Micro for a Werewolf

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A nice story involving a tiny micro being bought by a wolf for his mate on the night of a full moon. Some before hand fun is had before the micro gets caught between the two and their fun.

Times had changed greatly since the first discovery of the tiny counterparts hidden away right under the noses of every fur out there. Some thought they were bugs while others fought for their rights as normal furs. Over time and at the rate that these little furs reproduces it was soon like an infestation and those fighting for their rights couldn't argue any longer, so it was declared that these micors were nothing more than pests with no rights and could be 'taken care of' in any way seen fit. When this was declared many of the micros went into hiding for their own safety, many were disposed of on site like any other bug; but a few were captured and turned into a commodity amongst the normal furs around the world. Sold as food, toys, gifts and even sexual objects...

It was dark, tumbling back and forth in a tiny prison as he awaited his fate. Picked up early in the morning the micro fox was dumped in the small cardboard box and sealed away until his new owner decided it was time for him to be of use. He couldn't see who had bought him but he knew it would only be a matter of time before he found out. Back and forth he rocked as he was unceremoniously carried somewhere that could only be the furs home, till suddenly he was dropped on a hard surface and left there. He could hear his owner walk off and took this opportunity to try and escape his fate. With no light it was a little hard to find a wall but once he did he moved quickly to a corner and tried to make some sort of hole, some kind of weakness he could exploit and escape. Try as he might the only thing he could do was make a small hole, sheading light into the empty box and letting him breath some fresh air at last. Nose pressed out the hole he took deep breaths before he pulled back and looked out to see where exactly he was. As restricted as his sight was he could see that he was somewhere high up, maybe a desk or something, and a room around him. What he saw as all the normal things one would see in a normal furs bedroom; Bed, TV, dresser. Suddenly he heard the strong footfalls of the one who had carried him home returning.

After a long day at work the best way to relax was a nice long shower before his mate returned home. A large muscular wolf walked back into his bedroom, tossing his cloths to the side he flopped onto his bed and flipped on the TV. Nothing was better after work and a shower than to relax in a nice air-conditioned room and watch some TV in the nude. The wolf knew what would happen tonight and moved his paw to his sheath to gently rub against it, thinking of all the fun that would be had once the sun had set. He looked over to his desk and gave a little grin, remembering his little gift that would just add to the fun. With a slight chuckle he noticed that his underwear was hanging off the corner of the box giving that little micro a sample of what he would be experiencing tonight. The wolf got up and towards his toy, sheath slightly bulging. He grabbed the box and shook the underwear off then noticing a small hole in the corner of the box.

"Well it looks like someone has been a bad fox, though I guess it is a little cramped in there. Suppose I can let you out for a little bit before my mate comes home."

The wolf opened the top of the box and dumped the little fox into his hand and instantly closed it into a fist. He gave his fist a little squeeze to feel the fox squirm as he sat back on his bed before releasing his grip letting the fox fell to the ground. With a yelp the micro hit the ground then as the he went to roll over. He only had a split second to see a paw descending upon him and encasing him in darkness once again. Even though the wolf had just showered his paws still help a canine musk to them, a musk that only made the fox struggle more. Gently the wolf rolled his toy around under his paw to position the fox right between two toes belly up.

"Now listen here you little runt, you're a present for my amazing mate and I want you to be an obedient little toy before he gets here. So let us start with something simple, give my paws a good rub."

The fox looked up in disbelieve, did the wolf actually think that he would just simply follow orders after being sold against his will and taken far away from his family.

"P-please sir, don't do this to me. Please just let me go, I've done nothing wrong to you and just want to live my life as a normal fur. I have a fami-"

The fox was cut short as the wolf closed his toes together firmly. He sat there for a minute or so till the struggles of the fox died down a little. A lack of air really is a good way to silence a talkative toy. He spread his toes again as the fox gasped for musky paw air.

"Now, I asked for paw rubs not for you to beg like a little bitch. So I'll give you another chance before I start to get rough. So, give me a nice paw rub bug"

The fox just stared up at the wolf about to start begging again but slowly the pressure on his lower body started to increase. He began to struggle to pull himself free but when his bones started to creak he panicked and tried his best to rub the side of the toes. The pressure slowly released as the fox had the feeling return to his legs. With a little whimper he continued to rub between the toes. The paw rose for a second till the fox was centered beneath the sole of the wolf and pressed back down. The micro hesitated for a second before the paw slowly pressed down again pinning and knocking the air from his lungs.

"I warned you what would happen if you didn't listen, and now you're going to have to lick my paw for forgiveness. If I don't feel a lick in three seconds then you'll have a few broken bones to worry about. One."

The fox panicked, as he couldn't breath, he couldn't move and the way his head was pinned he couldn't lick even if he wanted to.


The pressure began to increase and the fox knew he had to try his best to part his muzzle and lick the sole above him. It pained him both mentally and physically to do this be he had no other choice if he wanted to stay in one piece.


The fox managed to get his tongue out of his muzzle and against the rough sole above him. Tears running down his face as his will, and nearly his body, were broken. The paw lifted back up and the fox continued to lick at the sole as his life depended on it.

"Good, seems all you needed was a little encouragement. So when my mate comes home I want you to do this for him and I don't want to have to 'encourage' you any more. You are his present and I want him to enjoy every last moment of your existence from this day till you expire. Now keep rubbing, he'll be home any moment now."

The tears soaked into his fur and his arms rose to rub against the sole above him. His tongue still licking away as the heavy paw rested on his body while the wolf awaited the return of his mate. For what seemed like hours of being rolled around under the large paw the fox heard the opening of the door and some lighter steps approach his captor.

Another wolf entered the room and dropped his bag on the floor and lazily stumbled towards his mate on the bed. Not even having the energy to take his shoes off the wolf collapsed onto his mate's arms and embraced him, giving him a nice long kiss. They both fell back on the bed as they greeted each other after a long day apart. The sudden attack from his mate caused the paw pinning the fox to the floor to kick up and land right beside him.

This was his chance, nothing holding him down and his owner distracted. The fox got up and started to run for it, the door still open and nothing blocking his way. The one place he wasn't watching was above and the dangling legs of the new wolf. In a split second the newer wolf decided to kick off his shoes, not aware of the little toy running across the floor. A sudden thump behind him made the fox look to see a large shoe fall on the ground and shortly after another right where he was running. The shoe hit the floor on its side right in front of the fox making him trip over the rim of it before it continued rolling and turned right side up, trapping the fox in the ripe paw-ware.

"I missed you all day and couldn't stop thinking about tonight. It's not often that a full moon happens on a Friday; this means we can stay up even later and don't need to worry about being up early in the morning. We can spend the whole morning in bed."

The shorter Lance wolf said as he buried his muzzle in his mate's neck and nuzzled against him. After a long day walking around at work he was glad to be home and be able to enjoy this full moon with his mate.

"I missed you too Lance, and I have a little surprise for you to make this night even better. I know how you like to play with toys whenever a full moon comes around so I got you one that should be durable enough to last all night."

The brown wolf held his mate tight and sat up on the bed, lifting his foot and noticing the little toy was gone. He gave a little glare as he scanned the floor looking for the micro. He looked around till he saw one of his mate's shoes moving a bit. He chuckled to himself as he gave his mate another kiss.

"You should know not to leave your shoes laying in the middle of the floor, put them on and take them off the right way. Then we can prepare for tonight."

The fox was assaulted with the hot stench of ripe paws, something he was spared from with the brown wolf. The floor beneath him was still warm and damp from what he can assume is sweat from a whole day supporting those paws. He tried to hold his breath as he clawed at the sides of the shoe but when he couldn't get a grip he was forced to take a deep breath. He collapsed onto his hands and knees at the smell but there was nothing he could do, as he got lungful's of pure paw musk. When he heard what was said he attempted to cry out not to put on the shoe but while he was coughing nothing could be heard except the thuds of the Lance wolf getting up to put his shoes back on. The opening of the shoe was soon eclipsed by the socked paw of the wolf and soon inserted in, blocking out all the air and making the heat skyrocket. He scrambled on his hands and knees to get away from the descending paw but could only make it as far as the arch before getting pinned and smothered against the wet insole.

Lance, as the wolf was know, turned around and walked over to the closet where the rest of the shoes were kept. He gave a little pressure on his right foot as he felt something in his shoe. With a sigh he took off his paw-ware and tipped it into his hand, trying to get whatever it was out of his shoe. When a micro fox landed in his hand he looked over to his mate who's tail was wagging behind him.

"Kris, how did you manage to get him into my shoe so quick, I just got home and I know for sure that he wasn't in there all day or I would have had a better time at work."

Kris gave a little shrug and smiled at his mate before getting up and giving him another kiss.

"A true magician never reveals his secrets." He said softly to his mate before glaring at the micro fox. "And I know my assistant will remember his place or I'll make him disappear." Kris said with a slight growl.

Lance placed his shoes in the closet and pulled Kris with him to bed gripping the micro in his hand. Lying back on the bed he dropped the micro between them and looked to the clock. They still had some time before the sun set and a tiny micro to keep them entertained.

"So what's his name?" Asked Lance as he poked the fox knocking him over. Kris looked at Lance with a blank stare before shrugging.

"What do you mean a name? It doesn't have a name; it's only a toy. And don't go getting attached to it, I'm sure you'll forget him by morning." Kris said as he gave a slightly evil grin to the micro.

The fox was slightly overwhelmed, two giant wolves surrounding him and talking like he wasn't even there. When he landed on the bed he thought it would be fine but he could smell that the bed had been used for many long nights between the two wolves and they were quite messy at times. The smell of pure canine musk around him was enough to make him cover his nose before getting knocked over by the Lance wolf. He wanted this nightmare to be over and hopefully escape during the night while the two slept but the waiting was what made him uneasy.

"Well we have a little while to wait before our fun begins, so what should we do with him?" Asked Lance as picked up the micro fox and dangled him right before his muzzle.

"It's up to you, it's your present and you can do anything you want. I even trained him to be obedient, didn't I little one." Kris said with a poke to the fox.

"Well I've been on my paws all day so let the little guy have some fun giving them a nice rub and cleaning."

Lance moved the fox above his two paws and dropped him right between them. The heat was radiating off of both paws and surrounding the fox in the musky scent of his paws.

"Well better get him used the scent before letting him at the source. Guess we could call him Wallin because he's about to get walled in by my paws."

Before he could even react the fox was smothered between the two socked paws as the rubbed him up and down. The fox had nothing else to breath as everything was filtered through the damp sweaty socks. He couldn't hold his breath even if he wanted to because the paws kept giving him a tight squeeze pushing all the air out of his lungs and forced him to take in the musky stench.

The two wolves embraced each other and began a make out session. Giving each other deep passionate kisses and running their hands through the others fur. Ignoring the fox suffering at their paws, his blue fur was soon drenched in sweat by the time the wolves moved to get more comfortable. Quickly just kicking off his socks Lance removed his pants as well leaving his underwear showing a noticeable bulge hidden beneath. The fox got little chance to examine it as he was pressed under the paw once again.

"Better have some fun down there while you can Wallin, going to be all about our fun in a little bit. And I batter feel that tongue of yours at work."

As reluctant as he was he remembered the 'encouragement' that Kris had given him and he was not going to go through that hell again. Although last time it was under a clean paw this time was much more of a challenge. The scent of the paw was overpowering and the added sweat made it all the worse. He was fine when it came to rubbing over the large canine paw but what he dreaded was soon to come.

"I don't want dirty paws when the sun sets so better get to work or I'll hand you over to my mate and let him have a go with you."

A shudder ran down his spine as he heard the threat and he slowly ran his tongue against the sole of the paw. The salty sweat had a musky flavor to it and nearly made him gag but he managed to hold it down. He continued to lick at the same spot getting used to the flavor and as it got cleaner it didn't taste as strong. He hoped that this would be enough to satisfy the wolf and that the fun they were having above would keep Lance distracted. It didn't. The large paw soon moved so the fox was right between two of the toes. His nose getting hit with a concentrated version of the musk he was already subject to.

"Give some extra attention between there, Kris doesn't like giving my paws a lot of attention so they really need a nice rub and clean."

Both wolves chuckled and continued their passionate embrace. The fox was left to see gunk buildup from the long day and the ceiling of the room he was now captive in. With nothing left to lose he began to rub between the two musky toes getting his hands covered in some of the toe jam and smelling like an old pair of socks. He hated to do it but to survive as long as possible he had to lick these toes clean. He closed his eyes and let his tongue drag against one of the sides that surrounded his head. The taste was horrid and stale but not as bad as the first lick he took. Above he could hear a moan of pleasure as the toes spread a bit in pure enjoyment of the attention. The pressure of the paw increased a bit but the soft bed made it so the fox didn't take any damage.

"Oh that is amazing, don't stop you wonderful fox. God Kris you need to try him, after a long day it feels amazing."

Kris rolled off his partner and sat nude and relaxed as Lance grabbed the fox between his toes and dropped him right between the large wolfs legs. The fox struggled to get upright as he saw the two walls of brown fur leading to the large wolf sac and full bulging sheath. Lance rolled over and blocked the only other way out from between the large wolfs legs.

"Well Wallin I think that my mate need a little warming up before we get to the real fun tonight. Go give those beautiful balls a nice massage, they need to be pampered before they empty out the pent up load waiting for me."

Wallin just stood there looking between the plump balls and the grinning face of Lance and he slowly started to walk towards the musky balls, even freshly showered they radiated with a potent and arousing musk. Even though he was scared and worried the micro couldn't help but take a deep breath as he reached out for the fuzzy orbs. When his paw first made contact they sac pulled up and made Kris moan a little. The fox was hesitant as the balls relaxed again but something about the scent around him made him want to continue. With a firm push Wallin could feel the warmth radiating from between the balls as his other hand joined in and gently began to rub between the two large orbs. Nearly enveloped by the warm fur the fox didn't realize that Lance was on the move and wanted in on some of his mates scent. The next thing he knew a cold nose was pressing him deep into the sac as air rushed past him. A moan came from above and a long sigh came from behind him. The scent of dog breath washed over him and quickly mixed with the ball musk making an intoxicating aroma.

In a world of fur and musk the micro fox had no idea what was about to go down between the two lovers. The nose backed of for a brief moment releasing the fox from the balls embrace but replaced with a warm wet appendage that could only be Lance's tongue. The thick muscle curled up and caught the fox by the feet, dragging him up across the balls and against the throbbing sheath. As the lick stopped the micro was deposited right at the opening of the sheath as the canine cock was peeking out. Lance went back to the balls to continue his loving laps as Wallin had to cling onto the protruding shaft to keep him from falling off. The moaning from above made the whole body vibrate as the foxes soft body brings even more pleasure to Kris.

"I think me cock needs a little help waking up, why don't you go in there and give it a hand, or a body in your case."

Kris chuckled to himself as a single finger pinned the fox flat against the tip before sliding down into the sheath. A shot of pre coated the belly of the fox nicely as Kris slid the tiny body under his sheath and down into the musky confines holding his proud cock. As his finger retreated his sheath closed up and left the fox in complete slick musky darkness. Kris held the tip of his sheath closed as the fox struggled within. The musk may be intoxicating but the heat and tightening space was worrisome. Wallin tried his best just to escape but only cause more moans and his roommate to grow thicker in the tight space. With only one-way of escape the fox began to lick against the musky shaft as it throbbed with the wolf's heartbeat. If he weren't released soon the massive cock growing bigger by the second would surely crush the fox.

With a loud moan Kris' cock was finally release from its prison and slid up quickly past the fox. Holding on for his life the micro fox gripped onto the shaft as it pulled him to freedom and fresher air. The room was still filled with the scent of canine but at least it wasn't a suffocating musk anymore. Wallin sat there panting as he filled his lungs again with air as the throbbing shaft below him bounced with excitement. Little did the fox know was that the sun had finally set and Lance was getting ready for the nights fun to begin. The fox turned to see the Lance wolf hunched over and giving out nearly feral growls. His view was soon blocked out as a paw came down and pinned him to the shaft then started to drag him up and down as Kris enjoyed the show.

Both knew that when the sunset on a full moon that Lance had a little secret that came out. With the blinds open to let the natural moonlight in Lance was feeling the adrenalin coursing through his body. His heart was racing as his muscles slowly started to expand and form a firm bulging mass. There were a few cracking sounds as bones were repositioned to accommodate the extra size. Good thing that most of his cloths were taken off or they would have been ripped to shreds soon after he started to transform. Lance's muzzle got longer and started to drool as he snarled through the change. Fur on his back was getting thicker and longer down his back as his spine popped into an arched shape. Both his hands and paws had the claws grow to sharp points and he rose higher when his paws started to morph into a more feral form. He had to take a few steps to get used to his new stance and stretch out his new muscles. The transformation was nearly complete and that was what Kris was waiting for.

Gripping onto his shaft harder and nearly crushing the fox, Kris was watching the last piece of clothing and final area to transform. Lance had nearly everything grow and the final spot was starting to bulge. Making sure his pup kept his underwear on Kris could see the outline of his thick bulging sheath as it grew with the rest of his mate's body. With one final howl to the moon and as the transformation was complete so did the underwear rip into shreds revealing a thick leaking cock.

Kris released his cock and let the micro catch his breath as he motioned for the werewolf version of Lance over onto the bed. With a fierce snarl Lance took a few steps forward and began crawling on the bed towards his mate. A low snarl echoed in the room as Lance bared his teeth, as he got closer, drool dripping on the bed as overshadowed Kris. A grin spread across Kris face as he reached up and gave his pup a scratch under the chin making the ferocious beast turn in to a tame pet.

"Well now that he is ready we can start with the real fun."

Kris gave a gentle push making Lance fall over on his side then onto his back, scratching his belly as rolled over him. For such a large beast seeing him roll over for his mate was an adorable sight. Leaning up and give the big wolf face a lick Kris pinned the werewolf by this shoulders as he held him in place and started to lick lower and lower. Down his neck and over his chest, Kris let his tongue roam over his mate and across Lances nipple and teasing it making the beast moan in pleasure. As Kris continued to tease his mate by giving light nibbles while he reached down for the little micro to get him into position for the next part. A tight grip on the fox's midsection he was moved down past the larger werewolves balls and pushed under them, slowly towards the tight ring right under the tail. With a push the fox was pressed against the ring and gently circled around.

"You have your work cut out for you little guy, better get to licking or it's going to be a rough entry for both of us..."

The fox whimpered as the wolf left him and went back to teasing and playing with his big pup. If the musk of wolf paws was strong then this was on a whole new level. Trapped under the weighty balls and pressed against the werewolves hole left the fox's mind to spin. The last order he was given the only thing he could think of and that's just what he did. Little by little the tiny micro was moving closer and closer till his tongue pressed against the hot ring and made Lance moan in pleasure and clench a bit around the foxes head. Wallin could do nothing as the tight clenching held him in place and forcing him to struggle more and pleasure the werewolf.

Kris left the fox to take care of lubing up his mate while he gave him some more teasing pleasure. As his tongue trailed down over the soft fur of Lance's belly the firm tongue soon found the leaking tip of the throbbing meat. The strong scent of sweat and musk had filled the room as Kris took the first taste of the night. An open maw and salivating tongue guided that large shaft into its new warm home. The further down Kris went the more that Lance whimpered and begged for the pleasure of his mate. When his nose finally hit the thick fur at the base of Lances shaft he locked his lips around it and gently began to suck. Like a needy pup Lance humped into the air to try and pleasure himself some more but Kris wouldn't allow it. A single hand held the beast to the bed as he took his time and enjoyed the flavor of his prize. The salty taste of pre leaking into his throat as his head bobbed up and down making Lance writhe in pleasure. Before too long Kris drags his tongue up the base of the shaft and flicks it across the tip leaving a single strand of saliva connecting the two.

"Now we can't let you cum before me now. Guess it's time to see how well our toy did."

With that Kris sat up and positioned his tip right at the rear entrance of his mate, ignoring the tiny fox still partially stuck up the werewolf's rear. Kris glared mischievously at his mate before slowly pushing forward, pressing the fox deeper along with the tip of his shaft. The fox was in a panic now, sure the musk was overpowering his mind but the fact he was getting pushed up into a beast made him struggle for freedom. The penetration didn't stop till Kris' knot was pressed against the tight hole. He leaned forward and gave Lance a lick across the nose before he started to pull out again. With the help of the foxes saliva and the leaking pre of the large cock the fox was left deep within Lance as the shaft retreated. His struggles were useless as it only caused the walls around him to clench bringing pleasure to both the larger beasts. As the slick walls compressed soon came the next thrust by the dominant wolf. Without warning the fox was pressed back into the depths where he started and canceling any progress he made towards the exit. As panic ensued in the foxes mind only pleasure was on the minds of the two above. Each one moaning and growling in nearly feral pleasure as Kris continued to pump his shaft in and out of his mate's tight hole. Soon he brought his hand down and began to stroke Lance's shaft in time with his own thrusts, both were getting close.

"Now remember pup, hold it till I say or you won't get your treat in the morning."

Lance whimpered as he struggled to hold back his climax and Kris watched on in pure bliss, he loved teasing his mate like this. Too soon though it had to come to an end as his knot started to swell so did the power behind each thrust. A few more before finally his knot penetrated the hole and swelled to it maximum, tying him with his mate as he unleashed his load. He growled and tugged as the struggles at his tip only pushed him further, flooding the cavern with hot sticky cum. The stroking on his mates shaft got faster and faster till he gripped the knot and cried out to Lance.

"Now pup, show me how much you love me."

And with that Lance howled to the air as rope after rope shot through the air landing on his chest, his muzzle and even getting some on his wonderful mate. As the climax died down for the both of them Kris collapsed onto the large body of his lover, still tied and not caring about the sticky mess between them. He leaned up and gave a lick across the sticky muzzle to get a taste of werewolf seed before resting his head on Lances chest and relaxing for the night. Lance wrapped his arms around Kris and held him tight till they both fell asleep.

Left in the dark covered in cum and locked away the fox was panting. What little air he had was filled with the potent scent of cum and canine musk. Exhausted after the whole ordeal the fox dragged his body onto the tip of the canine shaft and collapsed. Hoping that he wouldn't be forgotten about he closed his eyes and rested in the warm embrace of his owners. Moving his hand down to his own spent cock he was happy to have gotten something out of this exchange. As the night went on all three of them slept in each other's embrace.