A fox's struggle - 01 - The missing link

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1 of A fox's struggle Has been a long time since I have written anything, so I'm starting fresh.

Hope you all like it.

"The missing link."

"For almost 100 years scientists went looking for the link from one point of evolution to another. Little did they know, that there ware no missing links, just natural part of evolution in which certain dominant genes mix to create a new species on the evolutionary chain. Those dominant genes..."

"Pay attention everyone!... Good"

"Those dominant genes became the basic blueprint for that stage of human evolution and as those genes were passed on the previous stage slowly became extinct. Can anyone tell me why? Anyone? come on people i basically just gave you the answer."

The Lynx sighed. "Think of the genetic code like computer code, when someone finds a more efficient way of executing a command, they upload a patch that replaces one string of code with another. In the very same way, when Neanderthal man and Homo(*sigh*grow up kids)-sapiens interbred, the genes from both species took up the same space in the genetic code and the much more dominant Homosapien genes won."

"While we generally still have some remaining strains of Neanderthal DNA in us, with each interbreeding of Homosapien and Neanderthal man meant that the species with the less dominant genes just died out. Now this was not the first nor the last time this happened in our evolution, which brings me to modern day humans and our evolution from Homosapien to Homomorphus."

"In the mid 21st century another phase of rapid evolution occurred in which humans started being born with animal physical attributes and likenesses that we all see as normal today. This fascinated scientists and struck fear into the followers of the now extinct religion... um."

The lynx quickly checked his notes. "Sorry religions. Catholicism, Christianity and various offshoots, who believed that these new physical appearances and superior immune system was the work of some evil force known as saetaan."

A mouse put up his hand and without waiting to be noticed by the lynx asked "Wasn't that when the last great war started?".

The Lynx nodded, a slight smile crept onto his face. Atleast one of his students was actually listening.

"That's correct Toby, in the mid 21st century the last great war, also known as world war three or the creationist war was started when the leader of the roman church decreed that it was not a step of evolutionary nonsense but the work of evil. This church who previously also considered science evil at the time, started using scientific methods to find not only those with active Homomorphus genes but also those with the dormant genes and attempted to eradicate them."

"This single act, performed by one man, started the most horrific and bloody war the earth had ever seen. Some religions who were opposed to this church for hundreds of years joined the cause, others saw this new step in evolution as the next step closer to their god or gods. Entire countries turned on each other, governments turned on their people, people waged war on their governments, for almost 10 years people fought and killed each other based on the results of a simple genetic test."

"That was until one day when news came out that half the people in control of all this hatred and destruction had either a dormant or fully active strain of the Homomorphus genetic code. Nine years and 7 months of fighting and murder and then within 5 months an entire religion structure collapsed and the world had peace."

"Within 160 years the last homosapien died, not because of war or hatred, but because with each interbreeding, the number of homosapiens shrank. Now there are stories of pre-morphus humans in... *snore* ehem pre-morph... *snore* ... serious again?" The lynx huffed and walked up the the front row of the class and bent forward, his now quite agitated face only 6 inches from that of one of his students.

Jay, a blue fox of 15 years sat slumped in his seat, elbow on the table and fist supporting his head as he dozed. He never really paid attention in history but if he wasn't up half the night with a friend playing games he might have been able to stay awake, maybe or atleast alert enough to notice his teacher standing so close.

What a great kisser, he's hot but he's never liked me before, it's like a dream, wait... dream? Wasn't I at school? Why is it so quiet all up a sudden?

The fox heard a girl giggle from behind him, shifting a little in his seat he realised his eyes were closed and he'd probably fallen asleep. "Why is that lynx so boring?" he whispered to his friend beside him, at least he thought he whispered.

"You may find the class boring MR VULPES" Jays' eyes shot open to the image of the very unimpressed face of his teacher. The least you could do is stay awake in my class and pretend to show some sort of interest in your education." The class around him burst out in laughter which became a deafening silence when only half awake and a mind still full of his slumber fantasy, Jay asked "Are you gonna kiss me next?"

The only audible sound was the slow grinding of the lynx's teeth, before he took a deep slow breath. "Stand outside the door until the bell rings, then see me after class, understood Mr Vulpes?". Jay folded his ears against his skull and just nodded before sluggishly grabbing his bag and making his way out of the room to the laughter and jeers of his classmates.

For 15 minutes Jay stood outside the classroom listening to music on his phone. The bell signalling lunch chimed away as his classmates left the room, a bull dog from his class giving him a light shove on his way past "Time to go get your kiss romeo", Jay rolled his eyes, giving the dog the finger as he turned and made his way back into the classroom. The scolding went pretty quick, Jay wasn't really listening but phases like 'work ethic', 'nose to the grindstone' and 'serious study required' were yelled in his general direction.

His friends were waiting in the hallway as they usually did, Andy a 15 year old beagle playing his latest game on his GamePup console and Sean a 16 year old lion with a bleach blond mane, leaning against the wall grinning like only he can "Staying after school again?". Jay smirked, holding up the pink slip of paper "Yeah cleaning the boys toilets again. What are you so happy about?".

Andy looked up for a brief second before continuing with his game "He took bets last week on which class you would fall asleep in, why'd you think he had you up playing games all night?".

The grin on the lions face seemed to grow wider "Made a packet too, here's your cut" offering a few folded notes to the fox.

The foxes left ear twitched before snatching the money from the lion "Thanks alot jerk".