Double Trouble

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A collab story between myself and Legogood

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Double Trouble

By Komatose and Legogood © 2012

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"Just another night in Paradise" is a phrase that is, needless to say, overused. Especially when it comes to the club named just that, Paradise. The bouncers, bartenders, and even the patrons are sick of hearing that overused phrase for the mostly male nightclub located not too far from the beach in the downtown area. It was a really good joint to get not only some affordable drinks, but also to listen to some of the hottest music, and meet up with friends. It's also quite the place to have one of those random hook-ups that can lead to confused feelings, one night stands, and stalkers. However, that only happens when too much alcohol is consumed.

It was a Saturday evening, the sun was already down behind the horizon and taking it's beauty rest as the moon hung high in the sky, a waxing crescent was on display that evening. The air was nice and crisp from the nearby waves crashing onto the shoreline. The line to get into the club was quite long, curling around the building and into the full parking lot as the banging bass of the speakers inside could be felt vibrating under everyone's feet. The music blasting and flaring could be heard down the block past the residential area, the nearby apartment open twenty-four hours to keep the local drunkards off the streets. The management enjoyed being open so late, as they too were making decent money.

"What do you mean this ID is fake?!" yelled a rather upset guest to the club, the bouncer holding a stone-cold expression as he shook his head and pointed a thick, muscular arm off towards the sidewalk, meaning "get lost or get into trouble." The young fox knew he was toting a false identification, and the bouncer, a bull nearly five times his own size, would surely have no trouble picking him off and tossing him in the right direction.

Passing through the doors one would get to see the splendors of Paradise, the club made by men, for men to focus on the gathering and entertainment, of well, men. The bar was busy that evening, as it was 2-Dolla-Mixa night, meaning that the favored, fruity, booze-laden mix drinks were discounted. The local authorities hated this night the most due to all the drunk people who departed from the club in the late hours of the night, but they couldn't do much since the club owner provided the city with the most amount of tax dollars for the economic growth of the city. Inside the club, the bartenders were working their sweet asses off, pouring, mixing, blending, not to mention getting some big tips as they often chose to go shirtless to really get the extra attention. The dance floor was packed, bodies grinding, bumping, moving and grooving to the beat of heavy techno bass music that was blasting from the loudspeakers of the DJ booth. '5ubW00f3R' was the DJ that evening, the wolf was one master of the vinyl as his hypnotic rhythms sure had the crowd going and working up quite a heat.

Paradise was clearly the place to be that evening, but there was a bit more mischief in mind. It was hard to get guys not to perform sexual actions inside of the club, or anywhere in fact. It was rumored there were glory holes, secret rooms, and even rumored VIP hideouts for those who had the money to grease the palms of the bouncers, especially the club owner himself. With the mix of booze, testosterone, hypnotic music, and the thick scent of male permeating the air, getting into trouble was not hard to do.

The red bar stools were occupied by the many patrons, and so was the dance floor. The bright lights radiating from the fluorescent floors and vibrant neon lights flashed every which way. Bartenders were shaking and stirring drinks every which way, flipping them in the air and pouring them down with style. The familiar pinging noise of loose change being dropped into the tip jars could be heard throughout the bar stand. Most people who were dancing were sweating from the heat of the tightly packed club, the club owner didn't realize so many people were going to attend that evening, but this just meant more money for him.

"Tonight is going to be such an amazing night!" yelled a nearby horse to his friend. "You might even score!" He added as the music was blasting so loud, it was amazing some people were able to hear each other from the techno music blaring in the background. On a nearby bar stool sat a rather large figure slamming down drinks like there was no tomorrow, probably upset he wasn't able to get anyone to dance or speak to him that evening. More than ten glasses and shot glasses combined laid empty on the dull red counter in front of a large light blue shark. He sat and slumped over the bar, weighing in at a whopping 395 lbs of muscle packed in the black business suit. It made him look rather intimidating, but at the moment the big guy seemed depressed. He stared at the bartender with his rustic yellow eyes, finishing the last of his seventh mixed drink.

"Easy there, Riptide... I think you've had enough to drink for the night," the bartender looked over at the shark's Drivers license to check his weight to make sure he didn't poison himself with too much to drink. He knew the shark drank more than allotted, and he refused to hand him anymore drinks, no matter how much the shark tipped him. "Did you not see the limit posted behind me?! SEVEN drinks and seven only!" The rhino shook his head, grabbing the glasses from the counter and dumping them into the sink behind him. "You had your fair share big guy, now let someone else sit there or else I may have to get security over here."

Riptide looked over at the bartender, rather irritated and upset as he was aiming to be completely smashed to forget his problems. "Fine, but all I wanted was one more drink... was that too much to ask for?" He hesitantly stood up and rolled his eyes, losing his judgment from all the alcohol he just downed. As he stood there he tilted his head over towards the tip jar and back at the black rhino before he yelled at him over the loud music. "WHERE ARE YOUR RESTROOMS, I DIDN'T SEE THEM COMING IN." The rhino pointed towards the far end of the bright and noisy club. Riptide stood at seven foot two inches, allowing him to easily look over the shorter patrons and see the restroom sign across the room.

"Well damn..." Riptide slowly stumbled over to the restroom, pushing past the small group of dancers, and other furs drinking their cheap white wine and beers. On a nearby stool sat a perplexed cheetah; he had been observing the fiasco going on between the shark and the rhino. As he looked over at the glasses tipped and knocked over on the counter he was hesitant at first to talk to the rhino, but he soon walked over to him the cheetah slowly sat in the same chair the shark sat at, the trim of it was strangely warm and sticky. He was turned on by the large shark, watching him all night didn't help him out either. Just watching those muscles bounce back and forth and the large bulge form those dark blue denim pants, wondering what the shark was hiding in there and he couldn't stop staring at that round ass.

"Who was that guy?" he asked the black rhino quickly before he got too preoccupied with more people. The bartender poured a chilled drink and handed it to another patron, who smiled and dropped a few bills into the tip jar. The large rhino looked over at the cheetah who was now seated firmly where the shark once was.

"Huh? Oh, you mean Riptide?" The rhino paused for a moment before pouring another mix and cleaning the glass he was holding with the bar towel. "He's quite a big feller if you ask me, I was surprised when he first stepped in, thought he was the club bodyguard or something." The rhino smiled lightly as the cheetah dropped loose change in the tip jar on the counter in front of him, continued to speak. "He came here to have some fun, he said something about not finding anyone, and wanting to drinking his problems away." The cheetah stared across the dance floor and saw the shark enter the restroom as he quickly chugged his drink, wondering if he could catch up to him.

"Well... err thanks barkeep!" The rhino nodded and resumed pouring drinks to the otter sitting next to the cheetah and the dragon across from him. "Hmm..."

The restrooms at the club were always crowded, luckily there were four of them in the building. It was a common sight to see, the urinals blocked by bodies, the sounds of faucets running and the familiar echo of piss hitting the water in the urinals and toilets, chattering around the mirrors and chuckles here and there. The air was quite rank with the smells of male musk and pheromones hanging almost like a fog, it was hard to shake off the scent upon entering. At least it looked clean for the most part, it was difficult to keep a busy bathroom clean all of the time anyhow.

Riptide pushed his way into the bathroom, taking in a lungful of the male scent and looking around, seeing that all of the urinals were currently occupied, the shark giving a groan of dismay as he could feel his swollen bladder almost ready to burst. He pushed past a few guys that were leaving, stepping behind the males at the line of urinals and heading to the stalls, surely one of them had to be open. The first four were all locked as he placed a large hand onto them and gave a gentle push. He heard a few guys grunt angrily "Occupied!" Riptide made his way down the lines and was feeling rather distressed as he really did not want to wet himself that evening.

The fifth stall had an annoying "Out of Order" sign on it, typical. But in an act of faith, he found the last stall, cracked open a bit as he gave it a push and finds it clear and ready for use.

"Thank God..." He huffed softly to himself as he took one big step in, but was suddenly stopped by someone grabbing at his muscular right arm. He hesitantly glanced over with curiosity as to who was stopping him.

"Hey there big fella! I don't think I've seen you around here before," muttered the cheetah, who was hot in pursuit of the shark and finally caught up to him, right at the moment when Riptide was really not wanting to socialize.

"I saw you at the bar, and I just gotta're a very, very sexy shark and I would love to spend some ti..."

But the cheetah was cut off as Riptide shook not only both hands, but his head as well, not in protest, but in priority. Any minute longer of waiting and he would have to leave the club in complete embarrassment.

"H-hey! Uhh...can we talk later? I'm gonna piss my pants here!" he exclaimed before blowing the cheetah off completely and stepping into the stall, closing the door and locking the latch behind him. Needless to say this didn't stop the slim intrigued cheetah in the slightest. He grabbed the handle of the door and gave it a good shake, trying to get inside and do... probably something very risqué, his judgment was partially cloudy because of the amount of drinks he already drank, but he was horny.

"Let me in! I want to watch!" This, of course, not only made Riptide's cheeks go a bit red but also annoyed him as he just wanted to pee in peace!

"Hey! Go away cat! Let me piss in privacy! Sheesh!" He said with an annoyed huff, but sadly he didn't see the cheetah's reaction. He wasn't trying to be rude but the fact he had to pee badly made him impatient. The cheetah gave quite an angered expression, turned tail, and stormed off back out of the restroom, pushing his way past other patrons and feeling rather angered at the whole situation, in his mind, feeling completely rejected by the huge muscular shark.

Riptide stood there and quickly unbuckled his pants, tugging them down at the seams. As quickly as he did, he tugged the bright pink speedo down, which was now stained a bit from his constant dribble of pre. He let it slide partially off and took out his heavy cocks out, they hung out eighteen inches, tugging on the skin over the fat mushrooms which barely contained them from how big and long they were. He slowly released the urine from the big, long cocks. The shark let out a pant as he gripped onto the side of the walls to keep himself balanced, swinging his tail back and forth slightly to aid him. The floor below him was rather slick for some odd reason, which made him struggle to keep himself balanced. His curiosity got the best of him as he looked down at the filthy floor inside the stall.

"...Are those condoms?" Riptide whispered to himself, then blushed a bit as he finished draining his bladder, juggling his cocks dry. He was afraid to find out just how old they were, when he caught glimpse of something to his right. He stood there with his cocks still out, hanging past his knees. The shark stared a little confused as to what he was sure he knew what it was.

"Is... that a glory hole?" He spoke to himself before slowly bending over to get a closer look at it. He shook his head, his mind cluttered with lust as he surveyed the rather small hole. He hesitated at first before sliding both of his soft cocks through the small hole, the shark grunting a bit as they barely fit through it, feeling a bit tight around his cocks. They flopped on the other side of the cold stall wall, which sent shiver down the large man's spine. The shark grunted slightly, as his cocks were slowly growing erect, just the thought of what he may experience that night was enough.

It was a brilliant plan, hanging that sign on the stall door to make it look broken, and set up your own little glory hole in the club. The hole between the stalls had actually been there for quite some time, but it took some fine tuning to make it safe for putting sensitive things through, some sanding, smoothing, finishing, but it was perfect. The only thing it was missing was the cocksucker on the other side...

Riptide waited a bit, his mind still cloudy, positive he was going to feel someone grasp his cocks and begin to play with them, but nothing yet. A mix of emotions came over him as he thought about pulling himself back out of the hole. All hope seemed lost, until there was the rustling of sound and the creak of hinges. Someone entered the 'broken' stall, and the shark knew because the next thing he heard was a deep, surprised gasp, the slamming of the stall door, and the clanking of the lock.

"Holy fuck" was all a voice uttered on the other side of the stall; surely it was the sight to see as there were not one, but two massive cocks fed through the tight hole that was only really meant for one. They bobbed and leaked a small glob of pre from the fat heads before him, he was amazed.

"No way," the voice said over and over, belonging to a rather toned gazelle as he quickly dropped to his knees, on the well placed towel that covered the tiled floor, not wanting to get his pants dirty. Oh, he has had some big cocks come through, but so rarely double, especially ones that big! He tried to imagine the species on the other side, as only a few naturally had more than one cock. Judging by the sheer size of them, it must have been from one big, gifted man.

"I am one, lucky boy..." he said as he licked across his lips, brown eyes dancing over the vision of the two giant cocks hanging through the hole and along the cold stall wall. Had he been in the stall to coax the unsuspecting passerby in the first place, he still wouldn't have been surprised, but coming back to his special stall and seeing this? Jackpot!

His hands shook as he reached for them, one for each hand as he slowly made his way to the thick bases of the cocks, gently grasping them around and hearing a subtle groan from the other side. He traced his way down the lengths of them, almost measuring, until he felt the twin cock's fat bulbous heads. The gazelle kneeled there, awestruck by how smooth they felt in his hands, which looked smaller compared to the cocks before him. He watched them leak bigger beads of pre, as he slowly worked it into the cockhead.

"Damn big boy... I'm excited to see what you're holding back on." The stall wall began to creak as if someone pressed their huge body up against it. The fat cocks pushed more and more into the hole, giving the gazelle more flesh to work with. On the other side of the stall the gazelle could hear the man he was pleasing grunting and moaning lightly. He knew the man seemed to love when someone worshiped his cocks, and even fondle them. He slid his finger into the slit holes which were bigger than he anticipated. He fingered the inside of each cock letting the pre build up and then allowed it to ooze out.

"Horny bugger aren't you... so much pre," the gazelle muttered over towards where he heard the groan coming from, and laughed lightly. He couldn't stop staring at them, each member was longer than his arm. The gazelle continued worshiping the cocks in front of him.

"...Makes me wonder just how big them balls are..." The shark on the other side was completely entranced as his cocks slowly started hardening, he whined a bit realizing what he had done.

"...Oh crap..." was all the gazelle could hear coming from the other side of the stall, he was laughing a bit louder. "Aww.. the poor guy is stuck...I guess no way out?" Riptide quickly tried to slide his cocks out of the glory hole but they were stuck, no way he was going to be able to take them out now. There was so much to work with, two massive cocks needing to be played with and all, it was not going to be an easy task for one. Taking a break and going for his phone, the gazelle quickly sent a text to his friend to hurry up and meet him in the special stall.

"Mmm, I can't wait to see how much these cum..." The gazelle took a good grip onto one of the massive cocks, feeling the hefty shaft in his hands and admiring the thickness and length, it had to be... over a foot long but there was no telling how long it would get until it became fully solid, there was some work to do still. Bringing the leaking cockhead to his juicy lips, the gazelle placed a warm kiss onto it, swirling his tongue along the leaking tip and hearing a huffed moan from behind the wall, the huge pole throbbing and was getting stiffer in his grasp.

There was a knock at the stall door and a jiggle at the handle, the gazelle stopping for the time being, one hand still holding onto a shaft and reaching forth to pull the lock back and allow the entry of his counterpart.

"OK Evan, what is so damn... oh fuck." The strangely familiar voice quickly stepped into the stall and locked it behind, quickly kneeling beside the gazelle in front of the massive twin cocks that were still steadily leaking. He placed his finger on the cheetah's lips, telling him to hush, and not make a scene. Who knew when security would come bursting in the restroom.

"I told you this was important, Taylor, I am going to need your help with this guy... I have never seen someone with two cocks this massive!" The gazelle muttered with excitement as he demonstrated how sensitive the cocks, he gently ran his finger under them as they bobbed in the air reacting to the touch. The same cheetah that had been in the restroom moments ago wanting to hook up with Riptide, was now facing an unfamiliar man's cocks. The low moans could be heard from the other side, the shark no longer spoke, completely filled with ecstasy. Naturally, he had no idea this was the same shark as before, since only the pale white cocks could be seen and no other features.

The cheetah purred out with a thrilled rumble as his nimble paws went to the other cock that was not getting any attention, caressing it idly and simply entranced with how massive it was, and how much it was leaking to the tiled floor below. Both cocks looked painfully tight in the small glory hole, and the more they played with them the harder and painful they got.

"Wow, I wish I knew who this lucky guy was... might want to take him home after we are done," he whispered to the gazelle with an excited purr in his throat as he slowly ran his paws up and down the thick shaft which was slightly stiff and yet still smooth to the touch; from base to tip, his paws already getting slicked with the copious amounts of precum that it produced. His mind was swimming, the curiosity getting to the best of him as he realized that the twin set of cocks were clearly stuck in the glory hole, there was not enough room for both of them, but still this guy managed to shove both of them through without thinking that them getting hard would end up trapping him.

"I can't take it...I gotta peek..." Taylor whispered as the cheetah slowly lowered his head down to the gap between the stalls, Evan reaching for him to stop, trying to pull him back. The purpose of a glory hole was to keep things anonymous. The cheetah didn't care as he still poked his head down and took a slight peek under the stall, freezing for a moment and taking a deep gasp, seeing the shark from earlier stuck there. Taylor pulled back quickly hoping the shark didn't see him, his muzzle agape. Evan glanced over to him and nudged the cheetah on the shoulder.

"You OK?" The gazelle muttered, trying to be quiet so the shark won't hear them. Taylor had a pissy look on his lips. "This... this guy is an asshole! Won't take a moment to talk to me but will stick his dicks through a wall, instead of letting me have at them!" Evan blinked in confusion, still holding onto Riptide's hardening dick as he wondered just what his buddy was talking about. It didn't last long until the cheetah's lips turned into a sadistic grin.

"Oh...I am going to have some real fun with this now..." Taylor muttered as his paws slowly squeezed around the shark's massive dick, rather tightly, almost pinching around the shaft in the middle with both hands as he had some really dirty, nasty thoughts going through his head. Evan stared at Taylor a little confused, as he muttered at him.

"What the hell are you doing?! Do you wanna hurt the poor guy more than he is already?" Taylor just smiled evilly as he tugged on one of the dicks.

"Just a little revenge is all," he slowly licked the fat head and bit down a little hard on it, he heard a faint whimper and the cocks throb, larger globs of pre oozed out. Evan nudged him hard.

"What the hell man! Now is not the time for revenge!" The cheetah smiled, then frowned a bit, before looking over at the glob of pre dripping onto the floor below.

"But he's enjoying it!" Evan rolled his eyes, and continued licking the fat head.

Riptide bucked his hips, thrusting more of his heavy cocks inside the hole, they were quickly hardening, he lost all judgment as he was now stuck until they went soft again. The wall groaned a bit and faint cracking could be heard coming from the glory hole as both Evan and Taylor stared in amazement. The cocks were pulsating heavily, and started growing towards their face. They watched as they throbbed and bobbed in the air before them.

"Holy... shit!" Evan muttered as the one he was pleasing nearly knocked him over, the thick beast was leaking a constant stream of pre, as all they could hear was loud groaning and whining from the other side of the wall. In his mind Taylor was laughing hysterically, the more he pleased them the more painful it got for the shark. This was just perfect: if he couldn't have the shark, no one could!

The shark's deep soothing voice muttered on the other side of the stall, "It hurts... please, no more... please... stop..." In his mind Riptide still wanted more but feared he may permanently hurt his cocks from the strain. The stall continued to crack lightly where the gloryhole was, as Evan and Taylor began arguing on what to do next.

"We can't just leave him here... what if we hurt him badly?!" Taylor rolled his eyes again.

"He deserves it, this asshole is a fucking idiot for sticking them in the hole in the first place!" Both of them were staring at the cocks before them, not realizing the shark was inching closer to bursting with seed from those thick heavy cocks.

"That was fine at first but this... just look at them! Look how red and engorged they are! This is messed up!" Evan grabbed ahold of the fat head and let go of it, it was hot to the touch. Meanwhile the shark continued bucking a bit harder, his balls smacking the wall hard. He lost all judgment and inched the last few inches into the glory hole, his meaty sack pressing firmly onto the stall wall, each testicle bigger than grapefruits as they throbbed and sloshed lightly from the production of seed. What the two horny guys on the other side didn't know was the amount of stimulation and not having any action for weeks made the amount of seed buildup.

Taylor took out his phone and took pictures. "Haha, this is so priceless..." Evan panted a bit staring at the cocks throbbing, he resisted wanting to continue but couldn't help it, they smelled so nice, and the pre tasted too damn good.

"I really hate you, Taylor..." He sucked on the fat head again, drinking down globs of thick pre. Taylor smiled and laughed a bit.

"Hey! who was the one that called me here? I am going to enjoy this, and you should be doing that too! This is a glory hole, after all! I am going to take some pictures so I can post them on my blog! Everyone in the city, no, country is going to see this and spread them around! This fucker is gonna wish he never messed with me!" The gazelle just shook his head once again, Taylor could really be a sadistic asshole sometimes, the flashing of the light on his camera and the distinct clicking sound it made gave Riptide a good idea what was happening on the other side of the wall, his cheeks flushed as red as his cocks as he whimpered pathetically in his drunken stupor.

"Please... stop taking pictures," he uttered weakly in his deep voice as the cheetah completely ignored any request, snapping a few more pictures and then shoving his phone back into his pants pocket, his lips and rough tongue going back to the hot and throbbing cockhead as he suckled, slurped, and nibbled on the sensitive glans. Evan did feel bad for the extremely well endowed hunk, but he did want to get the shark off and see just how big of a load two huge dicks could produce, mimicking the cheetah's actions as he slurped, stroked, and squeezed the other cock he had been working on. Both the lust filled fiends didn't realize the shark kept slamming his body against the stall wall in order to try to set himself free, he knew he was about to burst soon and knew it was just going to get even more painful. They could hear loud moans and the wall shaking lightly, faint and smaller cracks kept appearing near the glory hole, the lust filled men were too caught up in the moment to notice.

The thick shafts seemed to radiate more and more heat, as blood kept flowing into the fat heads and getting trapped there, making them brighter red. Evan and Taylor struggled to keep their composure as the shafts kept throbbing more in the verge of releasing the potent seed they had been producing in the huge cum factories. Thick veins formed on the upper side as it pulsed with blood, providing more ribbed pleasurable experience for both men who slid their tongues over the thick veins, each vein bigger than their fingers. The heavy cocks radiated manly musk from the overproduction of pre which was leaking and sliding down underneath the thick poles, the scent was so strong that surely anyone near the stalls could smell it. Both cocks were no longer a pale white, they had a slight red tint to the color from the constant stimulation, as there was no way to do anything about the situation. Throbbing intensely with each beat of the shark's heart, there was no way they could get any harder than they were now, the shark letting out loud groans of pleasure as he grit his teeth in pain, wishing he could be set free from this torturous fiasco.

Riptide was now pissed off and wanted his own revenge, all the two men did on the other side was humiliate him the whole night, and now knowing his pictures would be posted somewhere online made him go overboard. The shark grabbed ahold of the top of the stall and clawed himself on it, his balls in the verge of bursting, he knew bursting is exactly what they wanted, and that's what he was going to give them.

"I don't think he is going to last much longer," Evan gasped as he pulled his mouth away from the cock he was sucking and slurping on, the thick, copious amount of precum that leaked forth from the wide urethra was non-stop as he had certainly drank quite a bit of it. The gazelle's eyes focused back to the wall, the wood around the glory hole was creaking, cracking, groaning as the shark on the other side was getting more energetic.

"...This wall won't last much longer, either!" He exclaimed in a soft gasp as he looked over to Taylor, who had his muzzle wrapped around the bulbous cockhead, sucking, biting and gripping tightly with both paws, digging his claws into the flesh to cause discomfort but not draw blood as he seemed to not stop, even shaking his head as he continued, opening wide and sucking loudly on the shark's engorged erection.

Riptide could feel his loins burn with agonizing pain and pressure, his balls had swelled to quite a large size as they were not able to flow as freely as they normally would, and his constricted flow was truly something to behold! The shark bared his razor-like teeth, his muscles tensed up as veins bulged forth under his smooth, light blue skin. The shark's massive body banged against the wall, calling the attention of everyone inside of the restroom, a good dozen or more males, all of them getting closer and staring at the end stalls a little startled and puzzled as to what was occurring.

There was no warning as to when the shark was going to cum, and they had no idea what to expect. Riptide knew his own sexual fortitude and prowess more than anyone obviously, and all of the pressure that was built up inside of him was about to blow like a steam kettle on the stove with cork in the spout. The shark slammed his head against the wall, a large convex indentation appearing above the sucking males on the other side as the glory hole around the constricted anacondas was bursting, cracking and splitting before their eyes as a loud, deep and guttural roar screamed out from the other side, literally shaking the stall wall with a small rumble.

The sensation was almost like having a firehose stuffed into one's maw and then turning it on full blast, but instead of water, it was thick, hot potent shark cum. Taylor screamed amidst his gagging, Evan doing the same as the both of them were thrown back against the other side of the stall, the initial burst of seed from Riptide's orgasm was a literal punch in the mouth. They shrieked as shark cum choked them, shooting right down into their esophagus's as they gagged and coughed, sputtering as semen erupted out of their noses and even ended up in their lungs, almost as if they were drowning on it.

It sure was not a good feeling, especially since the cocks did not stop cumming! Standing rigid and tall and hosing the two of them down with thick, giant spurts that splattered upon their faces, arms, and torsos, desperately trying to cover their faces so they could catch their breath once again. Riptide grinned broadly with an open maw, his tongue hanging free and his eyes almost crossing from satisfaction, as the pressure and pain he felt moments ago faded with a wave of pleasure and relief washing over him.

"Aaahh...." Riptide let out an ecstatic sigh. Over two-feet of meaty cocks hosed down the two on the other side of the wall that separated the toilet stalls. It literally took a good couple of minutes for him to stop cumming as his members came down to a slow oozing trickle, the two males on the other side struggling to catch breath and get away, but the shark's cum was so slippery and copious that they only ended up slipping in it and sliding around the dirty stall, getting showered head to feet in white, musky, pungent semen. A loud crack could be heard as one of the men broke the camera as it laid on the floor ruined from the shark's thick seed.

Riptide inhaled deeply and let out a deep, heavy, contented sigh as he could feel his twin spires slowly deflating, blood circulating in them once more as the shark was drenched in sweat, his tank top soaked and his lovely light blue skin glistening in the light. He slowly pulled his shafts out of the hole, like twin eels retreating back into their little cave under the sea.

Panting and gasping, the shark made quick work to tuck his soaked dicks back into the pink speedo, curling them up to make them fit and getting them back home with a comforted pat, his mind still swirling a bit as he was not completely sober yet. Curiosity got the best of him as he kneeled a bit and looked through the glory hole that was a few sizes larger now, eyes going wide and his cheeks becoming red again. Riptide then slid his pants up and zipped them up, relieved he finally got out of the 'sticky' situation. He couldn't help but let out a small chuckle. The stall door opened and the titanic shark stepped out, covered in sweat and gasping as he wiped his forehead and saw the entire restroom full of guys looking at him in shock and curious wonder. Riptide said nothing, but he did give a small wink and a wave as he hurriedly strolled out of the bathroom, leaving the mess he made behind.

The "Out of Order" stall door opened next as two gasping, panting, sputtering males spilled out onto the tiled floor, soaked and covered in what looked like glue, but it sure smelled a lot stronger than that.

"...Taylor... I'm deleting you off of Furbook," muttered the gazelle as he slowly tried to get back to his hooves, the cheetah following as he tried to shake off the thick and sticky cum, both of them reeking from it. Suddenly, the entire bathroom started to burst out in laughter as the everyone gathered around them, flashing photos with their phones, taking videos, snickering and just having quite the time taking in the mess the two were in. The cheetah broke down into tears as he was so red in the face, even that could be seen behind the cum.

"Stop staring at me!" He screamed as he took a mad dash towards the door, pushing past the other males in the bathroom, but only ending up slipping on his cum soaked shoes, sliding across the tiled floor, and landing face first into a urinal, one that had not been flushed yet due to the distraction.

Riptide came back to the bar, the same rhino bartender seeing him and nodding to him as he poured a red and blue mixed drink for someone else at the bar.

"Hey you, sober up a bit? You've been in that bathroom for a very long time." He said gruffly as the shark strolled over, covered in sweat and still a bit red in the cheeks as he nodded.

"Yeah... sorry, I had to wait for a stall to free up... one of them is out of order..." And certainly, he did not want to add that there is a rather large mess in the restroom that would probably take the entire evening for the janitors to clean up for the next day. Oh if only Riptide was able to see their faces! He just smiled at the rhino again and drank a glass of cold water to cool himself off.

"What a crazy night..."