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2 of Three friends Making a new story sorry about the other one and you will get to meet them all and also I'm doing thus on my phone so hard for me to do fancy thing.

Hi my name is David nice to meet you so what I need to know about me is well I'm a husky and I'm in High School. Ok I'm in a black and grey husky with a white spot around my left eye and my favorite sport is badminton.

(7:30 A.M. Monday)

I was just getting up when I heard my dad coming in my room with some breakfast in bed I loved it when he did this for me he is a Wolf with brown and black fur "Here you go kiddo".

"Thanks dad."

After he gave me my breakfast he went to go get the mail, and when I finish I brought my bowl downstairs and put it in the sink, then I went back upstairs to get ready for my first day of high school.

I saw that I was going to miss the bus I had to run as fast as I can and almost missed it luckily there was a kid who held the door open for me, " Thanks".

There was no other space to sit at but at the back so me and the kid who held open the door sat there and after we started to move he started to talk, "So is this you first day?"

"Yes it is, you?"

"Same, what's your name!"

"David, you?"

"Sam, nice to meet you."

We talk some more and when we got to school we were good friends we had a lot in command we both lived video games, comics, cartoons, and a lot of other things too.

When they got to school the got lockers next to each other we saw each others schedules and saw we had all the same classes (this really is a small world after all).

We had some time before class so we talked some more, then it was time for class.

3 weeks later.

Me and Sam have become good friends oh yeah he's a cute fox with red and white fur did I saw cute oops aw well it out the so yeah.

After about two more weeks he told me that he just found out he was gay, I wasn't creeped out so I said, " Its fine bro." Then we went about or day.

One night

I was dreaming about two people making out I was able to see who it was me and Sam I almost yelled when I saw the but the I went into the other me's P.O.V. and it felt great kissing Sam then he started to take my clothes on then he stripped down and I saw he cock and its hardness right before I could do any thing I was woken up by my fucking alarm.

If you like this I will continue and make a series.