A Girl and Her Tentacle Monster: Finishing Touches

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10 of A Girl and Her Tentacle Monster New chapter powered by boredom and inspiration! YEEEEAAAHHHHHH!

Be forewarned that this one is really, REALLY out there. I'm not quite done yet either with diving head long into "new and better ways to create an infinite breeding loop" >_>

My sons continued to grow as I followed my lover over to my sisters. Standing behind them, their massive bellies propping them up high enough that their well-bred pussies were about even with my head, I couldn't help but reach out to stroke their rumps with my paws. They strained to look back at me, their tails raising automatically amid a chorus of happy mrrrs. After a moment my attention was called back to my sons, my lover ready to show what the purpose of those fed my milk would be. I was surprised to see that in just the short time I'd turned away, they had gone through what looked to be at least another year of growth. My chest swelled with pride and milk, my boys latching on to me for a few more seconds and sucking down more thick spurts of my cream before being pulled away.

I watched curiously as my lover moved them towards their aunties' pussies. Mommy and Daddy crowded around behind me, Daddy's cock throbbing against my back and Mommy's breasts and belly swelling into my side as we waited. The boys took a few sniffs, Jenny and Mia giggling at first only to gasp lewdly as their young nephews began to push those short muzzles into their pregnant pussies! I expected them to stop moving inward, maybe play with their aunties for a while, but boy was I surprised! Their paws moved up, slipping into those stretchy tunnels, my lover holding them up as they began to wriggle inside fully!

The way they could be seen as either fox or tentacle, I wasn't sure how far Mia and Jenny were stretching. It certainly would have been an effort to get around my sons' shoulders now that they looked almost as old as Mia, but judging by how both my sisters were egging their nephews on through pleasured, near incoherent rambling I knew they all liked it. My mouth hung open as my sons made their way up and into their aunties' wombs, the both of my breeders wobbling around in pleasure and from the continued efforts of the boys to reach all the way inside. Both sisters spilled their fluids copiously, helping to let their respective nephew find his way in as they rode an incredible high of orgasm.

With one last *SCHLUURRP* they were in, their paws pressing to the sides of their aunties' bellies as they situated themselves. I quickly rushed over, pushing my head between my sisters' bellies and listening to my boys. As my lover showed me what they would be doing, I couldn't help but coo to them. It seemed they would now live within their aunts, making sure my primary breeders were always full of babies. Apparently I might get so busy I wouldn't be able to do it myself! In Mia's case it merely meant another source of permanent pregnancy, but I really, really didn't think she'd mind at this point!

I didn't notice Daddy come up behind me at all, what with my head being buried between the twitching tummies of my sisters. His big, strong paws rested on my widened rump, his eager cock coming to rest between the furred cheeks of my backside. I could feel his pre leaking down over my back, making me shiver even as I felt other things moving about my body...tentacles! My pussy gushed, soaking my Daddy's balls as they pressed to my crotch, my excitement bubbling over! I moaned into my sisters as tentacles wound around my now very heavy tits, curling around and around the fat mounds of milky flesh before the tips of his tentacles attached themselves to my nipples, the flow of my nutritious cream making me howl into the fur-covered domes of cum I had produced.

My tail at attention like a good breeder, Daddy had a straight shot to wherever he chose as he drug the underside of his cock along my rump. The head throbbed just over the base of my tail, pre leaking in thick streams onto my tail hole and then to my pussy, mixing with my copious girl juices before splattering on the floor. I couldn't help but yip as I felt that thick head press against my barely used back entrance, only my lover having gone in there before. At the same time I felt a thick tentacle press to my needy pussy, unable to hold back a wide smile before it broke into a lewd moan when I was double stuffed by my two studs.

My lover wasted little time pressing inwards, bumping against and then passing through my cervix, his tentacle rubbing around my womb as I felt a second one begin to press against my entrance. Daddy went a bit slower, but when the second tentacle pushed its way from my entrance to the back of my womb in one slick motion about half of his cock was just sucked right in when I came! His thick pre gushed as I wrung him tightly with my convulsing rear passage, his paws gripping my rump tightly. "Ooooooh, fuck, Kelly~ Her ass is like yours too!" I couldn't quite hear Mommy's response, muffled as it was by Jenny and Mia's bellies, but Daddy couldn't help but laugh happily.

My paws rubbed along my sisters' bellies, stuck as I was between them, writhing in pleasure while listening to both their own moans of pleasure and the sounds of my sons growing and changing within them. The tentacles piercing my womb thrust in and out, in and out, but more and more seemed to be staying inside me. Before long the lengths within could poke around freely even as feet of tentacles thrust along my hungry tunnel, matching my Daddy's strong thrusts. My tail smacked Daddy in the face when I felt the not yet swollen lump of his knot slip into my tight backside, his paw leaving my rump for a moment to pin my tail to his side. "Oh, you like that? So much like your mother... Don't worry, Fina. I'll be sure to knot your ass just like I do hers~" His paw came back down on my rear with a playful smack, getting a shiver of joy up and down my body as I began pushing fingers inside Jenny and Mia's soaked pussies.

While I'd paid attention to Daddy, I had missed the tentacles in my womb zeroing in on two specific places. Each one close to the ovary on their respective sides. In response, my lover sent his intentions into my mind again. It seemed I was ready to finish my changes now that I'd borne him a litter. I was mostly done, but after tonight I would be his perfect little breeder~ When I couldn't help but delight in being such a good baby maker for him, he next showed me what he was doing inside my womb. The tips of his tentacles were leaking their thick pre into the tubes connecting my womb to my egg makers! They twisted around insistently, a wondrous stretching sensation building inside me. The tiny tubes were...being invaded! First the tip, then more and more of the length began to slide in, widening those holes bigger than my wrist! A fresh orgasm surged through me when I was informed it would help my eggs flow out faster, since I would be making many, many, many times more from now on! Enough for any and every lover I chose to sire a huge litter inside me!

I was so happy I couldn't help but cry! Best. Day. EVER! I'd been bred by my lover, bred my Mommy and both my sisters, been bred by my Daddy, gotten a body even prettier than Mommy's had been, made my wonderful Mommy and sisters into beautiful breeding vessels, started making milk, gave birth to my first litter, and now it was getting even better! I heard Daddy gasp and his cock twitch violently inside me as I convulsed, his crotch slapping against my rear as he penetrated me fully. I didn't know what felt best. Daddy stuffing my backside full, my lover draining my plentiful milk, or having my tubes stretched out! The moans I could hear from my sisters as my paws pleasured them almost on autopilot just made it all that much more enjoyable~

Daddy started to thrust in earnest once I'd come back down, his strong body pounding into mine just like before. My Daddy is such a wonderful Daddy! Even as he reamed me, I could feel the tips of my lovers cocks nearing my egg factories. I yipped when the tips bumped into them, and then howled when he began matching Daddy's thrusts to fuck the length of my tubes along with my pussy! I could feel his pre leaking out, but with nowhere to go it just kept pooling against my egg makers. So much in such a small space~ And...I could feel them swelling! Slowly but surely, the pre soaked into my ovaries making the tiny organs bloat larger...and more productive. I could feel it as they began to make eggs by the dozens. They swelled to the size of softballs, making hundreds of eggs now. Past the size of melons, production skyrocketing into the thousands. My paws moved to my belly, outwardly unchanged but underneath the now basketball sized organs bulged and quivered under the force of their massive production, eggs by the tens of thousands being made at a fantastic rate, just waiting for a new stud to pour their sperm into me!

Daddy's howls came as music to my ears as I screeched in my own orgasm, his thick, sticky seed surging inside my back entrance as his knot swelled huge to lock me in place. Lost in the sea of joy, I didn't notice my paws slipping along my belly as it grew larger for nearly a minute. Panting as Daddy kept pumping me full, I rubbed my growing tummy absentmindedly before remembering it shouldn't be doing that. Every surge of cum made it swell bigger, and before long I could feel why. My...my litter with Daddy was growing!

But it wasn't like I'd expected. It was more like...more like when I'd had my first litter? I could feel the minds of my cute little kits meshing together, growing bigger and stronger like my tentacle babies had! Not that I minded, but...I was hoping for a whole mess of little ones to feed and cuddle! A new chuckling filled my head, my lover saying this one was going to be special. Soon I would have all the young I could ever ask for, and that what was going to happen would make absolutely sure of it.

Dozens became a handful after some time, my belly swelling beautifully under me like I was getting ready to birth. Then, as I continued to swell, those handfuls became...two. I was almost disappointed that I would only have two to birth...until they just kept growing. I could feel them developing inside me even quicker than before! My belly began pressing to the floor as the twins inside me flew through their years. Both were female, that much was certain, but when they started to blossom inside me, the feel of their tits pressing into the sides of my belly as they grew large and round, I have to say I was completely shocked in the best way possible!

Then it got even better~ My daughters actively began teasing the tentacles still leaking their pre into my ovaries, their bodies feeling much like Mia's but without the baby belly. They wrapped their new, heavy breasts around one tentacle each, pressing against each other as they began stroking the tentacles that fucked in and out of me, my lover showing a great deal of approval toward my not-so-little ones. Between my sucking holes and the attention of my girls, it wasn't much longer before I felt the tentacles in me swell. The tentacles...currently lodged right against my ovaries!

The thick bulges of cum raced through my body, up along my daughters, into my tubes, and then burst out the tip to soak my massively swollen ovaries in thick tentacle seed! My back arched as I was filled with his rich batter, my head popping free from between my sisters as my mind was filled with visions of not merely hundreds of eggs being gangbanged, but of his sperm diving into my egg makers themselves like mine had to Mia's! Even if he wasn't around to fill me back up again every time, I would never be done birthing his babies! I didn't even have words anymore for how happy I was!

I felt a sudden emptiness from my tubes, cum crawling over my eggs but no longer being added, as his still spurting tentacles were pulled down into my womb. The warmth spread in my belly, and I just knew my daughters were getting a thick coating of cum over their cute faces and tits~ Without warning, the both of them jolted inside me, their bodies shaking in what I knew to be tremendous orgasm. The tentacles...had just made them grown females! Still erupting their thick, impregnating cream, my lover's tentacles had forced their way into their unused pussies, then straight up into their already fertile wombs! My girls were becoming mommies, and I hadn't even gotten to hug them yet!

As my body shuddered and by belly bloated, my daughters' own bellies swelling with their first litters inside me, Daddy pulled me back against him as his cock finished unloading his cream inside me, my now sticky paws slipping free of my sisters' sucking tunnels. "I can feel our beautiful kits getting big inside you, Fina. They'll be ready to come out soon, then join us." I nodded as I panted, my tongue lolling out the side of my mouth again as orgasms crashed over me one after the other. "But listen, honey. Do you hear that?" Trying to focus, my brain overloaded with the joy of being impregnated and having my daughters impregnated within me, I picked out muffled cries of orgasm and a pair envious moans. Daddy leaned in close to my ear, licking it playfully before whispering. "It seems Mommy is teaching some of her grandsons how to properly breed a female~" When I shivered against him in response, he laughed heartily and nibbled at my ear. "Would you like to see?"

Standing up as I nodded vigorously, his cock still rock hard and holding me against him, Daddy began to walk. My lover moved with us as he continued to impregnate my daughters, by belly wobbling with each step as we rounded Jenny's hefty girth. What came into view was easily one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. Mommy's red coat was largely lost under a sea of white, her belly even larger than before as she took all six of my still available sons on at once! On her knees, resting on her massive belly, she had one stuck in her pussy, one in her ass, one plowing her mouth, one humping at her massive milky tits, and the two oldest looking in her paws as they soaked her down with their sticky sludge. Her belly grew before my eyes as they all came once again, knots popping out of her sticky holes as they wordlessly switched places. Cum dripped from her face as she grinned back at me, licking her lips before speaking through a garbled, cum coated throat. "They're learning very quickly, honey. They've given their Grandma four new litters already~" Mia and Jenny soaked the gangbang in milk, playing with their tits as they swelled, shaking in orgasms even as the sight before them drove them on.

It was quite a sight to behold, really. Mommy wasn't the least bit hindered by her belly as she drove my sons to orgasm, outlasting all of them even as she disappeared beneath a growing mountain of cum. Mommy was the best grandma ever! By the time Daddy's knot had gone down enough to pull free, his cum covered cock slapping along my back as he hugged me, each of my sons, all looking between mine and Jenny's age when I looked for their fox form, were huffing on the ground around Mommy while she began the process of lapping up everything she could. I hadn't even given them names yet and already they'd gotten off to a fantastic start as studs!

While I'd been so focused on Mommy playing with my boys, my lover had removed himself from my pussy. A clench of my belly and a rush of fluids quickly followed, my yip of pleasure alerting everyone to the fact that I was giving birth a second time that night! Ooooh, I could feel them inside me. My twin girls, beautifully fecund and so very, very pregnant just like their mommy! My lover turned me around, my pussy in full view of my family as they prepared to welcome the newest members to a quickly growing clan. When the second contraction hit, my cock began growing again as every nerve lit up. It surged larger and thicker as the clenching of my belly grew stronger and closer together, Mommy getting up as she slopped incestuous cum everywhere as Jenny begged. "Can I get her cum this time, Mom? Please?!"

Mommy giggled the way she did when she had something up her sleeve, her paws wrapping around my turgid breeding rod and stroking it lovingly. "Mmmmm...maybe later tonight, pumpkin. But this load is going to be saved for now. It's only right that your new nieces are christened by their mother's lust~" I felt Daddy get off me, seeing him walk past me to one of their drawers. Pulling out a spool of ribbon, he winked at me with a devious grin before walking back over and handing it to Mommy. "I think you'll enjoy what your mother has in store, Fina. After all, you were conceived after she did it to me." My tail twitched about, sticking in places as it hit thick cum before flopping over Mommy's belly and adhering completely to the layer of seed coating her beautiful fur.

I felt the ribbon moving around my cock, pulling tight but not painfully so as Mommy wound it around and around. She seemed to know exactly what to do, the pressure sealing the cum tube closed and cutting off even my pre! I could feel the pressure slowly starting to build, the contractions growing more insistent as my first daughter began to move towards my birth canal. When those delicate paws pushed through my cervix, her arms spreading the tunnel wide for her to climb in, I lost it. My body shook in orgasm, but only my pussy was allowed to respond. My cock bulged in an attempt to unleash its contents, but nothing came out! The pressure was matched by the increased tightness, stopping me up completely! I begged only semi-coherently to be allowed to cum, but Mommy only patted my back as my lover slid a tentacle into my open muzzle, that thick tentacle feeding me pre as it slid towards my stomach. "Not yet, honey. You have two beautiful girls to knock up, and only the best will do. We're going to let that most fertile seed stew inside you as you birth them, then you'll fill each of them up with it. Doesn't that sound lovely?"

I had to admit it did. It didn't make it much easier to deal with it, though! I huffed, howled, squirmed and shuddered as my daughter pushed her way to the exit, wiggling her shoulders, shaking her hips, rubbing her big round belly against my tunnel, flicking her bushy tail all about...it was like she was purposely trying to get me as aroused as possible! If they'd been able to tell what Mommy said while inside me and liked it, it was entirely possible she was~ Before long my swollen pussy lips bulged, a renewed gush of fluids preceding the appearance of two paws about Mia's size. My belly changed shape as she moved, lowering near my breasts while swelling lower down to reflect the shift in girth. She struggled for a time to keep moving, and I did my best to gauge what she needed and push to help her out, my pussy soon spreading even wider as her muzzle appeared.

I heard some coughing as her lungs emptied themselves, only to be replaced by her first true gulp of air. I could hear my daughter panting as her head popped out fully, fluffy ears springing to attention and her shoulders following suit soon after. Despite the truly, unbelievably maddening sensations accompanying my inability to cum, I listened closely to her voice as she found herself stuck. "Haaa...Gramma, can...can you help? Our bellies are...too big..." My lover held on to me as Mommy pulled, my pussy stretching huge around my daughter's cum-filled belly before she got past the biggest obstruction, the room filling with a wet *POP* as she slid most of the rest of the way in moments. As if to reward me, the tentacle filling my mouth swelled and dove deep, thick gouts of seed spilling into my hungry belly as I gulped around it ravenously.

Fem cum rained down over my newborn but very well developed daughter, her sister already seeking to find her own way out. I felt about ready to explode! I didn't think I could take another round of such pleasure without a chance to release first! Like usual, Mommy knew what to do. Leaning in close to my belly, she cooed out to her still un-birthed granddaughter. "Honey, don't come out just yet, ok? We need to help your mommy out first. But don't worry, it won't take long. Then you can come out and do it too~" The motion stopped, my other daughter listening to her Grandma like a good girl, as Mommy took my cock and began to align it behind me. I felt it touch hot, wet pussy lips, looking behind me to catch my first glimpse of my new daughter just as Mommy began to push my cock tip inside her.

My hips bucked involuntarily, driving home quite a ways into my own daughter as she squealed in delight. "Ooooohhh! Thank you, Momma and Gramma!" My heart just about melted at those words! "We love you, Momma! Thank you for breeding us!" I could feel my other daughter writhing around inside me, shivering just as the one outside did, as if...as if she could feel it too? And the one outside kept speaking in plural form...

My thoughts were interrupted when I reached her cervix, already opened by my lover, the tip wedging in as her hips drove upwards to meet mine, my cock sinking fully within her inner sanctum just as Mommy undid the bow. Only my quickly grown knots kept the girl from being pushed away from the sheer force! She grunted from the impact as the first gush of my tar-like seed poured inside her, sealing her fate as my kit factory just like Mia had. I pumped and poured my baby batter into her fresh womb, bloating it heavier with sperm by the second as I fed her the entirety of the cum she had caused me to produce on her exit from my body. I'd barely seen what she looked like and already I was filling her with my kits! If she didn't love it so much I would have felt like a bad mommy. I promised myself mid orgasm to make it up to her by hugging her lots and lots, especially while feeding her my milk alongside her sister!

The ribbon was replaced the moment I stopped cumming, ready to let me build up again, as my cock slipped free of my daughter's freshly bred pussy. Unsteady step and the squishing of plentiful cum reached my ears, my head turning to see Mommy snuggling her now massively pregnant granddaughter in between her tits as my sons' cum dripped onto their half sister's fur. When they broke the hug, I broke into one of the biggest smiles as my daughter waddled towards my front. She. Was. So. CUTE! Her coat looked very much like mine and Mommy's, deep red fur and the fluffy tuft between our breasts. Her eyes were a more traditional green than the emerald Mommy and I had, but I could see plenty of Daddy in her face, reminding me of Jenny at a younger age. Even as Mommy informed my still unborn daughter her time had come, her sister lay down in front of me on her cum bloated belly and gave me a wonderful kiss and hug, her heavy tits pressed to mine as my lover's tentacle pulled slowly from my throat, spurting the remnants of his orgasm over the both of our faces as we kissed. "Thank you so, so much, Momma~ We can't wait for you to breed us the rest of the way~"

I cocked my head to the side, feeling a bit confused as I cleared my throat. "Oh, I had a great time knocking up my cute daughter! But...why do you say it that way?" I yipped as the other daughter began squeezing her way into my tunnel, the way a bit easier now but not by much as she took her sweet time. Her sister mrred and licked her lips, her paws moving to caress my breasts and slide them upwards. "We...we feel what the other feels. Right now we're happy to finally see your face, and we need to drink from you badly, but we're also ready to come out now and be impregnated by our wonderful Momma~" She leaned down to my nipples as I tried to make sense of it, slipping both into her mouth and suckling hungrily. Her sister's movements grew stronger with every pull of milk, as did my need, the feeding of one seeming to empower the other. Did that mean they were, like...connected?

My lover gave the impression I had the right idea, though at the same time he told me he would need to leave for a short while. His tentacles stroked all across my body, reassuring me he would return again soon. My sons...our sons...he had to do something with them? Take them back with him? Something about showing them how to properly harness their gifts. I made him promise that they would all come back and give Mommy a personal demonstration of everything they learned! Amused and more than happy to agree, my lover slithered around to gather the six still exhausted boys, his presence vanishing once more just as my other daughter's paws pushed out of my pussy.

In an attempt to keep them straight, as well as distract myself from the maddening desire building once again in my tied off cock, I tried to think of good names for my twin girls. It hit me that I hadn't had the chance to name my sons, feeling again like a bad mommy. My lover didn't seem terribly concerned about it, so maybe he had ideas? I'd be sure to give names to the two now living in Jenny and Mia's bellies, though! But for now...hmmmm... Good names for pretty vixen... Then it hit me. I'd been named after my Great-Grandma. Why not name them after theirs? Reaching out, I stroked both paws against the cheeks of the adorable vixen drinking from me. "I've decided. From now on, your name is Sarah, ok?" She nodded and grinned happily, Daddy chuckling as he knelt down beside me and our daughter. "Nice name, Fina. After my mother, huh?" I smiled and nodded, turning to look at Mommy and then down at my belly as my daughter's head pushed free from my sopping pussy lips. "And her name is Serenity!"

After the coughing ended, Mommy knelt before her newest granddaughter, smiling wide. "Did you hear that, darling? Your Great-Grandma will be thrilled~" Serenity caught her breath as I felt her nod, squeezing her shoulders out, followed by her prodigious bust, taking a deep breath of fresh, pheromone laden air. "We heard~ Thank you Momma!" Mommy helped her pull free like she had Sarah, her legs sliding free until she too was positioned to take my ready and demanding cock. When Mommy moved to position me, I reached back to stop her. "Wait, Mommy. I need to do this right." Nodding and smiling, Mommy backed off as I pulled away from Sarah for a moment, lifting my newborn daughter up before setting her along the floor between me and her bloated sister. "Ok, Serenity. Since Momma can move now, she's going to watch as you swell up. I can't hold back very long, but next time I'll be sure to impregnate you both properly."

She nodded cutely, panting in need as I pressed my rod to her barely used tunnel. I thrust inward, pushing in and out a few times before striking her cervix like I had her sister's, my adorable daughter wrapping her legs around my waist before latching on to my nipple and suckling to her hearts content as both of the twins moaned out lewdly. They really could feel what I was doing to the other! That was so cool!

Not wanting to waste any time, my need barely contained by my motherly concern, I was quick to find my way fully into her womb, my cock throbbing and ready to unload into it to mix with the cum put there by my lover. As if on cue, Mommy untied the ribbon, my hips jerking forward to bury me completely in my daughter's depths and lock her to me with my knots. I looked right in her eyes as I poured my virile baby batter into her womb, seeing them widen and then roll back in exquisite bliss as she found herself joining her twin sister and youngest auntie in eternal pregnancy, Sarah screeching in bliss as she experienced it for a second time. Serenity's belly surged rounder still between us, pushing me off her before long. I watched it grow with each spurt, memories of what I'd done to Mommy what felt like ages ago filling my mind.

What a crazy day... I started off getting pregnant, and ended it by impregnating my new twin daughters. I wondered what tomorrow might bring. We had the weekend before us, then Mia and I'd get to start sharing with our whole school! Daddy and Mommy could share with their coworkers, Jenny could share with her friends...

Daddy's paws on my shoulders broke me out of my musings. I was getting ahead of myself again. I still had things to do here. Step one was making sure Daddy put a litter in all our bellies...