Meeting the Giants

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A giantess decides to see if the "giants" she'd heard so much about are like her - turns out they're not.

I was excited. Sunday was the only day I didn't have any responsibilities and could really get out there and explore, and since the start of the week, I had a mission. I'd overheard one of the adventurers in the bar talking about the frost giants who lived in the mountains to the north, and now I wanted to find them for myself. It'd be nice to find some people who were the same size as me when I wasn't wearing this silly shrinking bracelet.

After I'd made it out of sight of the town, I started to remove my clothes. It was amazing how much they could stretch and grow with me, but they had a limit, and to get through the mountains in time I'd have to go beyond that. After putting them in a pile on the ground, I got ready to grow.

Growing was always amazing. It was the combination of the intellectual pleasure at knowing I was getting larger, filling up more and more, with the physical sensation of growth. I could feel the grass get smaller and smaller under my feet, and I watched the tops of the trees slowly enter my field of vision and then leave it once again. Combined with the pleasure it always brought up in me, I was panting and red in the face when my growth stopped. I reached a finger down and stroked my crotch for a second, gasping and shivering at the touch, but held myself back. I had to make it to the giants first.

I knocked over a few trees, the tallest of which just made it to my crotch, to mark where I left my clothes. That done, I set off. It was a pleasant walk, and I hadn't gone out while huge for a while. Simply feeling plants, dirt and the occasional animal getting crushed under my feet was a welcome change from wearing shoes. It didn't take long before I could see the mountains - I was a lot faster than anything else in the world when I was this big, and rough terrain didn't bother me one bit. I eventually came to a wide river, the other side of which was the start of the mountains. I was so excited that I didn't even notice the lone fishing boat in the river before I'd stepped on it, reducing it to splinters and its' pilot to a gooey mess. I was standing in a river so it was easy enough to clean off, but I was still a bit disappointed I didn't get to take my time and play with it.

The mountains themselves were actually a lot taller than me. I felt humbled for a moment, standing at the base of them and staring at their snowy peaks, but that humbleness quickly became replaced with annoyance. I could see a path, but I was actually a bit too small to take it, and much too big to take the regular path. Nothing else for it, I decided, and closed my eyes. Filled with anticipation for what was to come, one hand flew to my crotch and with the other I started to grab and squeeze my left breast. After a few seconds of play I started to grow, and the combination of the sensations was incredible. I came within seconds, shuddering and moaning as my height shot up and up, my feet slowly crushing more and more of the foliage underneath them. When I opened my eyes I realised I'd overshot the mark a little bit, the trees only making it part of the way up my shin, but I wasn't too bothered.

I started to climb the mountain, and at my size it didn't take long before I'd made it to the peak. It was covered in snow, but I was so big the cold didn't really bother me, and my touch actually melted most of it anyway. When I'd reached the top, I stood up to my full height and looked around. I was even higher up than I could see when I was at my biggest, and the view was breathtaking, as well as inspiring. I'd be bigger than this someday, much bigger, I swore to myself. From my vantage point it didn't take me long to spot the giant's village, either - It was on the other side of one more mountain, on a large plateau in the mountain range.

It only took me a minute to get there, and when I did, I was disappointed. The "giants" were indeed blue of skin and taller than the average person, but compared to me they were still tiny. At my current size the tallest of them came up to a bit higher than my ankles, and they didn't have buildings so much as hide tents and lean-tos. As a scowl ran across my face, I saw two giants come out of the biggest tent. One of them looked like a man, with a beard flecked with grey, but the other was younger and a girl - she looked a bit older than me, but not by much. I squatted down, which made most of the giants standing around fall to the ground in shock, before reaching out and grabbing the girl with both hands. Standing up again, she started to fight and struggle, before I raised a finger to my lips and shooshed her. I laid her out on one palm, curious about how the giants were different to regular people(apart from the obvious). She was wearing some simple, fur clothing, and as I started to remove it she gave a squeak(to my ears), obviously frightened. She tried to resist, but after I ripped her top off she took the rest off herself.

I looked her over, turning her over and poking her with my other hand. She looked to be just the same as a regular person, just a bit bigger and more blue. She was obviously frightened, but as I got a closer look at her face I realised that she was actually pretty cute. She noticed the change in my gaze, and started to relax a little bit. I played with her breasts, which would have been bigger than mine if we were the same size, gently pushing them together and squeezing them. After a minute of this I felt a little wetness in my hand, and saw that she'd started to get aroused. I wrapped my hand around her waist and brought her up to my face, staring her in the eyes. She met my gaze, albeit demurely, and I decided to have some more fun.

I saw her get scared as I opened my mouth, but she relaxed a bit when my tongue came out and licked her face. I tried to force the tip into her mouth, but it was too big to do more than choke her for a few seconds. Not to be deterred, I relaxed my grip on her, running my tongue up and down her body. I played with her chest, and my tongue could just barely detect her nipples, but it was still a lot of fun. I brought my tongue lower, and I could feel her start to squirm in my hands, and I got a little taste of her on the tip of my tongue. It was nice, if small, and I could feel myself starting to get aroused as well.

Before I could seriously get into it, however, some of the giants decided to interrupt me. A group of males, including the leader, had gotten out axes and were starting to attack my left foot. I was so big that they couldn't really hurt me, but it was still an annoyance. A scowl ran across my face, and I brought the hand holding the girl to my side. Lifting up my left foot, I stomped down, taking particular aim for the leader. They tried to run, but I was so much bigger than them it was pointless. The leader died with a satisfying crunch, his entire body putting up about as much resistance as a blade of grass. I crushed the others that attacked me as well, and by the time I was done my foot was completely covered in gore. I walked over to the leader's tent and crushed it, rubbing my foot off on the hide and cleaning it as best I could with the time available.

The rest of the giants got the message pretty quickly ,but then they started doing something I wasn't expecting. They all got on their hands and knees, bowing down before me, which was to be expected, but then they raised their hands and started to sing some sort of song. It didn't take long for me to realise that they'd actually started to worship me. It sent a tingly feeling throughout my body when I realised it, and I decided to have a bit more fun. One of them, however, wasn't playing along, so I decided to teach him a lesson. I walked over near him with a step and sat down on my butt, crushing and popping the lone resister with one of my butt-cheeks. It felt satisfying to crush him, and I amused myself thinking of his last sight - my gigantic arse coming out of the sky, my perfect round cheeks overcoming his final struggles and ending his life. It reinforced my belief that even my body parts were greater than most other beings, and the warm feelings in my crotch increased.

"All of you, I accept your worship. My name is FeMC - remember it. Now, I need to be cleaned. Wash off my foot, and clean up the last of those who didn't decided to treat me with the worship I deserve."

It didn't take long for them to spring into action, and I closed my eyes and purred when I felt their tiny hands on my feet and butt. By now my face was completely flushed, and I took a finger and stuck it inside myself, gasping at how wet I was. Remembering the giantess I held in my hand, I quickly put her down in between my legs. She didn't need any prompting, and quickly started to run her hands up and down my labia, and I gasped when I felt her mouth start to work my now incredibly sensitive clit. I grabbed my breasts with both hands, kneading and playing with them, as well as teasing and flicking my nipples, moaning at the combination of my hands, the giantess at my crotch and the giants cleaning my feet and butt.

Then I started to feel even better. I could feel growth welling up inside me, and I was in no mood to repress it. My body started to inch larger and larger, warm and pleasurable feelings filling up every part of my body. The giants obviously noticed, and I could feel their cleaning stop. One of them tried to run away, so I took a hand away from my breast, balled it into a fist and smashed the fleeing giant into paste, which made the rest of them get back to work very quickly. The giantess at my crotch was trying her hardest, but I needed more. Reaching down, I extended a finger and pushed her all the way inside me, smothering her in my crotch. It put me over the edge, and I came, multiple times, waves of pleasure running over and filling my body . My pussy clamped down, and I could feel her put up a bit of resistance, enough to know that she wouldn't be seriously hurt, and her struggles only fuelled the intense pleasure I was feeling. Eventually the last of my orgasms hit me, and my growth stopped. I put my hand down and extracted the girl out of my crotch, and she was now small enough that I could hold her between two fingers. She was bruised and coughing, completely covered in my juices and evidently almost drowning in them. Her size gave me an idea, however, and I reached down and picked up two of the other giants before throwing them into my mouth. I swallowed one right away, a smile coming to my face as I felt their struggles in my throat and stomach. The other I decided to chew, filling my mouth with a surprisingly sweet taste before I was done. They tasted nice, and I ate three more of them before stopping.

The giant in my hand started to stand up, having recovered from her ordeal. She was obviously bruised and a bit hurt, but otherwise fine. I ran a finger up and down her body, before raising her to my face. I could see nothing but complete devotion and love in her eyes, and it made me feel good. I gave her a final kiss, her taste completely overpowered by the remnants of my cum, before putting her down on the ground again.

"You are to be the leader of this village in my absence. I'm going to leave now, but I will return in a week. While I am gone, I want you to go to the other giant tribes and tell them to worship me. If any of them resist, tell me, and I will wipe them all out myself. I can get much bigger than this, so have no worries about their resistance. Now, pray to me again before I leave."

As I said those last words I could see them all drop to the ground once again, the sound of their prayer marred slightly by the obvious quaking and fear in their voices. That was more than enough for me, so I stood up and started to walk back home. I would definitely be coming back here - that was just too good, too exciting and stimulating not to.