Summer Dreams

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3 of Summer Days The next long overdo chapter in my Summer series!

Derek shivered as the cold air rushed past his fur. The weather outside was beastly hot, and a nice shower was more than needed. He adjusted the temperature to a nice lukewarm and slipped inside. The dalmatian sighed as the water coated him, cooling him down. He leaned in towards the stream, closing his eyes and letting the water run over his slim muzzle.

He turned around, putting his paws on the wall, letting the water run down his back. He grinned feeling his shapely butt get wet again, his tail wagged lazily remembering the impromptu romp with the dog next door. He turned his head around, looking down at his spotted rump and gave it a firm slap! The sound echoed through the small shower stall briefly before being covered up by the rushing water.

Derek giggled to himself, thinking of how his brother's paw felt after he swatted the same cheek. The giggle turned into a moan as he groped himself, sliding his paw between his pert cheeks and over his hole. He closed his eyes, sighing as he slipped in a finger into his once again tight hole.

He didn't stop until it was all the way in, and kept it there, letting out a quiet moan as he slid in another finger, the water from the shower helping him. He pushed them in deep, trying to recapture the feeling of the german shepherd in him. It had been vague, in his dream, but he knew what he felt. How good his cock felt slamming into him like it was, how he would've been moaning for him to go faster, and how he would've pushed back to help take the knot. The thought of that large ball of flesh slamming and grinding against his puckered hole made his own cock throb in his sheath, the red length sliding out with every pump of his fingers...

"Hey there bro," Adam whispered, his muzzle nearly next to the brother's ear. Derek turned his head, stunned at the older dalmatian's intrusion. He didn't even hear him come in!

"Adam!" Derek stuttered, fingers still knuckle deep in his tailhole. "W-wh-what are y-you doing here?"

"Just here to check on my little brother," He grinned, looking down at Derek's ass. "Though I can see I'm interrupting..."

"No!" Derek blurted out, sliding his fingers out of his hole with a quick shudder. "Please, stay..." He trailed off, unable to think of what to say, or why he said what he said.

Adam didn't give him much time to think. "Well, if you want me too," He grinned again, holding his paw in the still running water. "I think it's only fair if you share in he fun after all. Don't ya think?"

"Y-yeah," Derek smiled, looking at his brothers fingers. He tore his eyes away to look at his brother, but got caught on his body, the wet fur clinging to his skin, helping show off his muscular form. He could feel the blush on his cheek as he traced his brother's muscles with his eyes, wishing he could run his fingers through them instead.

His musings were disrupted when he felt his tailhole prodded again, two of his brother's fingers pushing inside him and stretching him wider. He turned his head back, his toes curling as Adam held his thicker fingers in deep, letting the slimmer dalmatian adjust. Shower water cascaded down around the two dalmatian brothers, the noise drowning out Derek's panting.

After a short while, Adam started thrusting in his two thick fingers inside Derek's tailhole, pumping them in and out slowly, while the slimmer dalmatian quietly moaned in pleasure...

The feeling of his brother's fingers finger fucking him was too much, and Derek was forced to lay on the shower wall to keep himself steady. He pressed his cheek to the peach shower tiles, closed his eyes, and reveled in the sensations...

Soon though, the fingers stopped their movements and slowly pulled out, leaving the dalmatian feeling empty. Derek moaned in loss as the pleasant feeling in his ass stopped. "Bro... why did you stop?" He asked, only hearing the shower water hit the tiles. "Adam? Are you still there?"

His answer came to him as he felt his brother's embrace and his thick erection prodding his backside. Derek snapped his head back, seeing his brother looking at him with lust in his eyes. "You have no idea how turned on you made me by just moaning like you did!" Adam panted . "Can I... ya know...?" He asked, his voice faltering a little.

The younger canine blushed deeply but nodded, rubbing back against his brother's length and moving his tail to the side. He moaned as he felt Adam's cock press against him, the older dalmatian grinding his length slowly, almost teasingly. The buff dalmatian groaned out as he sank his thick cock into the slim dalmatian's still tight tailhole. Derek cried out as the thick pole invaded him, his own cock throbbing despite the sting he felt.

The younger dalmatian whined as he felt the full length of the older canine's cock penetrate him, the girth of his brother's length stretching him more then even the dog's length, sans the knot. Derek pushed away from the shower wall, his arms outstretched, and let his head hang down.

Adam held still, letting the younger dalmatian adjust to being stretched so far, before pulling back. Derek moaned in loss, as the pleasantly full feeling left him, only for the moan to be cut short as Adam thrust his length back inside.The sound caught in his throat, and Derek could only hang his head as his brother started truly fucking him.

Adam moaned deeply, his voice reverberating off the walls. He pumped faster reaching up with his left paw to grab his knot which had swollen . He leaned over his brother, panting in his ear. "I'm gonna tie us, alright?" He didn't wait for Derek to respond, instead thrusting insistently at the dog's rump, his tongue lapping over the younger dalmatian's neck before biting it gently.

Derek panted and moaned as he felt his brother start nibbling on his neck, grinding his fat knot against his already stretched tailhole. He wanted it in him, he wanted to be tied to his brother. To be stretched open wide as hot cum flooded his tailhole. He howled as his member throbbed once... then twice more, shoving his full knot deep inside as he climaxed...


Derek awoke with a start, the end of a moan trailing out of his muzzle before he shut his mouth. He quickly looked at his clock, seeing it was 6:31 A.M. and groaning quietly as he felt what the dream had done to him.

His morning wood throbbed underneath his covers, pre drooling from it and getting on the sheets. Ever since his brother's pawjob several days ago, he began having sexual what-if fantasies with his brother, and now dreams too. This was the most intense though. They were usually just blowjobs or more pawjobs. And always in the shower. It had become the dalmatian's default setting for their illicit activities, and made showering slightly awkward with the feeling that his brother might spring up behind him offering to blow him or more...

Derek panted as he threw off the sheets, grabbing his throbbing cock and pumped it furiously, his mind playing out the last of the dream fantasy while it was still fresh. He imagined his buff brother's cum in him, the knot holding it all in as it flooded him. He squeezed his knot like he thought his brother would, giving him that last bit of incentive to go over the edge.

With a muffled grunt, Derek came hard, shooting several thick jets of cum onto his stomach and covering up his black spots. He squeezed his knot with every shot, drawing out his climax as the fantasy scene faded. Eventually, his climax stopped as well, and the dalmatian's arm fell to his side, his cock laying on his cum covered stomach.

Derek looked lazily at the clock again, seeing the bright green numbers read 6:37.

He thought of going for a shower to clean up, but his body was already shutting down again, tired from him climax.

'I can do it before breakfast...' He thought to himself as he fell asleep.