The party! [PART 15]

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15 of The party! Hello everbody,

IM STILL ALIVE and i wanted to let you know that. I had alot of stress recently and didn't quite find time to finish this chapter. Without any doubt, i do believe that this series is ending pretty soon. 2 Maybe 2 or 3 chapters more. I will, however, start a new series. It will be written in 1st person and will include parts of a diary. I would appreciate your feedback on the new series and maybe you could give me some ideas aswell! Hugs, LunaticLens.

Luna nervously grabbed his phone from his pocket. "Im not sure if i want to do this." Timothy shook his head. "Now or never. -Or until tonight when he comes back." The wolf looked down on the dark display. "I'll just do it." He opened the phone and immediately dialed the number. He took a deep breath before he lifted the phone to his ear. It rang... And rang... And then, Vermont picked up. "Hello?" He asked. "Hey Vermont, i-" Luna was interrupted. "Oh, hi Luna, what's up." The canine asked. "I kinda... Managed... To-" The wolf's telephone was nabbed from him by Timothy. "He accidentally locked himself out, now he's sitting with me in my house." Luna was given the phone back and the canine began to laugh. "Oh! Well i forgot about that. Er... I'll come home in a few minutes to unlock the door for you, and when i come home from work i'll bring a second key for you too. That's nothing to be worried about."

"Thanks..." Luna said, biting down on his lip. "What's the matter? You sound so sad." Vermont asked. "I-it's just because im a bit embarrassed. This whole situation itself is a disaster." The wolf huffed. "Well-" Timothy interrupted Luna. "-not everything will work the way you want to, some things just go their ways." The canine laughed. "See? That's a great way to look at it; it was just something that happens, and there's nothing to be worried about." Luna chuckled. "Well, it still happened, okay?" Vermont chuckled along. "I'll be there as soon as possible. Cya." The sighed before hanging up the call. "I just want to hide myself forever right now." Timothy looked interrested. "It sure is embarrassing, but it's not something to be ashamed of. At the start of middle school i once wasn't able to find my class and actually started crying. THAT'S embarrassing. And you aren't crying right now, are you?" Luna chuckled softly. "No. Not at all." The grey cat patted Luna's shoulder. "It was just a little accident, nothing more." He stood up from his chair and asked: "Do you want anything to drink? I can bring you anything, from soda, tea, coffee..." The wolf gave a genuine smile. "I'd like a glass of water." Timothy looked strangely at Luna and began rubbing his head. "This sounds a bit odd, but you're probably one of the first people in here asking for water. Just water..." Luna rested his cheek in his palm. "I prefer drinking water if i am thirsty, coffee and tea are better with food, in my opinion." Timothy shrugged. "Okay then." He went over to the faucet, grabbed a glass and filled it with water. Whilst there, he turned on the coffee machine for himself. He handed over to Luna. "Here you go." The wolf took the glass and took a sip from it. "Thank you." The wolf definitely noticed that Timothy was alot more relaxed than before. "How long have you been friends with Vermont?" He asked the grey cat out of curiosity. "Pretty much after i moved here. Im not sure when exactly, but about over two years ago. He greeted me along with a few other people into the community, that is this neighbourhood. Vermont stayed here the longest, i believe. After we were alone he seemed to become much more curious about where i moved from, what my origins are, etceteras." Luna took another sip from his water. "The constant asking does make sence though. If this is indeed a community, they will most likely watchout who to let in and who not to." The grey cat nodded as he grabbed his, now filled, cup of coffee and sat back down to Luna. "I bet the community will welcome you too, soon." The wolf didn't really feel that that would be fun at all, because most strangers are fairly creepy and, or unsettling to him. "I-i really don't know how to feel about that... It's ment to be nice and all, but i honestly don't like meeting new people would help me in which situation im in. Having a few contacts sure would be helpful, but i can't take alot of trouble right now." Timothy looked interested. "What situation are you in right now?" Luna looked down at the table and sighed. "It's just a lot a stress, don't worry about me though, i'll be alright. I only need a little bit of time." The grey cat drank a bit from his coffee. "Alright. I won't force you to say it, but if you have any troubles and Vermont isn't there, you can call me." Luna smiled lightly, but didn't say anything. He silently looked down at the table before Timothy slightly nudged his head. "Cheer up, stress won't last forever. I bet it'll be over soon." The wolf wanted to speak, but got interrupted by tapping on the window. The sky had darkened and it started raining heavily. "Would you look at that." Luna looked back at the cat. "And i almost refused to come here." Timothy laughed, but soon flinched when a thunder stuck. "Okay, i will stop laughing now or karma is going to kill me." The wolf began to laugh a little bit, before noticing a car pulling up through the kitchen window. "Oh, i think Vermont just arrived." The grey cat took a quick look through the window a bit closer and nodded at Luna. "It was great getting to know you a bit closer." Luna gave Timothy a quick hug before heading for the front door. He looked back shortly."Goodbye!" The cat smiled lightly and waved. "Goodbye." He opened the door, but stood inside, preparing to make a dash for the car's passenger door. He walked out, quickly pulled the door shut behind him and sprinted for the car parked a bit away from him to avoid the rain as much as possible. The doors were unlocked, so Luna was able to quickly open the door and get in. "Hello, Luna!" Vermont said with a happy voice. "Hey!" The wolf sat down into the passenger seat and looked at the canine. He didn't look like he was stressed at all, maybe a bit tired, but everything else seemed dandy. "I'll leave you my key here, i'll ring the bell when i come home." Luna nodded as they neared their home. Vermont began fondling around on his keychain and removed the door's key. "I'll come in with you, i got a bit of time from my boss." The wolf smiled lightly before opening his door and darting straight for the front door. The canine quickly followed with his massive footsteps and opened the door. As both stepped in, Luna noticed quite alot of glances and looks from Vermont, but nodded it off. "Great. My shirt is soaked." Luna huffed before walking into the bedroom to his bag. He got out a similar one and removed the wet shirt on the spot.

"Hey, Luna..." The wolf heard Vermont whisper gently into his ear. Luna turned around and gave the canine a cheeky look. "Yes?" He whispered back. "Would you like to...?" Luna chuckled slightly. "Are you that horny?" The canine sighed as he began running his hands down Luna's sides. "Maybe... Would you like to find out?" The wolf wrapped his hands around Vermont's shoulders. "Don't worry. I'll be gentle." Vermont whispered with a rather friendly look on his face. Luna gave a smile as they began making their way to the bed, where the large canine gently put Luna on his back before taking his shirt off. "Don't worry, okay? This won't hurt..." He whispered into Luna's ear. He went down and unbuckled his pants, revealing a bulge inside of his boxers. Vermont put his paws on the wolf's lower abdomen and began to lightly apply pressure with his thumb in a circular, rhythmic motion. Luna began to gasp as this was not something he had ever experienced.

The pressure was ideal and felt incredible. The wolf grasped hold of the blanket sprawled beneath him as he let out moans and groans. "Do you like it..?" Vermont whispered. "Argh- Y-yes. I do..." The larger canine lifted his paws up and put them behind Luna's head. He pulled him in close and gave him a kiss. The wolf took the kiss and was surprised to not feel any tongue at all, but it felt comfortable. "I want you to feel safe around me." Vermont whispered gently. "I would never hurt you. You're too valuable." Luna chuckled slightly. "In what way?" The canine smiled. "In every way." The wolf held himself closer and gave Vermont a small hug. "So... Which way do you want it?" The canine drifted his paw across Luna's headur. "I should ask you that, pup." The wolf grinned. "With a touch of originality." Vermont smiled lightly before he began to nuzzle Luna's neck up and down, slowly stimulating him. The canine put his paw around Luna's back and slowly began grinding his groin on him. He pulled down his pants, revealing a huge throbbing cock underneath the underwear. "Don't worry. I won't put it in yet." The wolf whispered "It's alright. I'll help you come off later." in response. The canine kept on grinding around Luna's ring untill he felt certain that the wolf was about to cum. His sheath had fully moved back, revealing the red skin underneath which was quivering with pre-cum. Vermont slowly began licking on the tip of his penis. Luna was moaning in pleasure as he noticed he was cumming. "Oh- I- Im about to-" The wolf didn't finish his sentence before Vermont began pawing him off, making him reach his peak instantaneously and shooting semen down Vermont's throat. "Oh... Oh... That was great." The canine swallowed the semen and began pawing off himself. Luna immediately joined in to help. He set his tongue on the tip and began twirling it around. He took both hands and began massaging the knot as good as he could. "Mmh... You're doing a great job, pup." Vermont said as he leant back a little. Luna felt the cock dribbling down small loads of cum inside of his throat. He stopped licking as soon as Vermont began moaning and began rubbing just the tip with his paws. With a long groan, the canine shot his cum on the face of the wolf. "You... Did... A great job..." Vermont said whilst heavily panting. "That's nice." Luna smiled sightly. "I'll go and take a bath now. I don't want to walk around all sticky and stuff." He chuckled as he undressed himself fully and walking into the bathroom. The tub looked luxurious and very pricey. "Eh, Vermont? Would you mind helping me with the tub? I've never seen a sci-fi thing like that." The canine was still heavily panting but rested on his back with his left arm on his forehead. "Im coming." He said before standing up aswell. He stepped next to Luna and asked:"So, do you want a hot, medium or a cold bath." Luna immediately answered with:"Medium." The canine opened the water and began filling the tub before pressing a few buttons, explaining that there are water jets which would make the whole thing alot more comfortable. Just as the tub was full enough, Luna asked:"But say, Vermont. Is there enough room for two?" With a comforting smile. "I bet you there is." The canine answered, nudging Luna's nose. He stopped the water about halfway through and undressed too. "I'll hop in first." Vermont simply stated before going in. Without any words, the wolf sat down aswell. The tub was big enough to fit both Luna and Vermont easily. The wolf dunked his head into the water and began scrubbing cum off of his nuzzle and face. "Im certain you want to scrub with more than just plain water, right?" Vermont chuckled. Luna nodded and got handed a bottle of shampoo. He squirted a bit into his hand and began rubbing it on his nuzzle and it immediately started foaming like crazy. Vermont seemed amused just watching what the wolf was doing. Luna tried his best to hold the exceeding foam from any uncomfortable places, but ended up accidentally getting the foam into his nose. "I might look like a jackass right now, but atleast i'll be a happy and clean jackass." Vermont laughed:"You'll be my sweet, cute, happy and clean jackass." Within half an hour, the wolf managed to clean himself thoroughly. Getting tired, he leant back. "Would you like to take a nap?" Vermont asked with a softly. Luna nodded slowly. "Just sit next to me. I got all the time we need." The wolf did what the canine said and sat down next to him. Though Vermont's fur was soaked, it seemed very comfortable. He rested his head on Vermont's chest and slowly got lulled to sleep. Once the canine noticed Luna sleeping, he held him a little closer and embraced im with his arm like a doll. The small wolf felt very light, resulting in Vermont falling asleep shortly after.