Roughing It Out

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Another sweet little piece of erotic fluff for you readers. This is another old story of mine, though I took the time to fix it and make it a little better. I have an older much shorter different version of this on Inkbunny, that one seems popular. I hope this version proves to be just as popular. :3

Roughing It Out

"Aw shit!" This was what came out of David's mouth on that one particular morning.

He had come here to Nigeria from his cozy NY abode due to prodding from his boss to take it easy. David was a mid-twenty something year-old meerkat. His job back at home was as a personal assistant to Michael Stranger, the famed pine marten fashion mogul. He had gotten noticeably more laid back after his wife gave birth to his prized twins. It was after a meeting in which David's tenacity had helped prevent a mishap that would've cost Mr. Stranger his on-going partnership with Stephen Colier, a French poodle of equal fame and a collegiate friend. Stranger had given David the whole rest of the month off and plane tickets to Africa saying, "Try getting more in touch with your roots my friend, and lighten up. There's more to life than just work, work, work."

Well now, here he was in Africa on three weeks worth of paid leave and he was having the worst time of his life. If it wasn't flies biting at him, it was the hot African sun bearing down on him. He could hardly understand a thing coming out of his jackal guide's mouth nor did he take the time to try to understand. The only good times Dave had were from the adult channels he got in the hotel he stayed in. The meerkat spent most of his time either eating (or trying to eat) some of the cuisine the country had to offer or jerking off to the females on TV getting taken by males much bigger than him, in more ways than one.

This one particular day had started off like this for the pitiable kat. He had awoken with a morning erection and turned on the TV to where lucky for him, a lesbian orgy was taking place. These were especially fun as there were no males and thus he could try imagining himself as the one pleasuring the females. David knelt down on the floor before the television occasionally opening his eyes to get a brief look at the open pink inside the various different species cavorting with each other onscreen. He would sometimes lick the screen when a female's vulva came close enough to the camera. It was a guilty pleasure but, nothing like the real thing. As a young meerkat male usually would, he longed for the pussy, he loved it. The ones he had back in America were a lot of fun. His mind traveled to a female border collie he had lain with the week before his boss sent him away on his vacation from Hell.

David remembered how good she felt underneath him. Her luscious breasts, her taut belly, her long tongue in his mouth, her tight wet pussy on his member. "Guh! Fuck!"

He spent himself all over the floor of his hotel room. Cum shot wildly and without proper aim until his orgasm subsided. He stood up and walked over to the shower stall in the corner of the room while little driplets of himself still came out. After wasting half an hour showering himself, he finally went downstairs to meet up with Jamal, his guide.

Upon reaching the first floor, he was surprised ro find Jamal was not there waiting for him. This was strange because the jackal had always been a stickler for punctuality and was constantly getting after David for his tardiness (not to mention insensitivity for cultures). Curious, David walked up to the receptionist and asked her what he thought was a polite question in Swahili. Apparently not, for the lioness slugged him hard in the face before she called him a bastard then walked away red with embarassment.

"What the hell did I say?" "You told her you thought she had a fat ass, you bloody fool!" He looked up through a bruised eye to see a pretty female african wild dog standing over him with a frown on her face. "Oh, I did? Could you please tell her I'm sorry, ms..." "Nadia, and no! I will not tell her for you, you must do that for yourself." He sat up indignantly. "But, I don't know Swahili." "Not my fucking problem! Are you David?" He looked up after hearing his name confirming it for her. "David Thompson?" He cocked an eyebrow. "Yes?"

Nadia bent down, picked him up by the scruff his neck and gave him a quick rough once over. She released him with little care as she wrote into a clipboard she was carrying. He spoke rudely to her, "What the fuck was that shit?" She glared at him and then tried putting the fakest smile she could for this rude tourist. "I am your guide for today. Jamal al Amadh, your usual guide has taken ill so I will be replacing him as of this day." She put one hand forward in a show friendship. "I am Nadia Matete." David didn't feel like he could live through insulting two girls in the same day and so begrudgingly, he shook her hand.

Moments later, the duo were going out for a scheduled drive through the countryside. The meerkat asked his canine guide, "Tell me, Nadia, what really happened with Jamal?" "What do you mean, David?" "That whole story about him getting sick. It's just that right?" She shrugged, clearly hiding something from him. "Why would you say that?" "Well, come on, I'm from New York City, we practically perfected the art of bullshitting. So will you tell me or not?" She sighed, "You're sure you want to know?" She didn't even wait for him to answer. "Well, I was being truthful when I told you he was sick. He had come down with a sudden case of Goddamn-tourist-won't-listen-to-a-fucking-thing-I-say-itis." She over-punctuated her words to let him feel the weight of his disrespect and its consequence. "Oh, I see." "I tried to save you the pain, but you were being so damn persistent." An awkward silence ensued. He tried to break it by changing the subject. "So, is there anyway I could sit upfront with you?" She scoffed, "After the way you've been staring at my tail? Hell, no! Do women in your New York City really respond to such disrespect?" "Some do." "And what of the rest who don't appreciate your callousness?" "Hmm, I usually get kicked in the groin, called something hurtful and then I return home to squeeze myself to some pornography and then I wake up the next morning and try again." She was about to respond, then simply shook her head. "So, where will we be going today?" "We're camping." "What?" "From what Jamal described of his experiences with you, I had deduced the best antidote for an impetulent one such as yourself would be one whole week of roughing it out. Maybe then you'll respect this place more."

She had found a suitable spot to stop out in the middle of the Kalahari and she set up camp while David relieved himself over some bushes.

For the next couple of hours, Nadia took the time in teaching David all the various survival techniques she had learned over her own lifetime. David appeared to be listening more this time around. With a guide as well sculpted as her, he certainly didn't mind being ordered around by her.

One moment, as he took a break to relieve himself once more, he could have sworn eyes were watching him. He shrugged off that feeling then tucked "Little David" back into his pants and zipped up. Later that night, they sat around a campfire. Nadia had caught a little bird and a couple squirrels, so she cooked those on metal spits over the flames. When she offered the bird to David, he reluctantly took it. Surprisingly, how found he enjoyed how it tasted. After that, he tried to spark up conversation with the wild dog.

"So... how long have you been working as a tour guide, if you don't mind my asking?" Nadia calmly answered, "Eight years, I love being out here, at night with nothing to worry about." She drank water from her canteen. "I must admit, you don't seem nearly as much the insufferable jerkass that Jamal described to me this morning when he called me." David laughed off what she told him. "Yeah... I guess it's just because you're prettier than him." He joked. To his joyful surprise, she actually laughed at that one. "I don't know if I should take that as a compliment." David shrugged. "Take it how you like, sister." They laughed together this time. Then, she got up. "I feel it's time we turned in now. It was great speaking with you, David. You're not as stupid as I thought you'd be." The kat smiled. "Thank you."

He had begun to gather dirt to smother the flames when she started to undress in front of him. She stood before him seemingly unfazed by the fact his eyes were on her well-formed C-cup breasts and her healthy pink lips between her legs. In fact, she seemed to like the staring. She gathered her clothing and carried it to their tent they'd be sharing together. When she came back out, he couldn't help asking,

"What is all this now?" She smiled sinfully as she explained, "I sleep nude. I hope you don't mind." David shook his head dumbly as little David began to wake up. The canid giggled when she noticed his bulge. "You would also have to undress if you wish to share a bed with me." David shook his head once more. This was too good. He had to be dreaming. He watched as she went in the tent to sleep. Meanwhile, his own tent was pitched high. "If this is a dream, I'd better not wake up."

The meerkat stood up and undressed himself. Once bare, he took the time to look himself over. He wasn't very big. In fact, at 5'5, he was actually shorter than his guide who stood a clear 6'. He was built, though. The meerkat worked out regularly at the gym back home in NYC. He felt he had to keep up his shape due to the females he laid with back home. They were all quite judgemental about what he wore and how he looked. Nadia didn't appear that way. She seemed intelligent and had her own natural beauty not aided by any cosmetics. David looked down. He saw his pride, 7 inches in length, at half salute. He sighed and gathered up his clothing then went in the tent.

He saw Nadia there, already asleep with a blanket covering her. The blanket did well to show her shape, though. David, being David, pulled the blanket back carefully so as not to awaken her. He groaned seeing her naked body. He wanted to feel her. But no, after they'd just become friends and she'd shown him trust by sleeping nude then inviting him to do so as well, he felt he'd betray that friendship.

He covered her back up. Then, he lied down next to her, her scent heavy in his nostrils and he went to sleep.

David awoke the next morning to an odd but familiar feeling. He opened eyes to see his guide over him, planting small kisses over his chest as she caressed his groin. "What are you doing?" Nadia giggled then kissed David on the cheek. "I thought you would know a female giving herself willingly to you very well by now! You are such the playboy after all." She continued as she gripped his sheath and ran a finger over the pink that was showing. "I felt you deserved a reward for being a good camper last night. I gave you that opportunity to try to feel me up and instead, you went to sleep with little trouble. Honestly, if you had tried something last night, I'd have allowed it. You're not too bad on the eyes yourself, David."

When she had him fully unsheathed, she straddled his hips and pushed herself against his sensitive glans, cooing when she felt his tip nudge her warm slit. She leaned in and kissed him on the lips. "You'll not have me do all the work here now, will you David?" He blushed and shook his head. "No, of course not."

He moved his hands to her hips and he gripped her tight as she rose up over him. She pushed down on his shaft, hilting him entirely almost instantly. He gasped feeling her tight pussy around his member while she began shifting back and forth over him slowly. He tightened his grip on her waist and he started arching his hips up each time she pushed down. One of his hands traveled down to her rump, squeezing her firm ass and generating a welcoming moan when he did so. His other hand went up to her right breast. He felt it in his hand, firm, no silicon, but a real breast. He flicked the hard pink nipple with his thumbclaw. She leaned in closer allowing him more access. Eagerly, David closed his mouth around the nipple and suckled on it like he was her pup.

The two continued this way for ten minutes before David climaxed, filling Nadia with his seed. She peaked shortly after then laid upon him. The canid female licked him. "You were good. Not as wild or vigorous as you Americans claim to be, but you were fun." David laughed as he rubbed her back. "Um, thank you, I guess."

The pair washed up in a nearby pond afterward, then got dressed. They spent the day with Nadia showing David more on how to live in the wild with nothing but a few tools at hand and his own wits. Now David had a better time learning without beind so distracted by his own lust. He learned much over the day: how to prepare a snare trap for small animals, how to speak Swahili better, how to dig a hole for when he had to...

That night, they sat and spoke some more. "What is it like, David? Living in a big city." David shrugged "It's fast. Very fast. Back there I was little more than a secretary for my boss, Michael Stranger. He's a good guy, his wife is pretty, too. " Nadia smiled. "Your boss is named Stranger?" David shrugged again. "He's British. Don't know where that name comes from, I've never questioned it, though, until you did just now."

When it was time to turn in, both friends went in the tent together this time. Nadia laid on her back and beckoned David to come closer. He did and she kissed him. The pair disrobed then laid together kissing and caressing each other more passionately. This time she allowed David to be on top. He happily accepted this. Nadia moaned when he thrust so hard in her, his full testicles bouncing against her warm labia each time he filled her feminine passage with his length. He suckled her breast as he made love to her. When he climaxed this time around, he did not stop he simply continued thrusting even while his semen flowed into her. He just kept making love to the beautiful woman beneath him as her own warmth surged from her own climax. The kisses increased in despiration and the lovers contorted with each strong shudder. The meerkat briefly withdrew from Nadia. He urged her to get on all fours. She did so without question and the pair mated like wild animals, with no restraint and no worries as he laid into her fast. David and Nadia hit climax simultaneously. Now physically spent, the lovers laid together trading kisses as sleep took them.

Their third day out in the wild went by fast, for them at least. They were inseperable now. Nadia tried in vain to maintain a professional exterior but the wily male's antics took her out each time. Much of the time, they would be kissing, playing with each other's ticklish spots or other sorts of tomfoolery.

Their third night was even wilder. They didn't even make it to the tent this time. Nadia smiled inwardly at the thought of making love to this male she'd only met two days before out in the open where animals and whatever could hear them. David certainly enjoyed the thought. After his first climax of the night, he suggested they try something different. He laid back with his length up, drenched in their mixed juices. She got his implication quickly. She crouched before him and licked his shaft hungrily, gripping the shaft and licking it clean. Then, she closed her mouth around it and began to bob her head slowly in his lap. He groaned from the sensation of her wet dog tongue wrapping around his length, from her fingers rotating his heavy brown sac while pre seaped from his cockslit. Soon enough, he hit his second climax of the night then offered to return the favor.

Nadia laid on her back, spreading her legs, showing a little bit of a creampie from their earlier love session. David leaned in, sniffing her finally catching a scent he should have caught on their first night. Nadia was in heat. He blinked but did not stop to ask her. He buried his muzzle in her pussy, tasting some of his own seed still in her. Seed... from the lovemaking they'd been at this week surely would have seeded her by now. His oral pleasuring of the female before him intensified as the thought of having sired a child with a girl he barely knew turned him on even more. When she came, he lapped her sweet nectar then licked his way up to her mouth. They kissed and David thrust back into her. He stopped though because he had to confirm his suspicions.

"Nadia, have you been in heat this whole time?" Nadia nodded unashamedly. "Of course. I entered my cycle the night we first slept together, though I can assure you, my feelings for you are genuine." David nodded. "So then, will you be..." Nadia laughed. "Pregnant? By you? It seems that way." "Why now?" She blinked. "What do you mean?" "My vacation is finished, next week I have to go back to work." She appeared hurt now. "Oh..."

She pushed David off of her then crawled away. David watched in dismay wondering what to do now. "So sorry I've inconvenienced you."

Her words hurt. He didn't mean to make her feel this way, he just knew his time in Africa was almost up. Now, he wished he could stay. But, he couldn't. They slept separate. The drive back to town the next day was very quiet. She dropped him off at the hotel, offering one last sad smile then drove off. "Aw shit!" He muttered under his breath, cursing himself for his oversight.

In the following month, he returned to New York to find it an even more alien place than what he had thought of Africa when he first got there. After awhile of trying to forget Nadia, he found he just couldn't. He went to his boss, Michael Stranger one morning to turn in his letter of resignation. Mr. Stranger, though disappointed to see such a good employee depart, offered to pay for the flight back when David explained his reason for quitting.

David returned to Nigeria where he reunited with Nadia, asking her for a second chance. She smiled sadly. Jamal had already offered to marry her when he discovered her pregnancy and she had said yes. David... heartbroken that all of his fight was for nothing walked away. He drove himself back to the spot where he and Nadia had stayed. He wept there for that night he was alone.

Next morning. A jeep drove up finding the meerkat asleep in the exact spot where the tent once was. The driver stepped out. He shook the meerkat. David awoke and felt like shrinking when he found himself staring into the stern eyes of his old guide, Jamal. The jackal grimaced down at him with golden eyes.

"Do you love her?" David did not answer. "American, do you love my Nadia? Will you be there for her? Will you cherish her? Will you die for her?" David nodded meekly. "Yes, Jamal." The jackal looked around then slapped the meerkat once hard on the cheek, leaving a deep red mark. "Let that be a reminder. If you ever hurt her again, I will kill you." He spat on the dirt. "It should have been me. I loved her long before you ever stuck your dick in her, bastard. I can't see what she saw in you that she couldn't see in me, but I will respect her choice and step out of the way for her, but you. I'll be watching you. Believe that." The jackal stood up. He took the meerkat's left hand then pulled him up to his feet. "Come along, then. I will take you to her." David hesitated, scared to ride with the large jackal. Jamal stopped. "I said we're going." David got in.

The jeep stopped in front of a small house at the edge of the town. The jackal got out. "Nadia! There's someone here for you."

The wild dog female stepped out wearing a dress, showing a slight baby bump in her belly already. She blinked when she saw David in Jamal's jeep. Jamal opened the door for David like he was a chauffeur. David got out staring right at Nadia as she stared back with a growing smile. Jamal patted the kat on the back. "Go ahead already, American. She's waiting."

David looked at Jamal who was smiling now. Then, he began the trek across the front yard to Nadia. The two lovers met in the middle, kissing deeply as the jackal, Jamal, wiped the tears from his eyes.

In the months to follow, Jamal grew to accept David as his unacquainted love's new husband. He knew now he only had himself to blame for not approaching her soon enough. He eventually became godfather of David and Nadia's first son and couldn't be happier. David and Nadia stood outside their new house they lived in watching as Jamal played with their son, born a meerkat but with Nadia's coloration. The two kissed as they went back inside to... make another.

The End