Bani Lore! Water!

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Bani Lore! Water! Name: Walter Cisteen (wal-ter, Sis-teen) AKA "Water" 1st gen "Elements" Age: +16 to K.16 Fur: Blue with a white underbelly, black fingertips and nose. Hair: Sapphire blue with black highlights, jaw length. Eyes: Blood Red Weight: 85 -child- / 95 -anthro- Temperament: Calm, Quite, Methodical, Stutters abit when when emotional, and startles easily. Favorite Item: His personal Engraved Flask which holds Mama's Insignia. Build: Slim, with a perky and round, firm butt. Likes: Model ships, water containers, fish tanks, and Freezing things. Collects: toy ships, pet fish, and fishing equipment. Dislikes: dirty or stagnate water, unhygienic banis. Fire poking his tail. Facts/Quirks: Was the first bani to show a liking of collecting thing. Keeps close to Fire to keep the random fires that pop up extinguished. When asked if he would like a boat he replied, "Don't need one" as he can actually breath underwater with out gills of any sort. He is scared of deep dark waters and prefers to stay in shallow and safe waters. He is a morning bun and actully helps the Nannys to bathe newborns, toddlers, and childeren. Water has a ongoing habbit of putting things in glass jars and hiding them in the massive walk in freezer. so its no suprise when a cook or maid happens across a frozen "thing" in a jar in the freezer. he has made it apperent that he will not stick anything sentient or living in these jars, and preferts small things such as toys. when licked, Tastes like coconut water.