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14 of Bound by Destiny Tenchi and Peridot are about to get married and preparations must be made for the big day. Tarja takes Tenchi to Kyoto to find her a beautiful dress, but she ends up finding someone who will change her life. Phoebe and Juna takes Peridot to Milano in hopes of finding the perfect dress, ending up not only with that, but also with finding Juna a future as well. But will the day become perfect as they planned?

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Bound by Destiny 12 - This Day is going to be Perfect

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"Okay, I was thinking that we could bring Lyra here for the entertainment. I know that Alexander really wanted to see her again. Those two make a cute couple, but he only considers her a friend." Sasha giggled as she sat with Azula, Azura and Jigo at the big table in the dining room, Jigo looking through all kinds of magazines to find the best rings possible, Azula focused on ordering in electric equipment and Azura was just sitting with Sasha, going through the list over all they had to do, voicing her own opinion, "And we want everyone to be properly dressed. This includes the brides." Sasha was smiling, it had been a long while since the last wedding she went to, that one having been the one for her sister Tyka who now lived with her mate and had some beautiful kids. Maybe they should visit them some day and see how they are, "Sasha, you there?" Azura called out as Sasha shakes her head, "What? Oh, sorry. I was just thinking for myself. Yes, we have to get everyone a nice look for the wedding."

Azura smiled as they both noticed how Jigo was leaning over the table to show two gold rings with a diamond encrusted into the top of them, formed as a heart, "Too cheesy?" Sasha nodded and turned to the next page, "Yes, we do not wanna make it too classic. It needs to be perfect and unique." Azura grins, "Like your sister did?" Sasha was beginning to blush and cover her face, "I was not expecting her to do that at all." They began to softly laugh at the embarrassment, before Azura spoke again, "Okay, I think Tarja, Phoebe and Juna can probably help them. Why not send Tarja to go with Tenchi to Japan? I heard they got some elegant designs there. Perhaps Kyoto so the spirit of history can be influenced into the dress?" Azura was interrupted by the smooth voice of Alexander, "A trip to the east of Earth is what I hear? Well, add me to the list, cause I wanna go there. Kyoto might be historical and full of passion, but also houses wonderful temples and fashion." Sasha was facepalming, "Brother, I know you like Japan and all, but last time you went on a trip there, I had to pull you away from a poor kitsune girl who you nearly broke the tails on." Alexander chuckled, "She was the one flirting with me, princess. And not my fault it is in my nature to love fluffy tails like hers."

The room got quiet for a while until finally Sasha just sighed, "Fine, you can go, but I will permit Tarja to knock you out if anything humiliating happens." The smirk on the dragon's face couldn't been bigger, "Thanks, I will make the preparations for going along with them." He was just about to leave when Sasha called out, "Also, you are not allowed to bring your katana." A loud grunt was heard, "Darn." Azura giggled before nodding, "Okay, with that part set, we can send Juna and Phoebe to perhaps get a wonderful dress from Italy for Peridot. Those two are familiar with the area and Juna could probably butter up some merchants." Sasha hit the back of Azura's head gently with her hand, "Do not make it sound like she is only one who does that. I remember that time you flirted with that attendant in the store and got yourself a discount." Jigo began laughing, "I remember that. You became her girlfriend for a week and then she noticed that you secretly love Azula." The silence got awkward after Jigo had said it and he began blushing softly, "Oops, sorry for bringing it up."

Azura shrugged before looking at Sasha, "So shall we tell them about the plans?" Sasha nodded before calling for Juna, Phoebe and Tarja to join them in the dining room. After a few minutes, the trio entered while wearing matching tops and sweaters, Sasha just looking at it and facepalming, "Seriously, again?" Phoebe was giggling before Tarja murred, "So, why you calling for us?" Azura was giving them a warm smile, "Tarja, you will take Tenchi to Kyoto and get her a wedding dress, but be warned, you will have Alexander coming along." Tarja gave a facepalm herself, "Do I have to? I do not wanna babysit him." Sasha nodded to Tarja, "Which is why I allow you to knock him out if he goes overboard. I also did not allow him to bring his katana, so he will not be much of a problem." Tarja sighed before nodding, "Fine." Azura smiled at the reply from Tarja before looking at Juna and Phoebe next, "And as for you two, you are taking Peridot to Milano. Make sure she gets a nice dress." Juna began to smile at the news, "Oh, I love Milano. It is a wonderful city." Azura nodded to them, "Your tasks are clear. Now go and make sure you bring them as beautiful as possible." Sasha soon grabbed two pouches, tossing them to Tarja and Juna, "Here. This should cover the costs very well." Tarja caught hers, but Juna missed hers but lucky for her, Phoebe caught it instead and Juna rubbed the back of her head, "I need to work my reflexes a bit." Sasha hit the table gently before the trio disappeared, grabbing her head before looking down at the list, "So, next we should order some more food."

A few rooms away, Tenchi and Peridot had just finished feeding Ainohi and Kari, laying them down in their cradles before tucking them in just as the door was knocked on, "Come on in" Peridot called out before the door opened to reveal Tarja standing there, "Get yourself ready you two, you are going shopping, but according to rules, you are not going together. You will see each other again at the wedding." Tenchi and Peridot nodded before walking over to Tarja who grabbed Tenchi, "You and me are going somewhere and Peridot will follow Juna and Phoebe." Tenchi sighed before kissing Peridot as Tarja soon disappeared from the hallway with her, leaving Peridot alone with her two older sisters.

The gongs sounded as Tarja arrived with Tenchi at the outskirts of Kyoto, the wind blowing the cherry blossoms from the trees and Tenchi's eyes widened at the true beauty, "Wait, we are going to find it here?" Tarja nodded, "It was mom's idea. She even covers the cost for us." Tenchi couldn't avoid smiling before noticing Tarja's worry, "Something wrong?" Tarja groaned, "Yes... I got to babysit Alexander and he is nowhere to be seen." Tenchi nodded before Tarja grabbed her shoulder, "Lets just go and we will surely find him on the way." Following Tarja, Tenchi looked around at the various signs hanging from the buildings, the many shops selling various wonderfully crafted merchandise, one or two restaurants trying to lure them inside for a bite. It was clear it was going to be a challenge to avoid getting themselves distracted from the task at hand, if it wasn't for a sudden growing shadow approaching above them, their eyes turning upwards to check what it was until Tarja grunted at a long serpentine-like dragon coming down to them, "Uncle! You are in so much trouble for this!" Tenchi was surprised upon seeing Alexander as not an anthro, but as a feral serpentine dragon, his jolly and rather carefree laughter filling the air before looking at Tarja, "Awww come on, why come here when I cannot enjoy it?" Tarja hit him on the nose, "Because we are not here on a vacation, we are here to get Tenchi something for the wedding." Alexander laughed again before flying up and taking aim in midair to dive down and with a skillfully executed movement snatched up both Tarja and Tenchi on his back before sliding through the air above the ground, Tarja looking scared while Tenchi was having the time of her life as the people around them stopped to watch them passing by, Alexander taking each turn gently to make sure none of them fell off until he landed outside what seemed to be a huge department store, gently putting down Tarja and Tenchi again before turning back to his normal anthro self, just in time for Tarja to hit the back of his head, "You mongrel!"

Entering the department store, one of the security guards looked at them as they entered, Tarja's eyes noticing that he had two cybernetic arms and handmade guns, peeking her interest. Sighing, she soon followed Alexander to the dress section, where a kitsune girl walked up to them, "Go aisatsu, rippana homon-sha! How may I assist you?" Alexander gave her a bow, "Arigato. We are looking for a wonderful wedding dress for this lucky girl here." Alexander gestured to Tenchi who giggled and waved, "Hi." The kitsune girl walked over to her and nodded, "Okay, I just need to take a few measurements." Tenchi just gave a nod before lifting her arms as the kitsune began to measure her body, soon reaching up to her breasts, to which Tenchi was about to stop her before the kitsune smiled, "No worry, I was going to ask you to hold onto it for me. You have a very curvaceous body and you are going to be my greatest challenge." Alexander was during that time looking at the tails, drooling a bit before Tarja hit him in the head, "Get that out of your mind, you fluff addict." Tenchi couldn't avoid giggling before she helped the kitsune to measure her bust before the kitsune nodded, "Okay, I think I got a wedding dress you will love."

Tenchi was standing in the changing room, adjusting the dress a bit while she was hearing Tarja growling at her uncle for yet again attempting to molest a kitsune girl's long tails, she giggled to herself before finally slipping the two shoulder-pads on, pulling the curtain aside to walk out for them to see. Tarja and Alexander stood with their jaws dropped. Tenchi stood there, wearing a white wedding dress, with blue shoulder-pads fit for a samurai, but thin enough to give it an elegant design, the shoulder-pads covered in white lotus flowers growing from the backs of two imperial dragons, the veil around her face hanging from a very neatly fledged straw hat. Tenchi smiled at their reaction before Alexander spoke first, "My goodness, is that you, Tenchi, or did Amaterasu herself switch places with you? That looks amazing." Tarja just stood there, unable to speak for a moment until she heard a voice behind her, "Excuse me, but it is rather inappropriate to stare like that. Speak up." Tarja got back to reality, "Tenchi, I swear that if Peridot doesn't get a heart attack from that divine look of yours, I will be a monkey's ass." Tarja then remembered the voice and turned around to look up into the eyes of what was seeming to be a male snake, "Oh sorry. I am not used to seeing things like this." The male was chuckling, "Why is she then not doing the same to you? You look very charming and beautiful. Someone like you must be beating the guys off with a stick." For a slight moment, Tarja was blushing before Alexander laughed, "She beating them off with a stick? She rather punch them off." Tarja gave him a warning look before looking confused as the male leaned down to kiss her hand, "May I ask what the lovely girl's name might be?" Tenchi and Alexander just watched as Tarja was getting redder by the minute, "My name is Tarja." The male was softly hissing, "A very lovely name for a lovely girl. I am Tatsuya. A pleasure meeting you." Tarja was feeling her cheeks burning, but her chest was burning even more, like... she was enjoying all his charming words in a slightly different way than others had, her eyes looking into his, his warm smile greeting her until Tenchi poked her back, "Ummm, Tarja? We need to pay for this dress." Tarja just tossed the pouch to Alexander, "Pay for it, will you uncle? Thanks." Alexander just caught the pouch and then looked at Tenchi with a smile, "I guess the family is growing even now."

Meanwhile back when Tarja and Tenchi left the rest alone, Juna was smiling to Peridot, "We are taking you to Milano. You gonna be wearing the best Italian fashion for a wedding dress and make everyone feel completely inferior to you." Phoebe looked at Juna before looking at Peridot, "What she means is that we will get you a wedding dress that will make everyone lose their breath from how wonderful you look in it." Juna had no patience to wait before a sudden transportation spell was cast on them and the fresh mountain air filled their lungs and the city of Milano visible in front of them. Juna whistled in a taxi as it was driving by, the taxi soon slowing in with a warm smile as the driver hung his head out, "Salve, dove posso portarvi, ragazze?" Juna opened the door to let Phoebe and Peridot in before climbing in herself and looking at the driver, "Per il miglior negozio di abiti da sposa." Juna said, telling him to drive them to the finest store for wedding clothes and the like. The taxi driver nodded before putting the transmission into first gear, driving them to the store on the other side of Milano.

Arriving at the store, the girls were amazed as they paid the driver and stepped out to be standing in front of a huge window with what must have been over thirty different wedding dresses, all carefully made to look amazing, "My word, I am not worth that much. I would go with a simple wedding dress like all those I saw on TV." Peridot was blushing before Juna and Phoebe pulled her through the doors, a male skunk looking at them, "Your bodies, your eyes, you must be here for model jobs, yes?" Juna was shaking her head, "Sorry to disappoint you, signore, but we are here for a wedding dress for our sister." Peridot was pushed forward and the skunk laughed, "Ah yes, of course. I knew that. Well, what type of wedding is it?" Juna was smiling to him before answering, "A Royal one." The male skunk was standing frozen, taking a good look at them before coughing with a light laughter, "A royal wedding? Are you trying to make fun of me? You three cannot be royals, you dress like a commoner! If you are really royals, then where are your guards, hmm?" They were looking at each other before sighing, "And here we wanted to spend a ton of money and we get treated poorly for it. Come on, lets go." The trio was about to leave as the skunk lowered his head, "Wait! I cannot see you leave because of me. All I was asking for was some proof, but it seems you are truthful about it. Okay, lets talk."

The skunk took the measurements of Peridot quickly before having found a beautiful wedding dress fitting her standards, Peridot taking the package he had hidden the dress in and headed to the changing room, gasping at what she saw before trying it on. Taking a few minutes to adjust everything right, she was soon stepping out to her two sisters that stood waiting with the skunk, their eyes opening so wide you could see the back of them. Peridot was standing there in a red corset, red long skirt like the ones princesses had in the fairytales, wonderful white gloves going all the way up to her shoulders and her hair holding up a silver tiara with the most expensive gemstones encrusted into it. It took Phoebe only a few seconds to notice that for the first time in what seemed to be ages, Peridot had taken off her goggles. The skunk kissed his fingers and "threw" the tiny kisses into the wind, "Un capolavoro! It fits you so well!" Phoebe and Juna nodded, "You look like a princess of burning love, sis." Peridot smiled to herself, "I'll take it! Pay for me, will you?" Phoebe smiled before Juna handed over the pouch to the skunk who nearly fainted, "This is enough to buy three of them!" Phoebe smiled before Juna was pulled aside, "Then perhaps make two collars as a wedding gift. I heard that the leather from here is first class. And where you going, Juna?" Phoebe turned to face Juna, blushing deeply when noticing that Juna was locked in a deep kiss with a big red dragoness, Juna not seeming to fight at all against her, "Juna, you got some explaining to do."

Later in the evening, when all the preparations had been completed and the guests had arrived, the castle had the entire kingdom's attention as the sound of wedding bells could be heard and the soft music as everyone stood up, warmly smiling as the first one to enter was Tenchi, led down to the altar by Azula who was wearing a white dress with lightblue snowflakes decorating it, followed by Azura wearing a black dress with the same snowflake decor as her sister, many whistling softly at Tenchi's beautiful dress until Azula had led her to the altar, giving her a warm hug before bowing to her mother, who would be the priestess of the wedding, leaving to take her seat before Sedrin came around the corner with Peridot holding his arm, proudly wearing a black tuxedo for the occasion, and when Tenchi and Peridot saw each other, they nearly began to cry as before Sedrin could let her go, Tenchi had already hugged Peridot and him at the same time. Sedrin paid his respect to the goddess before moving to take a seat with the others, the music still playing until it finally died off and the goddess began to speak.

"Honorable people of Gac'Ea'Ax and other realms and worlds, we have gathered here today to unite these two in the holy ritual of life, called marriage. I have the honor of not only being the one performing this ritual, but also to reunite with my family and to unite one of my descendants with her partner. I first wanna say that this is my first ever wedding, so if I would say anything wrong, then please excuse me." Xixexa smiled before clearing her throat, "Since the beginning of time, the three Creators made this planet, Ca'Li'Hu, the planet of light and darkness, as their planet to nourish and take care of. We were blessed with their guidance and blessed with the wonder of living in their paradise. We also had to witness the battle between good and evil. The warrior of light and the god of destruction and darkness. As the prophecy once told of a being that would deprive from their existence, they would seek the one they were bound to and take their place. We are having them with us today and they have been kind to mother a wonderful daughter to marry my descendant. As the time is now, we shall no longer keep them waiting. If anyone wishes to object against this marriage, then may them speak now, or remain silent to never object to this in the future."

The entire family and other people were silent, except for a few tiny sniffs of pride, giving them a minute before she continued, "As no one objects to this marriage, I will proceed with asking." Xixexa turned to Tenchi, "Tenchi Arizonia, do you take this Peridot Novastar-Angeria to be your lawful wife and love her no matter what until your bonds are broken to be reforged?" Tenchi smiled warmly, "I do." Xixexa nodded and turned to Peridot next, "Peridot Novastar-Angeria, do you take this Tenchi Arizonia to be your lawful wife and love her no matter what until your bonds are broken to be reforged?" Peridot was sniffing before nodding, "I do with all of my heart." Xixexa nodded again before looking out over the audience, "Before we continue on, I heard someone wanted to do a performance for the future married couple."

Suddenly the sound of an orchestra consisting of violins, drums, pianos and a soft bass began playing from speakers in the area as a female shark wearing a golden dress walked down the aisle, a headset strapped to her head as she began to sing into it,

"Beyond the world, of what I can see, will I wander alone right now. As the winds, carry your name, I am blinded by the light. Mystery, acceptance I seek, wonder where to, the voice I hear. Loneliness, I cannot it stand, for now I found you! Everything I live for is to finally find what, I consider to be love. Even if my heart may break, I will just keep on going, until the day turns to night!"

She was soon joined by two masked dragonesses, a red and a purple one, both of them wearing black dresses with a red mark on the back like black widow spiders have, both moving graciously around the shark girl before a tall black male dragon with white hair, wearing a similar mask appeared from behind them, even he was singing,

"Beauty has, a wonderful voice, as I listen to the song it sings. Even if I, couldn't see it then, I was going to it fall. Gathered strength, waiting for love, found it then, now I live, but with time, I will forever stand by your side. Like a plant, I seek for the sunlight, of your warm embrace, my love. Grown by time, I begin to wonder if you can, feel the same of me."

The two dragonesses kept on dancing as the masked dragon walked over and offered his hand to the shark girl, who took it and was soon moved in closely for a waltz with him as she sang,

"My love for you, will always burn, like a thousand suns, I am lost in within your eyes. Like a poison, I feel how you have gotten me, infected with love."

He put a finger on her lips before singing,

"Now I know why I was lonely, I was waiting for, the one who is right for me. And I understand where I can go to find my love, for it is just you."

The dancing dragonesses moved away from them before making their way over to Tenchi and Peridot until the dragon took off his mask to show Alexander in his demon form, the dragonesses being the next ones to remove theirs, much to the shock of Tenchi and Peridot, as it was their daughters Ainohi and Kari, as teenagers. The applauds were heard loudly before Ainohi and Kari hugged their parents, Xixexa warmly smiling, "Ladies and gentlemen, Lyra and Alexander with Ainohi and Hikarinoai! Give them much thanks for this wonderful performance." Lyra smiled before feeling Alexander lifting her up and carrying her back to the seats assigned for them, Xixexa clearing her throat once they were done, "And now I want to hear the couple's speeches."

Tenchi and Peridot faced each other before Tenchi cleared her throat, "Peridot, ever since we met in that church ruin in England, I have always wondered if I made the right decision that day. Coming with you and meeting your family and witnessing what family really means, I consider myself the most lucky girl ever. Thank you for always standing by my side, Peridot. I know that for once, thanks to Tarja's silly words, that my princess is not in another castle, she is right here with me now. I love you, Peridot." Xixexa began to sniff gently at the words before Peridot had her turn, "Tenchi, the day I met you, I wondered to myself if it was my heat speaking for me or if it was genuine love. After the hardships we have gone through, the journey we made, heck even after what my own mother did to you, I learned that it was my heart that spoke for me that day. And as inspired by the words of William Wallace from Braveheart. They can set my hair on fire, they can skin me alive, they can even decapitate me. But they can never take my love for you. I love you, Tenchi!"

The applauds went louder than before and Xixexa was soon blowing her nose into a handkerchief, "Sorry, liquid pride coming out. Either way, with all of this out of the way, I want the page-boy to come with the rings!" As if on cue, Jigo began walking down the aisle, wearing a pink fishnet top, pink skirt and cute white cupid wings, holding a pillow with the rings laying on top of it, "As by Wichan custom, I hereby offer the rings of which to bind you in the holy ritual of marriage." Jigo bowed deeply while holding the pillow out, Tenchi and Peridot taking a ring each as Xixexa smiles, "Repeat after me now." She looked at Tenchi, "I, Tenchi, take you Peridot to be my lawful wife and love you forever, as promised by this ring." Tenchi smiled and repeated before sliding the ring onto Peridot's finger, as Peridot repeated the same, only switching out Tenchi's name with her own, slowly sliding the ring onto Tenchi's finger, making sure it was not the cybernetic arm. Xixexa called out loudly, "Hear me, Ca'Li'Hu! Today, we celebrate the marriage of Tenchi Arizonia and Peridot Novastar-Angeria. May their life be fruitful and their future bright!" She then lowered her head before smiling, "By my power as the goddess of sex and reproduction, I hereby pronounce you married by divine guidance and blessing. Now you may call yourselves Tenchi and Peridot Novastar. And seal it, by kissing the bride."

Peridot smiled before lifting the veil to uncover Tenchi's face, leaning in to kiss her deeply under the loud applauds from family, friends and others who would wish the couple a wonderful future. The warm smiles on the faces giving Sasha and everyone who had helped her out, the knowledge they had made this day perfect.

The End.