Ticklish Day

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Well Hope you like it ^^ Don't be afraid to tell me if I have grammar mistakes. I'll glad to improve myself! Zurim belongs to a friend from Furaffinity Nathan belongs to me

Once upon a time, in a little house. Two brothers were bored. Zurim was the big brother, a black wolf. Nathan was the little one, a grey and white little wolf.

-- Nathan?-- called Zurim -- what are you doing?

But Nathan didn't answer him. The little wolf was sleeping face down on the sofa. The black wolf walked down for the ladders to the living room.

--Nathan why you...

When Zurim looked at the sleeping wolf, he smiled. The big wolf saw his little bare feet, and he had an idea. He walked quietly to his feet and, smiling, he slided a claw over his brother's sol. Nathan giggled softly, wiggling his toes. After that, Zurim sat over his legs. Nathan woke up as soon as he felt something heavy over him. He saw his big brother smiling at his feet.

--Z-zurim? -- he asked -- what are you doing?

--Oh good morning brother! Well, since we're bored, I think we could have a funny moment

--A funny moment?-- Nathan asked -- how?

Zurim looked back to Nathan's foot. Then the black wolf slided his claws up and down over his left sole. Nathan grinned and looked at his brother.

--N-no p-please!-- he begged -- I- Im so ticklish!

--Oh really? Let's see!

Zurim scratched his left sole with his claws, scratching up and down. Nathan started to laugh, feeling the intense tickling on his soft foot. Meanwhile, the black wolf scratched his arch and the bottom of his foot, making his brother laugh loudly.


--Aaaawwww is my little brother ticklish? Coochy coochy coo! -- Zurim teased

Nathan curled his wiggling toes, trying to take the claws. But his big brother noticed it and took his toes, streching his foot up. Then he used his five claws to scratch under the toes and the heel, making him howl of laughter. After 10 minutes of tickling, Zurim rubbed his foot while Nathan was panting loudly.

--T-thanks god y-you stopped...-- Nathan said while rubbing his forehead

--Stop? Who said stop?-- the black wolf grinned -- we're just getting started!

Before the little wolf could say something, his brother took both feet, and began to scratch both soles faster, sending his borther into a hysterical laughter. His face turned red as he kept laughing and laughing, while his big brother tickled his arches and under the toes, making Nathan scream loudly.


--but why? Im having fun tickling you! And you're laughing so seems like you are having fun too!

The black wolf kept tickling his little brother's feet for 15 minutes. After that he gave them a nice massage before lie over Nathan. The grey white wolf was panting loudly and breathing deeply while his brother was nuzzling his cheek.

--Hehe how was that?-- Zurim asked with a warm smile

--G-get outta here right now...

Zurim chuckled and walked up to his room. But it didn't end there. At the evening Nathan came back to his house after met his friends. Suddenly, Zurim pounced him and sat over his arms. Nathan tried to scape but his arms couldn't be moved.

--Welcome brother!

--Zurim? -- Nathan struggled -- what are you doing?

--Well I had so much fun tickling you this morning so... Why not again?

--wait nonononono! Zurim not again!

--Awww don't worry you'll enjoy it!

Zurim lifted up his brother's shirt and started to scratch his armpits. The little wolf laughed hysterical again, shaking his head and squirming harder. He tried to beg but his armpits were too ticklish.

--Coochy coochy coo little brother! -- he teased -- tickle tickle tickle!

Nathan laughed louder, that words made it worse. Then Zurim started to slide his claws up and donw over his sides and belly. Nathan howled and screammed of laughter while his face turned red again, and he started to cry.


But the black wolf ignored him. His fingers were then dancing over his tummy and chest, while he used his fluffy tail to brush inside his bellybutton. Nathan was crying and screamming. But suddenly something was wrong. He was serious about to stop.


Nathan struggled harder till he finally scaped from his brother. Nathan get up panting and breathing deeply, looking angry to his brother.

--W-what the hell is wrong with you!?-- Nathan exclaimed -- I said STOP!

--Nathan I...

Before Zurim could talk, his little brother ran to his room, growling angry. Zurim was sad, his little brother were angry with him. At the nigth, both were sleeping. The black wolf sat on Nathan's feet, he knew his brother wasn't sleeping.

Nathan...-- He talked-- Im sorry...

But Nathan didn't listen to him. Then Zurim had an idea. He poked his belly softly, and Nathan giggled a bit loudly.

Please please forgive me...! The big wolf kept poking his brother's belly, till Nathan get up and looked at him smiling.

Okay okay hehehehahahahahihih! I forgive you!

Yaaaaay! Thanks you-- Zurim exclaimed happily as he hugged his brother

Hehe no problem-- he talked -- But you will pay for this

what did you say?

--Nothing. Good night!

Oh well. Goodnight!

Nathan grinned evily as he saw his brother falling asleep

TO BE CONTINUED? ________________________________________________________