Bani Lore! Earth!

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2 of Bani Lore! Bani Lore! Earth! the more grounded bani.

Bani Lore! Earth! Name: Eathen Stone (e-than, S-to-ne) AKA "Earth" 1st gen third born "Elements" Age: +16 to K.16 Fur: Dark green coat with a white underbelly. black fingertips and toes. Hair: Mirrors "Waters" with jaw lenght. Also dark green with black highlights" Eyes: Dark purple that grow brighter in the sunlight Weight: 70lbs -child- / 80lbs -anthro- Temperament: Being the second smallest of the litter, next to Galaxy, whom can differ in size and weight. he tends to allow the two older banis take lead. Annoys easily, and is mostly social. Favorite Item: "Eathens Stone" a Gem that came from a meteorite that fell form the great void and was surprisingly caught by "Earth" while atop one of the surrounding mountain. The name of the mountain is kept a family secret. It is a Brilliant light blue diamond, and once refined, held a surprising secret of its own. Inside the stone are many different colored substones, many of which are yet to be classified. Build: Scrawny, thin and short, Earth tends to be one of the lighter banis around, his hips are not as curvy as his younger brothers. Likes: Digging or mining. precious stones, gems, geoids. Hanging around Water for his calming effect loves Mr. Bank for his habit of storing and preserving things. The smell of rain. Collects: Gems and precious stones which he has currently stored in Mr.Banks huge vault. His Collection is available to see, and is worth over two million dollars. Dislikes: The random fires fire tends to generate. staying up late, and the smell of fish. Facts/Quirks: Being the smallest of the litter he can still over power fire and water but is helpless to galaxy's powers. Earth tends to be awake and active during the morning to night time, Also considered the smallest of the litter because of Galaxy's ability to grow or shrink his psychical size and weight. When licked, tastes like Sour apples.