Bani Lore! Galaxy!

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3 of Bani Lore! Bani lore! Galaxy! the spazmatic hyper ball of cuteness!

Bani Lore! Galaxy! Name: Ginny Star AKA "Galaxy" (jin-eee S-tar) 1st gen last born "Elements" Age: +16 to K.16 Fur:Purple with a white undercoat, like his brothers he has dark fingertips and toes. Hair: Unlike his brothers he tends to keep his hair short, with his bangs to his lips instead of to his jaw like his brothers. this too has black highlights. Eyes: Light green almost toxic green. Weight: 0lbs-1million megatons (Note: Galaxy has been noted to exceed weight limits just for his own amusements.) Temperament: Bubbly, Playful, Child like, mischievous, and scatterbrained. Favorite Item: none Build: when first born he was smaller then his litter mates, now is slightly taller then Earth and has the most curvy hips and butt then his other brothers. Something considered self employed with his ability's. Likes: Almost anything but quickly looses interest unless its horror or space themed. Collects: Space theme Comic books, especially loves space horror themed ones. Dislikes: Fire and Kerroscene in his collection of comic books. Rude people. Facts/Quirks: Galaxy is the first bani to have developed the "buckteeth" which to everyone else is considered very adorable and cute, but he dislikes them greatly. Galaxy can actually pull his weight and float around lighter then air, or be as heavy as a planet. in one case he was dropped from space to land on a planet with this weight as a threat to the planet, They surrendered with in seconds when they saw the "Cone Effect" he brought with him as he entered the atmosphere. Had he kept the weight he would have bored to and past the core of the planet with the impact crater he would have created, instead he floated harmlessly to a nearby town. As a newborn, he was on of the major influences for Mama having put the magic resisting or "capping" Tail Bells on all banis Tails. The reason for that was once instance where as a new born he had involuntary started floating around Mama's room with several maids and most all of the Bed Nannys chasing after him trying to catch and bring him back down. He considered all this very amusing seeing as he had barely had his eyes opened and could see all the shadows moving quickly under him. One of his more well known powers is the "gravity effect" which he can create a pull or push effect within a small area, pushing things away or pulling them towards the spot. A power he uses against Earth many times to win there fights. he is also one of the only banis with the ability to grow or shrink his psycial size and or weight, outside changing forms. When Licked, tastes like Grapes.