Dark Heart, Dark Seed - Part II

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Part two of my early-day erotic story, where things start to get pretty emotional and intimate between me and my dark half. Sometimes darkness can feel so overwhelming...and yet so tempting. Is it wise to give in?

My hat slid past my ears and fell to the floor, its subtle thud breaking the pin-drop silence in the corrupted sanctuary; my breath and the ticking of the grandfather clock by the tallest bookcase were frozen in time, under some invisible spell.

I was too scared to fight back, too scared to blink, too scared to breathe. In his lustful eyes I saw all my dark passions, all my sinful desires, and all the evil things I so desperately wanted to be.

Graciously, my lungs retracted and gave me breath to speak.

"H-hello Shade," I whimpered, hating myself for appearing so cowardly. But I couldn't help feeling like a lost little kitten in his presence.

Towering over me was a dashing black fox wearing a pinstriped suit with a red shirt and black tie, reeking of money and power. His slick fur was a deep dark grey with black paws and ears, groomed to utter perfection. Alcohol and poison tainting his breath, I could feel him inhaling my scent like he was breathing in my soul, hypnotizing me with hidden promises and rewards.

This devilish canid was Shade, my darker-half so to speak; my blackened muse. Every violent prose and twisted poem that my paws had ever scribbled was driven by a seed he had planted inside me.

"Did you miss me, little one?" he cooed, every syllable on his lips dripping like sweet honey, baritone cords rumbling in my chest.

"Can't...can't say that I have," I lied, whiskers twitching nervously; they always did when I tried to lie in front of those stronger than me. Shade grinned, gently nuzzling his nose against my furry cheek.

"Is that so? That's too bad, because I missed you so much; all I could ever think about was you, Fuyf."

My coat shook with electricity as I felt his moist tongue lick the fur at my neck, tail tingling with excitement. I knew he had me. I knew there was no way out. Dozens, maybe even hundreds of times, I tried to resist him, tried to keep him locked away. But when he came out to play, I couldn't help but be a pawn in his game. When he looked at me, touched me, tasted me, my body and soul became his to toy with. I wished I could be stronger, yet didn't wish that at all.

Shade slowly stood up and rested a gentle paw against the scruff of my neck, lifting me off of the typewriter like I weighed nothing at all, floating in a dream. With his other paw he pulled the heavy device off the desk and let it clang noisily on the floor as he dropped me back onto the desk, a fresh sting of pain quickly scuttling around my skull as my head struck the edge.

I growled sharply as I clutched my head in frustration, urging my brain to will the pain away. The fox's spell was broken, for now.

"You prick!" I hissed, closing my eyes as my mind throbbed. "Just get the hell out of my office and leave me alone!"

Taking my eyes off of him was a terrible mistake.

Suddenly I felt my arms being grabbed by cold vices and pinned down to my sides before a knee quickly slid up my leg and pressed firmly against my sac, forcing the air out of my lungs and my eyes to snap open, finding myself nose to nose with my twisted muse. His lustful eyes gleamed with a fire I had seen burning before, daring me to turn away in defiance. Shade's paws tightened around my wrists as he leaned closer into me, his grin now replaced with a deliberate frown.

"You listen to me, you little bitch," he barked. "We both know that you can't write without me; every sentence, every word, every goddamn syllable you've ever put on paper was a whisper from my lips, echoing in your little ear. You're nothing without me."

He pressed harder against me, his squeeze uncomfortably tight. I gasped for air. Collecting the last of my willpower and confidence I turned my head away, staring at the grandfather clock by the bookcase, its hands still ironically frozen in time.

"From...where I can see, I've been...d-doing just fine without you!" I raised my voice, my throat tightening up. "I don't n-need poison trickling into my ear to spin a decent story!" After finding my voice I turned back to the fox and gazed past his eyes into his very core. "And I don't need you! So take your fucking paws off me! Now!"

Shade stood motionless, expressionless, and speechless. Slowly he lowered his leg back onto the ground and softened his grip, seemingly mesmerized by my words. I panted and gulped for air, cool relief flowing through my veins; I finally had control over him, no longer having to write in his shadow. I could be my own feline, writing whatever my heart desired without corruption or darkness.

Shade let a sly grin blossom over his lips.

"Fuyf, you're adorable," he calmly replied.

I gasped in surprise. I just noticed that he was no longer holding my arms down.

Before my muscles even had time to flex I went blind as Shade held the trilby over my face, prompting me to extend my claws and swipe the air in front of me while kicking wildly like a savage beast. His foot hit me square in the chest, pinning me back down as I felt my left arm being painfully stretched away from me. I felt him let go, but couldn't lift up my arm, instead feeling cold leather around my wrist.

I knew what he was doing. My heart started to pound and my lip started to quiver, ears twitching in mad desperation.

I couldn't let him do this.

Slashing blindly, claws aching to scratch fur and skin, I let out a muffled cry of anguish, suddenly feeling my other arm being pulled down. I choked on my breath and tensed every muscle, shaking my body, thrashing madly around to try to escape. But his foot was too firm and his grip was too strong. It was impossible how quick and subtle his paws moved, having my arms tied down to the desk in a matter of seconds.

Finally I sucked in fresh air as Shade lifted the hat off my face and tossed it aside, gleefully admiring his handiwork. Frantically I turned my head from side to side, seeing black straps wrapped around my wrists and snaking over the sides of the desk, turning back to the fox with renewed fear. In vain I tugged as hard as I could, but quickly found I couldn't lift my arms higher than an inch. Panting heavily, heart fluttering like a butterfly in the breeze, I looked at Shade with pleading eyes.

Shade snickered as he reached into his pocket, pulling out a small ball gag with a teasing glint in his eye. My whiskers fell and suddenly I could feel every single cold bead of sweat that clung to my body.

"No..." I begged.

"I don't mind a little resistance, Fuyf," Shade chuckled as he leaned in close, hypnotizing me. "It's actually a bit of a turn-on."

Forcibly he shoved the ball into my mouth and tightened the strap with uncanny precision, paws moving with practiced efficiency.

"Mmn! Mmmph!" I groaned in protest, shuddering as he slowly ran his tongue from the base of my neck up to my chin, growling with hunger while he popped the buttons on my shirt and pulled it open to reveal my slim torso. Stroking my hips lovingly with his tender paws, he pressed himself against me and bit my neck, sighing deeply as I felt a pulse of adrenaline loop inside my chest, shuffling my feet on the carpet as he whispered in my ear:

"It makes the victory that much sweeter."