Vatch's Big Stick

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CONTAINS SPOILERS TO DRAGON IN THE DUNGEON 10! Do not read if you care about such things! If you haven't read Dragon in the Dungeon by the amazing Of the Wilds, you can read it from the beginning here: Warning: contains lots of sex and lots of emotions. Now, the one thing that was seriously missing from the series was a little action for poor Vatchy (who is best character), so I decided to give him a little scene that mirrors Alia's first interaction with Valyrym, way back in DitD1. I hope you enjoy this silly little scene.

Vatch paused on his descent down the long, narrow stone staircase. A strange mixture of dread and excitement mingled in the diminutive urd'thin. Since Alia Silverrain had been banished from the dungeons, it had fallen to him to act as warden to the great beast that lived below the city of Illandra. That creature was Valyrym, the old dragon who had been imprisoned longer than the urd'thin had been alive. It had made the dragon quite grumpy, but now there was an urd'thin to control him, to tame him.

Tame him. Vatch grinned a toothy smile, his long ears perking up. He liked the sound of that. Vatch the dragon tamer. No. Chief dragon tamer. So long as Alia was away, he answered to no one, not even the dragon. Vatch tell them what to do!

With renewed vigour, the urd'thin bounded down the stairs. He still took care not to tumble down the ancient and at-times crumbling stonework but there was a confident bounce in his step now.

Once he reached the bottom of the stairs he was faced with a heavy set of doors, usually kept open for ease of access. It wasn't like their prisoner had any way of getting out through them. Poking his head through the doors, Vatch searched for his ward. There was no sign of him. Lazy thing was probably still asleep.

Vatch paced into the massive dungeon the dragon called home. Like he did every time he gazed in awe at the intricate carvings the dragon had made in his many years of imprisonment. The urd'thin had spent a lot of time studying them, learning the story and the history of Valyrym. And speaking of Valyrym, the dragon emerged from his sleeping chamber, yawning wide and showing all his teeth.

"What're you doing here?" Valyrym rumbled, glaring down at the little urd'thin.

"Vatch dragon tamer now. Chief dragon tamer. Dragon must listen to Vatch now," the urd'thin proudly declared, showing no fear to the dragon's intimidating glare.

"Tamer?" Valyrym snorted, swatting at the urd'thin with his tail, who ducked the sleepy swipe. "Who made you a dragon tamer?"

"Chief dragon tamer," Vatch corrected with a bright smile, cautiously patting the dragon's tail spines. "And Vatch did. Vatch thought, he be in charge. No one better."

Valyrym scoffed. "We'll see about that," he said as he turned away, slowly trudging towards the far end of his prison. "Did you bring breakfast?"

Vatch hurried to chase after the dragon, his ears flopping against his head. "Vatch did not. Kaylen bring later. Vatch attend to dragon first."

"Attend? I do not need attending, little rodent," the dragon said, dismissing the urd'thin's words with a derisive snort.

"No no. Is what tamer does, yes? Alia attend to dragon. Vatch attend to dragon," the urd'thin said, not to be deterred by Valyrym.

Valyrym stared at the urd'thin, mouth slightly agape. He shook his head and turned away again, heading towards his bath. Vatch jogged beside him in momentary silence, a wide grin spreading from ear to ear.

The bath was an ingenious invention of Alia's, a deep basin able to be filled with more than enough hot water to comfortably bath a dragon. Ignoring the urd'thin, Valyrym set to work at filling the bath, growling and pinning his ears back in embarrassment as he poured in the scented soaps he claimed to detest.

"Not a word," Valyrym snarled.

Vatch giggled, holding his hand over his heart. "Vatch keep secret. Maybe tell Kaylen. Or Enric."

"Don't you dare, rodent. Or else I'll throw you in," Valyrym snarled, gesturing at the filling tub of soapy water.

Vatch stuck his tongue out and gagged. "Dragon probably want that. He want to see Vatch wet."

"I do not," Valyrym cried indignantly, flaring his wings and stamping his hind feet on the dusty floor. Then he growled, realizing just how easily he had let the little urd'thin get under his scales. He slowly eased his old and weary frame into the tub, sighing as the hot water soothed his various aches and pains he had picked up over the long years of his life. He glared down at the urd'thin. "Are you just going to stand there with that silly grin or are you going to... 'attend'... to me?"

Vatch grinned as he started to loosen his shirt as the dragon watched, a look of confusion on his scaled face. It was only when the urd'thin started to strip of his pants that Valyrym raised a paw in protest. "Uh, you don't need to do that now."

"Vatch do right. Like Alia, but better," the urd'thin said brightly, his grin getting wider and spreading almost from ear to ear.

Valyrym splashed back, retreating to the far corner of his tub. Several waves of water spilled over the side, splashing against the dusty stone floor.

The urd'thin responded with an angry chitter. "Dragon be careful or Vatch no have dry clothes," he said, wagging a disapproving finger at the dragon, who snarled.

"This was your plan all along wasn't it, little rat?"

Vatch shrugged. "Alia bath dragon on first day. Is part of job, yes?"

Valyrym had no answer, mutely watching the urd'thin threw aside his pants and clambered up the side of the tub, leaping into the water with a gentle splash. He resurfaced looking almost half the size, his fur plastered tight to his body. The sight was so ridiculous the dragon had to laugh, more so as the urd'thin lifted himself partially out the water to reach for the bundle of rags he had discarded on the edge of the tub.

"Is that all you've got?" Valyrym said, before roaring out with laughter at the size of the poor urd'thin's... grapes. No, not even that big. Just two little orbs surrounded by brown fur darkened by the water, plastered against his sheath and pitiful balls, exaggerating just how small they really were.

Vatch replied by throwing a small brush at the dragon, catching him on the snout and making him yelp in pain. "Vatch kick dragon if must."

The threat worked, and Valyrym fell into sulking silence as the urd'thin waded across and started to studiously rub clean the dragon's dirtied scales. Valyrym had to admit Vatch was thorough, taking his time with each scale until they glistened with as much lustre as his advancing age could allow. He allowed himself to relax, only moving when the urd'thin requested so he could reach some other part of his body. His mind drifted as he closed his eyes, at some point turning onto his back and leaning against the tub wall. He thought back to that fateful day, how long ago was it now? It felt both a lifetime ago and yet only yesterday since Alia had walked into his life. She had brought him nothing but pleasure ever since, in more ways than one.

He felt his sheath stirring as her hands gently cleaned his balls, tenderly rubbing them with her cloth, dipping it into the soapy water every now and then. "Oh, Alia," he moaned at her careful touch. The distinctly un-feminine giggle made his snap his eyes open in shock.

"Vatch not Alia," the urd'thin said with a chuckle, tenderly squeezing the dragon's prodigious sack.

"No, what are you hhuuuuuuhhhh oh fuck," Valyrym groaned as the urd'thin moved his wet hands to his exposed tip. Slowly Vatch massaged the tapered tip of the dragon's cock, his hands sure and precise. Slowly he grew, his cock emerging from his sheath in response to the skilled attention it was receiving. "Oh fuck Vatch, don't stop."

"Dragon have big stick," the urd'thin said in awe, slowly easing his hands down the dragon's cock, taking particular care to rub against the thick ridges, causing Valyrym to throw his head back and growl in pleasure.

Valyrym's leg twitched as the urd'thin ran his small hands over his cock, rubbing over his ridges to create an immobilising effect. "You've... uhn... done this before?"

Vatch grinned. "Alia tell Vatch everything," he said, pressing down a little on one of the ridges to extract a long, drawn out moan from the dragon. The little urd'thin knew he had Valyrym completely under his control now, his fingers able to create any manner of reactions from the much larger creature.

Still with both hands on the dragon's cock, Vatch shifted to straddle the large spear, gently resting his bare rump on the soft, almost velvety skin of Valyrym's balls. The dragon bucked his hips a few times, making Vatch bounce a little on the hefty sack. Lowering his head, Vatch ran his tongue over the tapered tip of the thick red cock, tasting the slight saltiness of the dragon's pre.

The urd'thin's erect cock, dwarfed in size by the thick spear in front of him but big enough for his own diminutive size, rubbed against Valyrym's, adding to the dragon's arousal. His finely tapered shaft teased the dragon's ridges, allowing his hands and mouth to give their full attention to the pointed tip.

"Oh fuck," the dragon growled, throwing his head back and clenching his jaw. The urd'thin's fur was something new, a slight ticklish feeling as it rubbed against his sensitive flesh, causing his toes to curl in on themselves. The dragon was glad Alia wasn't here to see him, so vulnerable and cowed to the little urd'thin. He huffed, doing his best to restrain any un-dragonly noises he knew Vatch would tease him mercilessly about, but as the urd'thin lowered his muzzle properly onto his tip, he could help but whimper out in need.

Vatch's thighs squeezed against Valyrym's hefty orbs, starting to rub against them, sending the dragon mad with lust and need. He couldn't help but thrust his cock upwards into the urd'thin's waiting muzzle, barely fitting in more than his flared tip in before Vatch spluttered and tried to pull back. Keeping a paw on the back of Vatch's head to stop him pulling away completely, Valyrym restrained himself to allow the urd'thin to bob up and down at his own pace.

The urd'thin's tongue flicked back and forth at a rapid pace, teasing and tantalising the dragon's sensitive tip as he swallowed down spurt after spurt of dragon pre. His hands rubbed and gently squeezed every last inch of the large cock. Valyrym twitched and shuddered, and through his thighs Vatch could feel the dragon's balls tighten.

"Good dragon," Vatch murmured around the tensing cock, dragon's paw preventing him from pulling back any more. He grinned, eagerly anticipating the climax, but was almost thrown from his perch by the sheer force of Valyrym's first eruption of cum. His muzzle was quickly filled with the thick and potent release of seed, swallowing down what little he could, but most spilling over his jaw and getting caught in his coffee-coloured fur.

Forcing his way free of Valyrym's holding paw, most of the second spurt of cum coted Vatch's chest and head, before he gently aimed the dragon's pulsing cock away from his body, letting the remaining fall on Valyrym's scaled chest.

As the dragon panted, Vatch slowed down his strokes, letting Valyrym squirm a little from his over-sensitive cock. After teasing him for a few seconds a slipped back down into the water, retrieving his dropped cloth and splashing Valyrym's scaled chest, giving him another quick rub down to clean off the lingering cum.

"See?" Vatch said with a grin, drops of cum still caught in his face fuzz. "Vatch tolded dragon. Vatch real dragon tamer."

The most response Valyrym was able to give was a low moan, unable to form any words, his mind still a blank from bliss. His hind leg twitched gently as Vatch rubbed his chest clean again. He slowly opened one eye, looking down on the urd'thin as he worked.

"You know what," he rumbled slowly. "I think you can stay."