Eeveelutions of Time: Chapter #10

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10 of Eeveelutions of Time Hey there! Without further ado, here's the next chapter in the story! :3

This chapter isn't as long as most of the others, because it leads into some interesting things in future chapters! Hope you enjoy the read!!

Two hours have passed, and the afternoon sun shined down at the route below with its warm embrace. The routes were vacant, and minimal sound came from the outside. Only two Pokemon remained away from the commotion, unaware of everything. The two eeveelutions were basking in each other's warmth after everything that took place hours beforehand. Their paws were pressed together as they laid close, bodies motionless as they relaxed. The only thing to wake them up was the motivation to keep moving, and explore new boundaries that were previously unreachable to them. Unlike most of their awakenings, this lasted only moments as they regained their sense of consciousness and felt revitalized with energy. The dark type waking up mere seconds before the electric type, catching each other's gaze as they looked warmly upon one another. The Jolteon gave off a smirk which caused the Umbreon to twitch a bit from embarrassment in his shaky self.

"So Umbra, how are you feeling?" Jolty asked, shaking his sleepiness off as he curiously wondered about his thoughts after everything that went down.

"Better than ever, big stuff!" he replied with his stubby teeth glimmering out in a smile. Umbra felt relieved, and most importantly--loved. Everything from here on out was new to him, and he couldn't wait to take everything step by step with the Jolteon. He made his way outside of the tree, taking a few steps into the small grass as he scoured over the area, searching for an optimal route to take.

Within seconds, the electric type followed in his footsteps, looking over to try and help the Umbreon come to a conclusion. Before long, he looked over to the left, noticing a small bridge that towered over a small river that separated two main routes. "Umbra!" he said instantaneously, mind already made up. "We should go across the bridge and make our way in that direction!"

Umbra peered over the horizon, looking to see if there were any hazards to take note of in plain sight as he stood there, eventually giving a soft nod in agreement and some steps heading in that direction. "Jolty, I was wondering..." he muttered softly, keeping his walking pace constant as he spoke. "Is there anything special that two Pokemon do when they're...together?"

Jolty gave off a small chuckle, nuzzling himself against the side of Umbra's face as he picked up his speed, getting a bit ahead of the Umbreon. "Not for me! You're my short stuff, and nothing will change that! You don't have to do anything, just be yourself--Umbra." He stated bluntly, assuring the dark type of his feelings towards him.

The other Pokemon gave off a cheeky smile, trying his best to hide the blush that formed across his face from the electric type's response. Eventually, he couldn't handle how flustered he was, and the Umbreon stopped for a moment to cover his maw with his paw, only to involuntarily speak out in a short, monotone sound.

"MMMMM..." he blurted out accidentally, eyes closing from embarrassment.

Jolty turned around, only to nudge the Umbreon to keep moving; his maw wide open as he laughed from the Umbreon's expression. "So short stuff, having a hard time keeping it in? Do you need help letting it all out? MMMMM?" he stated, teasing the Umbreon. He wanted to mess with him a bit, making sure the dark type knew he wasn't going to change anything about himself--even if they were together.

"Don't mock me!" Umbra replied with a growl, dashing forward to gain some ground at a faster rate than the Jolteon. He wasn't at any reckless pace, but it was fast enough to give him the upper hand. The electric type noticed this and playfully started to power up, taking in energy as his paws swiftly rushed forward in a fast, soundless dash that sent Umbra right onto his butt. He stopped himself halfway through it just to snicker and turn around, walking back over to nudge the Umbreon.

"Too slow, Umbra!" he said, lending his paw to help the dark type get back onto his four legs and right back into the swing of things. He gave the Umbreon a soft lick to his maw before turning around and heading back into the right direction.

The dark type wanted to explode in a feisty rampage after what the Jolteon just did, however that sudden lick got him all riled up in the most awkward of ways. His feistiness was mixed with love which caused him to feel weird, and he ended up just clearing his head and forgetting it ever happened.

They walked a good distance away from their rest area, enough to prevent the two from turning back in case it got dark anytime soon; however something was troubling the dark type. He looked over to the side, thinking about the area they slept, when something occurred to him. "Hey, big stuff..." Umbra said with uncertainty in his voice. "What about all of the fruits we left back at the tree? Should we try and go back?"

Jolty didn't stop walking as Umbra finished speaking, instead keeping a good pace and a positive attitude as they continued on. "No need to! If anything, we can get some more fruits...together." he stated with a warm smile. Over time the electric type learned how to warm up to the Umbreon when it came to the more intimate side of the relationship, however it wasn't in his nature to fully understand and comprehend all that there was to romance. Umbra on the other hand was the opposite; he knew just what to say in the moments when romance was needed, however the more intimate side of things always gave him trouble--always blushing and unable to speak his mind. They didn't realize it yet, but their opposing differences were what slowly brought them together.

They walked a greater distance away from the starting position, and eventually they reached a new, wetter terrain. It was muggy, and the dirt was moist from the rain that just showered down recently before their arrival. They started to wonder why no signs of any other Pokemon were shown around, however it was brushed off as they focused on their own idle discussions between the two. They could see something slowly come into the distance, but before they paid any close attention to it, the Umbreon tripped over something on the wet surface, landing face first into the mud.

"Hah! Looks like someone needs to wash off, huh short stuff?" Jolty smirked, teasing the Umbreon as he helped him up. He noticed that there was a large rock behind the dark type, figuring that was what caused him to fall. "Gotta be more careful, especially if there's rocks that big!"

The Umbreon slowly got up from the rubble and grimy texture of the mud, slowly pulling himself up and shaking off all of the materials that dirtied him up, looking over to spot the object that he tripped over, putting his paw to his face as he looked back at Jolty. "It's a stone, Jolty."

"Nope, that's a rock!" Jolty insisted almost immediately.

"It doesn't really matter, let's keep going--stone head!" the dark type replied back. He walked a few more steps, before suddenly he heard the Jolteon mumble under his breath: "Rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock..." which caused the Umbreon to paw the electric type in the face, slowly giving him a soft slap across his cheek. "Go be dumb somewhere else!" Umbra said, smiling as he yelled at the Pokemon.

Within a few short moments, they spied upon a town coming up from the distance. Something seemed off about this one, but the dark type assured him that it was a town based off of the buildings that caught the corner of his eye. Without any discussion, they headed towards the town up ahead. For some strange reason, neither of them were aware of a town coming up, and with no Pokemon in sight--it seemed a bit odd for a town to be close by. At one point Umbra almost had a spark of worry that showered over him, but was quickly relieved of it with Jolty's warmth as the electric type gave him a warm nuzzle from the side. With the motivation now burning up inside him, they both dashed towards the town.