My Lucario's a Porn Star

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Simple Lucario smutfic I wrote some time ago. What a camera whore!

With a blinding flash of light, the scene illuminated was saved. Pressed up against a wall face-first, my Lucario turned to stare back with wide, innocent eyes. They contrasted with his wide stance, and the way his arms were pressed up to the wall, high above his head. His tail hung loosely between his legs, hiding anything inappropriate- on purpose. It was his job to tease, and the less-than-tasteful nude photograph that I had just took emphasized that ability of his.

"One more here, then we're gonna go on the bed," I replied, and Koro turned to face the camera fully, pondering his next pose. At last, he decided, placing his paws in front of his crotch and looking back up with a mock embarrassed pout. His knees bent inward and lower-lip trembled for just a moment before steadying in the perfect position for his frown. Once more, not a sliver of a naughty bit escaped his hiding, the 'mon's paws easily cupping and concealing his sheath and balls.

"What are we gonna do on the bed?" he asked with a hint of jest. It was obvious, judging by the costume lain out on its covers. Throwing it on, he remarked, "Maid again? The customers must really love it..." and sat on the bed with a quiet pomf.

"Don't pretend you don't like it," I replied, considering sticking my tongue out at the critter, but deciding against. He himself, however, had no hang-ups about doing the same, and blew me a raspberry that I caught on camera. The flash startled him, and he seemed so annoyed to be caught in such a childish act that he crossed his arms and looked away while lying on the back of the bed, another unintentional pose which I eagerly shot.

It seemed as if his irritation was only temporary, perhaps even imitated, and he quickly resumed up a new pose, this one on his belly. He was careful not to puncture the bed, or even tear the outfit as he moved into the position, lifting up his legs and letting them dangle above his rump, showing off a pair of delicate paws, laced with blue ribbons. The pink of his pads flushed brightly by the camera, and I took a second picture from the side to show off his sensual curves and delicate body. "Are we done yet? You know how I feel about wearing human-clothing..." he grumbled, and I tapped my lips, thinking.

"Few more shots, and then we'll get you out of those," was my reply, and I pulled over a stool for a better height. Looking down, I scrutinized Koro's position, his paws in his lap, sitting on his knees with legs splayed out. He fumbled and toyed with the hem of his skirt, playing with it as his head pointed downwards with a sharp, false, blush. Click. Another scene captured.

The blue-furred jackal mumbled a bit, lifting up on his knees and reaching behind to adjust a pair of lacy panties beneath his skirt, another image which I caught on camera, much to his chagrin. He responded with an indignant "D-don't take a picture of that! With a blush, this one real, lighting up his face and turning it dark purple. Of course, I took another snapshot of this with a gleeful smile, serving only to irk the critter even more.

"Alright, we're done," I declared, setting the camera down on my desk. "Need some help getting out of that?"

At first, Koro shook his head, but as he attempted to reach for the zipper in the back, failing several times, he sighed and mumbled, "Yes master..." It was the same as every other photoshoot, and I obliged, stepping over to him and unbuttoning the collar, sliding down the zipper and shedding him of his maid costume. Undergarments remained, a ruffled blouse, and pair of tight panties which the Lucario could have easily removed by himself, but allowed me to instead.

"How do you even get these on?" I asked, teasingly, pressing my t-shirt clothed stomach against his back and I reached down his chest and hooked my fingers beneath the blouse's border. He shuffled back and forth, not wanting to lean back against me, or push free of my stripping hands, his indecision becoming stronger and stronger as I lifted the under-blouse up higher and higher, pulling it over his spike and hiding his view of the world.

"It's... ah... e-easier to put it... nnh.. on than to t-take it off!" he whined, freeing himself from my grasp and scampering away, leaving me to hold the blouse uselessly. "I can finish," he mumbled with a blush, and darted off to the bathroom. Shrugging, I returned to my desk, tossing the blouse onto the pile of clothing near the hamper, sure to be cleaned later. Busying myself with the website, I parsed through the ample photographs taken, cropping some and tuning others. My Lucario was attractive enough without these measures, but an additional bonus did bring in some more revenue.

One photo in particular I focused on, I had him take it under the guise of a fan-letter, but truly it was my own, personal, request to him. His wrists were lashed together with a shimmering blue ribbon, undoubtedly illuminated by the camera's flash. They were hoisted high over his head, tied to a makeshift hook. His body was twisted in such a way that both his yellow-furred chest and blue bottom were visible, with one leg crossed over the other, and his tail pressing between the two in such a way that no naughty bits were visible.

Even if they had been in view, the picture would be no more erotic. The simple way innocence seemed to radiate from his posture and eyes was enough to fire dark feelings of arousal in my blood. So enraptured by the photo that I completely missed the soft pads of Lucario-paws on carpet, and the gentle woosh of air Koro displaced as he snuck towards me. A single paw dropped onto my thigh and squeezed it, causing me to jump in my seat. Twirling me around in the computer chair, Koro placed his other paw on my opposite leg and lifted himself higher.

He grinned at me, clutching a wrapped condom in between his teeth, moving them in such a way that the condom bobbed up and down. The Lucario dropped it on my lap, pushing forward and kissing my lips. "Why don't you and I have a little... private, naughty time...?" he whispered after breaking the kiss, moving to lick at my ear lobe. He had moved to sit on my lap, practically, grinding himself against my leg while wrapping strong arms around me.

I didn't need to be told twice, and swept my hands beneath his rump, giving it a squeeze as I hefted him up with my stand, allowing him to wrap himself around me, loose condom falling to the floor forgotten. As my palms fondled at Koro's rear, I felt the telltale lace of his panties, and murmured into his ear, "I guess you did need help taking these off..." which was received by a mighty blush. Lying him down on the bed, he knocked his knees together, closing his legs off in mock chastity, rubbing his hindpaws together.

"Master... will you... uh... lick my paws...?" he said unsteadily, pushing back so I had room to kneel on the bed. He flicked one of his rear feet towards me, spreading its toes and holding it still, awaiting my answer. I leaned forward, pushing my lips to his delicate pad, tasting the bland, almost sweet flavor of it. Opening my mouth wider, I let my tongue slide out and trail up to his toes, slipping between them and giving them a moist hug before sucking them into my mouth.

Koro seemed to enjoy the sensation, giving a little grunt of appreciation and arching his back. I gave each little toe a wet suck, popping them out of my mouth when finished and moving to the next, until all four had been tasted. My Lucario whimpered blessedly, letting both his paws fall to the bed, spread wide and a tent in his form-fitting panties. "Ready?" I asked, sliding my fingers up his inner thighs and over the soft undergarment's fabric, hooking underneath that elastic band.

The jackal Pokémon shook his head no, pushing away my hand with a soft sweep of his own. "You first..." he muttered, pulling himself up to a sit at the edge of the bed and grabbing me by my shirt. He let his paws dangle at the bottom of my tee, wrapping around its hem and lifting it up, exposing a bare chest to his heated breath. With my sight blinded by the cloth, I was caught unaware as he pushed his maw to my pec, licking up the undefined muscle and swirling his tongue around until it teased one of my nipples to erection, nibbling and sucking at the nub.

Inhaling sharply, I withheld a loud moan, courteous to my fellow tenants, and lifted my arms up, allowing Koro to strip me of my shirt and move his paws down to the button of my jeans. He fumbled at first, unable to slide the small metal piece through the fabric's hole, but managed in the end, and unzipped, revealing a prominent bulge in my boxer-briefs. I smiled as he looked up and made eye-contact, pressing my hips upward and the bump in my undies against his muzzle. "Me first," I echoed, grinning widely.

"That's not what I meant..." the Lucario protested, but did not resist at all to my grinding, opening his mouth just slightly and taking the tip of the bulge into his warm maw, suckling for just a second before his paws quickly darted to the waistline of my pants and briefs, tugging them down and freeing my member, its uncut form slapping him wetly across the nose. "Aah!" he whined, blush erupting on his muzzle as my prick drooled slowly on it, wetting it down with precum.

He gently took control once more, his paw grabbing at the base of my shaft, holding my prick upright and tall, a long vein along its side pulsing with my heartbeat, throbbing out from the thick form. The Lucario inched forward, his lips contacting the very tip of my cock, covered in bunched up foreskin. Pressing against it, he sealed around the opening and darted his tongue out, flicking into the overhung opening and tasting the precum that was slowly filling it.

I moaned, loudly this time, and let my hands fall to his head, rubbing behind his ears, giving them little scratches as he worked, tongue swirling around my cock: squeezing it, wrapping it. Its wet, sliminess transferred to my shaft, causing it to glisten with Lucario saliva, and the blue 'mon gave it one final kiss before letting his paw drift up to its top and pinch my cockhead between two digits gently, tugging down the foreskin that clothed it, and exposing a moist, pink tip. The pre that had accumulated within my prick's excess flesh oozed and rolled down my shaft, mingling with Koro's spittle, tingling as it did so.

Wrapping my fingers around his sensory locks, I gave him a gentle tug upwards, forcing him to look at me confusedly. As soon as he did, I slipped my hands lower, underneath his shoulders and arms, and lifted him up into a kiss, spinning so my back faced the bed, and fell back down with the Lucario atop me. "Don't wanna blow too soon..." I said, excusing myself. Koro had a somewhat irate look on his face- probably enjoying my maleness and upset he didn't get to give it a goodbye kiss.

My hands trailed along Koro's rear, squeezing and groping it once more, thumbs lifting up to his waist and hooking beneath the panty's elastic, beginning to tug down. I managed to strip only his backside- the front was pinned, held up by a sharp point in the Lucario's panties, dotted with a growing spot of moisture at its apex. Straining through the white fabric was an almost conical shaft of pink, twitching ever so lightly. Swooping my fingers to the front, I hooked underneath that fabric and tugged it down, exposing Koro's cock just as it throbbed and jerked, spurting out a sharp line of watery lubricant against my cheek.

"S-sorry!" my porn-star whined, bending forward and licking the liquid off my cheek, unintentionally making it wetter and sloppier. I couldn't care less, however, and turned to meet his maw, giving him a heavy kiss, slipping my tongue into his muzzle and twirling it with the 'mon's own, tasting the fighting-type's rich, metallic flavor. As we pressed lips, he kicked off the panties and lowered his hips, rubbing his pink prick against my own peach-colored one, tip covered once more by a hefty overhang of foreskin.

With my hands resting firmly on the Lucario's rump, squeezing his furred flesh beneath them, I ground my hips upward and into his cock, wary of the spike that danced precariously over my chest. As I groped and fondled at Koro's arse, he rested himself on one paw, while the other dipped to join our pressing cocks, squeezing them together. He gave them a single stroke, content with my squeezes to his buttocks, and squeaked quietly as my fingers slipped between his crack and spread it ever so slightly apart.

Pressing myself upward once more, I used the combined friction of both Koro's paw and prick to roll back my foreskin, letting my moist cocktip kiss against the Lucario's own, nuzzling into it, radiating with heat. The blue critter whined out at the intimate touch, his paw squeezing our two cocks together harder, stroking back and forth slowly as his breathing sped up, tail flicking back and forth as I massaged his rump.

With the combined leakage of Koro and I's members, my shaft and groin were coated in a liberal amount of precum, and with each stroke from the Lucario's paw, even more of it dribbled out from my tip, rolling down my moist cockhead and adding to the glossy sheen on it. "You're drooling quite the amount," I muttered with a slight chuckle, "does being my camera whore excite you that much?" My reward was a bright blush on Koro's muzzle, in addition to a flick of his head to avoid eye-contact with me.

"S-so what if I do?" he stuttered in indignant reply, still squeezing our dribbling cocks despite his cross behavior. One of his digits moved to rub along the top of my shaft, pressing into its semi-solid form and rubbing up its arching length, rolling my loose skin back up and down again with his downward stroke. Releasing one of his rumpcheeks, I moved my hand to join his own, fingering the spike on the back of his paw before grabbing both our cocks and thrusting forward into the grip, holding his steady while my own ground upon it.

"Then you might wanna know that I've got a few recording us right now..." was my response, eager to see the Lucario's face flush as bright as the sun. And that was exactly what he did, his face flushing to a dark, embarrassed violet, yet a smile still streaked across it, and a small line of drool snailed out. He leaned forward, spike coming dangerously close to stabbing into my chest. Instead, it trailed lazily above it, hovering just a centimeter as Koro moved to whisper in my ear.

"Where...?" he asked, his cock pushing up against my own sliding far enough forward to prod into my bare belly and dribble a small puddle of pre onto me.

"Two behind, different angles. One above, and the last is just to your right..." I murmured, before turning my head to kiss at the critter's muzzle, returning my hands to his rump and sliding backwards, freeing myself from the frot. Then, I slid forward once more, pressing my cock between the jackal's cheeks, sliding it up until its once-again concealed cockhead bumped against his tailbase. Releasing his bumcheeks from my grasp, I let them firm around my prick, squeezing it tightly, bordering on both sides.

Koro grunted at this revelation, sliding up and then down my cock, tugging back its excess and exposing its wet tip once more, pushing it up against his hole and letting it give him a wet kiss. With a sigh he muttered, "Just hurry up and fuck me... my cock feels like it's about to burst..." and pressed his hips back in a way that slid just the tip of my prick into him, dribbling with a slick goop. As much as I wished to drag out our foreplay, I obliged in his request, turning myself inward and pushing him back onto me, piercing the Lucario onto my cock.

I gasped out in pleasure, his hole hot and slightly wet, as if he had prepped himself for this earlier. As I pushed into him deeper, my foreskin bunched outside of his hole, rolling back and exposing more of my sensitive cock before it too was dragged into the 'mon's tight entrance, squeezed by dexterous muscles trying to milk every drop of seed in my sack. Despite every intention of keeping it slow, instincts forced me to thrust all my length into that waiting hole, just as they forced Koro to slam down and hilt himself upon me.

"Nnn... yes..." he moaned out submissively, and my thoughts drifted back to the maid outfit he had on earlier. Before my fantasies pulled me away, however, he broke their curse by bending forward and kissing me upon the lips, fully hilted and grinding along my groin, feeling every twitch my cock made from his squeezing clenches, and each throb of my heart along the vein that lined my shaft. I wouldn't be able to take much more of this...

Setting my hands upon his hips, I began to hold him down as I pulled out, preparing to thrust back in with manic speed, only to stop with a devilish smile upon my face. "Beg me for it," I said, scarcely believing the words that slipped from my mouth. Judging by the look on Koro's face, I could tell that he hardly believed them too, and he stuttered in reply.

"P-please...?" he mumbled, unsure of how to beg. Upon seeing my stony face, his lower lip trembled and ears drooped. "Master... please... I need you in me..." he whimpered, continuing, "I-I need you to fill me up..."

While not completely satisfied to his submissiveness, I sighed, pushing myself back in, much to his relief. It must have seemed like heroin to an addict in withdrawal, the way his eyes lit up and crossed, his mouth drooling out its corner and cock twitching, jerking, dripping with pre all over my belly. The Lucario's tail fluttered happily as its base met my churning orbs again, just for a moment, before the two were pulled apart with my movements.

I continued to slip my cock between the Lucario's cheeks, wetting down the center crack with a constant dribble of precum, oozing down my shaft and matting his blue-bum fur. The fighting type's ring seemed to push back at my every entrance, the resistance making my cock all the harder. He whimpered above me, biting his lower lip in a futile attempt to stifle his moans. Even without them, it was clear his arousal was peaking, his conical cock now sat atop a pulsing, round knot, gooing a steady flow of pre down its shaft and all over my stomach, running down the side of my belly and making a dark stain in the bedsheets.

Finally, the jackal muttered loudly, "M-master! I can't hold it much longer!" with a whine, adjusting so that my thrusts smacked against his prostate with each hard blow, pounding over and over into it and assaulting it with my cock. The repeated bashings caused his moans to grow higher and higher, and I removed a hand from squeezing his ass to a new position, wrapped around a thick cock-base that expanded with his every squeak.

"Almost..." was my reply, my breath coming hoarsely, barely able to keep steady as my pleasure grew and grew, his rump squeezing and clenching around my sensitive prick, seemingly determined to milk every last drop of seed out of me when it blew. At last, I could hold no longer, and cried out, my balls scrunching up as the last of my dick vanished into Koro's ass, hidden completely by those stretching walls as they began to fill up with cum.

Koro blushed brightly as he felt the seed erupt in his ass, beginning to seep and fill his body with my sticky heat, my hand squeezing his knot even harder. He squirmed and cried out, humping forward ever so slightly until finally the feeling of being filled overtook him, and he howled loud enough to shake the windows. His ass squeezed around my already sensitive cock, milking it of even more of that gooey seed, my balls aching from their output.

The Lucario's cock twitched and spat out a quick jet of hot 'cario-cum that splattered just on my cheek, painting it with whiteness right next to my lips, parted slightly from my orgasmic yell. The next spurt landed on my nose and trailed down to my chin, a good helping landing in my mouth and tongue, while the subsequent ones dribbled down from my neck to my chest and belly. Koro panted, his tail drooping while his ass still pulsed around my cock, throbbing with the beat of his heart, squishing around that marking cum.

"I bet you're nice and full, aren't you...?" I muttered, tired from my orgasm, and the Lucario gave a little head-nod in return, leaning forward on me, turning so his spike didn't impale. Then with a slow, quiet sigh, he pulled himself off of me, sliding ever so slowly so that every movement was tingling down my shaft and up my spine. Finally, he removed himself fully, my cock once again sheathed in foreskin, its overhang drooling slowly with excess cum, swiping down the Lucario's rump. "One last thing though..." I muttered, reaching my hand back to squeeze and pull apart his cheeks.

I let a lone finger slip in between them, touching at his cum-wet hole before hooking behind that ring of muscle and pulling back, letting a goopy amount of cum drool out from the stretched opening, its whiteness stark against his blue-furred taint, rolling all the way down to his balls before dripping off. Fingering back and forth slowly, I murmured into the 'mon's ear, "That's a wrap," and used my other hand to flick off the cameras.