The Christmas Present

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The next chapter of Empire is taking longer than I thought to finish so I figured, I may as well give you great readers something to hold you. This is an old erotica of mine I first wrote back in 2009 for Christmas as a random piece of fluff. It proved to be quite popular back then, I hope it's as popular here. P.S.: I have noticed there is another story on here with a similar title and I sorely hope the author of that story does not feel offended. :3

The Christmas Present

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature, or rather a furry, was stirring except one unusually excited occupant upstairs...

The shower had been running nonstop for over an hour now. The young ermine, Stephanie, aged 28, was doing her absolute best to make sure that tonight would go off without a hitch. She was using her special fur shampoo from the Macy's Department Store. She had saved it especial for this night. Her green eyes fluttered at the thought of what would probably, and hopefully, happen tonight.

After the umpteenth scrub down to make sure she would smell ever so ravishing, she finally shut off the shower and stepped out wrapped in a towel. Her bathroom mirror had become fogged over from steam. She swiftly wiped off the mist and stood for a moment watching her reflection as if to bid herself good luck. Her fur was white as the snow that had begun to fall earlier this afternoon. Her soft smooth white fur and her lovely pair of C cups; these along with her slim musteline form made her a veritable hit at Bloomingdale's where she worked the lingerie department.

She left her bathroom stark naked but, thoroughly dried. She walked daintily to her bedroom down the hall. She saw her beautiful black dress she had picked laid out on her beautiful bed. Steph sighed dreamily as she moved her right hand slowly up and down her freshly pressed dress. She picked it up.

She came downstairs. She was a sight to behold. Her black dress fit her body like a glove. It reached all the way to her knees. Her beautiful downy soft tail swayed behind her. She had blue eyeshadow on her lids, crimson red lipstick, her blond hair was straightened and reached to her shoulders. She had blush on her cheeks. Even her tail had been given special attention with a red Christmas bow wrapped around the tip. Ding-dong! She heard the doorbell.

Steph opened the door slowly. What she saw made her laugh. "Seasons Greetings, madam. I was just walking by when I noticed some inconsiderate bugger had dumped these poor defenseless flowers and I felt I could put them to better use."

Michael, her handsome pine marten boyfriend, stood with flower petals lightly tied as a makeshift lei around his neck. He leaned forward and kissed his dear on her nose. "Oh, well then, I guess you'd better come in kind stranger."

She opened the door the rest of the way for him. She whispered to herself "Yes!"

Michael was a well known fashion designer here on the island of Manhattan. His works had appeared in Cosmo and People's magazines among other things. His annual winter wear was selling exceptionally well this year. At the age of 34, he was certainly the most attractive of bachelors. His dark brown fur mingled well with the creamy underside that reached from his chin to inside his thick black velour coat. His whiskers were well groomed. His black Beatleseque hair was exceptionally beautiful. His long tail had a rich sway to it. He was wearing black pants with a silver patchwork on the back pocket. It at least made him seem less stuck up than most other people in fashion. His brown eyes were like fresh gingerbread. He stood firm as Stephanie took his coat for him. A smirk formed on his face which she didn't see right away. Without warning, he turned and picked her up by her waist twirling her around effortlessly in his grasp. They both laughed like school sweethearts playing in the snow. They came to a stop gradually. Their eyes connected speaking the unspoken love of their hearts. She saw that he had a firm hold on her arms making it futile for her to move away. Not that she would've anyway. She leaned in. He lowered his head. Their mouths met in the middle.

She backed up slowly leading him. He followed. He sat her down on her couch in front of the fireplace. He nimbly climbed over top and quickly went to work on her. She turned her legs toward him as he rubbed one hand up her inner thigh while his other fondled her breast. She withdrew one arm allowing him to pull down a strap exposing first one breast then the other. He rubbed her panty region with his right hand as his left stayed massaging her left breast while he sucked her right nipple. She gasped under his touch. Her hands moved down his sides to his waist. He raised himself as she pulled his shirt up over his body. Meanwhile, his kisses had moved up from her breast to her mouth. He stopped the kiss briefly so she could pull his shirt off completely. The fabric fell beside the couch unheeded. He lay on top of her with his creamy chestfur pressed against her perky white snow globes. His pants were becoming increasingly uncomfortable. He slid slowly off of her pulling her dress off the rest of the way leaving her bare except for her fur and her thong. He sat up and unfastened the front of his jeans. She sat up and helped him with it. She blushed as she saw the head of his shaft peaking from the button fly of his briefs. She placed one hand on each side of his waist and pulled the briefs downward. He sucked in air when she playfully brushed his groin with her fingers. This time he turned his legs to face her. She rubbed his shaft with both her hands coaxing it further from the sheath until every pulsing, veiny bit of his eight inches was free and hard. She sniffed his strong musk. She licked the underside of his cock from tip to base and back. She kissed the head and then took the entire length into her mouth. She bobbed her head slowly holding his waist forcing him to let her find her speed. She loosened her grip and let him do his thing. His tongue flopped unceremoniously to the side as he began thrusting. His carefully groomed hair was mussing up. He didn't care. She juggled his balls keeping him hot under her touch. Her tongue brushed liberally at the sides. Her blond hair concealed her green eyes from his sight. His pupils became dilated from the mounting ecstasy. She sensed him straightening his body and braced herself. His eyes rolled back into his head as he blew his load inside his girlfriend's mouth.

She blushed as she gulped down his seed. Eventually, he emptied himself into her. He lay back catching his breath. She sat up when she was sure she had gotten every last drop. She brushed the few droplets from her lips. She kissed her lover on the mouth laughing as she saw his face contort from tasting himself in her saliva. She stood up and walked away picking up her clothes.

"You rest up, Michael, but, don't get too comfortable okay? You can come up stairs to return the favor when you're ready." She walked up with her dress under arm. He sighed "Oh, this woman is gonna wring me dry. I should've stayed in London."

Moments later, he had regained his strength. He made the trek upstairs with his own clothes under arm. He found her bedroom. He had been in it before. It was where they first made love when they began dating over a year ago. He walked in to find his beloved in bed under the covers. She smiled upon seeing him. "Hey there, Stranger." He returned the smile. "That's Michael Stranger to you, my love."

He pulled back the covers to gaze upon his lover's body. He kissed her lightly as he descended downward. He stopped when he was mere inches from her pink lips. He stuck his tongue out brushing her clit. He spread the lips apart using his fingers and he stuck his tongue in. He remained there kissing and licking her inner parts for a few minutes before stopping. Wordlessly and without hesitation, he mounted her luscious form and he pierced her vulva with his shaft. She cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure. One of his hands descended beneath her right leg. He lifted her leg giving himself ample room to push in deeper until his own groin prevented him from going further. His tip brushed her cervix. Their kisses became ever more passionate. Her claws raked his dense fur sending unique sensations down his spine. His thrusts had become more purposeful. He broke his kiss with her to rub his muzzle against her neck. He lowered his head and arched his back. She held his head as his teeth began raking her soft breasts. He suckled her nipples. The scent of her musteline heat mixrd well with his musk. They were lost in each other. They were the only two people in the world. She choked back a scream as she hit her climax. His was soon. He began to pull away like the gentleman he had been in the past.

"No, do it! Cum in me!" He was surprised by what she said. "Stephanie, do you know what that means? I'm a marten, you're an ermine. We're close enough that we can..." She stared up with determination in her eyes. "I know. I want it. It want your baby inside me. {sob} Let that be your Christmas present to me, my love."

All cautions of crossbreeding thrown aside he thrust faster and harder. His climax was close enough. His toes curled. His tail wrapped around hers. He came inside her, filling his lover with his seed. She smiled inwardly. Now, as a woman, she would finally be complete. His semen flooded her to the point she began to feel him dripping from their combined sexes.

He collapsed in a sexual sweat. She lay with her belly to the air guiding his seed to her awaiting egg. They did not stop. They continued for the whole rest of the night. As soon as each was rested, they would get right back to their "job". Sometimes they would switch positions, sometimes they would try new positions, sometimes she even let him take her like their ancestors: from behind. Their mating act continued into Christmas Morning, it continued into the rest of their weekend after Christmas, then into the remaining days of the year. By New Years Day, she had concieved. Nine months, one wedding later, she gave birth to twin girls. Her greatest Christmas present any woman could've asked for.

The End