A RedQuest Tale - Chapter 2 (Adult)

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2 of A RedQuest Tale

A RedQuest Tale

Author's Note : This was my first attempt at writing a novel of sorts, taken from ideas I had of Redwall at the time but wanted to try something new but in the same aspect, a new world, lands but with hints of Redwall'ish from within it. Unfortunately the story wasn't completed but after long thoughts I decided to post it up nonetheless. This was written during the month of November back in 2005.

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Chapter 2 - Skiprudder meets Captain Bloodstripe

Sam Amber felt the whip on his back as a black rat, named Blacksnout who was sneering down at the squirrel. "Come on, put your back into it. You're not made to be taking an rest your know." Again the whip went agsinst Sam's face, cutting into the side as the squirrel turned his head slightly before returning his angry stare back at the rat and sneered. "Is that all you got, you big fat ugly rat for a fish. Let me out of these bonds and I show you what I can do with that whip and put it around your flabby neck before I fucking break it."

Blacksnout roared in anger and repeatedly gave the squirrel a dozen lashes of his whip. At the end and when he was panting out of breath, he saw the squirrel still looking at him with the same deathly look and he faltered. It was at this time that another rat came down and called out to Blacksnout. "Hey, the captain wants you know who. Take him to his quarters. He's the one that Blackthorn mentioned last night."

Blacksnout nodded and made his way back along the line as he left Sam Amber to fume. A ferret next to him spoke quietly. "It isn't wise to intimidate them like that." Sam turned to look at his friend. "You did, so why can't I?"

Nodding his head, the ferret replied back. "Yes and I lost an eye for it as well. Didn't dodge that whip fast enough the last time I made a remark." Slake sighed slightly. "I do not wish to lose the other anymore. But I know that they will never take me off the front line of this ship, they already wish me dead but I can only refuse that wish."

Sam nodded his head. "One day they will end up facing for all of their crimes." The squirrel continued to help his friend in rowing as he dug his claws into the wood. "Then they have to face all of their crimes." The squirrel's eyes were ablaze with determination as he pulled on the oar. "I make sure of it."

Blacksnout had pulled himself up from the ladder as he left the rowing section and arrived at the other slave section where they prepared food, helped to clean the ship or to please some of the ship crew to relief their tension. Making his way through the deck he spotted Blackthorn standing next to a old otter. Coughing, the rat came up to Blackthorn and nodded his head. "Is this the one that has to go see the captain?"

Blackthorn nodded his head. "Yes." He saw the confusion of Blacksnout's face and shook his head. "The reason you haven't seen him earlier as this one holds vital information for the captain and we didn't want to risk this one failing the test." The black panther lent his head closer to the rats and sneered. "That and he gives good head. Now, go take this one to the captain and tell him I shall be following shortly with the food. Then leave, I am sure you have other things to do?"

Blacksnout nodded his head and took the leash but was stopped by Blacksnout. "If you so much as harm him in anyway." The panther slowly lifted a paw and showed off his claws. "You know what I do to you? I am sure some slaves down below would love to harm you."

The rat swallowed and nodded his head. "I understand sir." Taking the rope, he gently pulled on it and spoke. "Come on, let's get going." Blackthorn gave the otter a pat on the head. "Go on now, Skiprudder, you do fine if you tell the captain everything he wants to know."

Blacksnout took Skiprudder through the other slaves who were busy rubbing the deck down with sponges or clothes as he made his way through other rats who were busy making sure that they were doing the work as well as their own. Coming up to another set of steps, the rat pulled the otter up so that they were on the main deck. Skiprudder shielded his eyes at the bright moonlight giving a soft blue glow onto the deck. The fresh salt air made the otter's nose twitch as he followed where the rat was taking him. Moving his head back down again as they approached a door with two rats standing at the side of it on each end, the wall to their backs. Blacksnout spoke. "This one has been requested to be seen by the captain."

Nodding their heads, the rat knocked on the door. He waited silently before hearing the loud voice come from inside. "Come in." Blacksnout pushed the door open and pulled the otter in with him and bowed his head. "Sir, this is Skiprudder. Blackthorn said that you wished to meet him." He looked about. "Where should I put him captain?"

Bloodstripe smiled. "Put him onto that chair there and then leave." The tiger was sitting down in his own chair and watched as the rat moved the otter to the chair and made him sit down. Nodding his head again at the tiger he left the room quickly.

"So you're the one that knows all about this castle my first mate has been telling me about?" Bloodstripe spoke quietly as he placed his fingers together, the cat eyes not taking his gaze from the otter.

Skiprudder nodded his head. "Yes sir, it's very well known to any creature in this country." He blinked. "But I don't think anyone else would tell you about it though." He watched as Bloodstripe grinned and replied back. "No doubt. So what can you tell me about this place." He heard the door knock again and then Blackthorn came in with a tray of food and drink. "Captain, the food and drink that you wanted?"

Bloodstripe nodded his head at the panther and as the food and drink was placed down on the table, he beckoned the first officer to him and whispered quietly to the cat. Blackthorn looked a bit shocked but nodded his head as he took one look at Skiprudder and nodded. "As you wish sir, may I go now?"

Bludstripe nodded his head. "Yes, you may leave. Please tell the guards not to disturb us, me and my friend here has to discuss some very important matters." The tiger watched as the black panther left, closing the door behind him. Bloodstripe smiled. "So you were going to tell me all about this castle?"

Skiprudder looked at the food on the table for a moment and then returned his gaze back to the tiger and replied back. "As I have told Blackthorn, the castle is further down south from here, near to the coast on a hill." The otter looked at the food again and back at the tiger. "It is run by two red squirrels that are named King Fleetpaw and Queen Finepetal. They are known to be quite rich."

Bloodstripe nodded his head. "And how did you come to know this?" He asked while leaning forward in the chair, placing his elbows onto his thighs as he looked the otter up and down before returning his gaze back to the eyes.

Skiprudder, looked back into those cat eyes and felt a cold shiver run up along his back. "I had visited there a few seasons ago before I was caught by your lot when I travelled back up north again."

"I see." Bloodstripe said as he lent back into his chair. "Must be a really powerful family then? Lots of guards, security? Must have really impressed you on your visit there?"

The otter didn't move but replied back. "They have enough guards to protect themselves but most of their subjects live outside of the castle and they have had peace there for such a long time, they really are there for show." Skiprudder stopped talking and swallowed. "That I mean, that they make it look like it's all for show, I don't know if it is or not." His voice sounding uncertain as fear crept into it.

Bloodstripe fought against himself from only just bursting out laughing on the news but he shook his head. "Hmmm, I see. Anything else you can say about the castle or about the royals?"

The otter nodded his head. "I know that the queen is getting a year older in about a month, can't be sure though. So hard to keep up with the dates, you know being stuck working away all the time. Not that I mind sir, really I don't. I know it's in the middle of spring if that helps at all." The voice trembling now in case he had done something wrong.

Rubbing his chin now with his claws, the tiger nodded his head as he thought and smiled. "You must be hungry. Please, go over to the table and take what you want as you tell me more about the castle and those that live there. I wish to know more about the place."

Moving from his chair, the otter walked over to the table and sat down on the wooden chair, looking at the cooked fish that had steam rising into the air. Drooling slightly, the otter wiped his drool onto his arm and then lifted the fish and began to take big bites from it. "Well, you see." He said in between chewing big chunks of cod into his muzzle, meat falling from the side his his muzzle as he looked at Bloodstripe. "It is a marvellous castle, full of tall walls and a moat for protection. Inside they have a spring that gives them water all the time and fields with vegetables growing and a orchid for growing apples. They do have farmers though who work in fields amongst the flatlands which lead down to the sea and er, there is a lot of woodland about the area." The otter scratched his head. "And a quarry if you must know but I can't tell you where that is but was known to have been home to gold inside."

Bloodstripe nodded and poured himself a drink as he listened to the otter speak of what lay outside of the castle. "So I presume that most of the gold is within the castle itself then?" Lifting his head, the tiger lifted the goblet to his lips and taking a sip as he looked over the rim at the otter with his unblinking eyes.

Rubbing the juice from his muzzle with his sleeve, the otter nodded his head. "Well, I assumed so, but there were places within the castle I couldn't get to. Lot of private areas really, especially on the floor where the royals live." Holding up the fish and then shaking it about slightly. "But if you don't mind. Why do you want to know such things from a lowly slave like me?"

Placing the goblet onto his thigh the tiger leaned back in his chair and smiled. "Why indeed. I had heard you had information that could help in bringing freedom for the rest of the slaves as what you have told me could prove very helpful in paying for their freedom overall." Bloodstripe leant forward and grinned toothily . "You do want to help them, don't you?"

Skiprudder bit his lower lip and looked at the tiger for a moment. "You know my son will find you and kill you when he does." Throwing the food onto the table. "I will not help you in making others your slave."

With a loud crash, the goblet hit the wall as Bloodstripe was out of his seat and with a single bound, he had his paw around the old otters neck as he squeezed tightly. Looking at the otter who was gasping for breath, the tiger lent his head down so that his nose touched the other and he growled softly. "If you do not help me, I will go and kill every single slave on this ship and keep you alive. You will have to live with that guilt for the rest of your life and I will kill them slowly. There is many different ways to kill one and make it very painful. Do you understand me? Nod if you do."

He saw Skiprudder nod his head and grinned as he continued. "Very good, this is what you are going to do my friend. You won't know much about what I will plan to do but you will help me out on a need to know basis. You will do anything I want, do you understand?"

Skiprudder swallowed as he held his paws around the large tigers and nodded his head again frantically. Feeling the grip loosen from his neck, the otter fell back into the chair while coughing and gasping for air as he watched the tiger move to the window, opening it up slightly to let in some breeze. Turning around to face the otter, Bloodstripe smiled. "Very well, first order of business. You will finish your meal completely and try to be a bit better mannered about it as well. Use the napkin." Slipping back into his chair, the tiger watched as he shook his head, running a paw through his head fur.

Skiprudder slowly picked at his fish now, eating it as he watched the tiger watching him and wishing that he never said anything at all to his master. Gradually the otter finished eating the fish as he picked up a large fishbone from the plate and carefully used it as a toothpick to clean his teeth, the otter noticing that the tiger was well pleased with his actions.

Getting up, Bloodstripe moved to where his goblet had fallen and picked it up as he looked at the otter without taking his gaze from him. Standing back up again fully, the tiger tapped the goblet onto the palm of his paw. "You see, you can be civil if you wanted and now that you are responsible for the safety of all slaves, I can pretty much do what I like to you without question."

Skiprudder gripped the napkin he had picked up and started to wring it about in his paws under the table as he blinked back. "A-as in what?" He enquired quickly, feeling his mouth become dry and then fighting his left arm to move as he picked up the mug and drank the contents inside it quickly.

Bloodstripe chuckled as he refilled his goblet. "Careful there that is quite strong stuff to what you have been having for the last couple of months." The tiger watching as the otter gasped from the strong ale in his mouth. "It's seaweed ale. Puts extra hairs on your back or makes you lose them, depends really to be honest." He watched the otter blink a few times and then continued to drink his mug until he had finished it, tipping it up to see if he could get more out of it.

Taking a sip of his drink, the tiger smiled and patted his thigh. "Come here and kneel before me, otter." The cat purred softly as he saw the otter blink at him questionably and then repeated his question a bit more forcefully. "Remember what I told you. Come here and kneel down before me, otter. Now!" The cat's mood changed from angry, then back to being soft again as he purred. "I will not harm you."

Getting up from the chair slowly, the otter made pushed the chair back under the table as he looked at Bloodstripe for a moment and then slowly made his way over. Standing right in front of the tiger, Skiprudder nodded his head and slowly knelt down, feeling the joints in his knee's making a slight crack. Wincing slightly, he slowly made his way down to the floor as he sat down on his lower legs and looked up at Bloodstripe who was looking down and smiling at the otter.

Reaching over, the tiger placed a paw on top of the otters head and watched as Skiprudder gave a shudder, putting his ears down to his head and averting the gaze of the tigers. Bloodstripe smiled as he gave the otter a gentle headscritch and purred softly. "I have never heard of your name before on this ship and I do wonder why and perhaps after listening to you today, you have been keeping such information from me." Moving his paw over to one of the ears, two fingers closed over and he pinched it tightly, making the otter winch in pain. "You wouldn't keep things from me, would you?"

Skiprudder shook his head. "No, I wouldn't. I have told you all that I know. I ahven't been anywhere inside the castle where I would know secret things. Only a select number of beasts working in there know and they are the most trusted members of the royal family. Just being a guest didn't give me access to anything that I haven't already told you. I just want to be free." The otter was crying as tears fell from his eyes, small droplets of water rolled down his cheeks from the pain.

Letting go of the ear, Bloodstripe saw that he had cut into the skin with his claws and slowly licked the blood from them. "Mmmm. Well, if something does come up in your small pitiful mind, I want to know about it first, you get me?"

The otter nodded his head as he rubbed his stinging ear and blinked his eyes free from anymore tears as the image of the tiger came back to focus again. "I understand sir." He looked at his slightly reddened paw and winced as he rubbed his paw onto his leg to get rid of the blood, looking at it staining his torn pants slightly.

Moving his paw to prop up the otters head, the tiger smiled at the old frailed slave and purred softly. "Forgive me, I will not kill you as you have too much useful information that I need. But remember this, your actions from now on will determine on what will happen to your friends down below and the rest of the slaves." Moving his paw from under the chin of the otter, the tigers paw gently strokes the cheekfur as he looked directly into the otters eyes. "Do you understand me?"

Skiprudder nodded his head as he felt a shiver run up along his spine from the tip of his tail but he continued to hide his fear and smile back at the large tiger caressing his cheek with his big paw, feeling the claws scrape gently against his skin underneath.

Letting go of the otter's cheek, the tiger leant back in his chair, placing both paws on the arms as he spoke very clearly and calmly. "From now on, you will remain in this room until we have reached the castle and you have got me inside. There you will remain with me always as my personal slave. You do not belong to the whim and pleasure of Blackthorn anymore but I am sure he fine someone else to please him." Bloodstripe grinned toothily. "It is time to repay for the food I have given you. Undress, now."

Skiprudder blinked at Bloodstripe and nodded his head, regrettably as he began to pull off his torn brown shirt. The tiger could see a few scars on the body and admired the last owners work. "Hmmm, keeping it well away from view, I see he had done good work with you." He went silent again as Skiprudder got up and pulled off his torn rags that were his pant and stood there naked in front of the tiger.

Bloodstripe looked at the otter as he got up from his chair, picked up the clothes and made a face of the smell of them. Moving to the open window, he threw them out as they fluttered about in the wind before landing in the sea softly and floated on the waves. Turning around he smiled and padded up to where the otter was.

Skiprudder was a old otter, with grey hair showing in some places from his usual dark brown. He had it around his whiskers on his head, around his ears but it was more noticeable around his groin area that made it more noticeable. Placing a paw on the otter's shoulder, the tiger gently rubbed as he dug his claws in slightly and spoke softly. "Very good, now stand still." The tiger moved his other paw and slowly grasped the otter's balls in his paw and using his thumb, slowly rubbed them in his paw pad.

Skiprudder was shaking all over as he felt a warm tingling sensation down as fingers rolled over his balls. Fighting from within himself, the otter groaned softly from the touch that the tiger was giving him and his fear slowly gave away.

Still purring, the tiger leant his head and as he licked the bleeding ear with his tongue, enjoying the taste of blood as he growled softly. "I see that you do like this to happen, mind you I do know that it took a lot to get you to like this though, didn't it?"

The otter nodded his head and remembered on how Blackthorn made him into his personal slave, the many beatings flashed through his head, the forced gang rapes with the rat crew late at nights. Skiprudder didn't want anymore of that and slowly he just churred softly and allowed himself to be used.

Bloodstripe slowly slipped his fingers up to where the otter's sheath was and smiled as he felt that it had thickened up slightly under his careful fondling. Slipping his fingers over the ear, the tiger's tongue slowly licked at the bleeding ear as he bit on it again to reopen the wound to the sound of the otter yelping slightly but changing to another moan midway through.

Fingers slowly wrapping around the grey furred sheath, the tiger felt the thing throb slightly from something that slipped about inside. Slowly as he began to stroke the fur, Bloodstripe continued to lick and suck at the otter's blood. Pulling from the ear, he purred softly. "You belong to me now, otter." Gripping the sheath firmly in his paw, he lent down and kissed Skiprudder on the lips, the captain wanting to get rid of his lust and sexual frustration.

Pulling away from the kiss, the tiger licked his lips and smiled. "Well, am I going to have to do everything here?" Looking a bit dangerous from the glare in his eyes as he grabbed hold of one of the wrists from the otter and placed it where his groin was underneath the pants. Skiprudder nodded his head and began to feel around as he kissed Bloodstripe again, his body still shaking but feeling his sheath still being rubbed with a warm large paw.

Bloodstripe smiled and then he let go of the otters sheath and pushed the otter away. Taking off his top, the tiger unbuttoned his shirt as he took off his belt. Letting them drop to the floor, he let his pants fall to the ground and stood there with a throbbing hard cock, that was leaking pre.

Skiprudder shuddered as he saw the size of the tiger cock standing there with all it's glory, he hadn't seen anything like this before, especially with the spiked head and backed away towards the door.

Bloodstripe smiled as he slowly made his way towards the otter. "If you are thinking on leaving this room, I have every single one rape you, including the slaves." He smiled as he saw the otter bump into the door and made his way right up to where Skiprudder was and slowly took hold of the rope around his neck. "Come on." Pulling on the rope, the tiger pulled the otter towards his bed in the corner of the room.

Looking rejected, the otter followed as he felt the rope tug at his neck and closed his eyes as he felt the tiger push him onto the bed. Lying down as he watched Bloodstripe sit down on the bed himself, he smiled just as he placed a paw on the otters chest and scratched lightly. "You see, there is no way out for you and if you try to upset me again tonight I will kill you and watch you die in a very, very painful way." His paw moving back down to grasp hold of the otter's sheath again and began to rub, pulling it back to expose the semi erect otter's cock.

Skiprudder nodded his head as he laid there on his back, giving off slight shudder from his member coming out into the open and the cool night breeze from the sea. Shivering slightly, the otter didn't know if it was still fear, being cold or both. However, he felt his groin begin to stir back into life again as his cock began to push out from within its sheath.

Moving his striped fingers over from the furred sheath, Bloodstripe slipped over the edge and onto the hot flesh of the otter. Feeling it twitch about in his paw, made the tiger purr louder as he felt the otter shudder underneath his form. Looking down at him, the tiger smiled and then carefully leant to his ear and whispered. "Right slave, get on your hands and knee's right now."

Skiprudder swallowed but slowly lifted himself up by the elbows as he turned around away from the tiger and with weight on one knee, he lifted himself up, so that he was kneeing on the bed. He felt the tiger move about near him and he gave a shudder, closing his eyes as some tears began to form around the eye lashes.

Bloodstripe roughly lifted up the otters tail with his paw, he felt it begin to press back down and he growled, slipping his other paw to go underneath and with a hiss, he grabbed hold of the ball sac and gave it a hard yank. "I told you not to fucking piss me off, didn't I?" He felt the otter begin to relax as he lifted up the tail and saw the red tail hole in his view.

Straddling now over the otter, the tiger slipped a paw to grasp hold of his penis while feeling around near to the tip so that he could find the rear opening of the otter. Carefully he found it and moved forward so that he felt his cock press against the warm flesh of the otter.

Skiprudder shuddered and bit his lip, his body now shaking freely now. Feeling the rope loose from the tiger's paw, he looked at it for a moment and shooke his head slightly, thinking of a time when he was free next to a stream and lazing in the warmth glow of the sun while dangling his foot paws in the cool running water. That vision went away as he felt something beginning to press against his rear.

Bloodstripe felt the otter resist his attempt to get his cock inside, but he continued to push with his strong leg and groin muscles while pulling the otter back with his other arm wrapped around the otter's waist. Slowly he felt the rear open up as his head began to slip inside. Feeling the heat and the tightness around his maleness, the tiger gave a loud gasp, hugging the otter tighter in his grasp.

Skiprudder gave a whimper as he felt the much larger cock begin to slip into him from that he had been used to in his past. Gripping the sheets with his fingers, the otter clenched his teeth as he felt his rear being opened up wider than it had ever before in his life. A small trickle ran from his eye down his cheek as it fell down onto the bed with a soft splat.

Bloodstripe continued pushing as he purred in pleasure of the old otter underneath him, unable to resist that much as he finally felt his hips pressing against the otter's rear. Leaning his body slightly over him, he licked again at the bleeding ear and purred. "See, you cannot resist me slave. You are mine to do as I please." Pulling his rear away from the otter, the spikes on his head pulled at the otter's insides until he could feel his head begin to pull on the ring muscle himself and rammed his cock back inside, still pretty much dry.

Feeling the spikes pull at his insides and sending some pain up through his body, Skiprudder gripped the sheets even more as his arms wobbled slightly, weak from lack of food for so long, he felt sick to the stomach as his throbbing cock bounced about, pre dripping onto the bed, betrayed him as the otter cried. Feeling guilty of ever mentioning that castle flashed through his mind but he wanted to be free. He wanted everyone on the ship to be free and gritting his teeth, he felt a paw wrap about his length and he began to hump into it. The otter full of mixed emotions on not liking the captain who had enslaved the otter and to enjoying the feeling of the paw pads against his sensitive skin.

Bloodstripe smiled as he kept the otter underneath him, enjoying the closeness of another underneath as he pulled his hips back, feeling the otter insides tug at his spikes as it just increased his lust for the slave that he thought was a slut underneath him, to be used as he saw fit. Slowly the tiger gripped hold of the throbbing cock in his paw as he felt the length hot under his paw pad, the slick pre dripping from the head as it fell onto his fingers to be rubbed into the shaft with the sound of squelching.

Skiprudder closed his eyes as he felt the ship rock underneath him as the pain from his rear was slowly drawing away to be replaced by the feeling of warmth and tingling that slowly went up from his thighs, rear. It moved all the way down to the tip of his tail, along his spine until he felt his ears tingle. Swallowing, the otter could feel something begin to build up from deep inside of his chest as his mind continued to try and fight against the urges that his body was trying to show off. Gradually the pressure continued to build within the old otters chest as he felt the tigers paw against his cock, stroking it while his hips humped back and forth, the feel of the large cat cock sliding in and out of his rear making his whole body feel warm and fuzzy against his brains wishes. Feeling pressure well from within his throat, the otter swallowed again but felt no reprieve from the pressure building up within him. The otter felt it force it's way out as he moaned loudly in pleasure, the throat vibrating in his native tongue as his whole body clenched tightly, every muscle, fingers dug into the sheets pulling them towards him.

Bloodstripe groaned as he felt his entire cock being squeezed by the tight otters rear, making his head flare up more. Moving his paw to the otter's cock tip, he gave it a tight squeeze on the head, feeling the pre spurt out as he grouls loudly. "That's it, drop your defences, all of it and become mine." Lowering down his head, the tiger's hot breath came over the back of the otter as he pounded into the thin arse, feeling the hot insides gripping on his cock as he began to lick the back of the otter's neck. "And you will tell me more about what I need to know and serve me fully. Do that and you will never be hurt." Moving his head to one of the ears, he growled softly. "Tell me false and I will eat you alive and make you watch your heart pump in my paw before I take a bite out of it."

Skiprudder shuddered as he nodded his head. "I won't tell you false, sir. Just please. Don't stop." Gasping now as he gave a shudder, feeling his cock tingle more as the otter became closer and closer to climaxing. The otter's aching cock throbbing within the tiger's paw, feeling it being rubbed by the rough paw pads.

Bloodstripe felt his whole body quiver has he lent down and then clasped the otter's scruff into his mouth and bit down, making the connection between master and slave complete as his hips thrusted his member deeper and deeper into the rear of the otter before he felt his head swell up, each spike began to stick out further as ht felt blood in his muzzle just as the first spurts of tiger cum shot out into the otter's rear in thick ropes, one after the other. Each time the white thick liquid dripped all over the otter's rear walls before slowly beginning to drip back out as the tiger pulled out before pushing back in again, hard.

Skiprudder felt the cum leak from his arse as it travelled down over his ballsac, making the fur and skin tingle with the hotness. Gasping loudly as he felt the pain in the back of his neck, the hot moist mouth of the tiger making the rear of the neck feel hot, made the otter shudder before arching his back down, forcing his belly to lower down a bit as it felt the tiger's spikes press against his prostate and therefore sending him over the edge as he felt his cock thicken inside the tiger's paw as the first spurt of cum splashed out onto the rough paw pads. The second splash landed on the sheets, followed by another onto his belly and chest as the tiger moved the cock about as he rubbed and milked the spurting shaft.

Gradually, both began to feel their climax begin to wane as the otter's cock spurted some more cum slightly down his shaft and onto the tiger's paw pads. Bloodstripe didn't even wait as he pulled out, making the otter groan slightly before falling down onto the mattress with a pant, blood staining around his lips, teeth showing red as well as his white chin fur.

Skiprudder fell onto his belly after feeling the tiger pull out as he lay there panting and feeling his rear feel numb, slowly and gradually, a slight pain began to come through to his brain, building up to feeling his rear stinging madly. Moving a webbed paw to go behind him, he slowly let his fingers reach down to feel one of his buttocks, just as the first signs of pain reached where he felt the tiger bite down on him. Ignoring that for the moment, the otter continued to feel around where the base of his tail was and felt the warm, slick cum on his fingers, oozing out from his rear. Pulling his paw back again, he wiped it on the bed sheet that had become scrumbled up in his paws earlier and then reached around to feel the back of his neck and felt blood.

Slowly but surely, he felt a paw brush on his side and then began to stroke the back of the otter. Bloodstripe smiled as he lent over and began to lick on the back of the neck. The tiger really loving the taste of blood coming from the otter. After a few moment, he stopped and then sat up in bed, his cock still throbbing, while leaking pre. Looking to the door, he called out. "Blackthorn, get in here!"

Skiprudder blinked as he looked to the door to see it open as Blackthorn came in and bowed to the captain. "Yes captain?" The black panther spoke softly as his green eyes looked at Skiprudder and felt his body tense up on seeing him being used by another. Returing his gaze back to Bloodstripe as he waited for what his captain would want.

Getting up off the bed, Bloodstripe gave a stretch and slowly made his back crack before returning back to normal standing position. "Tell me, who is in the cell tonight?" Moving over to picking up his pants, turning his view back to Skiprudder and then back to Blackthorn again as he began to step into them.

Blackthorn thought for a moment. "Well, only one I think; a white male mouse. He ended up trying to bite poor Blacksnout a long time ago. We had fed him as per instructed. Fed him well in fact, he's quite fat now. I take it you be heading to the cell?" Bloodstripe nodded his head. "Yes I will be, right now in fact." Picking up his shirt and then buttoning it up. He looked at Skiprudder. "Get him cleaned up. He needs a bath, get some slaves to wash my bed sheets as well. The otter can remake my bed with the spare set and oh, Blackthorn." The tiger smiled toothily. "He's mine now, but I am sure you can find another. But send him to me in the morning. Clean him up and send him to one of the empty cabins under guard. I don't want to see him tonight."

The tiger moved and came right up to the panther and just smiled at him. Placing a paw on the black panther's shoulder, the tiger purred. "But I am not a bad person, you may use him for one last time and say your goodbyes, but be finished by the time I get back, remember I don't want anyone in my quarters." The tiger pushed past Blackthorn and then headed off and left just the black panther standing near the doorway but closing the door behind him.

Blackthorn looked at Skiprudder as he made his way over to the otter and sat down on the edge of the bed, shaking his head. "I am so sorry, I didn't think that he would do this." The panther sighed and began to stroke the otter's head gently with a paw. "You have to be very careful around him as he's dangerous."

Skiprudder looked at Blackthorn. "What do you mean? Where's he gone to?" The otter slowly turned his head to looking at the door again. Blackthorn shook his head. "You don't want to know, trust me. But please listen carefully to what I have to say." The black panther began to mention all to the otter as he laid down next to the otter and hugged him closely to him.