The Power of the Mind (Thoughts)

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"Don't forget, homework is due at the beginning of class tomorrow.

_Fuck _Leonard thought silently as he trudged through the same path he took everyday to get to his locker. Routine is one of the only nice part about his day. He knew that this wasn't going to change. Everything else does, but that's just a fact of life. The air changes, the time changes, people change. All just one repeating cycle that refuses to cease. But this routine was Leonard's favorite part of the day. Open his locker, put everything in his backpack, take backpack, go to bus, go home. Unfortunately for him, even this changes.

Leonard pulled out his phone to see if he had any messages. He had only one that read: I'll be picking you up from school today. It might be awhile. It was from his mom. _Well isn't this just fantastic, _Leonard thought bitterly. So Leonard diverted his normal routine to fit his new schedule and headed to the front of the school where he would wait for his mom.

With a dying phone and no desire to read the Odyssey, Leonard decided to relax and contemplate, as he usually did in his free time. Millions of tiny ideas started to flood in to his mind immediately. So many ideas, and he hadn't had the slightest idea of where to begin. Finally his mind grabbed ahold of an idea. Why am I different from everyone else? He had no idea how to answer this one in the slightest. After several minutes of debating whether it was his social anxiety or the way he dresses or even the way he talked, he settled upon the idea that it was because he was not afraid to be him and let that show. Everyone else disguises who they are by hiding behind flashy clothes and expensive and utterly useless objects that bring no benefit to the owner. Leonard was nowhere close to being rich, so he knew that he would have to get by by using jokes and other methods. On to the next idea...

Thia one jumped at him immediately and it was about death and acceptance of death. Leonard knew that he would one day die just like everyone else, so there is no point in fearing it. However, what if it happened to him tonight or tomorrow? So Leonard pulled out a paper from his black notebook and grabbed a pencil from nearby. The first words he jotted on the top were:

My acceptance of life and death

Now that he had his title, he could move on:

If I were to die tonight, I would regret holding my tongue.

So many words go unspoken because I cannot bring myself to say them.

If I die, my inner self never lives to see the light of the sun

Life is the only shot of finding happiness I'll ever get, so I must make the most of it.

Anything is possible, including living past 100 or dying in a matter of nanoseconds.

If I die, I hope my unspoken words see the light of day so someone can carry on the memory of my existence.

Existence itself could end in a flash, so life is a once in a lifetime experience, so I will make of it what I can.

If I fuck up, which I will because I'm flawed, I must apologize for whatever I may have done.

Leonard was about to start on his next idea, when he noticed a familiar red car pull up.

This one isn't nearly long as the other one, but I think it serves it's purpose. The time gaps between each story will vary because I have to work it in to my schedule with school work. Regardless I hope you enjoy reading this ridiculously short page in Leonard's story. I apologize for grammar errors and other things because autocorrect does mysterious things that you wouldn't even believe.