Chapter 1: Settling In, Pt. 3 - The Fruzzin!

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4 of Fuckin' College! Since Kavik was at the dorm all day, I figured it'd be time to introduce the campus. Hopefully I made it sound pretty.

I also got a chance to introduce Andy, a character based off my real life childhood friend. You're a star, Andria!

Sunday, August 23rd | 7:45PM | "The Fruzzin!"

The conflict with Bayno and Heidenreich sends our hero Kavik out of his dorm and on a late night tour of the campus.


Kavik strolled the campus quad with no set destination in his mind. He'd been walking for some time since the incident. Long aimless walks were his trademark, especially in times of endless drama. UCS supposedly had thousands of students enrolled, but that didn't seem to be the case here. The place was a ghost town, literally deserted. Kavik was alone, his thoughts were his only company. So much was on his mind...

What was Bayno's problem? Did he do something wrong to upset him? Was there anything he could do to help? Would he always lash out like that during times of distress?

And how about Heidenreich. That guy seemed like a real tool. Are there going to be other douche-y people he'd have to worry about? Seeing him every other day would get real annoying, real quick...

And let's not forget Pau, either. Given the two men he's met so far, one was a giant, intimidating-ass Doberman with a tendency to punch walls. The other was some stuck up Rottweiler who apparently liked to jerk-it in front of strangers or something. What would his actual roommate be like?!

"...What if my roomie is some weird guy who wants to take pictures of me naked while I sleep and post them on the internet?! Augh!"

These thoughts and more festered in Kavik's mind. This wasn't anything he was expecting from college, not this early at least! But it'd do no good worrying about the 'whats' and 'ifs', he'd simply have go with the flow and take things as they came. He looked around the quad area, ears perked high... He had no idea where he was.

"...Crap. All this thinking and walking, now I'm lost. Blah."

Kavik landed himself in some grassy place, almost like a small park. There weren't many buildings nearby, mostly just trees and bushes. Some benches and water fountains loitered around, giving it that 'park' like feel. To make things even more confusing, the main path sprouted out in all different directions, like the roots of a tree, going where ever it wanted. Which one lead home?

"I should probably try and find my way back... I think I remember where to go... I think..."

A lie. He had completely forgotten. Kavik stopped for a moment before a big ol' grassy hill, higher than any other plot around. The tree it housed was split nearly in two straight down the middle, giving it a distinct 'V' shape. Kavik let his imagination run wild for a moment, imagining its shape was caused by a some rogue strike of lighting, or something equally as awesome. He trekked up the hill and looked on with wonder. Something about it stood out to him, but he couldn't quite put his paw on it.

"This tree..." he thought, letting his paw brush against the bark. "...It was made for me! Small, certainly smaller than the rest at least... split nearly in two from all the crap it's been through! And yet here it is. It still survives. Keep hanging in there, little tree."

Kavik circled around a few times, a big ol' dorky smile rushed over his face, soon he was chuckling and laughing to himself.

"Look at me, talking to this ol' thing..." he said aloud, still chuckling. "People would prolly think I'm crazy."

The night air was fresh, crisp. It invigorated the young husky in his adventure of aimless wandering and tree-talkings. He knew he should head back soon, before it go too much later. But the scene was too much to pass up on, and above all he was lazy! It wouldn't hurt to hang out with his new friend. Kavik plopped down onto the grassy ground and looked up to the naked branchy limbs above him.

"Can't believe this tree here is the only thing I've been able to actually talk and hang out with. Who am I, Rob Boss?" Kavik snickered and shook his head, thinking of the famous painter. "Happy little trees~ With happy little clouds~"

Kavik curled into a ball and held his knees close. It was nice to think of something other than drama. Rob Boss' soothing voice and serene landscapes were another good way he liked to relax. The place he was at now was like something he might paint, all it needed was a mountain and a river! Then it'd be complete. All this thinking about painting and nature got the husky caught in a daydream.

"Maybe I should try painting... It could be a fun way to get my mind off stuff instead of getting lost." Kavik huddled closer for warmth. The air was cold, crisp, but his dual-coat kept him nice and toasty. "...Nah, I suck at painting. Maybe I should find a mountain and hike up that son-of-a-gun! ...Nah, too lazy. Maybe I could-"

"Uhm... Excuse me...?" a voice called from behind.

"Whaugh!" Kavik flailed and looked about! A girl had appeared seeming out of nowhere, a human girl! She laughed with confusion and amusement and lent on the tree for support.

"Hey! Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah! I'm fine, I'm fine! Just... startled me, is all!" Kavik furrowed his brows and hummed. "Ah mah gosh. A girl. A HUMAN girl! Those still exist?! What do I do!"

"Looked like you were having a moment with the tree, there. Is he your friend?"

"He sure is." Kavik said with confidence, but that just made him sound more strange.

The girl huffed a laugh and came around to the husky's side. Kavik glanced over...

She was pretty small, even tinier than him. Yes! For once he was taller than someone! Woo! Her outfit was pretty basic, just some tight blue jeans and a white tee with the UCS logo. Contrary wise, her hair and makeup were superb! She must be on her way to a party, or perhaps she just liked to look good. Some teeny-tiny freckles dotted her youthful looking face; given her size and appearance, she looked more like a teenager than a college student.

"So... What's up?" Kavik asked, looking up.

It took a second or two for her to speak. She made all kinds of faces and funny looks as she thought about how to ask her question.

"This... might seem kind of weird, but. Did you happen to find a pair of sunglasses here?"

Kavik blinked rapidly. Nothing stood out to him when he got there... Certainly no sunglasses to speak of.

"Mmm, no? I don't believe so." He glanced around before looking back. "I just got here. Did you lose them earlier?"

"Yeah, I was here about an hour ago and I think I lost... them..." Her voice trailed at the end, prompting Kavik to look over. She had some weird face of confusion and wonder, like she'd seen a ghost or something. She was staring through squinty, beady little eyes...

"...Why she lookin' at me like that...?" Kavik couldn't help but stare back. Something seemed familiar about her... That face, those freckles...!

"...Kavie? Is that-...?" She covered her mouth and gasped, her face all cute with excitement. "Kavie?!"

"GASP! IT'S HER!" Kavik wanted to shout out with joy, but he was stuck in shocked disbelief! Weird little noised sputtered out of him in place of the words he wanted! "Bwah- urgh- uhh- Andria?!"

"KAVIE!"Andria jumped for joy tackled Kavik to the ground in a tight hug! She shouted right into the husky's ears, but her voice was always so soft, so quiet; like a whisper, even when excited. "Dude, where have you been!"

"WAUGH! Attack me, much!" Kavik flailed as the girl clung around his neck; they both screeched and flailed like weirdos before settling down next to each other with a laugh. "Waaah...! H-how did you recognize me?" he asked.

"Your little diamond-y head-y thing!" She outlined a diamond shape in the sky with her finger and giggled. Kavik went silent for a bit, forgetting he even had such a design in his fur.

"Oh. I recognized you because of your freckles."

"Oh my god! Shut up~" Andy play-yelled. Those freckles were always an embarrassment to her, and Kavik knew it!

"C'mon, I'm kidding~ I'm kidding~" Kavik chuckled and scooted over and made more room for her. "You're still tiny as ever. It took me a moment to recognize you though."

"Wow, rude." Andria said with a roll of the eyes. She always was quick to retort with a snarky comment or guilt-inducing tone. Playfully, of course. "Don't even remember your fruzzin. Hmf."

Kavik's eyes went wide as he heard the strange word! It was something they came up with when they were very young. Though they weren't related, they'd known each other for as long as they could remember. Both their fathers were childhood friends, too, so in a way it was like they were cousins... But in reality, technically speaking, they were just friends. Friend-cousin? Fruzzin!

"What!Of course I remember! ...But I am surprised you remembered that silly word all this time."

Andy hmf'd again. "Of course I remember. I was the one who made it up."

"What?! Lies!" Kavik flailed in protest! They both shared a good laugh for a while until the silence came. It wasn't an awkward feeling, rather a time to think back to all the memories. It donned on Kavik during his nostalgia how long it'd actually been; almost half his entire life had passed and never once was he able to see her. "...Fwuh-wow. It's been hecka long... Almost ten years now?"

Andria leant against the tree and folded her arms. She forced an upset face, but it only made her look all silly and squinty-eyed like earlier. "Yeah, and you ignored me for that entire time!"

Kavik flailed! "What! I did not!"

"Did too! I messaged you on FaceSpace and you always skipped right past my messages. I saw the notification thing! It'd say 'read' down at the bottom and you never respond." Andria turned her nose to the sky. "Hmf. Rude."

"Ooooh please~ You know I don't use that crap!Besides, if I wanted to be criticized and judged by my family, I'd just go to dinner with them."

"Psh. Whatever." Andria turned and looked away, the twentieth guilt-trip so far. So stubborn! Years might have passed, but her attitude stayed the same. Feisty as ever!

"Well. Sooooooorry Andria, for not getting back to- OW! Hey!" Kavik was interrupted by a sudden punch to his arm and a glare. "What the heck was that for-"

"It's Andy, now." She said with confidence. "Get it right."

"Hmf!" Kavik rubbed his wounded widdle arm and thought... She sounded serious for once, and this was completely new to him. Perhaps after all those years, she came out as transgender? Maybe it was just a simple nickname friends had given her. Only one way to find out! "...'Andy', hm? Why the change?"

Andy sighed and stood up to brush off her jeans. She shrugged and sat back down, looking conflicted almost. "I dunno... People used to say I was too girly."

Kavik rubbed his chin and thought back. "Hmm... I don't remember you being girly back then..."

"Cos' I wasn't." Andy replied with attitude, but she gave a playful brow-quirk. "I dunno, it's just some dumb nickname I can't get over. It's stuck with me over the years, so whatever."

Kavik nodded slowly, curious. "I see, I see... So how long have you been going here?"

"Two years now, this is gonna be my third. What about you?"

"I just transferred here from Sachus City..." Kavik whimpered out, more than a little embarrassed. It didn't help that Andy gave him a funny look and burst into giggles.

"Ewwww! Sachus City, really?! That place is so gross. I've seen pictures online and the campus is hella dirty, and the people who go there are dirty too, and-"

"Hey hey hey, I know, alright?" Kavik waved a paw to calm the riley girl down. "I went there, for two years... I know all the stereotypes... It's community college, what can you expect."

"Surprised you didn't come back with hepatitis or something." Andy chimed, earning a glare from the husky. She snickered and doubled down. "Oh hush, you know I'm playing around."

"Mhm... Talk about rude!" Kavik was the one to fold his arms and look away now, mimicking the girl's earlier behavior. She just rolled her eyes and hmf'd, but thankfully moved on from the mean comments.

"So. Who are you dormed with?" She asked, curling into a ball. Kavik assumed the same position too.

Kavik thought back to Bayno and the drama that went down earlier... It was still kind of a sore subject in his mind. "My roomie? He's some big-ass Doberman guy... He's like, literally a giant. I've never seen someone so tall."

Andy's eyes went wide and gasped. "Oh my god what. You?! You're the one they dormed with Bayno?!" She turned to face Kavik head on, her face lit with joy. "Oh my god, Kavie. Do you know what this means."

"W-wait, what? You know him?" Kavik asked. The sudden excitement frightened him! "You sound... excited...? Is this a good thing?!"

"Dude. Bayno is awesome. You'd think he'd be hella mean because he's so tall, but he's actually really nice. And super smart, too. Probably the smartest guy here." Andy shifted and wiggled with excitement. "He's in the Mentorship Program. Like, he helps new people. You literally could not have a better roommate."

Kavik's face went blank. That certainly didn't seem to be the situation earlier... Do smart, nice guys yell and shout and punch holes in the wall? Who'd want a mentor who's like that?

"Well, I don't know about that..."

"...Whadda ya mean?" Andy gasped and scooted closer, interested in what juicy gossip the husky had to say. Kavik, on the other hand, wasn't so eager to share. His ears wilted when he thought back. Even if he didn't know the guy, it sucked to see him so upset. On top of that, what would living with him be like? Would there always be shouting and drama? He had enough of that at home. So much to wonder about.

"...Well. Earlier today, he came in all angry or something... Yellin' and screamin' and stuff..." Kavik sighed and shrugged. "...I think he punched a hole in the wall. Surprised he didn't tear the whole dorm down."

Andy gasped again, this one being a not-so-good gasp. "Oooh. That's what you're talking about... Yeah, Heidenreich told me about that earlier."

Kavik stammered. "W-wait. You know Heidenreich too?"

"I sure as hell should!" She started, looking all smug. "He's my boyfriend."

"What!" Kavik exploded into a fit of flails! He rolled around on the dirt like a crazy dog! "HOW COME YOU KNOW EVERYONE?! I thought you were shy!"

"How come you don't know anyone!" Andy retorted quick, giving a little flail of her own. "I thought you were all goofy and outgoing and stuff! Wah!"

"Ugh! And why him, though!?" Kavik turned over to his back and propped himself up with his elbows, head tilted curiously. The topic transition helped get his mind off the drama from earlier, but it was kind of... weird! "Really Andria...? I didn't think you'd ever even have a boyfriend, but... Really?! You, and HIM?! Damn girl, what are you thinking!"

Andy's face shone with excitement as she remembered something. "Oh my god. It was you Heidenreich was talking about! He mentioned running into a husky when he went to visit Bayno! I didn't even think it could be you, though!"

"Woooooow. Can't believe you forgot about me." Kavik said, mimicking her words and attitude from earlier. She just rolled her eyes. "What'd he say about me?"

Andy started to giggle uncontrollably. She had to cover her mouth to hide her embarrassment. "...He said you were hella annoying and he didn't like you."

"WHAT!" Kavik shot up to his feet and flailed! "HIM! He was the one who came in and- and HE was the one to- WAH!"

"Bwahaha!~" Andy fell over to her side laughing like a maniac. She got dirt all over her nice white shirt, but she didn't care! She couldn't help it! Seeing the husky freak out always brought joy to her.

"Dude! He hella almost smacked me in the face with the door! Like, he literally barged his way in! Then he just came on in like he owned the dang place!" Protest all he like, Andy was still wracked with the giggles. "...Hecka mean, just like you."

"Ah-hah~ Oh, hush." Andy threw out a dismissive hand and brushed off her shirt, sending bits of dust flying into the air. "...But yeah, I figured he was a littlemean to you. I'll be sure to tell him to be nicer next time."

"Hmf!" Kavik puffed and leaned against the tree, thinking. "...So how'd you even end up with that guy? He doesn't seem your type at all."

"Oh, you think you know my type?" Andy asked, puttin' Kavik on the spot. "You haven't seen me since we were kids! How do you know what I'd like?"

"'Cos you're the same dang person after all this time!" Check mate! Kavik finally won. Andy scrunched her lips to try and hide her smirk, but it didn't work. She tilted her head with a nod and giggled more.

"...Well.... He's nice once you get to know him. And he's rich! He buys me Starlux every day."

"Andria!Damn! You soundin' like a gold-digger!"

"What?! No! Hella mean!" She punched the husky's arm and hmf'd! "I really do like him, not his money." She punched again, this time to correct the name. "And I told you, it's Andy now."

"Owwww stop hitting meee~" Kavik groaned while rubbing his arm. She kept hitting the same spot... it actually began to hurt a little bit. "Ughhh, I can't call you that... I've always called you Andria."

"Well. Get used to it!" Andy hopped off the tree and brushed off her jeans. "Well. I don't think my glasses are here, and I have to head out. Heidenreich is waiting for me. Give me your number."

"Yes, ma'am!" Kavik saluted with a nod. "916-8654."

"Hella easy to remember." Andy said, already inputting the number into her phone. "Alright. I'll text you! Bye for now-"

"Wait!" Kavik called out. "I, uhh... I'm lost! Where are the dorms?!"

"Oh my god. I gotta do everything for you now? Tsk tsk." Andy rolled her eyes. Kavik did the same, prompting them both to laugh. "Which one are you in again? There's multiple dorms."

"Uhh... I'm in like... 'Strawman?' Strow... Strow-something...?"

"Strohmeyer?" Andy asked. It sounded familiar to her, and for good reason. She laughed after remembering. "Oh. Right. You're in the same dorm as Bayno. Duh."

"Yeah. You know where it is?"

Andy nodded, pointing behind the husky. "Mhm. That's kind of far from here. Just keep heading that way until you find the library, the huge building with all the pillars. Strohmeyer Hall is behind the library, past the lake."

"There's a lake here?!" Kavik turned and looked over, as if he could see it.

"Duh! The main path here leads right through it."

Kavik rubbed his paws together and smiled shyly. "Somehow I think I missed it..."

"Well, whatever. I have to go. Text me!" Andy turned and started off.

"B-but I don't have your number yet?!" Kavik called out.

"Oh my god! I'll call you!"

Andy waved and wandered off her own way, disappearing behind the grassy hills. Kavik stood all alone, dumbstruck by all that'd happened... First the drama, then meeting a childhood friend, and said friend seems to know everyone... So much to process!

"...Sheesh, what are the chances? She hasn't changed a bit. Still a tiny, feisty little fireball. That girl, man..." Kavik began his journey home where Andy had pointed to. As the night sky slowly took over, lampposts flickered with electricity and kicked on. Their low, white glow illuminated the path, leading the way for the adventuring husky. Kavik looked up to the looming darkness overhead and huffed. "...Goodness. I don't have many childhood friends left. Just Andria, maybe Erik... Hm. I wonder if Brian is still around...? I bet he'd go here, he was always so smart! Maybe I should see if there's any other familiar faces here."

Kavik trekked along, deep in thought the entire time. Eventually he found the right path. Though he didn't recall walking this way earlier, this new route seemed familiar. The path and trees reminded him of home. They crowed the way on all sides, forming a small forest. One could easily get lost in there. Above, the bushy trees created a massive canopy, too thick for natural light to penetrate through. The only source of brightness came from the lampposts, which were far and few between. Though the darkness was heavy, and his path was secluded, somehow he didn't feel in danger.

"Used to walk a path just like this back home... Though at least here I don't have to worry about bears."Kavik's eyes met a clearing far down the path. A small circle of natural light broke through, marking the end of the path. "So... the lake should be at the end here...?"

That it was. As Kavik broke through the forest, he expected a small little thing with maybe a cheap bridge or something, but instead he found something more. The husky had entered an arboretum, a massive collection of trees and other flora all varying in size and color. Green, orange, some even purple... A collage of nature's beauty lay all around him. In the middle lay an enormous lake illuminated by small lights, showcasing the clearest water he'd ever seen. They exaggerated the lake, giving it an almost luminescent blue glow.

"Jesus take the wheel... This place is gorgeous! All this, just for a college campus?! Dayum!"Kavik continued on forward, though at a much slower pace to ensure he could take everything in. The air was considerably cooler here; a light mist breezed against his face-fur.

Even from afar, one could see massive spouts of water shooting high into the sky, higher than the trees. The geysers swayed back and forth in a little formation, some spouts would crash into each other and form shapes, others would dance in sync with one another. The water began changing color, too! It started off a light teal before descending into a deep purple; such changes were just enough to light up the area with a vibrant glow.

"Sheesh! This is like a Dazney movie, I swear! Feels like I'm on my way to Prince Charming's castle..."

Kavik soon came to a stone bridge that connected either end of the lake. It had to stretch a hundred feet or so! Little lights were attached to the bridge's side; they too changed in sync with the dancing waters. Some were installed on the inner parts as well, little colored circles of light guided folks across the path. The sounds from the fountain were louder here, he wondered how romantic it could be to have a nice little date out here.

"This almost seems unreal. Like, this is so fancy... so peaceful and serene, compared to what I saw earlier." Near the middle portion of the bridge was a wide rest area, complete with tables and chairs, and even a little snack booth. It was unattended, of course, but that didn't stop Kavik's belly from grumbling. "Hnng... I haven't eaten all day."

Thinking back to his dorm, Kavik remembered there was no fridge. No kitchen. No nothing. He'd have to wait for the dining halls to open in the morning. Though that kind of bummed out the mood a bit, he was still surrounded by a gorgeous scene. No way he'd let hunger get him down. The husky leaned against a metal railing on the bridge's side, looking out to the fountains. They danced and swayed, swooshing their water all about without a care in the world.

"...I don't want to leave." Kavik looked down to the water's surface; it was a bright colorful green before the light changed to a deep blue. In his reflection, the stars above shimmered next to his watery form. "...See? You're a star, Kavie! You got this! It's the first day, you can't give up already!"

Kavik chuckled and looked out to the waters one more time, taking in the scene before he had to leave. Honestly, he wanted to stay out as long as he could, especially here. But priorities wouldn't allow that. He had class tomorrow, his first class! He needed to get back.

After continuing down the bridge and past the lake, he eventually found the library. According to Andy, his hall would be right down the way. Sure enough, after a nice long walk he began to see familiar buildings and landmarks. Near his hall was some weird abstract art sculpture... He noticed it on his first day. It looked like some naked lady with a bunch of legs doing some yoga pose.

"Eugh, that thing's weird. Put yo' legs down, lady!" Kavik headed past to his dorm and snickered at his thought. "That's what I'll call you. Lady Legs Statue!" Another light laugh escaped him as he climbed the stairway leading up to his dorm.

A familiar scene! The hallway! Thankfully he knew right where to go this time... Straight to the end! Now all he had to do was make sure the dang card thing didn't buzz.

"Alright, little card thingy... work with me here."

An intense moment. Kavik withdrew his card and eyed up the device. The moment of truth... He held the card out close, closer... closer...!


"Damn it!" he withdrew the card and flailed! "WHY DON'T YOU WORK."

Kavik soon realized he was being kind of loud. It was dark outside and people were probably sleeping! He looked at the card and also realized something else... He'd been putting the card in upside down this whole time.

"Oh. Well there's yer problem!"

The card slid through the device with the black scanner thingy downwards. Success! The little light turned green with a couple beeps, a soft click! sound was made as the door opened. Very little light broke through the doorway... Was everyone asleep? Kavik crept inside.

Empty. No one was around. The couch lay empty, but someone had cleaned off the table! That was good to see at least. Heading down the hallway, Kavik saw Bayno's door, still closed. Best to leave him be... His door, on the other hand (or paw?) was cracked open, and the light was on. Someone was in there...!

"Oh sheesh. Looks like my roomie is home."

Kavik poked his nose through the door, careful not to nudge it and make it creak. He couldn't see too much in there, aside from a big ol' black blobby thing on one of the beds... Wait! Was that...?

"Aaaa~ That must be Pau~ Is he asleep? The light it on..." he nudged the door a bit and looked inside.

Now he could see the full form of a panda - seemingly naked - on the bed. He lay facing away, with his butt high up in the air. Was he... asleep? No, he was moving! And it looked as though he was reading something, a book or... something! It was hard to focus with a panda booty so prominently on display.

Kavik swooped off the door and hid away, his heart racing. "Oh. My Gosh. He's naked. HE'S NAKED. How can I get in there now?!" he peeked through the door one more time. Sure enough. Booty. "Aaaa!~ First Bayno, now this! WHY IS EVERYONE NAKED."

If it's not one thing, it's another. How in the heck could he get in there?! Oh yeah, he could knock.

Kavik took a few deep breaths, composed himself, and knocked on the door...

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