Bravery - Chapter 4 Responsibility

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4 of Bravery Here's Ch 4 ;p

Aaron Furry Lover helped me with corrections of many mistakes in this chapter. Thank you, Aaron!

Chapter 4 Responsibility


That sexy husky boy was sitting next to me, while my blood all over my body started boiling. I wanted to take him to a private place, so I went to the toilet, only finding that it was occupied. The need to find a place where we could do our secret business made me excited and anxious.

The faculty lounge seemed to be empty. It could be available if we did that against the door. I imagined that I was standing beside the door, watching through the small rectangular window on it to see if someone came closer, while my cock was being serviced. I saw Mrs. Young, our history teacher, passing the door by and gave me a suspicious look. Then she joined in a small group of teachers, talking to them and occasionally looked to my direction.

Are they talking about me?

I started getting self-conscious, while being closer to the orgasm, but I couldn't reach it. The fact came to me that Isaac wasn't actually there, so where was he? I came out of the room, only finding that the corridor seemed so unfamiliar to me. I looked behind. The crowd was still talking something probably about me, which wasn't important to me any more.

Where are you?

I checked the classrooms one by one looking for him. Finally, Isaac appeared in the corner of one classroom full of students. I couldn't bring him out of there without getting everyone's attention. What should I do? I mouthed to him 'come with me'. However, the husky wasn't looking at me, but he was staring at the doberman sitting next to him.

Who was he?

The distance between the two dogs was getting closer. The next thing I knew was that they were kissing, my husky and that doberman. I could imagine how good it felt kissing the husky and stroking his fur. In fact, I did feel his lips against mine. Although he was kissing another guy, the feeling was on me. It made my groin tight and wet.

I was close to orgasm, almost there...


...but I woke up.

Damn that husky must have cast some spells on me, making me yearning for him 24-hour, even during sleep.

I sat up on the bed, searching for the phone on night stand. The light produced by the screen glared me. When I grew accustomed to it, I read the digits '02:07' on it.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, I put my paw in my underwear, and regretted it at once. Ew... My cock and the fur on underbelly were coated by pre-cum, as well as my right paw now. It felt almost like I had already cum in my underwear, but the hardness of my cock told me it hadn't been relieved yet.

I didn't want to touch myself. It had been a week since I experienced the first feeling of tying with another fur ever in my life, which was fantastic. It made masturbation no longer able to satisfy me. I even searched on the internet to see if there was a chance that I could get a fake tie by my paw, and the answer was no. Besides, it seemed impossible to get to sleep like this.

I want him. I want him desperately.

I dialled his number, while my left paw stroked my dick, giving my buddy a little comfort. Several seconds later, the tones generated by the receiver cheered me up, knowing that his phone was on.

Come on...

He didn't answer it in half a minute, so I dialled it again.


"Hello?" He sounded as sleepy and annoyed as I predicted.

"It's me, Sven. Where do you live?" My voice was filled with tremendous excitement.


"Just give me your address! I'm horny."

" *sigh* Are you insane? Do you know what time..."

"I don't care. Just tell me where you live." My temper started rising.

"No, Sven! Just use your paws."

No one can say no to me.

The grip on my phone was hard that it almost crushed it.

"Listen! If you don't give me your address, I promise you..."

"Good night, Sven." He didn't let me finish my threat.

"DON'T YOU DARE HANG UP..." but the connection was broken.

My body shook with fierce anger, but the lust within my blood was even stronger. I accessed the camera function on my phone. With a harsh glare from it, I took a photo of my chest.

Hum... not bad.

The photo showed my bared chest and half my abs, which was sent to Isaac's phone immediately. I took some photos with different postures, and chose some to send. Then I used left thumb loosen the underwear, exposing my wet meat with some strings of pre-cum. My phone was aiming at it, moved closer and then took it a photo. The liquid on my meat reflected light from my phone and made it look slippery and juicy.

It must look delicious to him.

With a wicked smile on my face, I sent this bomb to Isaac's phone, hoping that he didn't turn it off.

A couple minutes later, my phone received a message.

Damn you! 92 Rainforest Rd. Just go down to CDD and turn left. I'll be waiting for you. You'd better come quickly!

I searched this address on google and got a spot not far from my home. I put on a pair of sport shorts and started sneaking out of my house with my naked upper body and feet. When I passed my mom's room, I stopped and heard if she was up. It seemed like she was asleep and didn't hear a sound. I got out of my house and closed the door carefully. I was freed.

I ran at my best speed on the empty street. The distance showed on google was only about 2km, so it won't take me long. I turned left when I passed the CDD. When I crossed three more streets, a shadow appeared in my sight and it was getting larger and clearer.

That was the husky, the one I dreamed about. I dashed toward him, finishing the last 100 meters between us. He was in his pajama pants, and his flawless white and grey body fur was reflecting moonlight. I threw myself into him when I finally reached him, stroking his back with both paws and arm. Our necks and bodies were rubbing with each other's while I was breathing heavily. This felt way more better than it in dream.

"We go inside?" He whispered near my pointed ear, petting my back gently.

I nodded.

"We have to be quiet." Then he took my paw, leading me go inside his house and climbed to the second floor. When we were beside a door assumed to be his bedroom's, he whispered, "I have to warn you my room is a bit messy."

"It's better than a toilet, isn't it?"

"Not necessarily true." He opened the door. Well, it was not so messy, compared with mine.

He closed the door, and pushed me on his bed, which surprised me.

"Wow, someone's particularly initiative today." I joked in whisper.

"Of course, it's in my territory, my house and on my bed..." He sat on my thighs and started pulling my shorts and underwear off. I lifted my butt to let it and my tail slide out from the pants, and kicked them to the floor, revealing my cock coated by its own liquid.

"...and that means you are just a prey of mine." He gave my balls a sudden squeeze, not very hard but it made me sit up and grab his paw immediately. He was startled a bit by my reaction.

"See, Isaac. I... don't know whether you are joking or not." I frowned, since that made me uncomfortable.

He blinked his eyes few times, "Of course I'm just playing with you. If you don't like it, I'll stop." I could see the disappointment on his face.

"I... Ok, do whatever you want." He wouldn't do something that could actually hurt me, would he? I lied back down and let go his paw, waiting for his next move. He moved his head close to my chest and licked my erect nipple.

I moaned loudly, since this is the sensitive part of my body only myself had ever played with before. Seeing a boy worshiping my muscular chest did little help to lessen the discomfort. My upper body heaved up and down with each lick of his facile tongue, while I'm suppressing the urge to push him away. Then his paws joined in the stimulation, by moving them around my body and feeling the outline of each muscle.

Finally, I gave up. I pushed his head kindly down my crotch, "It makes me uncomfortable. Just suck my dick, okay?"

He complied, and followed the guide of my paw, moving his head to my cock. After sniffing few times appreciatively, he started sucking it. A groan of pleasure escaped me, since I had been missing this feeling for a whole week. The feeling couldn't be better, lying my head on pillow while someone was bending over between my legs, serving me a skillful blowjob, and I could massage this fur ball with the inner side of my thighs.

His muzzle felt wonderful, same as before, which soon made me lost in the pure physical paradise. I experienced the pleasure brought by each suck, and felt his warm body between my legs. I would cum into him and tie him like before but on his bed this time, and then I would feed him with more of my delicious seed.

He didn't need to accustom to my length this time, and he took the whole shaft down his throat at one time without any trouble. I sensed his mild and playful touch on my testicles, only making the orgasm building faster.

*slurp* *slurp*

At this late night, his bedroom was even quieter than the toilet. The sucking sound filled in there, with the same rhythm of his lips rubbing my meat, sending wave by wave extremely pleasant sensation to my brain. I waited for the moment to come.

However, he stopped pleasing me, and moved his body forward till our muzzles almost touched. He stared right down at me.

Oh boy, what is he going to do?

It was hard for me to look him back, since his bright blue eyes were radiating grand passion on me.

"So, what about the answer?" He spoke up with confidence, smiling at me seductively. I could smell my scent in his muzzle.

"Wha... What answer?"

The smile on his face vanished, "To be my boyfriend or not. Don't pretend you don't know, Sven."

"Oh, geez. I don't know, Isaac. Just give me some time."

"It has already been a week, and you have been avoiding me." He looked like near to cry.

I let out a frustrated sigh, "Don't push me."

He turned his head to look at the floor instead of me, being so disappointed, "Fine." Then he went back to the position when he sucked me, and proceeded his job.

He killed all my fun, and I could tell that he lost all of the fun as well.

Stupid husky.

I condemned him inwardly. My cock was as hard as usual, and so was what he was doing, but I couldn't get much pleasure from it. I simply wanted to relieve my balls and go home, so I tensed the muscle which controls myself peeing, pushing the orgasm forward. Soon, the highly intense sensation reached. I gasped harshly, and started shooting my load into his muzzle.

He continued bobbing his head up and down, causing the cum to splash everywhere. I gripped the sheet, willing to pull my penis out. I preferred him holding still since the excitement he gave me was too much to me during I was cumming. I had been holding my teeth tight, to not make a single sound.

After one last weak spurt of cum oozing out of my cock, I let out the breath I had been holding and then became busy catching my breath. I sat up on his bed, seeing him hesitating over whether to clean my crotch with his tongue or not. I helped him to decide by pushing him away from me, and then got off the bed.

I found where my pants and underwear were, and put them on. He was staring at me sadly. When I walked toward the door, he blocked my way with his eyes widened.

"What are you doing?"

I blinked few times, "I'm leaving."

He glared at me, "You wake me up and come to my house in the middle of the night and asked me to blow you. Then you are just going to ditch me without even staying here tonight?" His voice was raising with every word, and the last few words were almost like shouting at me.

"Shh... Are you insane? You may wake up your parents. *sigh* I'm sorry that I have to go. Someone is going to visit me this morning." I said it against the strong guilty feelings. Nevertheless, it wasn't a lie.

He turned his head away, like what he did when I refused to give him an explicit answer.

"Fine. Leave."

He crawled back on his bed, only showing his back to me. I knew he was deeply upset, but what could I do? I sighed wearily, opening the door and got out of his bedroom.

Stupid husky.

Why did he have to ask the stupid question right before me reaching orgasm? If I knew this could end like this, I would never want to come here. It was not even better than a poor paw-job from myself. He screwed up everything, which caused that I didn't get what I want.

Stupid wolf.

I also condemned myself for being so impulsive. I should have thought this through before calling him in the middle of the night. Now I had to go back home in this cold windy night in only a pair of sport shorts. Worst of all, I hurt him, by using him and then ditching him like a sex toy. I didn't know how I could face him again.

I sneaked down the stairs while my mind was filled by regrets for my stupid sexual impulse. I opened the front door of his house, and moved my body outside.

Subconsciously, I placed my paws on both sides of my legs.


My paws only felt my phone in pockets, not the keys. I was too excited to remember to bring them. I was glad that I didn't close the door, which left me an alternative choice other than standing beside my house a whole night till my mom woke up the next morning.

A gust of wind came to me, who stepped behind immediately to prevent the door closed. I was standing there, considering whether I should leave or go back to Isaac's room. The outside was cold, but on the other paw, he was so mad at me that he may kicked me out of his house.

I didn't want to make the second stupid choice in this night, so I thought it longer. Finally, I set my feet inside the house and closed the door behind. After creeping up the stairs, I was standing beside his bedroom again.

I opened the room slowly and quietly, and peeked inside. He didn't move at all, so I got into the room and found that he was actually asleep. It was good to me since I didn't have to talk to him right now. I got on the bed as silently as I could, and lied down back to his back.

In a short time, I was overcome by sleep.


Everything was unfamiliar, the scent in the air, the springs of mattress supporting my body, the orientation in which I was lying down. It occurred to me when I opened my eyes, realizing that I was not in my bedroom. I turned my body around, and then saw a pair of bright blue eyes staring at me.

"Morning, Sven."

I rubbed my eyes with my paws, while the memories of last night came back.

"Morning, Isaac. What time is it now?" I was still sleepy.

"It's 7 a.m.." He seemed cheerful for some reason.

"Ow..." I wasn't very happy to be woken up this early, but the whole environment was too strange to make me fall in sleep again, so I sat up lazily.

"So, you decided to stay with me at last."

"I forgot my keys." Rubbing my eyes, I didn't put any thought before said the words. Then seeing the change of his expression, I knew that I destroyed his mood again.

"Where is the toilet?"

"On the left."


A couple minutes later, I came back to his room. He was still lying on bed.

Wagging his tail, he said, "I'm still sleepy. Do you want to join me napping for a while?"

"Sure." I got on bed, lying beside him, and then realized it was a trap. He mounted on me as soon as I lied down and he didn't seem sleepy at all.

"You lying there, I will take care of you." He whispered near my ears, trying to seduce me, which he succeeded. His words made my morning wood painfully hard although my mind was all of a blur at that moment.

I nodded. Then his body slid down, with his paws brushing my fur, which made my mind awaken a little. He parted my legs, and kneeled between them. I looked down at him, finding that he did all this not in a hurry but full enjoyment.

He took off my shorts with my help, and then he let out an audible moan. His expression told me he was in great pleasure.

" smells so good." He looked just like a complete slut.

"Does it?" Now that I could smell the rich scent released from my loin. I remembered last night I took on pants directly with cum coating on my fur. Most times I would consider that scent disgusting since it was kind of unhygienic, but sometimes when I was particularly naughty and horny, like where I was now, I found it rather arousing.

He suddenly moved forward, which made me turn my head aside and press down into the pillow to avoid the contact between our muzzles. He smiled at me lustfully, showing his teeth, and whispered to me.

"Do you want to try mine?"

I was paralyzed, "You're kidding, right?"

Pressing my shoulders to keep me from sitting up, he now kneeled beside my chest and his thighs were between my arms and torso, which meant that his junk was just in front of my muzzle, like serving me breakfast on bed. Shocked by his sudden initiative, I inhaled harshly, and soon was thrilled by the strange but intoxicating scent of his loin.

"Come on! Give it a try." He was pleading me enthusiastically.

Considering that licking another's dick was extremely humiliating to me at that time, I refused to do so. However, the smell was too arousing to be ignored. I breathed in his masculine musk, having no idea what I should do. My cheeks were burning with shame, and it got worse when Isaac's paws started massage the fur on them.

"Don't turn me down, Sven."

I gave him a shy look, and said, "Fine. I hope you wash it often." Inhaling one last time, I put my paws on his thighs. His tail was wagging wildly, brushing my fur, showing the husky's exhilaration. I dragged the waist band and pulled his underpants down a little, revealing his red fat glans.

I was astonished by its thickness, which easily beaten mine. Then I lifted and tilted my head a little, and planted my tongue on the head. As the tongue sensed the hot meaty glans, an electric shock passed through my body, causing a stir from my own cock. It was not disgusting at all. In fact, I found it quite pleasant.

The curiosity of the size of his whole package overcame me, so I continued pulling down his underpants. Then, his monstrous cock and low hanging heavy balls were exposed to me.

Swallowing once, I was intimidated by its size. How could I never notice he had such a huge thing? We changed clothes together almost every Friday. Maybe that was the reason he always chose the locker in the very corner. I moved my eyes from the dangling rod to his face, finding that he was staring and smiling down at me, proudly.

Logically, it would make me jealous if I found someone's junk much bigger than mine, but now it could only turn me on, willing to feel that large member in paw. I touched and held his penis, fondling the meaty tool. I could only compare it with mine since I had only touched my own before. His cock felt so thick and heavy, and so hot.

Now my mind was swimming in his musk and my last reason was gone, followed by the inward conflict vanishing completely. There had already been so many secrets shared by us and I didn't mind adding more.

I tugged his knot gently, giving him a sign to come closer. Once he followed, I opened my mouth and took the glans in, and sucked it like what he did to me. The taste of his pre-cum made me crazily horny.

"I can't believe this's really happening." He murmured in moan.

Neither can I.

I took more of the shaft into my muzzle, and started moving my head, massaging it with my lips and tongue. My right paw was caressing his knot and the last part of shaft which I couldn't take in muzzle, and his heavy balls tapped my paw with each of our movements.


His moan told me that I was doing it right, and encouraged me to fasten our pace, but soon my neck was sore in this position. Also, his pants made it hard to caress his thighs.

I lied my head down, and said, "Can we change to another position?"


Once he moved aside, I got off the bed and kneeled beside it, then guided him to sit on the edge in front of me. He took off his pants, and looked at me joyfully.

"Not being mad at me now?" I teased him.

Shaking his head, he said in shyness, "Nah. Just go easy on me, please. This is my first time."

I brushed his thighs and bottom. His fur felt smoother than mine, and his legs were not as toned as his upper body. There was a bit more fat on his thighs and butt, which made them softer, and I liked that. I groped his buns, feeling his wagging tail, and then lowed my head to the organ filled with his boiling blood.

When I could taste his juice again, my own dick jerked once, screaming for attention, but I focused on the bigger one inside my muzzle. I began sucking it hard, bobing my head up and down without single hint of hesitation.

"Sven..." He moaned my name, and stroked my head.

He is so cute.

I made the greatest efforts to milk his penis. I wanted to taste his seed thirstily.

My crotch became too tight to be ignored, so I removed my right paw from his bottom, taking off my pants and started jerking it, which was coated by a thick layer of pre-cum.

The sounds of sucking and masturbating were combined in the room, as well as our moaning.

I pawed my meat crazily. Before long, my orgasm reached. I could feel my hot sticky load land on my chest and abs, and I groaned loudly, but I didn't stop sucking him.

From his shorter and faster breathes, I knew he was close. I saw him throwing his head back while clamping his teeth tight. Before I prepared for it, the first powerful spurt landed on the back of my throat, which choked me suddenly.

I backed my head and started coughing violently, while spurt after spurt of his seed shot out and landed on my face and my back.

"Oh, god! Are you okay?" He kneeled down beside me and patted my back.

I kept coughing since his thick cum wasn't like water that be easily got rid off. I shook my head showing that it wasn't severe, and then my heart stopped when I heard footsteps come close.

The door was opened by a mid-age female husky.

"Sweetie, are you al...?"

Time stopped, and all the three furs were frozen deadly.


The next thing I knew, was that the shocked female husky, who must be Isaac's mother, closed the door emotionlessly and left.

My cough stopped, probably because of getting scared. My mind began running rapidly when it could work again.

What will she do? Is she calling Isaac's father, and then they will kick me out of here? Will they find my address and tell everything to my mom? ...

I shivered with each assumption I made. Worst of all, I heard that some parents disowned their child when they found he was gay. I looked at Isaac, who was sitting on edge of the bed, face covered in both his paws.

What if I made him disowned?

I had to stop my thoughts of imagining him being beaten and kicked out of the house forever by his parents. I had to ask.

"You okay?"

He murmured, "I'm fine."

"They...they won't disown you because of this, would they?"

Lifting his head, he looked at me, eyes widened.

"What? No, they wouldn't."

I sat beside him, holding his shoulder with one of my paw, and said unhesitatingly:

"If they do ditch you, you can live with me."

"Re...really? Do you really mean that?" The husky was lightened immediately.

I nodded. Then he dragged me into a tight hug.

"Thank you, but don't worry about it; my parents knew I'm gay and they're cool with it." That relieved me a lot.

We parted seconds later, both realising the mess of our seed on my fur. Now it was also on his body and paws.

"Eh... you need to take a shower before you leave. Don't you have a guest coming?"

I totally forgot that. Remembering this lightened me as well.

"Yes, my dad is coming."

He stood up, and got a shower towel from closet.

"You can use this. It's new." He threw it to me.


I wrapped it around my waist, heading to the shower.


I looked myself from the mirror, seeing his seed dripping down my face. I dipped my finger with some and licked it.

Not bad.

I kind of hoped he could join me in the shower, but I preferred finishing this sooner since my dad could arrive at anytime, so I got myself into it and turned on the hot water, washing off our seed.


Ten minutes later, after using the full-body fur dryer, I came out of the shower room with the towel wrapping around my waist. I felt as fresh as every morning. Holding my dirty underwear in one paw, I opened the door of his bedroom.

"It's my turn." He stood up once he saw me.

"I'm leaving now. Are you sure you're not in big trouble?" If he was, we could confront it together as long as I was still there.

"Don't worry. They most likely just gonna blame me for bring someone without noticing. You'd better leave now. Have a nice weekend." Smiling warmly, he headed to shower.

I put on my sport shorts, and stuffed my underwear into the pocket, which made a strange soft bump. Looking around his room one last time, I got out and walked toward the front door.

"You're leaving like that?"

A sonorous voice stopped me when I was just going to open the front door. I looked back, seeing Isaac's dad sitting behind a copy of newspaper in sofa.

"Sorry, Mr. Taylor. I didn't see you."

"It's all right. Why don't you put on a shirt?"

"Eh..." I heard footsteps from the stairs. Mrs. Taylor came down there. "I came here last night without one."

They gave each other a meaningful look, and then looked at me up and down. Also gave me a chance to scrutinize them. The two huskies looked much older than my parents. They were both grey and white but the fur on the father was darker.

"I guess you are Sven, right?"

"Yes, Mrs. Taylor."

*Another meaningful look between them*

"Take a sit please. I'm going to loan you one of my shirts." His father stood up, who was almost as tall as me, and also fairly muscular.

"Thank you, sir."

He went upstair, while I sat down beside the dinner table.

"Do you want scrambled eggs and ham?"

"No. Thanks, Mrs. Taylor. I'm not hungry."

She sat beside me, and smiled.

"I should apologize to you that I should have knocked the door first before I busted in."

"It was my fault, Mrs. Taylor. I shouldn't have come here without notifying you."

"You are welcome, Sven. So, eggs and ham or not?"

"No, thanks."

Then Isaac's father appeared with several shirts in his paws.

"Pick one you like."

I got the black shirt on top and put it on. It fitted me just right.

"Perfect." The father said.

"Thank you. Hmm...sorry, Mrs. and Mr. Taylor, I need to leave now."

"Fine. You are welcome to our house. See you."

"See you."

I left with a polite smile. "Bye!"


When I closed the door behind, my phone vibrated. I got it out of my pocket, thinking it might be my mom, but it turned out to be Isaac.

I answer it. "Hello?"

"I heard you were talking to my mom and dad. Are you all right? Did they give you hard time?"

I walked forward few steps, so I could see the windows of his room, finding that they were opened and the husky was looking down at me.

"It's okay. They are really cool."

I heard a relieving sigh.

"Good. Um...listen, Sven..." He paused.


"I think you were right, that I shouldn't push you..."


"Perhaps, I'm not more than a stranger for you..."


"but, at least, please don't see me as someone awkward to meet... I mean, don't avoid me, PLEASE, Sven." I couldn't see his face clearly, but I could imagine how pleading he was.

"I won't avoid you."

"Can we start with being friends?"

"I... guess we can."