Grandview High School, Prologue: Bones for Breakfast, Knots for Noon, Dicks for Dinner

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Grandview High School, Prologue: Bones for Breakfast, Knots for Noon, Dicks for Dinner

The principle of Grandview High School, a tall, strong lion, looked down at agenda on the pulpit he stood in front of. He swallowed and nodded slightly before looking up at the crowd of furs gathered in the bleachers of the school's stadium to the graduating students in the field. He never did find out about the various homosexual acts that had occurred at this place, but he did know one thing; the fur that was going to speak next was gay.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," he finally announced into the speaker, his voice boomed through the massive speakers on either side of the stage so that everyone there could hear him. "Grandview High is proud to present one of our top honor students, Lashley Parker. Mr. Parker has been involved with many curriculum of the school, including: the state's number one football team..."

As the list went on, an eighteen-year old kangaroo blushed at each and every recognition. He flinched when his tail thumped out of rhythm against the ground, and then hit the fur sitting behind him. He slumped in his seat, his ears flat with embarrassment when they yelped in pain and surprise. The German shepherd beside him nudged him with his elbow and grinned at the shrinking kangaroo.

"You're up Lash," he whispered in his ear, and pushed the kangaroo up on his two pawfeet. "Goood luck!" he chuckled and leaned against the canine beside him as he put his own two pawfeet up on the top of the back rest of the chair in front of him, much to the annoyance of the fur in front of him. "He's gonna screw up big time, trust me."

They both snickered as Lashley made the long walk to the stand and stared out over the massive multitude of furs that had gathered for this special occasion. He coughed into his balled up paw, clearing his throat before he brought his chapped chops to the microphone.

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen," he spoke slowly into the microphone, and his amplified voice scared him. His tail began to thump against the ground again and he felt his legs start to bounce on the balls of his feet. His stomach dropped and he slumped his shoulders. ‘I need him,' Lashley trembled as he prayed silently. ‘I need him standing right here beside me... more than I have ever needed him.'

Suddenly, as if in answer to Lashley's request, he felt as though an angel from heaven descended upon him and wrapped his arms around him, bracing him up on his feet. His tail stopped thumping and he regained the confidence that he required for giving his speech. He glanced down at the crumpled notes clutched in his paws, and let them fall to the floor. He no longer needed the notes; his heart knew what to say.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he repeated his voice full of posture. "I was asked to speak on the values that this school tries to incorporate into our studies. These core values are courage, knowledge, responsibility and respect," he counted off four paw fingers as he accentuated each word. "There is a story that I would like to tell. My story, their story"â€"he held out a friendly paw to the entire senior graduation class sitting in front of himâ€" "and how not only we learned and incorporated these values into our lives. But many others, including: friendship, finding ourselves, trust... love," he felt the strict gazes of almost all the schools teachers stab his back with sharp daggers, and he chuckled to himself. "And much, much more. Now, this is our story...

" started two years ago, during the summer. I was on a vacation at West Coast with my family, and I remember it was a hot and sweltering day..."