!"

Sun looked at her, then into the blazing firelight before closing his eyes. "I haven't earned my freedom yet, Alyeena. The city still owes me, even if-"

"Screw those bastards. We'll run," she gripped his head and pressed it into her chest. "We can live off the land and...run very far away until we get lost in the wilderness."

Sun wanted to bask in her warmth, but the fear slithering under his hide prevented that. The empire was large, and the trackers more diverse than the feathers on a raptor.

"There is no place where wing guard cannot find us, Aly." Sun pulled back from the girl's shaky grip. "If we run, we will get caught. Do we want our lives to end under the earth, with only rocks and mould above us?"

Silence followed. They both knew the outcomes of that, and none wanted to speak further details. Alyeena broke the silence first with a short sniffle. She rubbed her eyes with a hand and dropped by the fire pit. "Stupid idea, I know. Dragons can smell us from the air, and gryphons can fly from one end of the empire to the other in less than a day."

"Humans make easier prey," Sun said. "Let us hunt the humans, Aly, and relieve them of their possessions."

"Yeah. Yeah you're right," she nodded and reached with a hand for her bow.

Sun blocked it with a short emerald wing. "Playing with weapons makes you tense, just like the string of that wood thrower."

She still grabbed it, pushing Sun's wing away. "I have to train with this wood thrower, since our only option is to kill those bastards."

She tried to be serious, but a smile cracked on her lips after those last two words. Sun crouched and pushed the bow away, placing his head on her lap instead.

"You know how to fight, Aly."

"Goddess tits I do. I know fighting as well as raptor anatomy!" she blurted out with a mixture of both annoyance and mirth.

"I can teach you," Sun licked her hand.

"Yeah. I'm sure you will walk me through every part of your beautiful body," Alyenna pushed his tongue back into his maw, then grabbed him with both hands and kissed his forehead. "Now let me train, you devious reptile."

Sun pushed her down just when she tried to get up. Alyenna fell on her back, quickly finding herself trapped between feathers, fur, and two flaring nostrils.

"Gah. You're such a stubborn featherhead!"

"And you are a most impatient female."

"Goes with the kind, I guess," Alyenna patted his neck. "Now let me up before I resort to trickery."

Sun turned his head away before she had the chance to tickle his nostrils. "I will let you train if you agree to delight me with a short game of wit and skill."

Alyenna's eyes widened. Her lips opened, then closed. A palm followed swiftly, falling right between Sun's sensitive nostrils. The raptor hissed and stumbled back from the impact.

"Our lives are at stake, you stupid featherbutt, and you are thinking of games?!"

Sun shook his head to wash off the stinging sensation. He licked and rubbed, yet the tickling persisted. Alyeena fumbled for her weapons, stuffed them inside her pack and ran towards the forest while Sun was still distracted.

That didn't matter much. Within four strides, he matched her speed, and with a single leap he soared above her, landing just ahead. His claws tore gashes into the ground, and his lips pulled up, revealing rows of sharp, snowy teeth.

"You are not leaving on your own, Aly."

"Psh. I just want to train. Stop defending me like a glorified egg!" she ran past Sun, only to be pushed back.

"You are worse than our females during a heat cycle."


Sun dipped his head.

"There should be an obvious effect to that," she squatted and tilted her head this way and that. "I'm not seeing any sign that validates your claims. Now let me pass before you further embarrass your intelligence."

"Maybe a closer look will help?" Sun smiled toothily and tried lifting a leg.

"Oh no," Alyeena slapped his leg."I know how it looks like. No need for a demonstration."

"When did you-"

"I did. Now please place that leg back before you fall over."

Sun snorted and walked back towards the campfire, with a grumbling Alyeena following at his side. Once he reached the smoldering embers, he settled onto the ground, growling happily. He appreciated the warmth radiating around the heated stones, but not singed feathers. Sun kept his wings safely tucked below his chest, and his tail wrapped around his tawny bulk.

"It's unusual for you to get quiet," Alyeena scratched the raptor under his chin.

Sun closed his eyes and basked in the pleasant treatment with a soft, guttural hiss. "I was thinking of better ways to turn your thoughts away from that fight."

"Mhm," Alyeena sat in front of him, cross legged. "And what mysterious paths have you uncovered, my dear feather?"

"A guessing game," Sun's blackened slits shrunk in the ruddy light of the fire.

Alyeena sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "We are seriously postponing training to play child games?"

She didn't sound very pleased, but Sun added nothing. He allowed his proposition to sink in. Alyeena loved winning, and even a verbal contest made for an exciting fight.

As expected, she nodded her head, arms folded beneath her chest. "A few guesses. That's all."

Sun bowed his head in acknowledgement.

"And I get to start first," Alyeena pressed on.

"I'm already waiting," the raptor said calmly. It was quite amusing to see Alyeena scrunch her eyes like that. She looked around the camp, switched her gaze back to sun Sun, then placed her chin on a clumped fist, looking thoughtful.

"Are you sure you want to"

"You were born from an unhealthy union between dragons and gryphons," Alyeena interrupted with a raised finger. "It explains the feathers and the tail. You have the eyes of a dragon, yet bear the plumes of a gryphon."

Sun looked inside her eyes as she picked up one of his winged forearms. She was tense. Focused. Just like she was when danger loomed near.

"It feels just right. Somehow, the seed malformed inside a foreign womb, and instead of proud wings, you got these," Alyeena ran a hand along the short line of feathers until she met Sun's claws. "Neither a gryphon's proud wing, nor a dragon's deft paw."

"Close," Sun said. "But my kind roamed the land long before the first wings met the sky."

"Impossible," Alyeena scowled. "You can't deceive me. I know my tales, my fables, my-"

Sun gripped her frail hand and nuzzled along her arm until his breath ruffled her hair. "I believe I know my kind better than you do, my dear companion."

Alyeena allowed him only two sniffs before she pushed him back. "Alright, you win. But that doesn't give you the right to get your mucus all over my hair."

"Of course it does," Sun's nostrils flared with excitement. "This is a contest of knowledge. I can sniff and touch wherever I want."

"Only in your dreams, you naughty featherhead," Alyeena twisted away from the encroaching snout.

Sun grabbed her and pinned her with a quick shove of his snout. "There has to be a reward for the winner."

"And that includes touching wherever you please?"

"For both of us," Sun said. "Win, and you get to sniff, lick, and touch me."

She remained silent for a moment. Her eyes closed, then opened back as a smile stretched across her lips.

"You just exposed yourself to my whims, raptor," Alyeena rolled to the side. "Just a couple of obvious guesses, and I will be plunging my hand right through that mysterious slit of yours."

"You're off to a good start," Sun growled with amusement.

Alyeena ignored the taunting. She resumed her cross legged position just an arm's length away from Sun's side.

"What are you looking at? Take your turn."

"As soon as you allow me to reap my reward."

"Goddess- just get your pesky snout here already."

Sun started with her hair. It was always curious how humans had so much on their heads, yet so little to cover the rest of their bodies. He got several whiffs, then retreated with a customary slap from an annoyed Alyeena.

"No tongue."

"I couldn't help myself."

"Like I believe you. Now guess."

Sun looked upon her, from the top of her forehead to her sheltered feet. Nothing stood out as much as the bumps weighting her chest.

"Those mounds you carry on your chest serve absolutely no purpose."

"Nuh huh," Alyeena shook her head. "We use them to feed our young. They don't come into the world crammed inside eggs like your kin."

"That's just a particularity," Sun hissed.

"A particularity that matters," Alyeena smirked and waved him closer. "Now bring that pretty head closer. I'm still curious about these head feathers of yours."

Sun waited while she scratched, picked, and touched. "Satisfied?"

"Quite so," Alyeena drew back. "Try again."

"It's your turn."

"I insist," Alyeena pursed her lips.

Sun squinted his eyes and brushed his chin with the tip of his lengthy tail. There were many things to talk about humans, but few intrigued him more than mating.

"You don't go into heat cycles."


Sun blinked.

"Expand. I'm not about to get cheated by a feather nibbler."

"The urges pressed upon by instincts are unknown to your kind. That is how you avoid breeding on a whim."

"Perceptive, but wrong," Alyeena lowered herself on her side, a hand propped on the ground for support. "We do have instincts. Our intellect is just a step above them."

Sun hissed. He was convinced he had this one. And now, instead of a few well placed licks, he got Alyeena's pesky hands all over him. She touched his chest, then his back, inquiring about the purpose of feathers and fur. Sun explained the importance of warmth, especially when she inched closer and closer to his slit.

Alyeena avoided it. She picked his tail instead and dug her head into the feathery tip.

"It feels rough to the touch, but so soft when you hold it still," she murmured.

"Keeping warm is important, but those feathers are neither for heat nor for flying."

"What's their purpose, then?" Alyeena turned her eyes towards him.

"Balance," Sun nuzzled her arm. "Keeps us steady during a chase."

"When you have two arms like that, something has to up the scales," she giggled.

Sun said nothing at her remark. Right now, he appreciated her touch and suave scent more than her words. It came in waves, pushing inside his nostrils with every breath. Sun pushed into her chest. Sweat mixed with her natural odor in a sharp, wild fragrance. He knew that smell well, unlike the sweeter aroma hiding underneath.


The raptor pushed his snout further and harder. He sunk past her breasts, slid below her belly, and pressed right into her crotch.

"That tickles quite a bit," Alyeena giggled as her weakened arms tried to push him away.

Sun didn't budge. He never smelled such rich female fragrance until now. His greedy nostrils widened, taking a lengthy breath. Alyeena gasped over Sun's heated hiss. He returned the air through an abrupt sneeze, pushing all that warmth past the layer of cloth, leather, and whatever stood between the source of the scent and his nostrils.

"Sun, what-"

Alyeena's words were cut again once a presence pushed right between her legs. Sun licked several times. He had to catch a taste of that delightful aroma. His saliva seeped into the fabric, forcing a gasp out of Alyeena's throat.

"Ghaah!" she kicked Sun away and pushed herself on her back.

The raptor shook his head, blinking thrice.

"Gods above," she pressed her legs shut to conceal the wet spot between her thighs. "What kind of savage lust struck you?"

"It's...it's nothing," Sun turned his head away, unable to match her gaze.

"It didn't feel like nothing, Sun." Footsteps followed, and then a hand touched and scratched the side of his head. "I'm not judging. Just trying to understand."

Sun licked his lips and took a deep breath before looking at her. "I got carried away. You are the only female I smelled since we left the city."

"Oh..." Alyeena blinked. She kept silent, then gently rubbed his jaw. "You are still young and feisty. There's no reason to apologize, especially not to me."

Sun leaned into her embrace, seeking her warmth and her comforting scent. Alyeena squeezed his head tight and directed his nostrils towards her chest.

"I know. I know," she said between a few shaky breaths. "The absence of a mate makes the crave sharper, especially for a beast burdened by wild instincts."

Sun stood limp in her embrace. Her words have never been warmer. Tingles of delight rushed through his body, perking his feathers and making his tail twitch.

"Males have to unburden themselves. You know that. When was the last time you spent your seed, Sun?"

"Two moons ago."

"Gods," Alyeena squeezed him tighter. "No wonder you are so worked up. All that pressure must be on the verge of bursting."

"It is hard...but I can handle it," Sun stumbled back. He felt embarrassed. Hot. Aroused.

"Don't go away, you silly featherhead," Alyeena patted the ground. "Come here, and tell me more about mating. I have to know the basics before I...you know," she caressed his chest.

"You don't have to."

"It's what I want, Sun," she kissed him just below his chin. "Now start talking."

He settled comfortably, with his legs under him, arms wrapped around Alyeena, and his tail splayed behind.

"The mating is the easy part. It's the chase that is complicated. Heat stirs the females as much as it enrages us males. They become picky and annoying. Even after they find a suitable mate, they taunt him by spraying their fertile scent on their snout, or lifting their tails, only to slap the male whenever he tries to taste their delightful scent. Some females even go as far as licking the males. Our organs are completely exposed when we are aroused, and the desire becomes overwhelming. When sheer desperation claims the males and the only thing rushing through their minds is release, the female finally allows herself to be mounted."

"That is harsh! What is the point of all this teasing?"

Sun licked his snout, lips twitching with lust and desire. "It isn't that hard to guess."

"Humor me," Alyeena said.

"Our seed shoots harder. Pierces deeper. Inseminates quicker."

"Mhmm. I can only imagine how much seed a male spends after that horrendous teasing," Alyeena rubbed him comfortingly.

"The same question pesters me too."


Sun looked at the tips of his curving claws. "I never mated a female. My own tongue is the only warmth I knew for years."

"Oh, I'm...I'm sure that will change soon," Alyeena raised the raptor's head. "What female can resist your radiant looks?"

"There were a few before..." Sun said softly.

"Peh," she waved dismissively. "It's me who will have issues finding a proper mate, but I'd rather think about something else right now. Something like your member."

Sun's tongue froze on her arm.

"Don't be so surprised. I never had the opportunity to see it properly. You are always so private and careful around me."

It did become a habit to shy away from her. Sun nuzzled her neck, allowing his tongue to wash over her skin. Alyeena hummed softly. Her arms wrapped around his neck, pushing the raptor closer in her embrace.

"Ah...you are so warm. So dear... Maybe I should allow you to continue your sniffing."

"That will not be needed."

"But you were so insistent about it."

Sun trailed his tongue between her breasts. Alyeena breathed out a soft sigh. She expected him to go lower, until the raptor pulled away. Alyeena panted softly, unlike the raptor's laborious breath. His tongue poked from his maw, slipping between his teeth with every breath.

Alyeena opened her mouth to say something, but the sight of Sun's slit interrupted her. The raptor lifted a leg and pointed towards the budged ridge just below his tail.

"Touch me however you want."

"Sun...are you sure-"

A warm lick made her shudder all over.

"I trust you," the raptor said softly.

"Close your eyes then. Imagine I am one of your females."

Sun was prepared for her gentle hands, not for the quick plunge that invaded his slit. His muscles shuddered and clenched at the unexpected invasion. Alyeena's hand delved right inside, with no regards for his sensitive ridge.

Sun hissed wildly, toes flexing with unexpected bliss. His muscles contracted hard, trapping the invading hand within. Alyeena didn't relent. She flexed and grabbed whatever she could, poking and rubbing the shuddering flesh until she found his half aroused member.

Sun roared weakly once he found himself inside her fierce grip. Alyeena was never so rough before. Her hand squeezed with purpose, providing strong bursts of stimulation. With one messy shove, Alyeena pulled out the throbbing cock out of its shelter.

Sun couldn't hold himself back. He tensed and growled, squirting translucent ropes all over her arm. His slit was completely soaked. Fluids dribbled down his belly, with more being squirted by his rapidly expanding cock. Within a couple of throbs, Sun got harder than the ground below him.

"I got you now." Alyeena gripped the fleshy rod and squeezed it tight.

Sun kicked one of his spasming legs, missing her by a short berth.

"Careful with that!"

"I can't. It'sss-" Sun licked his twitching lips. "Feels so...consuming."

"You deserve to release, my dear. Just tell me more about..." Alyeena slid a thumb over a bump.

"Those-those are sensitive," the raptor stammered.

"I noticed that," Alyeena slid towards the tip, poking one of her fingers at the spiky protrusions surrounding the tapered tip.

Sun growled, tearing the earth with a paw.

"Sensitive too, I take it?"

He jerked his head once, then threw it back as heated bliss crashed into him like an avalanche.

Alyeena huffed once, then squeezed his member with both of her hands. Gone was her silky caress, replaced by savage determination. Her palms passed over the sensitive bumps in a rush, sliding along the throbbing flesh until they returned to the tip. Barbed ridges flanked it from three sides. Their purpose was to scratch and force the female to contract in order to trap a male's erupting seed. Only now the female was human, and her grip hard and wild. Alyeena curled her fingers and rubbed the barbs vigorously, summoning a loud roar from the helpless raptor.

"You like that, don't you?"

Sun choked on his words. The stimulation overloaded his senses. Heat was everything he knew, along with the strong pulsations traveling along his exposed member. He kicked his legs helplessly as his member convulsed with unbearable pleasure. Waves of pure lust washed over his tightening muscles, trapping the air in his throat and forcing his limbs to claw and thrash. Sun was unprepared for such unbridled arousal. His sensitive barbs burned with heat, and his slit felt numb under the rising pressure.

"You're so hard," Alyeena's voice dispersed among his desperate hissing. She slid up and down, scratching at the bumps and rubbing the sensitive tip with a continuous circling motion.

"I can tell you are close. Surrender your seed to me, Sun. Release all your burden."

He was just about to. With his tail planted onto the ground, he started thrusting into Alyeena's grip. She squeezed his member in a vice grip, using the oozing precum to lubricate his whole length. No bump left untouched, and no crevice unscratched. She slid a finger inside the tip, pushing Sun's lust to new heights.

He shoved hard into her grip, and remained still as his member tensed and bulged. Sun pressed his jaws shut. His eyelids too closed, allowing errant tears to fall on either side of his snout. A heated surge washed through him, traveling from his spine and exploding into his trembling crotch. Sun knew he had no chance of resisting it. He threw his head back and opened his maw, preparing to unleash the wildest cry of his life.

"Not done yet," Alyeena groaned.

She sheltered his barbed head inside a closed fist, while the other hand plunged back into the raptor's spasming slit. Muscles swallowed her, adding extra pressure on Sun's rock hard member.

The raptor hissed desperately, slapped his tail and squeezed hard as the girl tickled and stimulated his shuddering depths. It was too much, too fast. Seed trickled from Sun's tip in a continuous stream, warning of the humongous pressure that threatened to explode.

Sun crossed his wings, curled his toes, and slapped the ground with his tail. Surging warmth traversed his cock, bursting through the tip of his tensing member. The milky jet flew in an arc, splashing hard along the raptor's belly.

It felt so good. So hot! Alyeena rubbed harder and faster. She used the warm seed to lubricate the oozing cock, while her other hand squelched inside Sun's flooded slit.

The raptor went completely limp, his throbbing member being the only part that twitched and moved. It thickened and unloaded spurt after spurt of rich seed, releasing the pent up pressure of three months worth of abstinence. His burning muscles gave everything they got. They relaxed, then squeezed, pumping out waves of fertile seed. Sun's jaws clacked with pure bliss as his snout and tongue received repeated tastes of his load.

He breathed hard, squeezed hard, and burst hard, melting inside Alyeena's determined grip until his fiery throbs lessened.

"You still have a bit more to give," she squeezed around the tip, pressing into the semen soaked flesh.

Sun blinked the tears from his eyes. They shined with delight, and his tongue lolled on the ground, wet and sticky. His member felt weak and spent, just like the rest of his body. Only a few trickles emerged from the twitching tip, and those too stopped after a few weaker squirts. Alyeena milked them carefully by sliding her fingers between the sensitive ridges.

"Your other hand...get it out," Sun hissed.

Alyeena pulled out her dribbling hand from Sun's shivering slit. Fluid fled the squirming flesh, wetting the ground with its sticky sheen. Sun kicked a leg, clacking his jaws. His member jerked two more times, then started retreating back inside its glistening shelter. Alyeena licked her lips, then pressed them against each other.

"How...how did it feel?"

"Better than words can ever describe," Sun growled silently. The orgasm took its toll, and he had yet to recover.

Alyeena scooped up the seed around his retreating cock. She tested the thick consistency between her fingers, then sniffed it.

"It's so warm. So sticky. And it smells so...I don't know. I kind of like it."

Sun bathed his drying tongue inside his maw before speaking. "You never touched a male's seed before?"

"Not exactly," Alyeena licked her finger, puckering her lips at the taste. "It tastes like fruits mixed with meat."

"The taste isn't important, Aly," Sun said. He dipped two claws into a patch of seed and brought it upon his stretched tongue. He scooped the fertile goo and played along his tongue before swallowing. It had been a while since he feasted on his own essence, yet the taste remained equally pleasing.

"Good?" Alyeena winked.

"Agreeable," Sun rubbed his tail along one of her legs.

Alyeena pushed it away and dropped onto Sun's chest with a wet squelch. She pressed herself against him, despite the hefty amounts of warm semen coating the raptor's clumped fur.

"I wish I was one of your females. Wasting your seed like this is..." she shook her head and kissed the tip of his snout. "It's painful, isn't it?"

"Not when your touch spills it," Sun licked her with a soft, measured lick.

"You're making me compliments now?"

"I make worthy observations."

Alyeena hugged his neck. "You shrewd featherhead. Surely know how to treat your females."

"I like to keep them clean, for start," Sun shifted on his side. Globs of semen dribbled and stuck onto the grass.

"No," Alyeena pressed his head back on the ground. "Please stay here. I like the smell and feel of your seed, among your other assets."

"Such as?" Sun inquired.

She waited a bit before cupping his snout between her petite hands. "Your cute snout," she kissed it three times. "Your feathers, your belly, your warmth... that playful tail slapping my butt."

"I'm not-"

"I was joking," She grabbed the tip and tickled Sun's nostrils with it. "You don't slap butts. You lick them."

"Every joke hides a desire," Sun growled with delight.

"Oh!" Alyeena laughed. "So that's how it is. I will let you know when I desire to have my butt licked then."

Sun hugged her with both wings, then wrapped his feathery tail around her torso. "Anything for my dearest companion."

"Anything?" Alyeena squinted her eyes. "That might be a promise you may not keep."

Sun poked the tip of his tongue and touched her lips in the semblance of a kiss. "Anything."

"I will have to think about that," Alyeena buried her head under his neck. "Meantime, be a good male and keep me warm."

Sun covered her with everything he had. Alyeena made a joke about raptor mating habits. Sun quickly dismissed it. If he wanted to mate her, he would do it from behind, like any proper raptor.

He also preferred to clean all that gooey seed from her before attempting such a coupling, but for the moment he was pleased to share her warmth, scent and touch, just like mates did after a heated copulation. She may have had no feathers or claws or wings of her own, but Alyeena was as precious to Sun as any prospective mate.


Alyeena rummaged through her supplies. She had cloth strips leaden with bread crumbs, sacks of fruit seeds and other leftovers, and no dried meat remaining.

"There has to be something," she said, pushing through the mess. When her patience ended, she upturned the pack and spilled its contents in the grass. Pouches, leathers, jars, and a few other items fell on the hard ground.

"Is there anything left?" Sun asked.

Alyeena lifted a moldy jar. "If you count these delicious herb basted ribs, yeah. I assume we have a few leftovers to dine on this fine morning."

Sun approached, his tawny claws shifting through the grass. He poked at the jar, nostrils flaring. "It reeks."

"Glad you figured," Alyeena said drily and placed the jar along with the other belongings. "Whatever we have is spoiled, and all the good supplies have been eaten."

"I can go on a hunt," Sun offered.

"You? Hunting?" Alyeena laughed.

The raptor settled on the ground. His tiny arms wrapped around Alyeena's back, pulling her closer to his fluff leaden chest. "Questioning my prowess is silly, Aly."

"Oh, I'm not picking on your abilities, dear feather," Alyeena snuggled closer to his warm chest. "Last time you offered, you brought us lunch instead of breakfast."

"We woke up later than usual," Sun said.

"Always do when it's your turn to provide," Alyeena scratched his jaw. She expected Sun's vigilance to crumble where pleasure was involved. She treated him with soft strokes along his snout until his grip lessened, then spread his arms apart and pushed herself back.

Sun clacked his jaws, clearly disappointed. "That's cruel of you. I was just starting to enjoy myself."

"You'll enjoy yourself plenty when you return, you lazy lizard."

"Maybe I'll be too tired to," he flicked his tongue at her.

Alyeena avoided the nimble tongue. She lowered herself on her knees to match his keen gaze. "I'll make sure you won't be," she then kissed the soft patch of fuzz between his nostrils. "Now go."

Sun licked her with affection. Alyeena took the first lick with a smile, allowed the second to wash all over her face, then blocked the third before it happened.

"Don't dally."

Sun protested with a curt hiss. Alyeena squeezed his fleshy tongue.

Sun pulled hard, retrieving it with a wet slurp and an annoyed squawk. "I hate it when you do that."

"Then you understand how I feel when my dear companion favors licks over a tasty meal."

Sun snorted. He stood up, stretched his little wings, and then dashed towards the forest.

Alyeena watched him stride eagerly towards the thicker underbrush. She disliked being rough with Sun. He always favored a few licks and a bit of affection in the morning. Of course, he was also terribly lazy. Alyeena smiled as she remembered his last hunt. She remained alone for hours, with a grumbling stomach and a mood darker than a cloudy sky.

"I'll get his tail if he's late again," Alyeena mumbled silently.

She turned her gaze away from the forest. Pondering upon juicy venison did nothing for her aching stomach. She walked over to the charred coal of the campfire. Her weapons stood there, just a short distance away from the ring of stones. The grass was still clumped and brittle, a clear reminder of the events that ran their course last night.

Alyeena crouched and ran a hand along the ground. Sun's seed had all but dried, yet in her mind it remained as fertile and fresh as it was when it left the raptor's throbbing cock. Alyeena sighed softly. Her teeth grazed along a lip, and her eyelids drooped over her azure eyes. She had never touched Sun so intimately before. His slit was a few levels hotter than his fur, all thanks to the gooey mess that dwelled within his trembling muscles. Alyeena remembered how he squeezed and spasmed, pumping out every bit of seed through his thick, meaty, vein beribboned cock.

"He harbored so much lust inside," she whispered, picking at the flaking grass. "I wonder how it would feel if he mated with a female of his own species. Would he release harder? Faster? Would he like it more?"

That question gave her a heavy head. Alyeena dispelled the thought with a blink and picked up her short sword. Sun had her. He squeezed her to his seed soaked body and warmed her better than any man ever did. Alyeena loved the way his tongue played around her neck, and the soft trills that escaped between his parted jaws. Amorous raptors were adorable creatures. Sun licked her until she fell asleep, and woke her up with the same affection and warmth.

"He'll be back shortly," Alyeena tensed her jaw. "Just don't dwell too much on it."

But she did. With every swing of her sword, she thought of Sun. After every slash, she remembered the warmth of his fur. Every breeze that passed between the trees tickled her nostrils, reminding her of the unique scent of his semen.

Alyeena groaned. Her moves were short and stuttered, and her balance wavered after every swing. She had to clear her mind. Fighting was for warriors, not amorous maidens.

"Those bandits will kill us," Alyeena plunged her blade through the air. "Hurt us. Rape us," she struck again, and again. "They care only for pain and suffering," she sidestepped with grace and whirled around in a cutting slash. "Sun will bleed, and you along with him if you don't focus!"

That did it. Blood heated in her veins, and concentration surged through her tensing muscles. Alyeena practiced with her sword until her shirt became soaked with her sweat. She took the bothersome piece of cloth off, exposing her skin to the gentle heat of the sun. Quick steps took her towards a tree, where she hung the shirt and switched to her bow. Her practiced fingers notched three arrows in quick succession, launching them in another tree.

Steps and voices distracted her. Alyeena saw a shape coming out of the cluster of trees. It was too tall to be Sun, and walked on two legs. A human?

She fumbled towards her supplies and put a dry, tawny shirt on. When she looked back, a black feline accompanied the human on its right. Sun was on the left, carrying a small fawn between his jaws. He ran towards Alyeena, placing the prey at her feet.

"They stumbled upon me right after I caught it," Sun licked the blood of his snout. Alyeena crouched, pretending to help him.

"Who are they? Why did you lead them here?"

"I had no choice," Sun said.

"Killing is a choice," Alyeena gritted her teeth.

"Not with them."

"Why? What makes them so special?"

"They're from the Guild, Aly."

That single word made her hairs stay on end. The Guild stumbled upon them. Not bandits. Not scavengers. Not travelers. Out of all the sods roaming these lands, it had to be The Guild.

"Bright morning, huntress!" the man announced merrily.

"It's past noon," Alyeena stood up with a sigh.

"Is it?" The man shielded his eyes with a hand and looked towards the sky. "I can never tell. Up there, everything looks the same."

"Then you should go back and study. Find a nice fat scribe to read the sky for you."

He chuckled. "Would if I had the time."

He inspected the campfire briefly, mumbling under his breath. The feline didn't take its eyes off Sun. It stood there, swishing its tail with anticipation. Alyeena snuck an arm towards her hip. She pretended to scratch an itch, but if the feline attacked, she would cull its life as soon as it leaped.

Her tension dispersed when the man dropped like a boulder in the grass, legs crossed, hand waving towards his feline. The black cat joined him in a single leap, pushing and lowering that big fluffy head upon the man's lap. He rubbed the cat between its ears, eliciting a soft growl from the animal's purring throat.

Alyeena stepped back. She managed a single one before the man's piercing gaze settled on her.

"Know why we're here?"

"I can guess," she said nonchalantly.

"Then do. Surprise me."

Alyeena's lips twitched. The man had an infectious smile, with that well trimmed ebony mustache and those perfectly shaped lips stretching below. In fact, he looked better than any rogue or traveler she encountered. His skin was relatively clean, his clothes bore no splotches of dirt, and his constitution belonged to a man who never knew starvation.

"Can't I eat first?" Alyeena looked at the fawn. "I sent my raptor to bring me a meal, not-"

"You'll eat after we talk," he interrupted with a smirk.

"I'm hungry now," Alyeena pressed. Sun backed her up with his own, throaty growl.

The cat opened its amber eyes and snarled. Translucent bridges formed between its snowy fangs, snapping when the human forced its maw shut.

"Now, now, Mhrani. Don't get your claws out yet. I'm sure they're a reasonable pair."

Alyeena waited as he calmed his cat with swift strokes between its twitching ears. Mhrani still rumbled with distaste, and no amount of petting seemed to calm its twitching tail.

The man sighed. "My cat doesn't like you. I tend to agree with him most of the time, but fortunately for you I find spite quite irritating. It intrudes in the way of business."

Alyeena pressed her jaws shut before speaking any words. She spent enough time between men to read their eyes. This one was above an average brute. He harbored hidden knowledge, and smart meant dangerous.

"What business do you have to discuss?" she asked curtly, arms crossed beneath her chest.

He pointed at the patch of grass before him. Alyeena approached, placing one leg before the other. Her steps were slow and measured, giving her rushing mind plenty of time to think. Was she really going to obey this man? Lower herself to his level and be a good, obedient dog dog, just like his cat?

Alyeena stopped, eyebrows scrunching above her squinting eyes. The man measured her with a quick gaze, then smiled.

"Are we talking like friends, or like beasts?"

"Beasts," Alyeena said. "Friends usually have names, and a face I can recognize."

"Jer'aher'sharim," the man touched his chest. "And this sleeping kitten is Mhrani."

Alyeena shook her head. "Never heard of you."

"Now you did. Please, sit, so we may negotiate our terms."

Terms of what? Alyeena's lips trembled to ask that burning question. Sun nudged her leg. She looked at him, recognized his cautious pose. Perhaps friendliness was above pettiness in this case. Alyeena settled on the ground, one arm wrapped around the raptor's neck.

"Can we negotiate now?"

Jer disliked her tone. "Irritation. Makes for a bad trading practice, you should know."

"I don't have anything to share with you, jar named man with a lazy feline. If you can tell me how you found us and cut right to the chase-"

"Too fast," his words breezed out of his mouth while his hand stopped Alyeena's storm. "Take a breath. Speak slowly."

"I want to-"

"Want," he interrupted again. "Can your needs not wait until we finish our negotiation?"

What negotiation? How? Why? Alyeena squeezed her eyes against the onslaught. Her heart raced in her chest, and every fiber in her body warned her of potential danger. Well intentioned men did not happen upon travelers for no reason, and especially not upon hunters. Alyeena traveled during the day, chose the less traveled paths, and picked the driest wood for her fire. She was in the middle of nowhere, leagues away from any settlement, and with thousands of trees rising between her and the nearest roads.

She just couldn't be tracked down, especially not by a pretentious oaf with no knowledge of basic navigation.

She closed her eyes, kept them like that for five heartbeats, and then opened them again to stare upon the man's pretty face.

"What do you want?"

"To trade," he smiled again. "See? We talk words of worth when your breath knows its pace and your words bide their time."

"What does this trade imply?" Alyeena asked. "I don't assume you happened upon us by chance."

"Maybe," he picked one of the feline's paws and squeezed it within his palm. "Perhaps it is chance that wanted us to talk."

"Or perhaps you just know more than you are letting out," Alyeena tightened her grip around Sun's nape.

The raptor nuzzled her side while the man chuckled. "I'm but a simple traveler. I harbor no secrets aside from what you see, smell, or touch."

"With your own tracker? And this kind of equipment?" Alyeena scoffed and looked over his garb. Fine leather vest, studded embroidery, scaled belt at his waist. On the sides, two sheaths for daggers. Behind, a spear with a twisted, flame-shaped tip. No scratches marred the metal's surface, and the blade remained sharp as ever.

"A man has to protect himself," he kissed the feline's muzzle. "Isn't that right, Mhrani?"

The feline gave a short chuff of annoyance.

Alyeena tilted her head, eyes squinted against the sun's glare. "This man tells a lot of lies and very little truths. I don't see why I should even bargain with the likes of you."

"You are in a hurry," he sighed and slowly got up, much to the feline's discomfort. "I hoped to negotiate in peace, but you just can't bide your time."

"Why should I?" Alyeena rushed to her feet. "You came into my camp, uninvited, and-"

"No more words," he turned around. "We get rid of your bandits, and you pay whatever price we see fit."

"Bandits? What are you talking about?"

The man whistled. The cat was upon its feet in an instant, dashing after its departing master. Alyeena caught a peek of the animal's gender. Male. A perfect, sorry match for the bastard that strode towards the forest without an explanation, apology, or reason.

"That was odd."

"Only now you speak?" Alyeena gently slapped Sun over his nostrils. "Why did you leave me alone with that creep?"

He drew back with a squawk. "I think it was fit for you to lead the conversation."

"Why, Sun? You inflicted those two pests upon me."

He growled and pushed into Alyeena's belly, rubbing and nuzzling. With a sigh, the girl got on her knees, grabbing her raptor's insistent head between her arms.

"I'm sorry," she said softly. "It's wrong to put the blame on you. Selfish, even."

Sun dipped his head. "I didn't want them here any more than did, Aly. They were waiting. Probably tracked us for days before making their presence known."

"How do you know that?"

"They told me," Sun pushed into her chest.

Alyeena grabbed his head and directed him upwards. "What, Sun? What did they tell you?"

His nostrils blew a long stream of heated air before he spoke. "They belong to the Guild. The man made me swear a vow of secrecy. He wanted you to discover that on your own."

"And that's why you refused to speak?" Alyeena scowled.

"No. I...it was unfit to intervene."


Sun drew his head back, amber eyes falling upon the ground below. "I'm just a beast. An animal with no freedom."

Alyeena had to blink several times before his words were registered by her half numb mind. When her wits returned, she slapped Sun so hard he growled, then squeezed his neck until his teeth pressed into the fabric of her shirt.

"I will never hear those words from you again. Never!"


She kept him pinned in her grip. "You are worth more to me than any man on this earth. Your feathers are soft, your fur warm, and your touch more pleasant than any cloth. How can you put yourself below men, Sun?"

"My freedom has not been earned."

Alyeena became even more enraged. "Who cares about some stupid laws in a faraway city? We have the whole forest to roam. The whole world! Who is to tell us where and how we can wander?"

"The Guild," Sun tried to pull back.

"To damnation with it," Alyeena kissed him along his snout with righteous affection until she reached his nostrils. Then, she licked, tasting the raptor's saliva as his tongue met hers. They licked around each other, basking in the silky feel of their tongues.

Alyeena pulled back first, if only to lose herself inside those fiery amber eyes. "We'll leave, Sun. As soon as those bandits are dead, we'll flee."

"What about the price?"

"We'll pay whatever is reasonable, and end them if their demands surpass our own possibilities."

Sun didn't disagree. He crawled towards the white splotched fawn and gave it a nudge with his snout. "Which part do you want?" he asked, looking back.

"I don't really care," Alyeena patted his meaty flank. "It's your catch. Eat whatever you see fit."

That meant only the organs and a bit of meat. Sun pushed both haunches towards Alyeena, then added tender chunks from the chest on top of the bloody pile.

"I can't eat this much. You take these two, and I'll take that one," Alyeena grabbed the scrawny flank.

"There's barely any meat on that," Sun protested with a curt growl.

"I'm female. We don't eat that much."

"Raptor females eat almost twice as much after they mate," Sun picked the other haunch between his jaws and offered it to Alyeena.

"Come on! What does it take to-"

He pushed forward, smearing blood all over her belly.

"Gah. You nasty feather nibbler. Can never agree with me. Not even once."

Alyeena cleaned the blood as best as she could, then liberated Sun's maw from the dripping meat. As soon as that happened, he licked into her shirt, adding more blood to the mess.

"Stop that."

"My tongue cleans better than your hands."

"I can certainly see that," Alyeena tried pushing his insistent snout away.

Sun never gave up that easily. He crouched, gathering enough force for a forward slam. Alyeena fell on her back, with the raptor's belly all over her legs. His arms held her legs into place while his tongue slid back and forth over the damp patch. It didn't make for a great cleaning tool, but it felt warm at least. Soothing even. Alyeena forgot whatever retribution she had on her lips and enjoyed the slow strokes. Raptors had such delightful tongues. Long, broad, and with a silky surface to envy.

"There. Clean," Sun said with rising pride.

"That was quick," Alyeena picked herself up. "Can you do it again?"

He nuzzled into her chest, flicking his tip around her neck. "After we eat."

She grabbed around that warm snout. "That feels so good though!"

"After we eat," Sun repeated, then jerked himself free. He gave Alyeena a teasing lick after that. When she tried grabbing hold of that tongue, his tail swished around, catching her on the back of her head.


"You deserved that."

"And you deserve what's coming!" Alyeena latched herself upon his back.

She wrestled with the raptor until he emerged victorious. Sun's terms were a few rubbing scratches along his belly and a thorough neck massage. Alyeena ventured close to his slit a few times, only to be pushed away by his pesky legs. The male hunters were still in the vicinity, and Sun couldn't trust his instincts to behave if he got aroused.

Alyeena agreed with his judgment. She bit back her own desires and gathered a few remnants of wood from the pile she stashed last night. She started the fire with the oil she had left and roasted the meat until its juices sizzled. They both ate in silence. Normally, Sun was the more talkative of the two. He constantly asked questions or made quips about the eating habits of humans. Now, he really ate like a beast, throwing the occasional glance only when he licked his snout clean off the blood.

"You're thinking," Alyeena took another bite from the juicy venison.

"We both are, Aly. They want something, but what?"

She chewed a bit, then swallowed. The meat refused to travel down her throat. Nerves and eating never agreed with Alyeena for some reason. She choked once, chewed a few more times, then swallowed again. She sighed after that.

"We'll see when they return. If they return," she looked away from the fire and towards the vast forest stretching around them.

"I have seen how they move. Both have a measure of skill."

"You haven't seen them fight," she added.

"Don't have to," Sun licked his fangs. "I have met, talked, licked, and even killed warriors. I know their breed well enough."

"God's throbbing cock," Alyeena cursed. "You really allowed their charms to get under your feathers!"

"It is wise to be cautious."

"It's wiser to know the odds. Two lonely stalkers against a dozen bandits? I almost feel sad for their deaths."

"Somehow, I doubt that."

Alyeena bit into her meat. She always became irritated when Sun disagreed with her, so she focused her spite on her meal. After she finished her flank, she fed the rest to Sun and doused the fire with dirt. Sun groomed himself, and Alyeena watched every stroke of his tongue. The way it slid along his tawny form calmed her. It led her mind away from conflicts and strife. She imagined herself traveling around the world with Sun. They kept to the wilderness, although they stopped in villages for supplies every full moon or so. The rooms were cozy, and the people warm and friendly. Alyeena smiled. It was night. She was alone in a room with Sun.

And she was naked. She walked towards him, slowly, towards that curious snout of his. Nostrils flared and pupils widened with each of her steps. Alyeena grabbed him. Her hands sunk into his feathery crest just as her folds were pierced by his fleshy tongue. She gasped. Her grip became harder around Sun's neck. He licked her quickly, dabbing in and out of her folds so fast that his saliva splattered everywhere around her squelching lips. Alyeena dropped on the ground. She was hot and aroused, paralyzed with pleasure. Sun immediately took his position above her. He nuzzled along her naked arm, slid his tongue between her exposed breasts, then lingered for a quick kiss before he pushed himself deep within her fluid soaked walls.

Alyeena gritted her teeth, muffling the fierce scream rupturing through her throat. He entered so fast, filling her with more warmth than she could ever imagine.

A warm shiver washed over her. Alyeena blinked quickly, dispelling the heated image from her mind. Gods, how quickly lust claimed her. She sweated all over, especially down there. Alyeena took a quick peek between her legs, then pushed them close together to mask the damp patch residing there. She was a lot wetter than she anticipated.

"Aly?" Sun looked towards her.

"I'm-I'm fine," she waved him away. "I'm just a bit cold."

She cursed her stupidity as soon as she said that. Cold? Why couldn't her incompetent tongue say warm instead? If that happened, Sun wouldn't be walking towards her with long, eager strides and an affectionate look draped all over his face.

"Come here," he spread his wings.

"Don't want to," Alyeena wrapped her arms around her. "I'm fine where I am."

"You're shivering."

"No I'm not. You're obviously tired, seeing things that-"

The raptor crawled towards her. Alyeena wanted to push him away. She wanted to ward this pesky creature off and remain by herself.

Yet a single look upon his beautiful form melted her resistance. She leaned forward, wrapping her arms around his neck. The warmth felt blissful on her moistened skin.

Sun sniffed several times. His tongue poked out, washing over the back of her neck.

"There is water on your skin. Why?"

"I got a little lost inside my own thoughts," Alyeena said softly. "Worry not for me."

"Don't dwell on those two. They might never return, just like you said."

"I wasn't thinking about them," Alyeena scratched between the clumps of fur rising along the raptor's neck.

"What kept you occupied?"

Alyeena licked her lips. She opened her mouth, but the words refused to leave her throat.

Sun noticed her silence. He gripped her between his arms, then rolled on his side. Alyeena gasped softly. The impact was hardly as noticeable as his warmth. Sun warmed her back with his rolling breath, while her chest and belly were firmly pressed against the raptor's warm body. He pushed a hind leg forward, covering most of Alyeena's form with its meaty flank.

"There. All warm and toasty."

Just how Alyeena loved it. "You are so good to me, Sun. So kind."

"I have a few reasons to be."

"Not enough, no," Alyeena sighed. "You are younger than me. Quicker. Smarter. Why waste your time with a female that cannot even bear your offspring?"

He growled. "What...? Do I really have to answer that question, Aly?"


"You know my answer," he hissed.

"Not well enough," Alyeena pressed on.

"I care for you. Deeply," Sun squeezed her closer. "That should be enough of a reason."

"A reason." Alyeena empathized. "Your own kin can offer three more. Mating. Eggs. Hatchlings to raise."

Sun clamped his maw shut. "I don't want those."

"You do. I've seen how hard you released within my grip, thinking how warm and silky a female must feel."

Sun nudged the top of her head. Alyeena looked up, into those wide, flaring nostrils.

"My thoughts, my body, and my seed were held between your hands, Alyeena. You were the only female I focused on."

Alyeena remained speechless, even as Sun slid his tongue along her forehead. She was paralyzed with a strange kind of fear. Could Sun really love her that much? It didn't seem possible! She opened her mouth to speak, then closed it, trembling as rising heat claimed her body and washed the shivers away.

"Why, Sun? Why me?" she asked, voice crackling with unexpected affection.

"You are my only and dearest female. That's why. Can I ask my question before you go into another spree of doubts now?"

Alyeena chuckled and dipped her head in acknowledgement.

"What manner of thoughts left your flesh wet and shivering?"

"Mating," Alyeena kissed his snout without a sliver of doubt. "I was thinking of the many ways I can enjoy your tongue, your warmth, your feathers, and that hard, hungry rod that hides within your soaked slit."

Sun's lips trembled under his shaky hiss. He brought his tail around as he repeatedly nuzzled around Alyeena's head.


He squeezed her closer, licking the back of her neck with eager strokes.

"Sun, you're getting feisty."

His teeth still nibbled around one of her arms while long, growly hisses left his eager maw.

"Sun!" Alyeena slapped his neck.

The raptor drew his head back, half dazed with lust and desire. "I'm...I am..."

"Aroused. I can tell," Alyeena pointed at his poking erection.

The raptor shook his head and thrust forward. His emerging cock was firmly pressed between Alyeena's legs and his own belly. When he thrust, it rubbed hard through the tight space, forcing a loud hiss from the randy raptor's throat.

"Sun, this isn't a good time."

"I want you," he licked around her face, a flurry of saliva and warmth.

Alyeena closed her eyes. "I want you too, but...it is really not a good time."

His tongue definitely made it hard to speak when it got inside every hole it could find. That mostly meant her mouth, though her nose and ears were not spared by the assault.

Sun thrust again, and again, becoming fiercer after every push. Alyeena pushed his member down with one knee, hit his throat hard enough to constrict, then pushed as hard as she could with her available limbs. She broke away from Sun's grip, leaving the raptor alone and confused. He panted heftily, his crimson maleness slapping against his belly every time it throbbed.

Alyeena didn't know what to say. Sun's stare spoke clearer than any combination of words ever could. There was pain in his eyes, oozing out with every breath. He felt betrayed. Neglected. Or maybe even both. Alyeena could not tell what kind of concoction swirled within the raptor's glimmering eyes. She only stared silently, trapped inside her own well of misery. Who was she to tell him what was proper or not? She talked of mating, teased him, then rejected Sun when he did what any male in his position would. Mating was the greatest of gifts. Sharing his touch, body and seed was the ultimate bond a male could form with his female.

And Alyeena denied all of that during a fit of misplaced panic.


The raptor looked away.

"Sun, I'm sorry," she crawled towards him and hugged his neck as soon as she managed. Alyeena rubbed up and down, savoring his smell and warmth. "I shouldn't have neglected your needs. It was a mistake. An error I-"

"You did nothing wrong, Aly," Sun growled. "I lost control. You were right to stop me."

She gripped that feathery head, scratching and rubbing whatever feathers, ridges and spots her fingers found.

"No, you silly bird brain. I wanted that as much as you. It was stupid to heed my own fears over the voice of my instincts."

"Smart, not stupid," Sun gently pushed her away. "We cannot leave ourselves exposed, Aly. If the stalkers or even a group of bandits stumbles upon us..."

"We can pay a bigger price than we bargain for," Alyeena agreed. "What shall we do, then?"

"We'll rest," Sun dropped his head on the ground. "Rest, and allow this heat to vanish upon the wind."

Alyeena slid along his belly. "I can take care of your needs."

Sun growled softly. "No. I will only spill my seed inside the female I love. Nowhere else."

Alyeena huddled closer into his warm embrace. She made sure to avoid his member as much as she could. It was hurtful enough to see Sun's passionate desire dry upon the wind. His cock deserved more than a rough belly to slap upon. Alyeena stared at it. She wondered if she was big enough to accommodate Sun's size. He looked so big. So healthy. Savory even.

She closed her eyes, slowly losing herself inside her fantasies, a place where waiting was optional and her desires well satisfied.

A thump. That's all it took for Alyeena to snap her eyes open. Sun's growl rang in her ears, though she had troubles discerning why until she rolled onto her other side.

"Slept like two cubs wrapped in their mother's tail," the strange named man spoke as he cleaned his spear with a strip of cloth. The cat was nowhere to be seen. At least not until a soft purr reverberated from somewhere nearby.

Alyeena turned her head around, seeing little past Sun's obscuring chest.

"It's behind. He's watching," Sun said quietly.

"What are we going to do?" Alyeena whispered.

"Wait. Bide our time. See what they want."

That meant she needed to talk. Thoughts rushed through her head, along with other pesky feelings. Anger made her too tense and jittery. Alyeena couldn't allow it to gain control. She had to ignore the fact that she fell asleep in the open where any bandit worth its salt could kill her. She had to block her ineptitude.

And most importantly, had to smile for a man she never wanted to see again.

"You are back," Alyeena said as she turned towards him.

"Perceptive. We have returned with a desire to claim our reward," he walked around with a happy gait.

"And what should that be?" Alyeena squinted her eyes.

He looked at his spear, washed his hand along its length, then dropped it on the ground. "Still have to think about it. Mhrani."

The cat sprang from behind. Sun snarled, but the feline simply ignore the threat rubbing along the man's legs with silky grace.

"You are dirty. Clean yourself."

Mhrani growled approvingly and started grooming, lapping at the hardened blood marring his fur. Alyeena wondered if he had any wounds. She saw no indication of any scratch on both the cat and the man.

He looked at her now, crouching above his feline companion. "Cats. Always obedient when it suits them."

"Get a raptor then."

He laughed and sunk a hand into the feline's luxurious fur. "I like fluff more than feathers, though the offer is tempting. Many times I wondered how your raptor breeds."

"How he...what?" Alyeena almost choked with surprise.

"How he mates. I can see his tail, his wings, his toes, though there is no sign of his gender."

"That's for the better," she spoke quickly, throwing Sun a quick glance. The raptor nudged her away. The human was on to something. He whispered a few words, then leaned closer towards his cat's ears. "Say again, Mhrani?"

He got a short lick along the chin before the feline splayed on its side. His own gender was a lot more obvious than Sun's. Two plump spheres rested below the animal's swishing tail. They were black, like its coat, a stark contrast to the pink erection poking through the short sheath.

"Fiesty creatures, these felines," the man said as he took the cat's cock between his fingers. "Lust strikes them all the time. You never know when-"

Mhrani meowed. His gaze fell upon Alyeena. Claws left their sheaths, sliding along the ground as the feline's tail shivered with lust.

"What do you say, Mhrani?" the man crouched and pressed his ear against the feline's muzzle. "The raptor? Is that what you want?"

He licked his whiskers like a predator before its meal.

"How do you want to take him?"

Mhrani slapped his tail and rubbed into the man's chest. "Feisty bastard. You want me to do it."

"Do what?" Alyeena asked.

The man ignored the question, distracted by his feline's growls. "Mate him? Fuck his slit until it bursts?"

Alyeena's heart skipped a beat. Did she hear that correctly? Two pairs of eyes fixed on her, each hungrier than the other. She needed neither time nor intuition to figure what was about to happen next. Her instincts flared in an instant, flooding her with a sense of dread.

The man was the first to stand up. "My cat wants your raptor, my dove. But I want to test his prowess first."

"What for?" Alyeena pressed her back against Sun. Her eyes looked around for weapons, tools, anything she could use.

"You know the answer as well as I."

He started walking towards her. Alyeena froze. He was moving too fast. There were no weapons nearby. She had to-

The human was upon her before she could even blink. He pulled her out of Sun's embrace with a single, burly arm. The raptor growled his spite, only to have the blade of the spear kissing the side of his neck. It was frightening how fast he moved.

"We agreed on a price," the man sneered, spear in hand, runned butt pointed towards Alyeena.

"You agreed. I didn't talk terms," she spat angrily.

"None needed addressing. I solved your bandit problem, and now your raptor shall solve my needs. Mhrani," he whistled sharply. "Take care of her."

Alyeena didn't even have time to turn before she felt a sizeable weight crashing upon her back. Her breasts pressed into the ground. The feline was all over her with, paws, jaws, and a long, muscled body.

"Lay on your back, raptor," the man ordered. "I shall have your cock first."

Sun looked at him, then at Alyeena. Every movement she made was answered with either growls or a hiss. She felt claws poking her skin, and saliva dripping down her neck.

She had no choice. Sun knew that too. They nodded drily at each other, submitting to whatever perversions that wicked man had in mind. One hand kept the raptor's snout at bay while the other touched around his slit. A slight hum of approval escaped his throat once his fingers dabbed around the crevice.

"I found your little shelter."

Sun hissed. Two fingers entered his slit, sinking slowly inside his defenseless flesh.

"Mmmm. Warm. Wet. What kind of delightful creature are you?"

He only got a growl in reply. Alyeena pressed her jaws so tight it hurt. She somehow doubted that man was content with just a brief touch.

And she was right. After he fingered Sun's slit, he let go of his snout so he could spread his slit open with both hands. With fingers on either side of his ridge, he pulled the edges apart, exposing that mass of wet flesh to the chilling wind.

"Mmm. Delightful."

Sun slapped his tail and growled. That was all he could do as the man shoved an entire fist inside him. He tried catching the errant arm, only to have his neck rudely shoved in the other direction.

"Mind your teeth, raptor. I am taking you now, not the other way around."


"Be still," he growled, eyes closed, winged arms shivering with fright.

"Yes girl. Be still," the man laughed as his fist squelched inside the bulging slit. "Your raptor seems to be enjoying my touch."

"He isn't, you blind fool. Can't you see his discomfort?"

"Hmh?" he licked his mustache and took a peek to the side. "You mean those twitching lips? I'd be shuddering too if somebody touched me so intimately."

"Please leave him," Alyeena groaned. "We'll pay anything you want. Any price."

"This is my price," the man looked back and smirked. "I shall spend myself inside your raptor, and then my cat shall have his seed soaked slit."

Sun's eyes narrowed with disgust, while Alyeena simply froze. A ripple of hatred surged through her spine, only to vanish inside the sea of helplessness. There was nothing she could do aside from watching.

Watching how that vile man gripped, twisted and fingered Sun's most intimate of places. The raptor kicked his legs, clacked his jaws and growled his spite, only to be forced into submission time and time again.

"That's enough, you bastard! Just stop!" Alyeena barked.

"You want to stop me?" the man twisted his free hand. "Come at me, then."

The weight vanished from her back. As soon as that happened, Alyeena scrambled on her legs and rushed towards Sun, arms held before her, fists clenched with spite. She took one more step, planted her weight on the ground.

And gasped when her belly contorted under a hard, rippling punch.

"I say when enough is enough, you whore!" the man punched her in the chest, then sent her on the ground with a quaking palm to the breast.

Alyeena gasped. Her lungs felt blocked, and her muscles spasmed with rippling pain. Sun. She had to help him!

Alyeena clenched her jaws and forced her trembling legs to stand. She grabbed that bastard's shoulder, then launched her elbow at his head. The man took it without any interference. His head was tough, whereas her joints weak and soft. Alyeena dropped on her knees, screaming as daggers of pain flared through her elbow. She clutched her arm, eyes fixed on Sun. The raptor attempted a quick bite, yet the man was just too fast. He sidestepped his lunging teeth, recovered his spear, and slammed the butt into Sun's chest.

Alyeena forced herself on her legs, but the man was already in motion. He whirled around, dancing with his spear in swift, incomprehensible patterns. He grabbed it with one arm. Two arms. Then between his fingers. He flowed with the spear like a rushing river, poking and thrusting and slashing. Alyeena drew back. The tip missed her by an arm's length, yet the fear from that blade pierced a lot deeper than wounds. In that cold, miserable moment, she knew. This man could kill her as easily as he snapped a twig.

He finished with a satisfied sigh and bowed before Alyeena. "Do you still want to fight, my dove?"

Alyeena's heart sank when Sun lifted a hind leg, exposing himself to the man's whims. He made the choice for them both. The man reached inside his slit, took hold of his still flaccid cock, then started stroking with satisfied slaps.

"You're not getting hard," he slapped the raptor's flank. "Why are you not getting hard?"

"You know why, you dumb brute!" Alyeena groaned.

The man plunged his other hand through Sun's slit, forcing a hoarse cry from the raptor's throat. Sun squeezed his eyes shut. His discomfort. His misery. His pain. They were much too obvious, and too hurtful for Alyeena to simply sit and watch.

She gathered whatever strength she had left and lunged forward, punching that bastard right in the back of his neck.

He turned around, gripping one of her arms. The next thing she saw was his fist smashing right between her eyes. She heard a slight crack. Then pain.

Overwhelming amounts of pain. Her vision flickered, and her senses froze. Alyeena fell on her side, blinking rapidly. Spurts of warm liquid gushed down her skin. She couldn't breathe. Her nose felt strange. Shattered.

She opened her mouth instead, only to release a monstrous groan when a blow took the air out of her chest. She brought her arms around, yet the boot still returned, taking her right in the left breast. Alyeena gurgled and choked.

"I never get cheated out of my deals. Never!"

The third blow came like an oversized arrow shot from a much too powerful bow.

"Ghroooooaaah!" Alyeena cried out, her voice hoarse and rough. Pain split her legs apart. The blow took her right in the pussy, spreading around her lower belly like shards of agony. Each cut deep into her flesh, forcing its way through her constricting muscles.

Alyeena's breaths became quick and ragged. She moaned, then choked, and gasped for air while the man laughed and pointed fingers. He prepared to launch another blow before gaping jaws descended upon him.

He turned around, yet this time, the raptor's speed was greater than his. Sun sunk his teeth into his shoulder, dragging the wretch towards the wicked embrace of his talons. With a savage growl, Sun split the wretch apart.

The man's screams alerted his cat. It pounced Sun, latching onto his neck. Alyeena crawled towards the spear. She fit it between her fingers, drew back, and plunged it into the feline's back. Mhrani roared his agony and fell in a pile of thrashing limbs. Sun's teeth sunk into its neck, silencing the feline's roar with a shattering bite to its throat.

Alyeena gasped with relief. She dropped the spear, then fell along with it. Sun stood up with a squawking moan. He nudged the man, then his cat. They both stood limp, wetting the ground with their blood.

"Dead?" Alyeena whispered.


"Good." She smiled, reaching a hand towards the raptor. The movement pressed upon her chest, drawing out a choked, bloody spurt.

"Don't move. Your nose is all bloody."

Warmth washed over her face. Alyeena opened her teary eyes to Sun's bloodied snout. He sniffed quickly, poking his tongue around her nose.


"Breathe slowly."

The tip of his tongue slid inside one of her nostrils. Alyeena clenched her teeth and bit back the pain. Sun slowly cleaned the blood, restoring the flow of air through her displaced nose.


"A bit," Alyeena poked sensitive bones. "I can't believe you fixed me with your tongue!"

"It was just a bit of blood, Aly. Nothing broken too badly."

"Certainly felt like it. What about you?"

Sun exposed his neck. Alyeena waved him to sit and touched around his gashes. None were particularly deep or life threatening apart from several punctures behind his head.

"That one hurts," Sun hissed between clenched jaws.

"It's just a soft bite. Nothing a few days cannot heal."

"We should find a place to rest and retreat," Alyeena grabbed around Sun's neck and pushed herself up.


"I am taking it easy," she chocked.

Sun was immediately at her side, licking and nuzzling. "We're still hurt. Perhaps we should rest before-"

Alyeena grabbed his head between her arms. "Not here, Sun. Not with those two nearby."

He crouched, pointing towards his back. "Get up then."

"I can't ride you."

"Then we can't leave."

Raptor logic. None could argue against it. Alyeena straddled his back and grabbed his neck with her shaky arms. "Don't exhaust yourself."

Sun took off. He pierced through the forest, sliding expertly between the approaching trees. Alyeena breathed slowly, though her chest still felt tender. She endured the pain up until it climbed right in her throat.

They stopped in a small clearing surrounded by burly trees. "Here is good."

Sun allowed her to dismount. He grabbed Alyeena as soon as she touched the ground, squeezing her to his warm body.

"So warm..." Alyeena whispered, stroking his feathers with a finger.

"Rest, Aly. You can have every feather you wish after you recover."

"But I like to feel you, Sun. That bastard-"

"He's dead," he laid his head on top of her chest. "Sleep. I will keep an eye out for bandits."

Only when she closed her eyes Alyeena realized how exhausted she was. Her muscles relaxed, her pain slowly lessened, and her breath steadied as she surrendered herself to the soothing warmth of her dreams.

She must have rested quite a bit, because the sun started to set just as she woke up. Alyeena didn't remember what she dreamt, or what made her heart beat so quickly.

A presence was rubbing around a certain area between her legs, though she couldn't be sure. Everything felt so fuzzy.

Alyeena blinked a few times. Her arms felt stiff, just like her legs. She rolled on her back, pulled one of Sun's wings closer, and realized.

Sun was awake too. Alyeena perked her head to look towards her side. "Sun?"

No answer came. She followed along his neck with a hand. Was he grooming himself? The insistent sniffing suggested at such.

"Sun, what are you doing?"

Still no answer. Alyeena pulled her knees closer to her chest. The warmth vanished for a second, only to return again, harder and stronger. Alyeena sighed softly. It felt so delightful, yet so teasing at the same time. She allowed the gusts to warm her thighs for a couple more breaths, then spread her legs, catching the culprit right on the spot.

"You devious raptor!"

Sun looked at her, blinking.

"Why didn't you answer?"

"I didn't hear anything," he flicked his wet tongue along his twitching nostrils.

"Of course you didn't, when your nostrils were firmly pressed against my-"

"I wasn't sniffing."

"Yes you were," she slapped his snout with the tip of her fingers.

Sun shoved his neck forward, forcing Alyeena's back against the ground. He approached, slowly, until his widening maw stood just above her head.

"I wasn't sniffing. There was a damp patch between your legs, and I-"

"You decided to inspect," Alyeena closed her eyes, grimacing as drops of drool fell on her cheeks.

"You smell so curious, Aly," he licked with the tip of his tongue. "If I were to guess, I would say you are at the peak of your fertility."

She scrunched her nose when that tongue traversed her lips. "Hard guess. What else did you observe?"

"That strange water surfaces from your hide when you're warm."

"It's called sweat, Sun."

"Salty water."

"Sweat," she directed his tongue towards her neck. "Lick it. See for yourself."

He did, sliding under her shirt with that nimble tongue of his. "It tastes like the sea."

"I dislike the sea," Alyeena grumbled. "Too wide. No diversity. Little shelter."

Sun explored her skin with three more strokes before retreating. "You taste better than the sea, Aly. This natural scent of yours is quite pleasing."

"Come on. I haven't washed myself in weeks!"

"Then perhaps you should consider a bath."

"How?" Alyeena looked around. "Can't see lakes or rivers gracing this little patch of wilderness."

"Who needs those?" Sun slid his tongue between his fangs rather enticingly.

Alyeena smiled and touched it with a finger. She scooped the saliva, tasted it between her lips, and released a satisfied sigh. "You are such a randy, resourceful reptile."

Sun trilled excitedly. He waited for Alyeena to undress, tail swishing excitedly behind him. She pulled her shirt over her breasts, undid her boots, then slid her pants towards her ankles.

"Lucky you're warm," Alyeena pushed herself out of her pile of pants. "I would never consider going in my bare skin in this cold."

"I can barely feel the wind's sting."

"That's because you have feathers. They keep you warm, along with this fuzz of yours."

Alyeena ruffled through a wing before she lowered herself on her back. Sun looked at her, nostrils twitching with every breath.

"What are you waiting for?"

"Your permission."

"My...perm....just get that snout over here," Alyeena latched around him, laughing merrily.

Sun started from her neck. He slid with suave movements, catching every drop of liquid upon his muscular tongue. Alyeena loved his delicacy. He certainly knew what areas were sensitive. Her hardening nipples were treated with short dabs, while her belly received a most pleasant combination of undulating licks.

With her eyes half closed, Alyeena enjoyed the rippling heat. Sun's saliva kept her quite warm after his tongue slid to other places, and his breath provided a most reliable source of heat. With his head busy, Alyeena found distraction along his chest. She scratched and rubbed, quickening her movements the closer Sun slid towards her exposed folds. Liquid heat dripped from them, sliding along her shivering muscles. Alyeena knew what was about to happen. She fantasized about this many times, and the moment was almost upon her.

Sun pushed between her legs. She bit her lip, expecting his tongue to delve inside at any time.

One breath passed. Five. Ten. Alyeena opened her eyes.

"My lovely reptile suddenly became shy?"

Sun blinked. His coal slits were wide with arousal, and his upper lip trembled slightly, hinting at the raptor's intense desire.

"I...we agreed to a bath."

"This is bathing," Alyeena spread her legs, opening her folds to their maximum span.

Sun took a quick peek, inhaled her female laden scent, and growled. "It's something more. We both know it, Aly."

"It's grooming," she frowned. "You never avoid your slit during a bath. Why should I be the exception?"


"Gah!" Alyeena interrupted him with a gentle kick to the snout. "Just take me already!"

Sun needed no second hint. He pushed his head between her thighs and invaded her sanctuary with that long, fleshy tongue of his.

The rush took over Alyeena in an instant. She didn't expect something so long to slide in so deep. She tensed all over, moaning harshly as Sun wriggled inside her drenched folds. It was too much, too quick. Overpowering warmth surged through Alyeena, threatening to explode.

"Suuun!" she yelped as her peak rammed into her. Alyeena's muscles convulsed, unleashing a riptide of fluids upon the raptor's tongue. Sun slid back, slurping the fertile fragrance. He lapped in and out, scooping up the spurts of fluid as soon as they came out.

Alyeena groaned and moaned, grabbing on anything she could. She never experienced such intense heat before. It felt as if her body was melting and sliding towards Sun's glistening tongue. The raptor ate her out with a vengeance, not stopping until every last drop was cleaned from her shuddering flesh.

"Gaaaah, that...that felt surreal," Alyeena sighed, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Sun remained inside her, rubbing his snout around her glistening lips.

"I'm done, Sun. You really don't have to-"

Alyeena sucked in her upcoming breath. Her pleasure might have peaked once, yet her lust still burned strong within her drenched halls. Sun knew that. He rubbed along her folds, swirling his tongue around until he found a hard nub of flesh. He slid over it, causing Alyeena to scream in bliss.

"W-waaaait!" she managed to croak before her lust spilled again.

Thankfully, Sun listened. He pulled back, licking his messy lips with quick strokes of his tongue.

Alyeena crawled towards him. "I want to taste you too, Sun," she kissed him between the nostrils. "Lick. Just like you licked me."

An adoring lick washed over her face. When her eyes opened, Sun's snout was gone. He lay on his side, wings held on either side of his tawny form, legs trembling as his bulging slit pulsated with hidden desire.

Alyeena was all over it. She touched and sniffed around, marveling at the bittersweet aroma escaping between Sun's moistened walls. He had a certain allure, one that Alyeena was most eager to uncover. She took her time though, feeling around the hard flesh and even tasting the wet patch between the fleshy walls. Thick slime coated it. Alyeena brought it into her mouth and smacked her lips. Sun wrapped his tail around one of her legs, hissing softly.

"Ok, no more teasing," Alyeena whispered and gently inserted her fingers inside. She found his slit marvelously hot and deliciously wet. Her fingers barely penetrated him, and Sun's muscles jerked under the thrill of mating. His cock pushed its tip out in a wet, messy display. Dribbles of fluid fell across the raptor's tawny fur, clear and viscous. Alyeena licked them. She traced her tongue along his belly until she reached his cock. It was a wicked thing, with barbs around the head and bumps spread around the vein beribboned surface. Alyeena sniffed around twice, taking in that deep reptilian musk. Then, with part of her curiosity satisfied, she opened her mouth, stretched her tongue, and gulped down on Sun's cock.

He tensed immediately, a coarse whimper escaping between his jaws. His meat pulsated between her cheeks, barbs flaring with excitement. Alyeena swished her tongue between them. She loved how soft and resilient they felt, but liked the tip even more. Sun's hole was begging to be tasted. She pushed her tongue inside, summoning a harsh throb from the needy raptor. He thrust, forcing his cock deeper inside her mouth.

Alyeena's eyes widened. Her lips barely accommodated for his enlarging girth. She knew her time was limited, so she explored that exquisite cock to the best of her abilities. She sucked on it, grazed around the barbs, and finally whirled around its hole just before it unleashed a hot spurt of lubrication.

"Too big," she licked off the taste from her lips. "Too big...too warm."

"Touching is enough," Sun stammered, taken aback by the intense pleasure.

"Not if I want another taste."

Alyeena explored his slit this time. Her fingers pushed around the quivering flesh, feeling the tense base of Sun's cock. It was firmly anchored within, throbbing with long, hearty spasms. Alyeena dug her face into that soaked slit, sniffing and licking into that nest of flesh.

Sun liked that. He thumped the ground with his tail and squirted repeated jets of slick slime. Alyeena though it was seed, until she saw a bridge of translucent drops smeared over his chest.

"Lubrication?" she tested the consistency between her fingers.

"What...what's lubrication?" Sun panted.

"Something else than seed," Alyeena tasted the sweet substance inside her mouth. "Mmm. You haven't released this last time."

"The way you took me allowed no time, Aly. It was too sudden."

"And you like going slow, I take it?" she gave his cock an enticing lick while she winked at the aroused raptor.

"I don't care, as long as I mate."

"Mate..." she said, grabbing hold of his fully aroused cock. "Do you want to mate, Sun?"

He snarled his burning lust. "More than anything."

"Who do you want to mate?"

He shoved his tail hard against her back, pushing Alyeena flat against his belly. His wings rushed towards her, pulling her closer towards the raptor's approaching snout.

"You," he growled amorously and licked around her lips. "I want you, Aly."

Alyeena pried his jaws open and gave his fangs, tongue, and nostrils a series of quick kisses. "I want you too, my loving raptor. Every part of you."

They shared a couple more licks before they both stood on their legs.

Sun switched his weight from one leg to the other. He felt awkward. Unbalanced by the hard member slapping against his belly.

"How...how do we mate?"

Alyeena smiled. She was thinking the same thing. Laying down on the ground felt too cumbersome. Sun's weight would crush her.

"I'm thinking. You should do the same."

The raptor seemed more insistent on licking around her holes. Alyeena chuckled and continued her inspection. Her hands rushed along his neck, patted his chest, and scratched around his flanks. The teasing touch only served to infuriate the raptor. His growls picked up, becoming as desperate as his licks. He could not keep that tongue away for more than a couple heartbeats, and Alyeena had no objections. She hugged her raptor, delighting in his warmth.

Then it dawned on her. "A hug."

Sun tilted his head. "A Hug? How does that even work?"

"Just listen, my naughty featherhead," Alyeena slapped his forehead. "I wrap my arms around you, like this," she squeezed his neck. "And then you bring your little wings around my back."

"What about the claws?" Sun asked.

"Just hug me. Pay no mind to stubby claws."

Sun complied. Once Alyeena found herself secured inside that warm, feathery grip, she pulled herself upwards with the help of her own arms. Sun stumbled forward just a bit before regaining his balance.

"Don't fall!"

"Would help to know your thoughts."

"I will let you in shortly. Just wait a bit," Alyeena groaned. She had a few troubles grabbing hold of Sun's chest. He was rather broad, and her legs not nimble enough to wrap around. Alyeena kicked and tried until her heels crossed one another. She tensed her muscles, locking herself in a firm embrace.

"There," she rubbed her head along Sun's neck once she was firmly anchored below his chest.

He tried reciprocating the affection, flicking his tongue at the air before he gave up with a disappointed growl.

"I can't even touch you, Aly. This is no proper mating if we cannot even-"

"Shush that snout," she bumped into his neck. "Just thrust. See if you can enter me."

Sun pushed himself forward. An awkward stumble was all he managed. He clacked his jaws, then tried again.

"Ghh. There," Alyeena winced as his hard cock rammed between her butt cheeks. "Just a bit higher, and you'll-"

Alyeena bit her words when that thick, heated presence pierced through her quivering folds. She squeezed her eyes shut and moaned, a mellow sound compared to Sun's lengthy growl. He sunk into her flesh like an eel, unrestrained by the harsh spasms wracking around its girth.

Alyeena pressed her jaws tighter. She never had anyone inside her. Never knew the touch of a male's cock, or the warmth of their seed. Her fingers were all she pushed inside there, and they were slender and short compared to Sun's throbbing cock. It slid deeper, and deeper, spreading her apart with its rock hard frame.

Alyeena mewled her undying lust. His bumps rubbed her soaked flesh, causing it to clench with wet squelches. Every spasm pressed harder against the barbs, summoning crippling waves of intense lust. Sun snarled at that, wings flapping, claws raking along the ground. The pressure kneaded his cock in many delightful ways. He pushed himself just a bit more inside, then snapped at the air.

"Dee...deeper," she nuzzled into Sun's neck. His thick scent flared her arousal. Alyeena craved for his seed. She wanted every part of him. Every lick. Every caress. And every drop that fled his throbbing cock.

The raptor strained his spine and bent into half a crouch. His cock slid back just a bit, then pushed inside with even greater dexterity. Alyeena cried out in ecstasy. She was already close, but the unexpected throb strained her lust to new heights. Sun shrilled, unloading a spurt of unexpected heat inside her. It was viscous, thick, and unreasonably hot. The sudden gush flooded Alyeena's stretched walls in an instant, releasing her orgasm in a raging storm of lust and desire.

He came. Sun just spilled inside her. Alyeena's eyes teared up the thrill of mating. She dug her face into Sun's neck, then screamed as her muscles worked the heat out of her drenched lips. She didn't expect her Sun to release so fast, yet his heated seed pierced her deeper than anything ever did. Alyeena scooped it all. She suckled on his cock while hefty spurts of clear fluid dribbled down from her overflowing pussy. Sun moaned with desire as strong muscles kneaded around his cock during that short, intense throb.

"Did...did you spend yourself?" Alyeena asked once her tongue straightened inside her mouth. Somehow, his orgasm felt lacking compared to the cascade she experienced a day ago.

"No," Sun squeezed her closer to his chest, humming a most pleasant sound. "I just sprayed."

"Sprayed?" Alyeena clenched her teeth. He was still hard inside her. Every jolt of his cock scratched her fertile walls.

"It happens just before we release, to cleanse the female and wash away the seed of rival males."

"Ack...it felt so warm, Sun."

"I know," he moaned softly. "I felt you giving in shortly after."

"I want more," Alyenna kissed along his neck, grazing on whatever fur she found. "Give me your seed. Pour yourself inside me."

"You will have every drop of my love, dearest mate."

And with that, Sun picked up where he left off. His legs buckled, his tail straightened, and his arms pressed their claws hard against Alyeena's moistened skin. She loved the roughness of it. Every thrust made her feel alive and wanted. She clenched around Sun when he pierced the deepest reaches of her sex, and relaxed during his way out. Alyeena thought she managed to surmount the raging lust until Sun started scratching at her clit. That stimulation was a wild, terrible thing that washed over Alyeena like a storm. She squeezed tighter. Wet sounds fled her lips as Sun forced his bumpy length all the way in. He remained there, moaning and whimpering until his cock tensed and his breath quickened.

"You're close," Alyeena pressed her jaws together, feeling her own climactic ascent.

"Too close," Sun clacked his jaws. "I'm going to....release. Almost...ready to...."

He released an ear splitting yowl as he surrendered to the surge of pent up desire. Alyeena pressed her teary eyelids against each other and bit into the raptor's neck. She tensed and waited, forcing her muscles into submission until Sun shoved in once again. He buried himself as deep as he managed, filling her soaked cunt to the brim. His barbs flared, his cock tensed, and his ridges anchored themselves upon Alyeena's shuddering flesh.

Then, he burst. A single spurt. That's all it took for both of them to crumble upon the blistering waves of overwhelming pleasure. Sun's seed spurted like a geyser, warm and unreasonably hot to Alyeena's human body. Raptors had a higher body temperature. If their bodies were hot, their seed was sweltering.

A wave of thick, creamy fluid splattered hard inside her. She cried out her bliss and squeezed Sun as tight as she managed. His seed felt so invigorating. So arousing. He was filling her just like he would a female raptor, pumping his essence with eager spurts while his jaws clacked between yowls. He was milking himself dry.

And Alyeena helped him. She forced out her own fluids, cumming harder than she ever did in her life. With such a large girth filling her walls and restless waves of seed filling her womb, she could not hold back even if she wanted. Her fingers dug into Sun's neck. With a quick push, Alyeena shoved herself towards the raptor's slit.

Sun yowled a pitch higher, drowning Alyeena's feral scream. His barbed head pushed too hard, too deep. Barbs dug into her flesh, summoning a most bothersome itch. Alyeena squeezed, working even more seed inside her overflowing cunt. She wasn't meant to take so much inside. Hot pressure spread her walls apart, fueling her lust to unexpected heights.

Sun remained firmly lodged inside her, even when his balance threatened to crumble. He stumbled around, tightening his grip around Alyeena. His claws dug their tips into her flesh, summoning a wave of untamed pleasure. Alyeena's orgasm climbed a step higher. Her vision flickered and her mind swirled. For a few moments, her only focus was on Sun's pumping seed. She felt his throbs, the wild cries escaping his throat, and the passion with which he filled her.

Alyeena burst into tears, giving in to the storm of emotions. She rode over her peak with reckless abandon, then slowly descended, holding her mate tight until he gave her every drop of his essence.

And even then, Sun continued thrusting inside. His cock splashed with lewd noises, smearing the creamy seed all over her ass.

"You want more?" Alyeena whimpered, ruffling his neck fur with a hand.

"I won't spill again," he pushed in with a wet slap. Dribbles of creamy seed smeared his slit, wetting the ground below. "I just feel the need to remain in you a bit longer. Working the seed inside the female's womb increases the chances of a successful impregnation.

"Keep doing that then. I won't mind if your essence spurts again."

Although it felt delightful, Alyeena's senses were too worn to provide another orgasm. She dismounted Sun when his member lost its strength and fell on the ground, face right to his seed coated slit.

"That felt...wonderful," she touched around the puddles of milky essence.

"As good as any proper mating can be," Sun licked along one of her legs. He slid along her thigh, resting his head on her belly. "I thank you deeply for allowing my seed to fill your womb."

Alyeena smirked. "You are a featherhead. Mating you was the best choice I made in a long time."

"Same for me, Aly."

They both allowed silence to fill the space of words. Alyeena was just content in feeling her mate's warm breath upon her skin and the fragrance of his essence inside her nostrils. She worked two of her fingers around his retreating cock, dabbing at the patches of seed. It was still warm, and delightfully thick. Alyeena slurped a few remnants, then turned upon Sun's cock, licking it until it fled back inside its fleshy shelter.

Sun thoroughly enjoyed her soft licking skills, but not as much as her own fertile fragrance. His nostrils never strayed too far from her seed drenched pussy. Alyeena lifted a leg, allowing Sun a better view. His eyes were focused, while his tongue played around his snout in a rather enticing way.

"You're hesitating," Alyeena observed.

"I...I want to taste you again, Aly."

"And you need to ask my permission? After we mated?" She chuckled.

"I don't want my tongue to take what belongs to your womb."

Alyeena had a few things to say about impregnation, but decided against it. Raptors had their own set of instincts, and she didn't want to tarnish Sun's pride by throwing the obvious in his face.

"Just lick me, Sun," she picked his tail and rubbed it between her fingers. "I want you to satisfy your urges. We can mate again if you so desire."

The raptor bowed his head and sunk his tongue inside her. Alyeena sighed softly and leaned back. Even after three orgasms, the warmth and feel of her mate brought shivers of pleasure along her form. She reached gently inside Sun's slit, poking around for his member. She didn't have to search for long. Within a few throbs, he hardened enough to pierce through the protective shelter.

"Who finishes last chooses the position."

Sun slurped quickly, nodded, then sunk back inside her. Alyeena winced and grabbed hold of his cock. Sun might have been an expert licker, but she had two arms, a tongue, and an unyielding desire to win. Alyeena wrapped her lips around his barbed head and squeezed around his thicker base. She had no doubt his seed would burst forth before her muscles even spasmed.

She was wrong. Sun twisted his tongue inside her, bringing forth a shattering orgasm.

"Ghaaaah!" Alyeena dropped face first into the raptor's soaked slit, where she writhed and cried her bliss. "Too hot...so...consuming..."

Sun soothed her burning pleasure with his tongue. Alyeena loved every stroke. She licked and inhaled the strong musk rising from his flesh. Sun was so warm, so virile. Even the brief thought of his spurting cock sent Alyeena into a moaning fit.

When her shivers reached their course and her cunt milked itself dry, Sun scooped her up to his chest, where he sheltered her naked body with his wings.

"You...you shrewd featherhead. How do you want to take me next time?"

"I leave the choice to you, Aly."

"But you won."

"I don't care," he licked the moisture from her face. "All that I want is right here, held under my wings."

"Bah. Giving up a prize so easily. Still, that works in my favor," she scratched under his chin. "Can you place yourself inside me, dear mate?"

Sun growled. "You are spent. Even mating can wait for-"

"Sleep? That's what I was planning."

"Then why should I pierce you?"

"I just like your warmth. Please indulge me."

Alyeena moaned softly as her mate slowly worked himself inside her. "That's it...warm and cozy."

"I would do anything for my mate," Sun said.

Alyeena laughed. "That's exactly what you said last time. We cuddled like this, only that your belly was several times messier."

"You wanted it that way," Sun growled.

"I liked it...Your essence reminded me of something I always wanted to have."

"A mate?" Sun asked.

"A mate," Alyeena repeated. She grabbed her mate's head, forced him against her chest, then fell asleep to his radiating warmth, his delightful scent, and the gentle throbs of his moistened cock.


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