Watership Down - The Pet Hlessi (Written 1999)

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A Watership Down Story

The Pet Hlessi

Written by Skipai

Based on the original story written by Richard Adams.

Authors Note : This story was when I was first really starting out to write again, as such it's not the greatest piece of work that I have done and I hope to think that I have improved a lot in the following 13 years since this was done. Nonetheless it's a very short read so hope someone will like it being put up nonetheless.

Prologue :

Loah was born in a hutch inside a pet store at a small town near Watership Downs. He had only known this world for sometime now and he lost his father a few days later as a man took him out of the hutch and gave him to another man and he left and went through something that felt cold outside. His marli was upset for a while but then she did tell Loah all that she knew but it wasn't much since even she was never been in the wild and it was not much. She eventually was taken away also. Loah never saw them again.

Chapter One - The Pet Store "Changes in life cannot be predicted"

Pet Shop Day one

Loah was in a hutch by himself and he woke up sleepily as he heard the key being turned in the door. The door opened and the door bell rang and the man came into the shop. Loah could see that he was having some difficulty in the dark and was searching for something on the wall. Though Loah did not get up as he was still tired. He had been talking nearly all night to another rabbit which was next door to him though he never saw what the rabbit looked like. Her name was Farn.

The dark room suddenly came alive with bright lights as the fluorescent lights flickered on and made a noise that Loah still couldn't get used to. He was used to the flickering that the lights made and he wondered how the man made light come from nowhere. The man was mumbling to himself as he started to go around the cages and checked to see if his stock was fine and filled up any bowls with fresh water or food. This took sometime to do.

By now the shop was alive with noises from all creatures. Loah could hear, puppies squealing, kittens meowing and all the birds were squawking. It was another loud day again. Soon it would be time for the man to let in other men into the shop to see the animals and pick out which one they wanted. What they would do to that animal was anyone guess.

Later that day, there had been many men with their mates, as Loah thought of them with their kittens and they had looked at him many times. Sometimes he saw them drag away their kittens crying as they where making sounds at them but left the shop. Loah tried to understand what was going on in the beginning but eventually, he gave up trying to work out man as they were too unpredictable and confusing.

He was busy silflaying with a dried lettuce when a small girls face came into view looking at him. He didn't notice till he turned around and saw the man kitten looking at him. He could see a much larger man looking annoyed and Loah didn't like the look of him. He was giving off bad signs, though he could not detect this from the little one though. He went up to the wire netting and sniffed at her. For some strange reason, he trusted this little kitten. He saw her move away and went up to the other man that Loah had seen all of his life so far. That man came up to his cage and had a box. Loah went to the back of his hutch and cowered at the back. This was new and strange to him and he didn't like it one bit. The man opened the hutch up and put his hand in and grabbed Loah and dragged him out and into the box. He then went to the other hutch and got Farn as well, since the the girl wanted to have two rabbits. The man then closed the box and Loah and Farn found themselves in darkness apart from a few small holes where light came in. The box got warm very quickly and when the box moved the both rabbits tried to keep there balance but found out that lying down was the better option.

The little girl of about 12 skipped out of the shop carrying the box while her father came out with a hutch which had the necessary food and bedding in it. He was not in a happy mood. He hated animals and he was still annoyed arguing with his wife the other night about their daughter wanting pets. He didn't want them but found out that he was out numbered and had to fork out money just to keep his little girl happy for a short while. The girl went into the car while her father opened up the boot of the car and dropped the hutch inside and slammed the boot down and got into the car and drove off.

Meanwhile inside the box. Loah and Farn could feel that they were moving but couldn't see that they were moving. Farn was sick. Loah felt sick but didn't actually do it. He would have asked her if she was all right but at that time, Loah was too frightened to actually say anything. He was unsure about anything new. He had got used to the daily routine that he knew inside the hutch he had lived. He still hadn't grown to full size and was still young.

Eventually the feeling of motion stopped and the both rabbits felt the box move again and heard noises coming from outside. The felt movement and then they felt the box being lowered and then noises came from outside and the box was opened slightly. A new face came into view and the rabbits noses twitched as a powerful scent smell came from her. Loah sniffed.. then Farn did also. The box was closed back up and lifted up and the hutch was put outside in the back garden where the rabbits were put inside.

Chapter 2 - The Little Kitten named, Sue.

Several days later, it was a warm afternoon that day. Frith was shining bright and it was very hot. Loah went over to the bowl in which there was water. He sniffed at it then started to drink. It was warm and stale. It hadn't been changed that day as the little kitten hadn't come out and changed it yet. Loah had wondered where she was, it was later than usual today. Though he had nothing to worry about. Soon enough, they both could hear loads of shrilled happy sounding noises coming from a far and the loud thumping of their running. Loah and Farn, waited impatiently for her to come. They had come to trust her very much as she brought food and water to them. They liked it when she handled them though.

However it was not always good there. They both felt some evil from the large male man though. Loah and Farn just didn't trust him. They didn't know why. He hadn't harmed them yet, but it was the vibes that this man was giving out.

Loah heard the familiar sound of a click and went up to the edge of the hutch to look out. Yes, it was the little kitten of theirs coming out to see them. Loah could see how happy she was from her body language. He didn't know how, but it was a automatic reaction in his brain that made him come to this conclusion....

The girl earlier had just finished school for the year and was about to enjoy her 7 week summer holiday. She was sitting in class waiting for the end of the last lesson of the year. Nothing was really done that day since the teachers were waiting for the end as well, and all end of year exams had been done last week. They were awaiting the break also. The girl who had bought the rabbits only 2 weeks ago was named Sue. She was in the last year of Junior school and was about to start her first year in Secondary school. She had mixed feelings about leaving the school as she had been there since she was 5 and a few of her friends where moving to separate schools next year. Her mind came out of this as the end of lesson bell rang.

The classroom erupted as all of the kids got up, scraping the chairs on the floor and they all started to shout to each other and grab their rucksacks and then it was a stampede to see who could get out first. It was every kid for himself.

Sue got her bag and made sure that she had everything again. She had to go to the corner shop before she got home to buy some more food for the rabbits she had. It was mostly treats for them from her own pocket money. Most of the normal food was bought by her parents, but she loved them so much that they deserved a little treat now and again.

Sue got to the doors to go outside but before she went outside, she stopped and looked back. She could see the empty corridor apart from a few teachers now coming out of the classrooms. She would miss the place, but this didn't stay in a child's mind for long and she turned and went outside into the late afternoon sun. Just as Sue was walking down the path, her friend Bill had ran up to her.

"So. What plans have you got made up for this summer?" he said panting. "Don't know yet. May go up to the downs sometime later and have a look. Not been there before. They say it has a great view from up there." Sue replied after thinking "I have heard that also. Say. Why don't we both go together at some point. I am going swimming later tonight. You are still coming aren't you?" "Yes. Your parents are driving us there aren't they?" "They are. Told them we be picking you up at 7 tonight. Remember I told you earlier this week." "I do. I have to go now. Want to get to the shop and get home to my rabbits." "Oh yes. Do you mind if I come and see them at some point?" "No, not at all. I let you see them tomorrow if you like. I see you later."

Sue ran off while she said this and went towards the local shop near to her house. It was situated outside of the main town and was the edge to where the countryside was. The downs were still a fair bit away, but was in cycling distance, but since Sue had not enough time between school and having to be indoors by her parents, she was thinking of going up there at some point during the holidays. After arriving at the shop and buying two carrots, she ran all the way home.

When Sue got back, she was hot and flustered. Her father was not in at the time and her mother welcomed her and asked how was the last day of school. Sue replied that nothing really happened that day as she got a cold can of pop from the fridge and drank from it, gulping it down fast. Sue then went to the back door to go outside.

"Better get changed first." her mother said. "Okay. Have you thought about having the rabbits coming in here for a bit everyday?" sue replied. "It's fine with me, though I am not sure about your father though. He said if they behaved themselves, then it was okay. So yes, they can come in."

This reply mad Sue very happy indeed and she went upstairs to her bedroom to get changed as quickly as possible. She put on some shorts and a T-shirt and came back down again and into the back garden. Sue made for the rabbit hutch.

Chapter 3 - A Strange new place.

Loah and Farn went up to Sue and sniffed her. They had got used to her by now and had fully trusted her. Sue went and opened the hutch and started to clean out the mess and put fresh food and drink inside. They saw the girl then get up after a while stroking them Loah liked this. It was strange feeling but it was nice as long as the doe kitten stroke the right way and not too hard, though in the first few times she did this, he and Farn let her know and she learnt quickly, so Loah was happy. After a while, Loah was happily dozing off on her lap when she picked him up and put him back into the hutch. Loah was somewhat shaken by the suddenness of it all and saw her run back into where she must have lived. Sue was already in the kitchen by now and was sitting down at the table. Her father was already there, looking worried at something.

"Don't worry about it." his wife said. "They won't fire you. You have been working there for so long."

He didn't reply, just grumbled. Sue's mother just finished cooking and opened the oven door. After placing the food on to the plates and putting them on the table. Not another word was spoken. SUe felt something was wrong but couldn't figure it out at all. She ate as quickly as she could and left the room and went to get ready to go out.

Meanwhile outside. The both rabbits were eating themselves. They had their food in the bowl but that was dry stuff and they both liked the carrots instead. Loah looked out as Farn was nibbling at one of the carrots and he could see a butterfly flutter outside across the grass and some buzzing going on to the right. His ears kept turning as he heard new sounds. He was used to some of them by now. He and Farn heard a new one. It was loud buzzing noise, much louder than he had expected. He jumped back from the fright of it as he didn't expect it at all and bumped into Farn.

"Hey, watch it." she said to him. "Sorry. Got a bit frighten by the noise. Can't you hear it?" he asked. "Sure. But we are in here and it's out there. So, it can't hurt us can it?" "I suppose not." He was wondering what was making that noise. Must be a huge bee flying around somewhere.

His marli had talked about them once who had learn them from a bird who had once learnt from someone else. He looked outside and felt something inside of him. He ad been feeling a sense of wanting to be free, but every time there was a gap to get out, he just froze. He couldn't explain it. A fear came over him, but he could not shake off the feeling though. Loah sighed and went back to nibbling at his carrot again.

After they had done this, the both slept together as the heat had knocked them both out as it was not very pleasant where they were at the moment as no wind was present. The water bowl was practically empty by now. Outside of the hutch, Frith was slowly going down and the birds outside started their evening song. Elsewhere, calls of names were heard calling their children or calling out for their cats. A siren was heard in the distance, while a banging noise could be heard as a ball was being kicked nearby against the wall.

A cool fresh breeze came into the hutch and both rabbits welcomed it considering they had felt hot all through the day. Farn got up from her sleep and looked around and sniffed the air. She could smell the scents of plants and flowers but also the scents of other animals also. Though a noise sensation came into her nose. She couldn't make it out as she had not smelt it before. It made her eyes water and Farn sneezed which woke up Loah. He smelt the air also and sneezed,

"What is that smell?" he asked her. "I don't know, but I don't like it though. It's not a pleasant smell at all." "Agreed. Maybe it will go away with the wind that has just started."

They waited but the smell never went away. It was coming downwind a few gardens away as a small fire was burning as one man was burning rubbish. Loah and Farn were not liking it at all as they could see grey mist being blown their way and they both coughed.

"It's getting worse." Farn said worriedly. "I know." replied Loah as he coughed again. "I wonder where the doe kitten is at all. SHe may be able to help us." "She's not here I think. Don't know where she is." "We just have to bear it for now then." said Loah grimly.

As he talked he had a funny sensation in his throat as if inside of his mouth was burning. He went over and drank some of the water that was left.

"Farn. It helps if you drink some water." he told her. Farn came over and drank some water as well. "That's better." she said relieved.

They found out that it was in fact a short solution to their problem and they kept going back to the water bowl again to drink some more. It was nearly all gone.

"It be gone soon." said Loah. "You had better take the last bit." "You are sure?" asked Farn. "I'll be fine." he said.

Sue got out of the car as it stopped outside of her house and she said thank you for driving her home. It was still light outside but it was starting to go dark now and some of the street lights had come on. AS she went through the gate a neighbour went past walking their pet dog. Sue went and opened the front door and went inside.

Her mother heard her come in and asked how was the swimming. Sue replied that it was fine and went and put her swimming costume and towel in the washing machine and went upstairs to get her bedroom ready as she was going to have the rabbits stay in there that night. Her father finally said it was okay as long as they kept away from him and they stayed in her bedroom. Sue agreed to this as she would never get the go ahead otherwise. After getting her bedroom ready with newspaper. She had read a bit of the books that she had got out of the library on rabbit care as pets but since doing end of year exams, she hadn't had much time in reading them. Sue decided to set more time out in reading them starting tonight. She then went out of her room to go and get the rabbits, though Sue came back into the room again and got the cardboard box and went back out again.

Loah and Farn were happily lying down now. The hutch had cooled down and the smoke had gone away slightly and wasn't much of a hindrance to them now. They heard the back door go again and saw the doe kitten come down towards them carrying a familiar object that brought them here in the first place. Loah and Farn got unsure, confused and frighten of this and backed off into the back of the hutch.

Sue came and opened the hutch door but found that the rabbits of hers were not in the helping mood tonight. She wondered why and reached in to get Farn first. Farn scrambled and fought back a bit but eventually, Sue got her into the box and she went in again to get Loah.

Loah didn't know what was happening and he didn't like what he didn't know. He saw Sue's hand come towards him and he growled slightly. He saw the hand go back a bit and Loah felt ashamed of actually doing it. Sue eventually got hold of Loah and put him into the box. He and Farn did not know what was going on and they lay in there shaking.

They were only in the box for a very short time. They felt the box tip sideways and was opened up. What the both rabbits saw was a completely new world to them and they were very cautious in leaving the once frightening box to a now welcome security that it now offered them.

Chapter 4 - The calm before the storm

It was Farn who ventured out of the box first. She popped her head out slowly, sniffing the surroundings and the carpet. She could smell flower scent of marigolds, but could not see any, but the smell was unnatural and Farn soon didn't like it at all. Loah followed her and came right up to her and sniffed also. He also came to the same conclusion as Farn and he turned to her. "What do you think is making that smell?" he asked her. "I haven't a clue, but it's not a real scent at all. I just can't place it exactly, but it just doesn't smell right." Farn conceded. "Agreed. Have you touched it yet?" "No, I haven't yet." she replied back.

Loah slowly went forward and put his paw down slowly onto the mufti coloured grass. It felt firm and he ventured out more. He turned around to Farn and motioned to her that it was all right and she slowly followed him out.

Sue who was watching this from her bed because she thought that they would feel at home quicker if she didn't interfere with them and scare them somehow.

Loah and Farn after getting over the first hurdle were now slowly investigating the immediate surroundings. Farn was over by the curtains and she soon found something to nibble on while Loah was near to a strange object that he thought looked like what they had lived before but had no wires but had a lot of wood smells coming from it. this interested him and he investigated it more.

Meanwhile Sue had noticed Farn was nibbling at the power cord to her light and rushed in and picked her up. Farn panicked and Loah turned around quickly and thumped his back leg. He ran to the box again and went inside. Farn kept struggling and finally got free. She fell onto the bed and quick as she landed was off and went back inside the box also. Farn was shaking while Loah was trying to calm her down.

Sue came back to the box again and looked inside. Loah growled at her. Sue backed away slightly, not seeing this from her rabbits before but knew that they were most probably angry with her right now. But she spoke quietly and calmly to them and eventually got their support back and the both rabbits were out of the box again. Farn never went near that white thin strip again.

It was Loah who was sniffing the bedroom door. He could smell the cool breeze of outside and the smell of fresh grass. They didn't know that the hall window was open and the evening breeze was blowing in. Loah called over Farn and she too could smell it.

"Must be a way outside." Farn said after sniffing under the door and started to paw it. "Can we get out of it?" Loah asked. "I don't think so," Farn replied while she was now scratching at the door. "I never came across this before." "Me neither. But I want to get out though." "Why?" asked Farn. "Haven't you noticed something. I have. It's a feeling of not having to do anything they want us to and do what we want to. I have been thinking f it since we were outside. I never knew there was anything else in my life apart from where we came from and I want to explore it."

Sue had noticed that they were scratching at the door and soon the rabbits stopped and went back into the box again. She went and got ready to go to bed knowing that the rabbits had picked a place to sleep so far and soon her mother came in and said goodnight. She turned the light off and closed the door but not properly. Sue didn't noticed and she fell asleep.

For most of the night Loah and Farn listened to the little doe breathing get slower and slower and with the occasion movement from her, they came out again to explore. It was dark but they knew how to use their other senses and found their way around the room easily. Loah found the door again and noticed it was different this time around. He called Farn over.

"What now. We know we can't get through there." "Maybe we can." Loah said. "Look, there is a gap now here. Maybe we can make it bigger."

Loah used his front claws and tried to get a hold. Eventually he did and it took most of his time to move the object. Soon he had made the gap with Farn's help as she exchanged places every now and again and they could get through now.

Loah slowly squeezed his way out of the room that he was in and into the hall. He told Farn to stay there and moved away from her to investigate. He came to a kind of hill but was lumpy and he looked down. On his way back he left pellets on the funny grass and told Farn what he found and told her to follow him. She squeezed more easily through the door being slightly smaller than Loah and followed him. Loah was at the top of the stairs when one of the doors opened and Sue's father came out and without turning on the hall light walked down the hall. Farn moved out of the way but Loah hadn't noticed since he was deep in thought on how to get down this new obstacle. Sue's father stepped into the fresh pellets and he cursed and turned the light on. He saw Loah at the top of the stairs and he lost it. Before Loah knew what was happening, Sue's father kicked Loah down the stairs.

Loah fell down them and landed at the bottom. He heard the man come down and then unlocked the front door and went out, muttering as he did so. Farn was at the top and she called down.

"LOAH! Answer me, PLEASE!"

There was no sound coming from below. Farn feared the worse.

Chapter 5 - The luckiest Rabbit Alive!

Loah was lying there in pain but it slowly went away, He didn't know where he was at the moment and his ears rang. Farn who was on the top of the stairs was getting frantic now and she kept going to the edge of the stairs and decided to go down them. She looked at the first one and after slowly putting her two front paws down she came down the stairs to Loahs side.

"Loah. Can you hear me?" She asked him quietly.

Loah who was lying there, lifted his head up slowly and replied. "Yes. I can hear you now. How did you get down?" He asked her.

"Never mind that. How are you? Are you okay?"

Loah got up slowly and his body was in pain but he could not tell if anything was broken though, just he felt dizzy when he did and laid back down again on the floor. Loah stayed there until the rest of the household got up and Farn never left his side.

Sue awoke to find that the bedroom door was ajar and the rabbits were not in the box. She got up suddenly and went outside the bedroom to see where they were. She found them at the bottom of the stairs.

As she came down, she found Farn growling slightly and never left Loah's side. She did not trust any of these creature's called man now and she was very protective to Loah right now. She would not let any more harm come to him if she could help it.

Sue could see that Loah wasn't moving much and called up to her mother who was alread at the top of the stairs.

"I think there's something wrong with Ben." Sue said. "Oh, so that's what you decided to call him. Lets have a look" she replied as she came down the stairs. Sue's mother picked up Loah and carefully gave him a look over. "I think we have to take him to the vet and get him to have a look. I phone up and get a appointment today if I can." She went off to the phone while Sue tried to comfort Ben but Lisa wouldn't let her and kept growling. Sue's mother came back and said that they could fit them in this afternoon.

That afternoon, Sue went and picked up Loah and put him in the box. Farn wanted to be with him but she was not allowed to go in the box at all. Confused and frightened. Farn just sat there as she saw them take Loah away.

"Oh Frith! What are they going to do with him?" she asked him but more to herself.


Sue's car pulled up outside the the vet's and Sue and her mother came out and went into the building. They sat down in the waiting area after giving in their names and her mother was filling out some forms and handing them back in again to the receptionist.

Loah was inside the box not knowing where he was but he lay there frightened as he could smell elil all around him and he didn't like it one bit. He didn't know the names of them only a few like Pfeffa and dog but he just didn't feel safe but did not know why.

Eventually it was there turn and Sue took Loah into the vet examination rooom. She gave the box to the vet and she went and placed it on the table and opened it. Loah crouched down with this unfamilliar doe man reaching into the box. He was too scared and confused to do anything and was lifted out of the box.

The vet put him on the table while sue went and took the box off the table and Loah squirmed and struggled as the vet checked his face, teeth which Loah didn't like at all and then he was checked and prodded all over his body and then the worse thing came that Loah did not like one bit and tried to get away. The vet checked his tempature by putting something under his tail.

Sue could see her rabbit trying to move but after a short while the vet took it out and checked.

"He's fine and healthy though there is some bruising on the left side of him though. Just keep an eye on him for a few days."

Af that Loah was put back into the box again and he was in darkness. He felt the himself being lifted up and then the rythme of moving up and down came to him again.

Sue and her mother got back into the car after paying for the vet bill and then drove off.

Eventually they arrived back at the house and came back in again. Farn who was inside her cage could hear the hrududu stop outside and she got up. She could hear some banging noises and then a louder bang that happened twice and some thunping noises coming louder.

The Bedroom door opened and Farn could see the doe child back again with the box. She looked at it impatiently not knowing what had happened to Loah. Was it Loah inside there or another rabbit.

She watched as the box was opened and a scent came to her nose....

Chapter 6 - Reunion & Loah's marli story

Farn sniffed and the familliar scent of Loah came to her. She went forward and nuzzled him and checked him all over. Sue watched as Farn went over every inch and when satisfied that Loah was okay but shaken. She went and laid down next to him in the box. Sue heard her mother calle her downstairs and she left the two rabbits alone in the room.

Farn looked at Loah lovingly and touched her nose to his.

"I was worried that I would never see you again." she said worriedly. "I thought the same but I am okay now." Loah replied. "Why did that man do it?" Farn asked though it was her thinking aloud than to Loah.

Loah thought for a moment. He didn't know. He knew that the man where he was born at was kind though he never really saw him and was confused when he took away his marli and then his brothers and sisters were taken away. He was the last of the lot to be taken away though he knew now. What was happening to thm. He hoped they were fine and well right now but he would never know that. Not ever. He answered Farn.

"I don't know why he did that but I hope there are not more hrair of them like him." "I do as well." The Farn wanted to change the subject. "You haven't told me much though about you and where you came from." "I thought I did tell you but I don't mind telling you again." Loah said. "I will tell you what my Marli told me when I was a kit."

Loah thought for a moment and then began.

"My Marli's name was clove and she lived at a warren named Gitratura. It was a small warren near a small stream. They had other animals that lived there. Most were the elil that she told me about though I do not know what they smell like but I know what the names are though. Clove mentioned about Homba's (fox), Lendri's (Badger), stoats, Pffefa (wild cats) and there were even some otters that lived nearby.

Now the warren was small one though there were quite a lot of rabbits that lived there. She explained that they had to keep alert at all times as the elil kept hunting them and killing them so that they could eat us."

Farn shivered though Loah moved in closer and it settled her again.

"Clove told us about how lovely it was living there with the lovely views that were around and that it was peaceful.

However one winter that all changed when one day when the rabbits were sheltering from the cold weather. She explained to us about the cold and that we were lucky to be in this place as it was never cold but she knew all about it.

It had been raining for hrair days and hardly any rabbits went above ground due to this. Though maybe this was the warren's downfall.

While they had been down below. They had not noticed that the water in the stream was growing faster or coming over the sides. Clove however had gone out as she needed to get some fresh air and to stretch her legs and went for a small run. By the time she got back, the warren wasn't there. The stream had swallowed it up."

Loah sounded said by saying this but he wasn't there but it must have been awful as he remembered the heartache that his marli sounded like when she told them this part.

Farn was saddened as well. This she never knew as this story never came up but she listened as Loah continued.

"Clove stayed looking for any signs of life but she had lost her mate and her friends. After a time she went away and started to live as a hlessi though she remembered that she was good at it though one day things started to go wrong.

She was travelling to find a new warren to go to when she caught the scent of a homba. Not wanting to be around when it did showed up, she ran in the other direction and went through a bush. She bumped into something and before she knew what was happening. She was trapped.

that was when she saw the man that you and I know. I was born later on in the spring and I never saw my father as he was taken away from Clove before I was born.

"That was the only story I heard that had my marli in it as she was taken away shortly after that and we never saw her again. I remember crying for her and so did my brothers and sisters but they to were taken away. I was the only one left until you came. That's about it really. Not much really happened to me yet so you haven't missed much."

Farn was upset but glad that she had Loah. They came out of the box and saw the bedroom door open. Loah looked at it.

"Farn. I don't know about you but ever since I heard that story from my marli. I always wanted to be free and have adventures as free rabbits do. What about it?" he asked her as he turned to face her.

"I don't know. But I do whatever you decide." Farn replied unsure.

Loah went throught the door and Farn followed not sure on what Loah was up to. He went down the stairs with some difficulty and Farn more so but they got to the bottom. They looked around and sniffed. They coudl smele the hot summer air coming in from one direction and Loah found the source and followed it. He found a opening to the outside world and he went to it. He was at the edge of the world he knew and the world that was out there. He paused and sniffed the air and then he stepped over the boundary and hopped over onto the grass. It felt differently to what he had known and he was suddenly happy. He noticed Farn going through the same thing but was soon beside him.

Then the both of them ran off and went through the opening in the hedge...

Chapter 7 - Danger & Freedom at last!

They had come out of the other side of the hedge and ran across the garden. Eventually through luck they came to a garden which was right at the edge of the small town. Both rabbits were tired and hadn't come up against any trouble as of yet. They both hid under some plants on the edge of the garden panting. They both felt hot and flustered under the eat of Frith and Farn nearly past out.

"Whoa!." Loah said as he saw her nearly passing out. "Are you alright? We should rest here for a bit more." "Yes. I am fine. I think.." her voice trailed off. Loah looked at her and saw Farn looking at something. He turned around and saw a large fat cat standing there in front of them not so far away.

"Weeell. Nice mice for me to have for my dinner." It hissed looking at the two rabbits.

Loah didn't know there was any danger until he noticed the cat drooling. He looked at Farn and suddenly the cat leaped but there was nothing there. Both rabbits rans for their lives but the cat chased but stopped when it heard a bowl being placed from somewhere inside the house. He trodded off to get his meal and this one wouldn't run away.

Both rabbits ran and found themselves in a field. They came to a stop when they couldn't run any further and rested out in the open and Farn closed her eyes. Loah kepted a watch out in case there were any more cats around but soon found his eyes falling down as well.

He heard a voice however which made him jump awake.

"Not good for you to sleep in the open. Tut tut."

Loah was wide awake now and saw another creature like him but was much bigger.

"Who are you? And what do you want rabbit?" Loah asked. "HA HA HA HA! Rabbit. My good friend. I am no rabbit. I am a hare and I know what you are in any case. I can smell it all over you. You have man smell. Not good at all and also I knew when I saw two rabbits lying in a field in broad daylight in full view. So I thought to myself that I should help these poor uneducated creatures. And here I am."

"We don't need any help. We escaped all by ourselves." Loah said. "And what are you going to do now without being killed then?" the Hare asked.

Farn who was now awake and heard everything and saw that it was becoming hostile. Spoke up.

"Pardon us, erm. What is your name?" "Swift." replied the hare. "And yours?" "My name is farn and this is Loah. We would be delighten in any help you can give us." Farn said.

Loah looked down. "Sorry for argueing like that." "No problem. Look. I know of a warren that would look after you and show you how to live in the wild. But you have to get rid of that smell though. They would understand about being a hutch rabbit and all but it's the smell that drives them crazy. Follow me and we see what we can do about getting rid of it shall we."

The rabbits thanked Swift and followed him to a stream in which he showed them to go in for a swim. After a while of jumping in and Swift going in to pull them out. The rabbits learnt to swim and they didn't have the smell of rabbits on them no more.

"Right. Now's that sorted. I take you to the warren now. Follow me."

The rabbits folllowed the hare and sometimes had trouble keeping up. By the time they reached the bottom of a large hill. Farn and Loah looked up in awe of the size of it.

"Come on. It's up here!" Called down Swift who was slightly ahead.

The both rabbits looked at each other and started the hard climb up. By the time they got to the top. They saw Swift talking to some rabbits who looked at them when they came into view. One rabbit came up to them and wlcomed them to their warren as Frith went down in the sky.

That is how Farn and Loah got their freedom.

The End.