Just a "Nesting" Issue.

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Props to TacSemaj, for giving me the idea's behind this kinky lil (Originally a Short-story) twister. Hope you find it interesting and enjoyable Folks! Yes, it's short, and probably not elegant, but generally thats how my "Spur of the moment" idea's are. Don't like it? Oh well. Depending on the favor this Short gets, I may try and stretch it out, or better yet, try and get TacSemaj to collaborate. Only time will tell! >^.^ Side-note: I will be working and adjusting this as I get the time, some have shown a decided interest in some deeper details and further expanded story. So, keep your eyes peeled, you never know when a new part will pop up!



Read at your own discretion.

This story contains sexual interactions, between males, females, hermaphrodites and possibly other things too numberious to list. The author takes no responsibility for, personal enjoyment that may/may not cause or result in damages to personal property in form of a happily and/or enjoyably caused and/or generated sticky mess(es) from either over excitement or relief of said "Excitement" on or upon yourself, others, or personal properties.

If you are not bothered by or like the aforementioned, listed things, then I've just one final word to say to all you furry/scaly/smooth skinned, horny lil sicko's...



Chapter 1: Finding a nest is hard. Making one is easy!

Jank's head bobbed and weaved as he danced, hips and tail giving a sexy sway and swish as he listened to his music. He'd found a rather nice song lately and had really been enjoying it, as it was a fantastic beat to move his tail too, on a dance floor and in bed! He grinned and rubbed his butt, recalling the rutting a hot buck had given his ass, just last night to it!

Jank's was an intriguing and attractive oddity. Being born of a vixen mother, and a bull-dragon father, whom at the time of conception had indulged shapeshifting himself for his vixen mother's amusement and enjoyment. Into something akin to a human with draconic features. Him and his forty sibling's resulted in that night, but only Jant came out the "Black Sheep" of the litter-clutch.

His looks were stunning to say the least. Where fur wasn't present, he had smooth, scaleless skin the color of strawberry yogurt, the fur? A deep rich rusty red. His tail, the extra-long length of his father, but the lovely lush and silken fur of his mother, tipped with a dash of pink that he zealously kept dyed from it's usual black. His eyes, were a mix of his father's red and mother's blue, resulting in the amethyst purple they are, with fleck's of the two base color's scattered within the purple. His build, while lean and atheletic, was built more toward's the vulpine, with but two exceptions of oversized and dexteriously useful footpaws, and the almost lapine-like ears that were equal the length of his head. No horns, much to his father's disappointment, just cute lil stubs. The rust fur, covered him only in spots, mostly along his back and slightly to the sides of his ribs, down to cover his outer thighs, as well up and along his arms and completely surrounding his sleek neck.

Lastly, of course, was his endowments. And here he took near purely after his father's side of the family. Two impressive balls, in a snug, black furred scrotum. A matching pair the size of grapefruit, and with a output that at his best count and measure, was easily twenty galons, despite the deceptive size of the orbs that made it all. Above them, ran a rather unimpressively short sheath, a few inchs at best. But when aroused however, his true size was on display for the world to know, and no waist-band or belt to stop it! two and a half feet, and the thickness of a beercan, his member had a slew of enticing features and extra's upon it, too many to list at once. And yes, he did have a knot. That could become the girth of a beachball, if he let it.

Jank paused, hearing the door, and went over to his bedroom window. Peering out it, he saw his neighbor's three daughter's a pair of twins, and their younger sister.

* * *

Five weeks earlier...

Alna gave a delighted yelp, turning and calling her sisters, their other sibling's off elsewhere for the winter.

Alna, like the rest of her family, was a wolf. While being a bland, common brown, with a white underbelly, her twin sister's Vania and Tania however, were gorgeously exotic. Mirror opposites in both marking's and color, being bright black&white bitches with their marking's giving them decidedly obvious books and dip marked tails.

As for the figures of the three bitches, Alna had an unimpressive thing, tomboyish and flat as a board when came to her chest. The Twins on the other paw, had definite hourglasses, with hints of breasts that would be stellar.

Most intriguing of all however, was the eyes of the bitches, one blue, the other green. Alna's were a drab and unexciting brown.

The reason for her delight and eagerness, upon opening the front door however, was a rather plain and simple little six inch square box.

"What, thet tiny lil thing's it? I thought your online penpal went on and was raving about some sorta like giant toy or some such, not some tinny piece of crap!" The one twin complained, by the name of Vania, only give a grunt at getting elbowed by her twin, Tania. "Hush."

The twin's had a bad habit of snooping whenever Alna was online corresponding with friends from other countries.

One in particular, had been a very intimate friend. Sharing and discussing idle lover pastimes. And during one such discussion, the twins had crept in with a mind to freak out Alna, only to stare at the discussion.

That'd been a month ago, and yesterday Alna's friend had said the purchase and delivery order had been comfirmed and was enroute.

Alna opened the box with a letter opener, left conventiently beside the door on a small table. She then dumped the contents out, the twins catching the two papers, one a mini-magazine for other orders, the other clearly the instruction manuel, with a obvious and blatant warning on the front. While Alna herself caught the object, a egg shaped device, little larger then a baseball in size.

The twins leaned in to look, unimpressed, at the object. "That's it?" Vania said, her sister Tania piping in, "Well, Alna's friend did say it looked rather unimpressive..." Alna merely snorts at them, studying it, and smiles darting up for her room. Leaving the twin's to yelp, and chase after her, asking if they could try it out first or after she was done...

* * *

"Boy, did they get some sorta work done or what?" The reason for this comment, was what he saw.

The "Girls" he'd known since he was a growing up, had obviously had some changes! The youngest sister, had gotten a hourglass that most women would kill for! Although neither she nor the twin's that now flanked her, had a pinched waist, quite the opposite infact. Bellies that protruded into the realm of resembling a full-term pregnancy, adorned each young wolfess. While they each sported a now spectacular rack and ass, visible from his angle. The twin's while impressive, were only in range of D's to DD breasts. The "Youngest" sister however, had tits larger then size of her head!

Jant whistled in admiration of the wolves, then pushed his window up to lean out and give an appreciative hoot. "Hey, Ladies! Boy, did y'all bloom over the winter or what?!"

The trio peered up at him and smiling in a rather predatory and very... Sexual looking manner, said in a eerie unison. "Helloooo Jaaaant!" The trio laughed at his surprised expression, before the youngest, Alna, spoke. "Hey, you wanna let us in? We wanna catch up!" The twins, Vania and Tania, nodded eagerly.

"Well, uhh... sure, I guess? Gimme a minute, alright?" As he leaned back in the window, he blushed fiercely at the comment that chased him in. "You won't need your clothes!" That was followed by a trio of giggling and snickering voices. That has his tailfur frizzing in even greater embarassment, but... a bit of eagerness. No clothes, they'd said? Surely they'd been jesting... Hm.

Jant hesitated, then snagged at least a towel before heading downstairs to the back door, opening it and admired the girls from the front. Alna smiled while the twins smirked, giving not-so-soft conversation to each other. "Aww, he wore a towel!" "What a sissy, I thought I remembered him being braver then that..." in a mock whispers.

Jant puffed out his chest, affronted at their insults. "I am not!" He shucked the towel off, to sudden audible admiration of the three wolf-bitches, causing him to flush, before stepping aside and allowing them in.

Jant would later remember that moment, with crystal clarity, a mixture of fear, satisfaction, fondness and afterwards... No regrets.

Alna sauntered directly in, surprising him with a stroke to his groin, making him turn his head to question her. Only to have the twin's suddenly seizing his arms and pinion them expertly behind his back with unyielding strength, while Alna shut the door before the group hussled upstairs. Jant protesting and demanding answers the entire way.

And oh, does Jant get them!

Once they reached the bedroom he occupied, the girls stripped, desperate to shed their clothes, until they were all naked.

Proceeding to then give him a frightful shock, as a strange ooze poored from the dark red zones, that had become the girls groins and center of their breasts where nipples and aroela should of been.

Alna grins at him, shivering as a tentacle grinds against his balls, making him gasp and squirm. "Alrighty girls, time we has us some fuuuun..."

* * *

Over the following next five hours, they ravaged him ceaselessly and ruthlessly.

Anywhere from thirty, upwards to almost a hundred tentacles ravaging his body at a time! His mouth, tailvent and cock all ached by time they finished, and revealed the purpose of this entire thing. They pinned and held him, letting him have a clear view of their tentacles.

Each girl-wolf proceed and commence to groaning and gasping hornily, as rapidly, multiple objects began passing down the tentacles visibly. Only to then reach and enter whatever oriface it'd travelled down.

His mouth or under his tail, never mis-timing the passage of one another's eggs, so that they popped into his rump, and slid down his throat without pause or disruption, gradually making the half-breed's gut grow and expand visibly and endlessly for another good half-hour.

* * *

When it was all said, done and over. They collapsed and snuggled him as they withdrew their new tentacle flesh, panting and gasping as heavily as the now pregnant half-breed.

Alna glances at him with a appologetic, but smug grin. Giggling as she said, "Sorry, Jant. But we needed a nest and took a vote! You were one we chose." Jant just laid there, silent for a few moments, and then after a long pause that makes the girls nervious. He said, with a husky purr.

"I hope we get to do this again..."

Chapter 2: Teaching a teacher. Mind your manners! (Coming soon!)