Yosh's Sexual Adventures

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Due to my current settings, it did not allow me to post this saying that it was an Adult submission. So due to this error, i will alert anyone that is under 18 please return to the previous page, or close down the internet browser. But i know nobody cares so just go on through :3

Yosh, a fifteen year old, hermaphrodite, Yoshi whore. Hir best friend, Galva, assigns hir and pays hir to get fucked by other Pokémon around the world, when they are in another country, they are shipped to hir, then they fuck hir within a seven day period, and then sent off home, but one day, Yosh has the shock of hir life, when hir friend orders one Pokémon from the other side of the world, something crazy happens.


"Hey Yosh, I got some news for ya'!" he yells out to the little dino upstairs, to which Yosh walks down the stairs and stands in front of Galva. "Yes Galva?" shi asks. "Hey I've ordered a special Pokémon from the U.K, and he'll be here within the next week" he says to Yosh with a smile on his face. "M-May I see what he looks like?" "No no, it's a surprise Yosh; you'll just have to wait." Shi nods, and then starts to walk up the stairs, but just as shi reaches the first step, Galva tells hir "Luca, his name starts with Z" "O-Ok..." then he walks up the stars and into hir room, and back onto hir laptop, to which shi presses play on a video of the best parts of hir life with hir ex boyfriend, the one shi had before shi started the life as a whore.


"Hey Yosh, babe come over here" yells hir ex and waves to hir "What is it baby?" shi says as he walks over to hir. "Hey babe, check this out" He says as he turns around and then shoves his above average dick into Yosh's mouth.


A tear falls from hir cheek as the video memory touches hir heart, shi misses hir ex, shi misses him so much, ever since shi was separated from hir, hir life went down, that's why shi became a whore, it's the only thing shi gets enjoyment from nowadays in hir miserable life.

Just then, shi hears Galva yell out to hir "Hey Yosh, he came early! Quick come down here!!" Shi then closes hir laptop and runs down the stairs, and, when shi gets to hir friend, what shi sees shocks hir above hir low life. There, standing both in front of hir and beside hir friend, was a Zoroark, his long dark red hair going down to the floor, with the giant blue bead separating the last part of it, but the thing that shocked him the most, was on his left arm, was a tattoo, that said 'Yosh' inside half of a heart. The Zoroark looked at hir, then gasped, his eyes go wide and he steps back, then, stuttering, he says "Y-Yosh... i-i-is that... y-you?!" Yosh then nods, and says "Z-Zoro?" They both smile at the same time, then Yosh runs to him, tears fill hir eyes as shi runs to him "I missed you so much!!" shi yells as shi hugs him tightly, to which Zoro embraces the hug and hugs back, tears fill his eyes as well as he starts to sob within saying "I m-missed you too Yosh!" Confused, Galva asks "Uh... what's going on here?" Yosh moves hir head from the tuft of Zoro's shoulder fur, to answer his question. "Galva... this is Zoro... my ex-boyfriend..."

"Hold on... your what?!" Yosh sighs then says again "Zoro... was my boyfriend... and what would have been my husband... if we weren't separated that day..." Zoro covers Yosh's mouth to stop hir from reliving that day, and he sniffles "Yosh... Yosh I... please don't say it... its too sad to go over again!" and he sobs again, and Yosh nods.

"So... what your trying to tell me is, that you two were going to be married until something separated you? What?" Zoro growls deeply. "I just told Yosh not to say it! Why ask again then!?" "Zoro, settle please..." Zoro settles down, then sits on his rear with Yosh in his lap, cuddling hir tightly.

"Yosh... I wanna ask you out but... I... can't..." he says, he sniffles again. "W-Why not..?" "Yosh, you know why. Seven days! I only have seven days with you..." He starts to sob again and he hugs hir tighter. "Oh..." he says. Then Galva tells them both "Hey, I think I can fix that..." and then, with a smile, he gets on his laptop, and then sends a message to Michael, the Trainer of Zoro.


"Oi Mike, is it ok if I can... well... keep your Zoroark...? The reason being is that your Zoroark is my Yoshi's boyfriend... that was separated because of some reason that they wont tell me, again, reason being is that they say it's a bit too sad to relive the moment."

It took five minutes before Michael replied back answering;

"Yeah, sure, keep him! He explained to me ages ago that he misses his ex, and that they were separated almost five years ago because of an island movement, and that yeah they were separated because of a continental drift type thing. So yeah, keep him, I've got lots of other Pokémon so it's fine with me!"


"Yosh, its fine with Michael that Zoro stays here with us." "G-Galva... you did that... for me... f-for us...?!" "Yes Yosh! You know I can't stand seeing you sad, and when I found out that he was your ex, I just... I had to do it" A tear fills Yosh's eye, then shi nods and says "Thank you Galva!" Zoro hugs Yosh even tighter and he kisses hir deeply then says "Oh Yosh I can't wait! Will you marry me??" Yosh blushes a bright red on hir cheeks and shi smiles, then kisses him and says "Yes Zoro, yes I will!" Zoro smiles and hugs hir more tightly "I love you Yosh!" "Me too Zoro"

~*~*~*~*~*~ the next day~*~*~*~*~*~

Yosh wakes up to find Zoro with his arms around hir, shi smiles, then murrs and says "Morning honey" to which Zoro replies "Mornin' hun, how'd ya' sleep?" "I slept well knowing you're around, how about you baby?" "Yeah, I slept well as well." They both smile, then kiss as they get up out of bed, but just as Yosh was about to fully stand up, Zoro had grabbed hir and, with an evil grin, he kisses hir again and hugs hir at the same time, then he blushes a bit.

"D-Damn Yosh... I w-want you to... well... you know... uhh... c-carry my ch-child...?" Yosh was shocked, hir eyes darted open and hir breathing became more rapid as she asked "You want me to have your kid?!" Zoro presses down on the bed, then flips so that he was on top and shi, on bottom, then with a devious smile and a little moan, she feels something poking, prodding at her womanly entrance.

"Fuck yeah Yosh, wanted to have kids with you for years, wanted to start a family if be make sense. I love you Yosh, and I never wanna be apart from you again..." Yosh blushes deeply, hir cheeks now flushing a deep red. "W-Well... I-I always had wondered what it would be like to get pregnant..." And with no hesitation after hearing that, Zoro thrusts in with one big push, all the way to the base of his tying knot.

Shi moaned out in both pain and pleasure, but hir mind was saying to stick with it, so shi did. "Oh god yes Yosh your so tight..!" "Mmm, Z-Zoro... i-im yours... d-do with me as you please!" Says Yosh with a slight whimper, hir whole body shivering and quaking in ecstacy.

"As you wish babe" Says Zoro before he starts to then slowly thrust into Yosh's tight pussy 'Fuck shi's so tight' he thinks to himself as he now starts to raise the tempo and speed it up.

As shi realised that she was now being yiffed senseless, she moans out and tightens around his cock with each thrust, then it tightens for a bit as shi grunts out "Oh b-baby im g-gonna cum!!" and as shi says that, 14 thick ropes of cum come shooting right out of hir dick, and white wet splashes come from hir pussy with each thrust due to because she came. "Oh g-god Y-Yosh I think im gonna cum too!!" His thrusts slow for a second before they speed to a max of both power and speed and then he rams his large knot inside of hir , making the tip of his cock protrude into her cervix and cums heavily into her womb.

"Ugh fuck yes babe that was good!!" says Zoro as he licks Yosh's cheek. "And you were such a good little cuntboi now weren't you? I love you Yosh!" This brought a smile to both of their faces, even as Yosh pants heavily and, in-between breathes, shi says "I... love... You... too... baby..."... TO BE CONTINUED...