Breath of Shadows

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Commission for Guderian, a young man goes exploring for treasures to bring back fame and fortune with his gang, but what he actually finds will change all of them in an entirely different way.

Breath of Shadows

A grey haze settled over the streets of the city as the night began to wane, the normal night crowd thinning to only one or two people venturing across the sidewalk. They didn't walk in fear, especially when the occasional security drone hovered passed. But those same mechanical wonders that kept the populous breathing easier also made others cling to the shadows. Leon was one of those people; his life spent living on the streets and dodging the caretaker drones.

He had been a drug dealer and salvager on the streets for several years now, having moved up the ranks of one of the few gangs that still existed in the city. They were comprised primarily of hackers, drug dealers, and illegal salvagers. Salvaging though was the most profitable and made the rest of his gang work, with the rise of the technological revolution came the fall of nearly the entire old industrial sector and much of it was merely left abandoned. The government was quick to illegalize all entry and foraging into the defunct sectors, but it didn't stop Leon from overriding the governmental security barriers and slipping underneath the small hole in the plasma shielding he had created.

"First barrier breached." He said to himself, switching on the low frequency emitter on his wrist. From that moment his paced quickened, he was invisible to most radars with the device but the battery life was woefully short. Thankfully he knew his destination, ducking into a dark corner to avoid a security bot before moving on to the massive warehouse that was his target. Once he was sure he was in the clear he moved up to the solid steel door. The encryption on the keypad was as old as the warehouse itself and relatively easy to break, especially with the passcode cracker that one of the hackers in the group had given him for the job.

There was a small, satisfying beep as the light turned green and the door mechanism opened, Leon slipping inside and closing it behind him. From what intelligence the gang leaders could gather it was an old chemical storage facility of several nearby factories, which meant that there was a possible treasure trove of materials that they could use. When they came to the rest of the members for the potential mission Leon was the first to volunteer. He had been eager for the chance to move up, and the chance to claim a major chemical supply would move him up from the street slinger that he was currently stationed at to something far more profitable.

"Oh my God." Leon gasped as he reached the inside of the warehouse. In the center of the room huge metal and glass cylinders dominated the space, the young thief able to see the multiple hues of gasses that swirled within. He quickly brought up the IR scanner and looked around the walls, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw nothing on them. Had there been a gang tag on the inside it would have completely ruined his opportunity, but since it was currently unclaimed he took out a can of IR paint and began to spray it on the wall. In a matter of minutes he had laid his gang's stake, the building and all the chemicals within now belonged to them as far as the underworld went.

Once he had planted his flag he turned to his next objective, finding a manifest or catalog of everything that was in the building. He had to wait for his emitter to recharge anyway, until it was back to full power he was stuck inside the building where the scanners couldn't read him. He climbed up the rickety metal stairs to the catwalk, where a small office complex overlooked the entire operation on the second floor. When he got to the door he found it to be locked, but it was a simple deadbolt that he was able to easily bypass.

A thick plume of dust came up to greet him as he opened the door, the years of neglect easily apparent in this room as he moved to the nearest computer that appeared to be still working. Once he was sure that the OS still was operational he plugged in a small PDA, which automatically set itself to the task of decrypting any information still on the hard drive. By that time the dust was driving him crazy, so he went to a nearby window in order to cough out the large volume of particulates he had just breathed in.

As Leon leaned out the window, however, he saw the glint of metal that quickly made him duck back inside. He cursed his luck, knowing that the hunterbot he had just seen must have been right outside the building to detect him. They worked with CO2 sensors, tracking down not just humans but any living thing. If he was caught by one he wouldn't have to worry about the authorities, they vaporized everything to ensure that no animal could be contaminated by the various materials left in the buildings. They were easy to fool though, since they were mainly made for wildlife disposal, but he needed an independent air supply that he didn't have on him.

The first thing he did was hold his breath, moving to the window to get the freshest air possible as he drew in as much air as he could. At that point he only had a minute to find a more permanent solution as he ran through the office to the medical area of the building. He began to pray that the chemicals weren't the only thing that was left behind, opening cabinets and ripping through the contents. His lungs began to strain as bandages and other supplies clattered to the ground, the thief feeling his hold slip on his air as he opened every cupboard he could find.

Just as his lungs were about to burst he found what he was seeking, a rubber hazmat suit that sat underneath one of the sinks. He put it on as quickly as possible, starting at the head and gasping for air through the gas mask as the rest of the suit followed. Once he was zipped up completely he breathed a sigh of relief, the thick, semi-transparent rubber hopefully masking his vital signs from the hunter robot that stalked him. Once Leon made sure everything was secure he carefully ventured out again, carefully walking out of the office and across the catwalk using the banister for cover.

It didn't take long before Leon saw what was stalking him, the robot still hovering mindlessly along the ground floor trying to find him. He wasn't sure how long he would have to wait until it left, but as he continued to watch it started to beep, firing its hoverjets straight up towards his position. He panicked, bolting down the catwalk as the hunter quickly closed in on him. It shouldn't have been able to detect him, he tried to reason, but if it could then he was dead.

As Leon turned back to see how much longer he had until he was disintegrated he noticed something that made his heart skip a beat, the air hose of his suit dangling behind him. The filter in the suit must have stopped working, he realized, which meant that his CO2 was leaking out it and leading the hunter straight to him. He grabbed the end of the hose and plugged it with his finger as he ducked behind one of the pump controls, his breath catching in his throat as he cut off his air supply. The robot continued towards his location, and even though it lost its sensor readings it was smart enough to hover around the area just in case something was holding its breath.

Leon could feel his lungs begin to burn once more as stayed in place, his vision starting to fade slightly as he deprived his body of oxygen. He knew if he passed out it would be all over, he would either suffocate or let go of the hose and the hunter would kill him. Looking around for other options, he noticed that the pump control had several connectors to it that were the same couplings as his air hose. If he connected it to the machine the CO2 would probably get lost in the pipes, he reasoned as he latched on the suit's hose to the control panel, and as long as he didn't turn on the machine he wouldn't liquidate himself from the chemicals contained within the storage tubes.

Unfortunately for Leon, he wasn't aware of the automatic pump system, the seals being vacuumed together as the machinery whirred to life. He was so preoccupied with the roving robot that he didn't even realize what he had done until he felt the pressure building against his face. When he turned back towards the pump control he saw the light flashing green over the label marked 'pump activation'. "Oh shit..." was all he managed to say before the light stopped flashing.

Deciding that disintegration would be a far better fate then whatever chemically-induced death was about to befall him, Leon began to pull at the hose to detach it. When the hose stayed locked on he quickly pulled out his switchblade, cutting into the rubber only to find woven metal beneath it. His panic increased as he turned the blade on the suit itself only to find that the same puncture-proof material was underneath it. Even the zipper refused him, the metal magnetically locked the second he hooked up the air hose to it.

"Ah, I'll just disable the pumps at the other end!" He exclaimed as he felt the pressure start to build against him as whatever chemical traveled through the series of pipes towards him. The pump box unfortunately was welded shut, which meant he would have to take the entire assembly off to mess with it and that could only be done with a lock-out key that he had seen in the office. His next maneuver was to go at the pipes themselves; eight of them were set into the pump box below him, which thankfully for him still flashed that the chemicals had yet to arrive there. As he kicked against one of the pipes he found it to be quite solid but gave slightly, but with the amount of time his efforts took he would only be able to break one pipe, which meant he had an only one in eight chance of picking the right one...

Leon put his hands up to the pipes, his rubber covered hands trying to feel for some indication of which one was about to deliver his death. He felt one vibrate slightly when he went to it and quickly decided that would be the one, grabbing onto the guide rail with both hands and pounding against it with all his might. With each kick it gave slightly, the piece connected to the pump control coming loose. Finally with one mighty lunge forward it gave, the tubular piece of metal falling to the cement floor with a loud clang. White smoke erupted from both ends as the hunter robot quickly came back his way, the doomed scavenger holding out his hands and closing his eyes to await his impending disintegration.

After a few seconds Leon realized he was still there, the hunter bot down on the first floor looking at the section of pipe. As he leaned over the railing to look he also saw the pump box light was green, his stomach sinking as he realized he had broken the wrong pipe. He kicked frantically at the pump box, trying whatever he could to disrupt it as it made several clicking noises. The hiss of gas escaping through the pressure exchange that had keeping him alive to this point now pumped the chemical into his body, a black mist filling his suit as he gasped and fell to his knees.

Freedom... Leon suddenly heard in his mind, a low, raspy voice chuckling as his skin began to tingle and shift. It felt as though his skin was melting, though strangely it didn't have the burning, agonizing pain that he assumed being killed by acid would have. As the cold mist licked against his body it felt quite arousing, his cock filling with tainted blood as he started to breathe a little easier. A reassuring feeling swept through his entire body as his skin began to darken, going from pale to a deep black as his hand went to the bulge in his suit and began to rub. Death no longer seemed to be any concern for him as a grin crossed his face, feeling nothing but pleasure as the dark mist continued to pump into him.

As Leon laid there in the floor stroking himself through the suit it began to lose its definition, deflating slightly once the pump had automatically shut off. The pressure exchange was immediately thrown into reverse, black mist escaping through the forced-open vent as the suit became completely empty save for a pair of clothes and some other items left behind. A shadowy tornado of the liberated mist formed on the walkway, coalescing together until it formed into a single body on its hands and knees, one hand still rubbing furiously on his cock until it erupted with a thick, oily fluid.

Once he had finished he stood up, a smile formed on his blunt muzzle as he looked over his new self, running his hands over his lithe, athletic body. His skin was a deep matte black, seemingly absorbing the light as his new canine tail wagged back and forth. Short fur could be felt under his lightly clawed fingers as he tested his digigrade legs out. Between his toned thighs was almost ten inches of tapered, completely erect wolf cock Less than a minute ago he would have freaked out, but all he could feel now was the power that came with his new body... as well a deep hunger that seemed to permeate his entire body.

Come here little one... Leon heard in his mind, instinctively finding himself walking towards one of the nearby storage containers. It was different than the others; the metal bands that were wrapped around the clear glass were etched with strange symbols that seemed to glow slightly. Inside the container was a cloud of blackness that could have been mistaken for the void, the very same stuff that was pumped into his body. As he watched it he noticed his own reflection, a pair of completely black eyes staring back at him as he stared intently at his new form. He had become enraptured with his own body, once more his idle hand going down to his throbbing length and beginning to stroke.

I see you are enjoying yourself. The voice said with a chuckle, the smoke inside the tube coalescing into a vague from not unlike his own for a few seconds before disappearing once again. My name is Tarien, and I have made you in my image for the purpose of releasing me from his horrid prison. The magical bonds are far more powerful than what you can achieve alone, and I have used the last of my strength to transfer what little essence I could to you. Go forth and fill your hunger, my disciple.

As the words of the ancient creature continued to ring in his mind he could almost feel its presence, as well as the bond between them. He immediately stopped touching himself and nodded, bowing down to one knee in a pose of total subservience before he got back up. When he went back to the suit he unzipped it easily, grabbing his clothing and everything else from his former life. Once he had put them in his bag he set it aside, walking back to the equipment room for more supplies.

Leon heard a beeping noise as he approached the office, and he turned around to see the hunter robot right behind him. He stopped, looking at the death machine in front of him before giving it a dismissive wave. After a few seconds it continued onward, looking for living things to disintegrate. The former human chuckled to himself, and then continued on his way with the happiness of his newfound freedom.


"Well well, the prodigal son returns." A short, mousey man said as he opened the locked cellar door and let Leon in. "Did you find it?"

"You better believe it." Leon replied with a grin as he took a large sack and set it on the ground, the contents clanking together. "The contents of that warehouse are going to change the gang's fate forever. I managed to get the inventory list as well as a few samples that I think our pushers are going to love."

"Wow, you managed to get all that out of the warehouse?" The guard replied as he started to rifle through the contents, joined by two others that had been hanging about the area. "We haven't even mapped all the security routes towards it yet, you could have gotten nabbed for sure carrying all this stuff."

Leon merely shrugged and walked further into basement complex with the remaining bag he had, letting out a small grimace of discomfort as the skin of his human form bulged slightly. It was hard work to maintain his disguise, especially with ache of hunger still firmly planted in his chest. The second he saw the three males he wanted to pounce, but it was his steadfastness towards his purpose that kept him at bay. If he had revealed himself too early the risk of getting caught was too great, and he had a particular target in mind.

A few minutes later he had reached his goal, knocking on the steel door. "Hey, come on in." Leon heard from the other side as he opened the door and stepped inside. In the room a slender Asian man laid half-naked on a small mattress, one hand on his exposed chest as the other kept open a tech magazine. "Oh Leon, you're back already. How did the equipment work?"

"It worked great Saisune." Leon replied as he walked straight over to the bed and sitting on the corner. Just the sight of his body had gotten him riled up, something he would have never thought of before he went on his mission. His tastes had certainly changed, as well as his boldness to express them as a hand touched his exposed sides. "Is the boss in today?"

Saisune flinched slightly as he felt the contact on his body, not because of who was touching him but from the touch itself. "Yeah he is, damn! Your hands are like ice!"

"Maybe I just need someone to warm them up for me." Leon replied as he crept on top of him, the surprised scavenger hardly able to make a move as Leon took his shirt off.

"The boss... doesn't like to share." Saisune replied timidly. Leon just smiled, he knew that Saisune and their boss were intimate with one another since their leader made no qualms to keep it hidden. It was for that purpose he was there now, licking the submissive male's neck and leaving a thin film of black that dissolved into the skin. He could feel him shivering beneath him, his body sucking on his warmth and essence and slowly satiating the hunger within him. Black tendrils of mist began to leak out of his mouth as he started to let go of his human guise, leaning in and kissing him deeply.

Saisune's eyes snapped open as he felt something fill his mouth besides Leon's tongue, black smoke leaking out of his nose before two black fingers pinched it shut. With his nose plugged and his body pinned the only thing he could do was breathe through his occupied mouth, inhaling the vapors and filling his lungs with its corruption. In return every time he breathed out he could feel something leave him, the body on top of him gradually becoming more and more comfortable on top of him as his eyes began to flutter shut. The pants that he wore began to tent as he felt soft fur grind against his skin, Leon's skin turning back as he kicked off his own pants.

When Leon broke the kiss he was met with a small plume of smoke that came out of Saisune's mouth, seeing black lines begin to trace their way from his lips down his face. His skin had grown pale, as though he suffered from some terrible disease that ate the life away from him. In theory that was exactly what was happening to him, though instead of the intense pain one would feel there was only a cold pleasure that coursed through his veins with each tainted breath he took. Unfortunately his kiss was only so powerful, while he was able to feed on him he would eventually recover if left to his own devices. Luckily for him he had a way to rectify that, grabbing the bag from where he had dropped it and pulling out a small canister with a clear plastic breathing cup on it.

"What did you do... to me?" Saisune gasped out, his body numb with pleasure as he felt the cool plastic slide over his face and get secured over his mouth and nose. He saw through his half-lidded eyes that the human he knew was no longer there, replaced with a grinning wolf-jackal that watched him eagerly, his erect cock resting against his abs that was dragged back and forth across them teasingly.

"Merely a taste of our master's pleasure." Leon replied as he checked to make sure everything was in place. "I want you to need this, to give in willingly to his command and become like me."

Saisune, unable to lift his arms at that point, waited for the creature that was one Leon to turn the nozzle and seal his fate. But after almost a minute Leon didn't open it, his hand waiting over the nozzle of the tank as he continued to watch him. His tight, muscular rump rubbed against his cock, which had become laced with black veins as it throbbed with pleasure. "Wha... what are you waiting for?" He finally asked, the icy bliss burning ever stronger in his body as the jackal-wolf leaned down next to his ear.

"Beg for it." Leon whispered, licking in and around his ear. "Show me how badly you want to become his."

Saisune was at a loss, though as the thick tongue licked his ear he shuddered as even more pleasurable tingles shot through his body. By this time his entire body had started to writhe, the mask keeping the corruptive kiss inside his body as black patches appeared on his paled skin. His eyes had rolled back completely, the milky whites of his eyes turning grey as his teeth lengthened slightly. "Please..." Saisune said finally, his entire body shaking from the almost torturous pleasure. "Please! You win; I'll do whatever you want! My life, my soul, it's all yours! Just release me!"

Those were the words he was waiting for, without a second's hesitation he opened the nozzle on the tank all the way, Saisune arching up underneath him as his master's essence flowed into his body. At the same time he took the cock he had been toying with and guided it into his tailhole, his modified muscles easily accepting it inside him as he groaned. Leon growled pleasantly as he could feel every cell in the male below him becoming infused with shadow essence, Saisune's moans turning into lustful growls as black fur spread over his thickening muscles. Everything organic in his body was converted, turned into the stuff of shadows like the beast on top of him that rode his cock.

As Saisune started to buck his hips upwards Leon leaned down and grabbed him by the shoulders, pulling him forward and pulling the now empty mask off of his face. The transforming male could feel his back become unnaturally bent as his lengthening face bumped up against the large cock in front of him. His black tongue slithered out of his mouth, snaking its way along the tapered length before tightening and pulling it into his maw. Black saliva leaked from his lips, which evaporated off his still highly sensitized flesh and causing Leon to shiver as the new wolf-jackal bobbed up and down on his length.

They stayed that way for a few minutes, Saisune thrusting into him while sucking up and down on Leon's shaft. They were connected now, forged in singular purpose as Saisune's corrupted mind was also linked to their captured creator. The pleasure of it all was too much and with a loud roar he came into his newest converts waiting mouth, who clamped down on it to receive as much of the tainted seed as he possibly could. At the same time Saisune came as well when Leon clenched in orgasm, his inner walls rubbing him so deliciously right he couldn't hold back anymore.

Once they had finished Leon silently got up, grinning as the now huge length of shadow flesh slipped out of his body with ease. Not a drop of their black essence escaped their bodies, reabsorbed into their bodies as the tanned flesh of their bodies slowly returned. "You're probably still hungry." Leon said as they exchanged predatory grins, their still long, black tongues wrapping around each other as they kissed once more. "Let's go have a chat with the boss."


"So what kind of drug is this Rat?" A large, well-muscled male said as he handled one of the tanks that the guard had brought back. "Something like nitrous?"

"I don't know Crusher, Leon hardly spoke to me when he got back." The short, mousey hair male said as he set out all the tanks that were in the bag. "I think he was eager to show the boss his results. In any case, he did say that there are samples in here that our pushers are going to really like."

"We're going to need a different way to distribute this." A third man, taller than Rat but just as thin, said as he looked over the gas mask that was attached to the tank. "Something like a single-use inhalant canister. All we would need to do is find the appropriate dose."

"Well, no time like the present to find out." Crusher said as he slipped one of the gas masks over his face.

"Crusher, you fuckin junkie!" The third man said as he tried to intervene. "You have no idea what this is going to do you!"

"Fuck off Majin!" Crusher shouted, muffled by the thick rubber of the mask as he pushed the weaker male away and turned on the gas. "If Leon says it's alright then... ah..."

The other two looked at each other as the burly male's body suddenly relaxed; his body slumping over as the hiss of the gas could be heard flooding the mask. "Hey Crusher, how you feeling?" Rat asked in a slightly worried tone.

"It's... awesome." Crusher replied as his chest heaved up and down. "Rat, you have to try it." Rat started to reach for the mask on him, but was quickly denied as his hand was slapped away. "Get your own!"

The smaller man shrunk back, and then quickly dug through the bag for another canister and mask. "I'm surrounded by idiots." Majin sighed as he held the bridge of his nose. "Couldn't wait a few hours for Leon to come back and tell us what's going on with these things. For all you know you could be taking two different drugs, and if you think I'm going to try and revive you after you OD on that stuff you got another thing coming."

When he got no response from the two he just sighed and rolled his eyes, going back to the device he was working on. After a minute though he heard a low moan, turning back to see that Crusher had unzipped his pants and began stroking himself. "Really?!" Majin shouted, angrily packing up his things. "Bunch of perverts..."

When he turned to leave he found the masked Rat right in front of him, his smaller cock also exposed and completely erect as he stood in his way. Majin froze for a second, his anger turning to fear as his friend just stood there, holding the tank in one hand and the hose he had disconnected from the mask in the other. He took a few steps back as his friend silently approached him, unsure if he should run or try to talk him down from whatever untested drug was coursing through his system. But before he could decide he bumped into something behind him, and almost immediately a pair of thick, cold, black-skinned arms wrapped securely around his chest.

"Stop thi-" Majin's sentence was cut off as one hand of the beast behind him pushed a gas mask on his face, the thick rubber almost suctioning itself to his skin as he tried to shake it off. He could feel Crusher's erection press against the small of his back, though with every throb it seemed to get bigger. As Rat grabbed his head with surprising strength and attached the hose to the mask he realized that he had grown taller, the normally shorter male now eye to eye with him as it was secured. Majin's eyes widened as he saw a pair of black eyes staring at him through the mask's eyeholes while tendrils of black snaked down from the edge of the mask down Rat's neck and through his body.

Majin pleaded through the mask to spare him, but they fell on deaf ears as he could hear the hiss of gas escaping from the tank between them. He held his breath as the mask was filled with the potentially deadly substance, black mist obscuring his vision as he hoped someone would help him. But help never came, and when his lungs could no longer take it he gasped, sucking in a large lungful of the tainted air.

Majin's mind exploded with pleasure as the cold mist filled his body, assimilating his insides as he breathed it in. As he felt the other two taking off his clothing all he cared about was the sweet bliss that continued to fill him, sucking in as much as he could in order to fill the increasingly large void that was forming inside him. He was vaguely aware of the other two pressing against him as his body was altered, his rapidly cooling flesh rubbing against their already shadow-slickened skin as baser needs kicked in. The thick cock behind him was no longer unwelcomed as it pushed into his hole, while the creature formerly known as Rat began to back his own ass into his, his forming tail pressing against his new six pack.

The three shadow drones stopped suddenly as they heard something, their rubber coated ears able to hear as a human walked into the room they were occupying. They quickly dislodged themselves from each other, their still hard members leaking black pre that evaporated as soon as it hit the stone. Before the human could turn and run two of the still-shifting creatures leapt forward with startling speed and pounced him, the third dumping out the bag and grabbing one of the two dozen masks that fell to the ground...


"Leon, I was wondering when I would see you." An older gentleman said, ushering him to one of the seats that sat across from his metal desk. "From what I hear you have found us quite a treasure trove of materials that we can use. Congratulations."

"Thank you, your words honor me." Leon replied, attempting to hide a smirk on his face as he put the small metal canister on his desk. "I know you usually don't imbibe on any of our product, but I thought you might want to try this. The high is quite clarifying."

"I can personally attest to that." Saisune said as he stepped into the makeshift office, once more bare-chested as he swayed over to the boss and put his arms around his neck. "Maybe we do a hit together?"

"Saisune, your body is frigid." The boss replied as he nearly jumped out of his chair from the shock of the cold flesh pressing against him.

Saisune chuckled and went over to the other side of the desk, grabbing the clear plastic apparatus and holding it out to him. "Trust me; after this you and I are going to have some real fun together... maybe we could even convince Leon to join in." The boss eyed them both up, his lover and one of his better thieves look at each other with a sly look that unnerved him slightly.

"Sorry, forgive an old man his eccentricities, but can I see the tank itself quick?" Leon nodded and slid the tank forward, the boss adjusting the light on his desk to shine on the tank as he examined it. "You see Leon, I always do my homework when I'm having one of my men venture into a new territory, and one of the things I had heard about that warehouse was an interesting story of an ancient deity made of pure shadow that was trapped in one of the storage modules. They say it was summoned when trying to understand the nature of the Void, and that its mist corrupts anything it touches."

"An interesting story for sure." Leon replied with a chuckle.

"Yes, indeed." The boss said as he looked up at them. "I was also told that if anyone was exposed to it..." he adjusted the light again, this time so it was shining right in their faces, "to check their shadows."

Both Leon and Saisune looked back, their grins quickly turning into a snarl as they saw the shadows of two wolf-jackals against the wall, the light betraying their human disguises. When they turned back around the boss fired a sawed off shotgun that had been hidden under his desk, clipping Leon in the shoulder and blowing a hole through Saisune's chest before bolting backwards. He continued to fire while he activated a secret passage, the brick wall sliding closed after he had passed through.

"Well that was unfortunate." Leon growled once his jaw had reformed, the pain quickly passing as blackness filled in the holes that the bullets had made. Saisune picked himself off the ground, holding onto the desk to keep steady as his human guise failed him completely, the wolf-jackal wincing as he waited for his own body to repair itself. "I so wanted to consume his essence."

"You and me both..." Saisune replied, looking up at Leon with pleading eyes. "Leon... I'm so hungry..."

Leon went over and stroked Saisune's cheek, the two of them exchanging a deep kiss. "There are plenty of humans out there." He reassured. "And once we have enough we can release our master and we will never want again." As he looked back at the hidden passageway he smirked. "All our former boss did was buy himself some more time... and when the time comes we will be there when he takes his last breath as a human."