Wolfie Steel, Assassin/Bodyguard for hire, Part 1.

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1 of Wolfie Steel, Assassin/Bodyguard for hire Wolfie Steel gets fired from his job working with MI6 Mouse Division, and almost immediatly gets hired by Linkin Doberman

Wolfie Steel.

Assassin/Bodyguard for hire.

Written by Vinnie Van Daz.

Chapter 1.

The parts of Wolfie Steel and 000 (Vinnie Van Daz), are played by me, Vinnie Van Daz. I also gratefully acknowledge Linkin Doberman for agreeing to appear in the story, nice one, you dog you. I own the characters of Wolfie Steel and 000 (aka Vinnie Van Daz), so I respectfully ask that you do not use them in your stories without my permission, thanks. Also, there will be parts of this story that will involve M/M sexuality, so if you are under the legal age for your country, please do not read!!

It was a Monday morning, I was in the waiting room at the offices of MI6: Mouse Division, nothing new there, though this morning I knew would be the last time that I waited in this very office, I had committed the cardinal sin. Some call it 'doing a side line', others may call it 'a second job on the QT', which ever way you slice it I had been moonlighting, I had set myself up as an assassin/bodyguard for hire, and somehow my boss, 000, had found out.

I waited patiently in the office for what seemed like an eternity, then suddenly I heard the deep booming voice of 000 shout my name, "MR STEEL, GET YOUR WOLF BUTT IN HERE, AND I MEAN NOW", I felt a large lump form in my throat as I stood from my chair. I slowly headed towards my friends office, still trying to force the lump in my throat down.

I stand at the door and cautiously knock it, "IT'S OPEN YOU WORTHLESS WOLF", damn, I knew he was going to be pissed, but I was not expecting this. I opened the door and made my way into the office with my head hung in shame.

"Yes Mr Steel, you may very well hang your head in shame, I know about your little job on the side. I can't believe it, after all we have done for you, we saved your life when we found you in that cave, I gave you a home, hell I even gave you what I thought was a very well paid job, and yet, you still went out and set yourself up as what can only be called a mercenary for hire, I can not associate myself with you any longer, it is with deep regret that I must terminate your employment. You will now leave this office under armed guard, you will turn in your security card and weapons that I supplied, any weapons that you supplied are of course your property and you may keep them. NOW get out of my sight".

There was no reasoning with 000 when he was in this kind of temper, so I didn't bother trying, I just turned towards the office door still with my head hung in shame, I walked towards the door and opened it, there in front of me was the armed guard waiting to escort me out of the building, I looked up at the armed guard straight into the eyes of my brother Wolverine, my humiliation was now complete.

Once we were at the buildings exit I realised just how badly I had hurt Wolverine, he placed the butt of his gun in the small of my back and forced me through the door, what I heard from him next broke my heart.

"From here on in, you have no brother, you have no family and you have no one else to blame but yourself", with that Wolverine slammed the door shut behind me.

This is it, now it was just me, a Silver Furred, disgraced Wolf, and though I stood at 6'2" I actually felt about 2'3", all I had to defend myself with was my sniper rifle, I had no money, nowhere to live, no job and no hope. I still had my cell phone, which I had used to run my side line.

I walked to a small wall and sat upon it, I buried my head in my paws and cried, thoughts came to my head, how could I be so stupid? 000 was right my brother and his team had indeed saved my life, they had trained me to be a bodyguard, I had a family, I had a home, in short I had a good life, and here I was now with nothing.

I was in such a pit of depression that I hadn't even realised that my cell phone was ringing, suddenly the sound of my phone brought me out of my depression, so I answered the call.

"Am I addressing Mr Wolfie Steel, bodyguard/assassin for hire?".

I began to think that this call was a prank and was just about to end it, when something made me stop and answer the caller.

"I am Wolfie Steel, to whom am I talking?", the caller answered my question, though not in the way I would have liked.

"My name is not important right now, all you need to know is that I have a job waiting for you, if you would like to know more, meet me at the base of Big Ben in five minutes, and Mr Steel, come alone", with that the caller hung up.

It was a good ten minute walk from where I was to the base of Big Ben, though me being a wolf would mean that if I broke with my usual way of walking and did it wolf style I.e. on all fours and running, I knew that I could be there in four minutes. With that I got down on all fours and slung my case which contained my sniper rifle over my left shoulder, I began my trek, though I must admit, I was a little shaky to start, as I hadn't used all fours for transport since I was a pup, but after a minute I got the hang of it and before I knew it I was sitting on the wall at the base of Big Ben, panting profusely.

"Well, your adaptable, I'll give you that much", came a mysterious, Argentinian voice from above me. I look up from my seat, straight into the eyes of a large black and brown furred Doberman, he speaks again.

"It is not safe for us to be seen talking here, I have a car waiting for us not far from here, now you have two options, option one, you can come with me and get into the car and not look back on your old life, option two, remain sat on this wall, knowing that you have no job, no money, no home and no prospects! It is your choice, as for me, I'm heading back to the car, if you are an option one, then welcome to my team, if you are an option two, I bid you farewell and a pleasant life.....what's left of it.", with that the Doberman slowly and mysteriously began to walk away. So I guess that makes me an option two then, yeah right!!!, if you believe that, then you will believe anything.

I arose from my seat and followed the Doberman back to a Black Stretched Limousine, All but the front windows were blacked out, as we approached the driver opened the rear door, the Doberman looked back and spotted the fact that I was right behind him, he gestured towards the car.

"After you Mr Steel", at first I hesitated, but then had a quick think about what I had been through within the passed hour and a half, I hesitated no more and quickly got into the Limo, closely followed by the Doberman, the driver then closed the rear door and got back into the drivers seat.

With the dividing window between us and the driver also being blacked out, it meant that the rear interior was pitch black, the Doberman flicked a switch and the cabin was now bathed in light, the Doberman now turned towards me and lowered his mysterious hood, he offered me his paw which I accepted, then he introduced himself to me.

"My name is Linkin Doberman, it is I that require your services as a bodyguard".

I looked over the body that I was about to be charged with guarding, Linkin saw me do this and spoke again.

"If you say that mine is a body you wouldn't mind guarding, your fired", Linkin then let out a hearty belly laugh as he realised that I had actually taken him seriously.

"I like you Mr Steel, you are way too serious and easy to wind up, I think that you and I are going to get along famously."

Where were we heading? I haven't got a clue, why were we heading there? Not the foggiest idea, what I did know was this, I had just been fired from an admittedly very well paid job, and within an hour and a half I now had another hopefully extremely well paid job, my life had started out the day as a tattered shell, and in a short space of time, had done a complete 180 and was now looking rosy again, I guess it's right what they say, fortune does favour the brave.

At this particular moment though, I have to admit that I didn't feel all that fortunate, or brave, I had just lost my best friends, but worse than that I had now lost my brother, that was indeed the bitterest pill that I had to swallow. Sure given time I would try and repair a few bridges between myself and my brother, I don't know, maybe ten, twenty years should suffice, my friendship with Vinnie Van Daz though was well and truly dead and buried, as I had left his office that very morning, I'm sure that I heard him sobbing, I only hope that my actions have not caused Wolverine and Julius to lose their jobs, as that would be the final insult that I could have dealt them.