An Adventure in Scufitania

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1 of An Adventure in Scufitania A teaser of my upcoming mini series.

A long time ago there was a city called Pilrough, this was the city or peace and harmony. A city created to bring the five main groups of life together. The Dragons, Felines, Canines, Avians, and Humans.

For a while Pilrough was the center of everything, it held the leaders base of the five main groups, it held the biggest library full of the history of Scufotania, and a museum that housed fine arts. It looked like all was going right for about a thousand years, that was until David and his brother Troy, sons of the king Yan, were blessed with the gift of magic by the divine.

Troy decided to use his magic to help progress with life in the city, while David became greedy with power. He believed that he was given this gift to rise above the rest, and rule them as their leader. Once Troy found out about his brothers plans he confronted him and tried to persuade him not to go through with it. David wouldn't listen so Troy had no alternative but to freeze David in a crystal.

Once the Divine found out about this treason they set out to destroy the city of Pilrough and divide all of those who lived in it. The Dragons took the towering mountains to the north, the Felines took the hot desert to the south, the Canines took the dark forests to the east, and the Avians took the green meadows to the west. Leaving the Humans to kind of just wonder not really having a place to call their own.

Humans slowly became an endangered species due to the fact that everyone blamed the humans for disrupting the peace. Not many Humans can be found anymore, they travel in small groups no bigger than 15. They have a few small settlements here and there, but no real capital or central government.

Two hundred thousand years later after the Great Divide, almost everyone living now don't remember what happened so many moons ago. Life has adapted to the divided way things became. All five groups of life keep to themselves for the most part. There is a war here and there over land, but nothing to drastic that included all five groups of life.

A small human by the name of Tyler, or TY as most of his friends called him, stumbled upon the ruins of Pilrough. He was in amazement and horror when he realized where he was, for the humans alone made sure to pass down the tale Troy and David in hopes that history would never repeat it's self.

Unknowingly Tyler breaks the seal that is holding David awakening him from his deep sleep. Now that David is awake he vows to take his vengeance on all things living. He is not going to stop till he is the one true ruler. Quickly sweet talking the Humans into believing that he was being framed and that it was the will of the Divine for Humans to rule over the "Animals" he quickly builds an army claiming Pilrough as the new capital for mankind.

Tyler and a small group of humans don't fall for his lies and head out to warn the other four groups of life of the danger that has awoken. Will they succeed in bringing those who are divided back together and triumph over evil, or is Scufotania doomed? Find out in this mini series "An Adventure in Scufitania"