Cumming for the Win

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12 of Stuff I've Commissioned Poor Derek... always getting into trouble.

Written by FA: joshiah

Cumming for the Win by Joshiah The summer months were just starting to come to a close in August, but summer heat still permeated the air, and hot, exhausted bodies were still dripping with sweat on football fields the nation over. "DOWN!" The coach shouted loud enough that his voice could be heard in the neighborhoods surrounding Crystal Lake College with ease. His voice carried surprisingly well at this time of year; there had already been two whole months of practices, sometimes as many as three a day, and today was no exception to that rule. All of his players dropped to the ground in an instant at the command, the ground shaking with the sudden THUD of sixty padded chests slamming to the ground. Immediately, each player stood up again as quickly as they could, chopping their footpaws against the grass and running in place as quickly as they could. "DOWN!" The coach yelled out again, his voice just barely piercing through the sound of wheezing from the exhausted lungs of his players. Bodies hit the ground again as if there were a powerful gust of wind that had knocked them all over, and once again, shot right back up, but the pace of their legs was inevitably slowing. Nearing the end of their third practice that day, every player on the field had been pushed to a physical and mental limit that they might have to break, just to survive to the next water break.  Tweeeeeeeeet! There was no further "down," but the sound of sweet, glorious relief as the coach finally blew his whistle and the players stopped. Many of them dropped down to their knees or fell right over onto their stomachs, trying not to give into the overwhelming urge to coat the field in their dinner. "That's enough, sun's going down awful fast! Good practice, fellas! Get a drink, get cleaned up and get plenty of rest, because we're doing another two practices tomorrow!" There was a collective groan at the thought of ever practicing football again, much less doing two more practices the next day, but this was what the young men had signed up for, and with the season opener only a couple weeks away, the coach wanted to be absolutely sure that his team was ready for the challenge. One of the few furs that hadn't immediately collapsed after the end of the drill was a raccoon of intimidating stature, and a player that was generating a lot of buzz around Crystal Lake College. Derek Williams was his name, and though he had the appearance of any other raccoon, with a dark, black-gray mask around his eyes, rings upon his tail, and an underbelly of soft white, there was plenty enough else to distinguish him from a crowd. He stood a tall six feet and one inch, and his body was a proud 204 pounds of solid, trained muscle. He wore the dog tags of his father around his neck at all times, and whenever he wasn't at football practice, he could often be found in his football pants regardless. He lived for the game, and he couldn't imagine anything more exciting than the upcoming game against Silver Springs.   "Derek, you swinging by my place for the party after practice? It's gonna be insane! said Seth, a friend of Derek's and a lion who was just as eager to play football, but perhaps even more eager to live the party lifestyle that he'd been promised since he'd gotten to college. Derek un-clipped his helmet and tossed it to the ground, a fine, misty spray of sweat cascading into the air as he did. "No thanks, dude. I'm beat from this practice as it is. I'm probably gonna go grab a snack from the Quick Stop and go home to get some sleep, honestly." "You're missing out, dude," Seth groaned, but he'd come to expect such an answer from Derek. "When we're in the off season this year, you've gotta make it by for one of my legendary parties." "Maybe over winter break or something," Derek replied. "I don't really feel like risking a game because I got caught face down, passed out at some party." Seth shrugged his shoulders, but offered his paw for a high five, which Derek gladly obliged. "Whatever works for you, dude. Just remember to make time for yourself so you don't go crazy and crack under all the pressure," he reminded the raccoon. "Solid practice, man. I'll see you tomorrow."   Seth already had his jersey and shoulder pads off, and was carrying them off the field with almost every other one of his teammates. The blocking sled had already been put away, almost all of the pads and equipment had been picked up, and the coaches were already on the way back to their cars. Just like that, it was just Derek and a football field, just the way he liked it. There was a solace that he found by standing alone at the 50 yard line that he just couldn't find anywhere else in life. It was like a perfect moment that couldn't be interrupted by the stress of classes, the physical beatings of practice, or his decisions to miss out on having a little fun. It was almost always peaceful.Almost always. The setting sun over the horizon created a swirling glow of blue against the clouds, looking like a smear of abstract paint against a background of brilliant fuchsia and orange. The colors, as bright and lovely as they were, were starting to fade with the sun as it sunk down below the neighborhood that Derek grew up in, and the dorms that he now resided in. Without the lights to illuminate the field at night, it grew dark quickly, and before too long, Derek was having trouble seeing the lines of chalk that painted the yardage markers on the field. Figuring that he'd already enjoyed his moment of privacy in the field, Derek started to pick up his helmet and his pads, but before his paw came to rest on the facemask and grab it, a small beam of light from up in the sky surrounded the black fur upon his wrist.   With a start, Derek threw his head up to the sky and widened his curious blue eyes in shock, as some sort of a flying vehicle was hovering right over the field. It was so quiet in motion that he hadn't even noticed it creeping up on him, and he could just barely discern the shape of it in the night sky. It was like a submarine that was floating in the air above him, and the tractor beam that was growing around his wrist, slowly encompassing the whole of his form, was right out of the bad UFO movies that he'd seen as a child. Those movies suddenly felt terrifying to Derek, as his footpaws came free from the ground, and his whole body started to float upward. "What in the hell?! no no no no! This is bad! Put me down!" Derek cried out to no avail, as the beam slowly drew him up into the unusually shaped ship. He tried to make himself as heavy as possible, but the beam was precise, and only focused on his body, leaving his helmet and pads to sit on the cool grass as he floated away. He could see inside of the ship, just enough to make out that he was being pulled into a room, but seeing four walls of white didn't make him feel any more comfortable about the fact that he was being abducted.   "This can't be happening...this just can't be real!" Derek tried to rationalize, quietly hoping that he'd just gotten a concussion at practice that day and that he was imagining things. It was a hopeful thought, but the situation quickly became hopeless as the beam brought the raccoon to settle inside of the ship, and the bright, golden light faded away...replaced by a light that looked as ordinary as the fluorescent bulbs that lit the hallways in his dorm. The hatch that allowed him into the ship fully closed, and though he couldn't feel the ship moving around him properly, Derek knew that they were clear of the field within seconds. The room would have been as normal as could be; four white walls, a gray floor, and a ceiling with relatively bland looking lights upon it...all completely normal, save for the two aliens that stood around a doorway to Derek's right. Just from the shock of the moment, Derek found himself growing woozy, and the room started to spin as he completely blacked out, under the guise of terrifying, inhuman laughter.   ** Derek had no idea how long he'd been asleep. He didn't feel like it had been a terribly long time, but when his eyes finally opened, he was able to see a window, and the first thing he did was glance out of it, hoping and praying to see that he'd just blacked out at practice, and somehow, he'd be back in his dorm room. All he could see, literally out to the horizon, was dusty, red rocks and fields. "Welcome to your new home, Earthling," came a voice that was slick and slippery, as if it were dripping with saliva. "You look like a very healthy ssssspecimen. I'm ssssure that you'll be able to ssssstart working right away!" Derek was loathe to turn to his side, but he had to look sooner or later. With a nervous gulp, he glanced over his right shoulder and was face to face with a long, serpentine creature, easily spanning 14 feet from tail to head, and coated in large, smooth, glistening scales. A pair of arms sprouted out unnaturally from the upper middle portion of the torso, and the head crested down and flat, just like that of a lizard. Everything about the aliens was reptilian in nature, and the bright, burning red irises of their eyes was downright terrifying. Derek froze in fear as one of the creatures slithered closer to him and gripped him by the biceps. Despite his impressive strength, Derek found himself just outmatched by the creature, as it caught him off guard. "Yessssss...a strong, good looking'll be a perfect addition to the tank room!"   "T-The tank room?!" Derek yelled, his sense of panic growing by the second as the other alien came closer, grabbing Derek by the shoulders and keeping him completely subdued. "What's the tank room, and who are you?" "Yesssss...the tank room will be perfect!" said the first alien, pulling Derek forward with an inhuman strength and a lustful haste. The size of the fangs that the aliens sported and the saliva that dripped down from them almost like a venom was enough to leave Derek petrified, sure that he was going to be eaten. He wasn't always described as the smartest player on the team, but even he could figure out that these aliens meant to make a meal of him. For once, he'd be glad that he was wrong, but perhaps, his fate would be even worse than consumption. "ANSWER ME!" Derek demanded, but it was all for naught. The ship was well out of the range of the neighborhood by then, and even if it were hovering right overhead, no one on the surface would be able to hear his cries through the solid alloy that made up the exterior of the ship. He was completely trapped, and despite his survival instincts trying to assure him that there had to be a way out, he was slowly coming to accept his fate that whatever was going to happen, was indeed going to happen. Trying to save his strength for a possible escape later, Derek stopped resisting his captors and let them tug him out of the room he'd been brought into. The entire ship was filled with bright, piercing white lights, so intense that Derek had to squint to see in every room they took him to. They carried him through hallways that just seemed to be for nothing more than empty foot traffic, but Derek thought he could see windows on some of the walls, as if there were rooms all around him designed for observation. He couldn't make them out clearly enough to be sure, but he thought he saw massive cylinders in one of the rooms, easily large enough to hold a fully grown adult.   Getting dragged one room further, into a hallway full of the same cylinders that he could now see a bit more clearly, Derek felt a chill run down the length of his spine, all the way into his footpaws. They were filled with people. "Enjoy your new ressssssidence..." the second alien said, as he gestured with one of his misshapen arms toward an empty cylinder. On either side of the cylinder, and all around the room, Derek could see matching tubes that already held different species; there were foxes, wolves, lions, bears, horses and deer alike...and all of them were hooked up to wires and suction tubes inside of their cylinders. Curiously, it was only males, and Derek took quick notice of the fact that each male had a long, black hose over their member, undulating and squirming over the covered organs. "You will provide usssss with your ssssseed, earthling, or you will ssssssuffer a fate worsssssse than death!" Derek was completely bewildered, past the point of further resistance. He was in a state of total mental shock, so much to the point that he didn't even fight back as the first alien shoved him into the open cylinder before him. He still couldn't believe what he was seeing, and everything was happening to him so fast that even if he'd seen his fate, he felt like he didn't know what to expect next.  Will there be needles? Are they going to stab me with something? Are they...are they going to force it out of me? he shrieked in mental panic, his body resting helplessly against the cool glass of the cylinder as the aliens closed the door in front of him. They watched with sickening, disgusting grins as wires and tubes descended down from the ceiling, like a nest of snakes that was simply dying to fall upon Derek and take a succulent bite of his flesh. He shivered in place, shuddering with fear as tubes came to rest on his chest, his arms, and one latched onto the back of his head. He felt the tiniest sensation of burning in the back of his skull, and suddenly, it was as if all of the fear that he felt was wiped away in an instant. "Our technology will find your innermosssst, deepesssst will ssssssuccumb to ussss...whether you like it or not!" While the tubes on his arms and chest were nothing more than medical equipment to monitor Derek and assure that he was still alive, the tube in the back of his head was slowly scanning his brain, looking for the way to most easily hypnotize the poor raccoon into his fate. With as simple a mind as Derek had, it didn't take much for the machine to find exactly what it wanted.   It was then that the world around Derek faded away from his vision, and the voices started echoing in his head. "Another sample...we need another sample! You're not gonna make this team if you don't give us another sample!"Coach...? Derek couldn't remember where he was anymore, and he couldn't remember how he got there. He could only see the drug-induced illusion that told him he was tied down to a table, naked, and offering up all of the seed that his body could offer into a long, black tube. "You want to make the team proud, right?" "Y-yes...of course I do..." "You wanna be a winner?" "Yes!" There was something off about the whole experience. Derek knew that it didn't make any sense for his sex life to be seeping into his football life and his drive for success. The two things never really meshed, and Derek might have figured out what was going on, if not for the groggy sensation that refused to leave his mind. His focus was elsewhere, anyway.So feels so good...I just wanna cum right now...I...I need to cum!   "DO IT!" The fact that his coach would have known that Derek was so close to an orgasm didn't make any sense either, but Derek was past the point of trying to understand his new reality. Instead, he was welcoming it, and the long, black hose on his stiff, thickened cock suctioned hard around his flesh, clamping down near the base of his shaft and sucking so hard that Derek could literally feel the semen being milked from the tip, even before it was ready to spurt out. Long, thick ropes of the white, sticky mess filled the tube, over and over again as Derek bucked his hips helplessly and his sack contracted, trying to force out as much of the pilfered seed as possible. A small, rubberized tip slipped out from the tube, tickling Derek's sack just perfectly between each of his testicles to milk out one last burst of his stuff, before Derek was left panting, his forehead dripping sweat, and his body seemingly drained. "Adminisssssster the performance enhancer..." Once again, there were voices on the outside of the cylinder, coming from the aliens that held Derek captive, but he'd already forgotten about them. They barely even registered in his mind, and they continued to fade further and further away from his cares as a tube dropped down once more from the ceiling. This one was a little bit different, however, and it probed Derek's muzzle gently, like a growing member begging to take solace in the warmth of his mouth. The only thing Derek had to hear was 'performance enhancers,' thinking that whatever was being done to him, it would help him succeed in football.   He wanted to be the best. He wanted to win. Without a moment of resistance, Derek took the tube into his maw and gulped around it, more than happy to swallow down whatever the performance enhancer was. He had no idea what it would do to his body, but he was far past worrying about consequences in the future; he wanted victory in the here and now, and was willing to do anything to achieve that. He was even disappointed when he didn't feel an immediate boost of strength or a rush of endorphins, but he did feel a rush of a different kind, shooting through his lower abdomen and down into his crotch. "I'm...I'm hard again? Already??" It was a shocking feeling to Derek, who had the typical endurance of an earthly male. He usually needed at least ten or so minutes to be ready for a second round, but now, just three minutes after his first climax, his cock sprung back to life, throbbing even harder than it had before, each and every vein bulging to surface. He was ready to go again, and he didn't have the slightest clue how it happened, nor did he have any desire to question it. Whatever he'd ingested made sure of that.   "...And...I need to cum" On the outside of the tank, the aliens knew everything. "Lookssssss like he sssssstill hasssssn't figured it out..." Every tube around Derek was filled with an animal from earth, hooked up to a series of tubes and wires just like he was, and yet, none of them knew that they were surrounded by their fellow earthlings. Each one was trapped in their own sexual fantasy, where they lived for nothing more than to climax endlessly, feeding the tubes with their seed until their bodies were completely drained, only to be filled with chemicals made specifically for the purpose of arousing them again, so they could repeat the process. It was a perfect plan, one that the aliens hatched a long time ago, all for the sake of pleasing their queen. Now, Derek was just another seed-bearing male to be harvested, but the queen took a special interest in him...she wanted to make his mental torture a bit more personal. "You want to win, right, earthling?" This voice was a bit more feminine than the others, but it still clearly wasn't a voice of any other earthling that Derek knew.   "That's all I want. I want it more than anything." "And you'd do anything to win?" There was no hesitation in Derek's response. "Yes." "Then you will feed your queen until your body has nothing left to give...if you ever want a chance to win...if you ever want a chance to even play ever again, you will give your queen all of the fertile seed that you have in your whole body!" Derek might have protested, if logic were still involved. It didn't make any sense to him that he was stiff again so suddenly, but that long, black hose, still coiled all the way over his cock and starting to move again, held true as a constant reminder that he had more to give. He watched as the tube started to stroke back and forth over his thick cock like a masturbatory sleeve, revealing the soft pink color of his manhood, only to engulf it again, soaking it in a slick mess lubricating juices and preparing the raccoon for another orgasm. It seemed only courteous to try and hold out for the lover that he still couldn't see, but Derek knew what was expected of him, and holding out didn't seem to be in his best interests.   "If you want to win, kid, you know what you have to do..." Derek nodded, even if he wasn't sure that the source of the voice could see him. He didn't really care if they could, either. He was ready to submit to the will of anyone who could help him win, and while their methods didn't make any sense to him, he wasn't going to question it. Everything about it was so weird, so strange...but it all felt amazing, and somehow, the drugs made him believe that this process really would help him out on the field somehow. "Good boy..." The queen of the reptilian aliens could see everything she wanted to from her watchtower on the red planet, and she took a personal pleasure in watching Derek writhe around inside of his cylinder, completely bound by the wires and tubes within it now, different colored plastics wrapping around his body and keeping it in a compromised position as the tube over his cock starting pumping faster. Small tendrils within the tube started to flicker out and tickle over the very head of Derek's sensitive length, each one like the very tip of a wet, slick tongue, probing and begging him to give up his seed for the greater good. He didn't need the added motivation to reach his climax, but the stimulation coming from every direction was overwhelming, and before he'd even reached his current orgasm, the tube over his head probed into his maw again, pumping him full of more chemicals to keep his body going.   "Give in, earthling...give me everything...prove to me that you want to win!" The strange mixture of confusion, bliss and chemicals that flooded his body ended up creating the perfect solution in Derek, who desperately wanted to prove his drive to win to all of his superiors, even if it was in this unusual way. Feeling pleasure welling up from the bottom of his sack, even greater than before, Derek climaxed again, his moans muffled by the sound of chemicals pouring down his throat as he held the tube overhead in his maw, drinking in what he still thought was a performance enhancing substance. His eyes lidded over as the chemicals took a full hold on his body, and his cock burst once again, his cum pouring out from the very tip and soaking each of the tiny tendrils in his raccoon seed. Each tendril opened up, tiny holes within them absorbing as much of the thick, sticky fluid as they could get, all while still massaging and sliding over the head of Derek's cock, trying to keep his orgasm alive for as long as possible. They were rewarded for their efforts, as Derek felt his sack tensing up once more and pumping out more of the wet mess than he ever thought he could make, spurred on by the endless flow of chemicals that now perverted his body. The long, black hose was nearly filled with the overflowing amount of his yield, so much that it was actually bowing in the center from the weight of all the liquid. Still humping his hips against the hose as much as he could, Derek was sure that he'd proven his determination to win.   "Tsk tsk... Still not good enough, earthling. Obviously you don't want to win that badly..." Derek's eyes flew open wide at the voice in the back of his head. He couldn't believe that everything he'd given really wasn't enough to prove himself, but he didn't let it ruin his determination. He was being driven on far past what any mortal male should have been able to do, as his cock never even softened after the climax. His sack stayed tight and firm, and each of the lightly furred orbs within it churned as the chemicals flowed into them, rapidly increasing Derek's seminal production. It was mere seconds this time before the process started up again, and while he was starting to feel the sexual fatigue of too many orgasms too close together, Derek couldn't stop trying to give all that he had.I do wanna win...I want it more than anything! I'll do this all day if I have to! Hypnotized, bound, and pumped full of sexually enhancing drugs, Derek's drive to climax all day long was his way of unconsciously doing exactly what the aliens wanted him to do.   Even if it would never actually yield a win for him, Derek would spend the rest of his life attached to the infernal milking machine if he would just be given a chance. "A little more then, earthling. Give us a little're so close to winning!" The machine seemed to evolve each time that Derek was given a climax. He hadn't seen it before, but each of the other captured creatures had far more different devices stimulating their bodies, no doubt a necessity after so much time being milked constantly, and already, Derek was being introduced to yet another part of the milking process. Two small rods extended from the ceiling, moving downward in an unnatural, mechanical motion. One came to a jerking to a stop right behind his tailhole, and the other went down between his thighs, the tip of the rod touching up against his tightened sack and vibrating against it to stimulate the production of the seed that the queen so desperately hungered for. The other rod had a small opening, and it soaked itself with a healthy amount of a lubricating agent before sneaking around underneath Derek's tail, the robotic rod programmed to find the tailhole of the creature inside and probe it for weak spots. Derek didn't have many, but he had one in common with all other males of his species, and that was the soft bulb of his prostate, something that the machine knew all too well to go right after.   Derek's eyes winced shut tightly as he felt a sudden trio of sensations; the tight, vacuum-like suckling on his cock, the soft and pleasant vibration against his balls, and the sudden, but surprisingly pleasurable penetration of his tailhole, as the small rod pressed right up to his prostate and massaged over it like a professional. He'd been hoping to draw the experience out a little bit further for his third climax, but there was no hope to hold back against the trifecta of sensations. As impossible as it seemed for him to do, Derek could feel the sudden rush of warmth barreling through the shaft of his cock and erupting from the end once again, as his cum poured out in a slow and steady flow. The machine found the perfect way to bring the raccoon to a quick and easy climax, and this time, before Derek could imagine his orgasm was over, he felt like there was another one on the back of it. Constantly being fed his arousal enhancing drugs, the helpless raccoon bucked his hips against the hose, and bumped his backside against the offending rod, working in perfect cooperation with the machine, all to prove his desire to win. A fourth climax was already sending a shudder through his body as the creamy white yield of his cum dripped and drooled from the tip of his manhood, signaling the end of the third, right in time for the fourth to take over again, with a sudden and fresh burst of sticky seed.  Gotta cum if I'm gonna win...gotta cum...can't...ever...stop...cumming... ** The queen was happily bathing herself with the seed of every animal that she had entranced and trapped in her containment laboratory on Mars. The milking machines were running at full bore, but there was still one machine that was filling up faster than all of the others, and without a thought, the queen knew exactly who to thank for that contribution. "He's up to seven already this morning," The queen's retainer told her. He was one of the fortunate few who ever got to see the lewd, life-giving display of the queen bathing herself in the seed of inferior creatures. "He'll be to ten before's amazing what good a little determination can do for a sweet little earthling," the queen suggested with a sultry grin, drinking up a gulp of cum from the very specimen that she spoke of. "And such a sweet thing he is, too...he tastes better than any earthling I've ever had the pleasure to sample before. I may have to have his cylinder moved into my private quarters...this boy truly has potential."   Derek's eyes rolled back into his head as orgasm number eight rocked his body. With that kind of output, he truly believed that victory was assured.